Midterm Election Predictions

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Exactly one year ago, in Predictions for 2010, I documented on 1 November 2009 the following:

“When making my occult enquiries to the oracle I received this message. The road to a second term [for President Obama] is successfully ventured despite what the contentious Democrat legislators and president promise but do not deliver. It has far more to do with the Republican Party losing further seats to Democrats in 2010 because the GOP (the Grand Old Party) devolves farther to the right. The GOP wants to go rogue elephant led by its most ideologically dogmatic core followers marching to the pied piper tunes of the likes of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, right-wing radio rishi Rush Limbaugh and television’s new Mormon messenger Angel Moron-ee, Glen Beck.”

Many of you have been writing me, asking if I would change this prediction.

Let me make this clear, I do not take back this prophecy.

Time and events catching up to my oracle’s cryptic prediction make clear to me what the message of that prophecy was.

The Republicans WILL lose seats in tomorrow’s midterm election. Seats that they will in time surrender to the Democrats two years hence.

The Republicans are not going to win both the House of Representatives “and” the US Senate by one or two seats tomorrow on midterm election day.

The help of candidates of the Tea Party movement will win these seats. They will carry the Republicans on their backs to a breathtaking protest referendum victory against Barack Obama’s first two years in office.

Obama is perceived as being big on wooing and lofty talk about change, but has presented little in “do” and accomplishments.

This is not actually true but truth in politics is irrelevant.

Perception is truth in politics.

Obama has not yet learned how to sustain political momentum and thus his presidency suffers a major midterm setback. I have said since early 2007 that Barack Obama if elected in 2008 will come to his destiny too soon without enough seasoning and maturity. It is better to come to your destiny too soon rather than too late, but coming too soon can see you stumble greatly rather than become a great president.

On 2 November 2010, watch Obama stumble. Greatly!

Obama has the audacity if not yet the reality to hope that he is a great communicator. The cerebral President “Spock” missed an opportunity in his first year in office to gather emotional capital from the American people. The kind of capital of emotional engagement that could have carried him through setbacks in his agenda and found an American people more patient and forgiving by the midterms. Franklin Roosevelt during the last great economic crisis had made that connection. Despite the scandals, the unfulfilled political promises to get America beyond the Great Depression, the equally cerebral Roosevelt learned early on to cultivate an emotional bond with his suffering people in his fireside radio chats. A majority of the people were with him and willing to share his struggles to bring change and better times. Obama, once in office seemed to lose interest or lose focus in that emotional connection.

I remember Obama in 2008 famously criticizing Republican candidate Senator John McCain for not being able to multitask. Desperate to capture the youth vote, he recently appeared on Jon Stewart’s fake news show for Comedy Central giving a rather lame excuse for losing public engagement as if it sounded to me like it was low in priority and the president and his very busy administration were to busy pushing their legislation forward and just didn’t have time.

Obama does not feel our pain in these economically dire times nor has he yet found his voice or figured out how to use this crisis to galvanize citizens to action. That doesn’t mean he won’t learn his lesson after tomorrow’s historic shocker.

In tomorrow’s midterm election, he will lose the House and by the slightest of margins, lose the Senate too.

Make no mistake, though. The Republicans have not “gained” these two houses of Congress.

The Tea Party Caucus will tip the balance for them and the Republican establishment riding rough-shod on the backs of Tea Party anger will take back the gavels of House and Senate halls at the high price of making a Faustian deal with a third party rebellion that will not be tamed.

The Republican establishment rides a mandate of anger. It is a negative and destructive political force if it stays angry. I predict now, as I did exactly one year ago in the following from Predictions for 2010 that an opposition party divided against itself paves the way for a two-term Obama administration. To prevent this happening the GOP has to learn how to adapt its platform to these irrational times.

“The [oracle’s] message…is this: we’ve entered for better and worse a more politically socialist era. US Conservatism has a future in this new era. Accessing that future will depend on how long conservatives wish to hold on to the last era’s fundamentally religious and economically Reaganite dogmas keeping them out of power and influence. Depending on the choices made in the 2010 and 2012 elections, conservatives who still identify with the Republican Party could be out of power for two to three presidential four-year cycles.

“The conservative movement in America will eventually morph into something more English and Tory-like in this new socialist era. The Republican Party may not remain the bastion of conservative ideas but a cult of the sharply right wing fringe. A new conservatism will reject many of the great givens of the past, such as President Reagan becoming the head of a government that was the problem, not the answer. Why become head of that which is not the answer? Anyway, seeking to become anti-government government presidents and legislators is an oxymoronic idea about to be oxy-cleaned from the future as an anachronism. In a new century of deepening chaos, a fresh conservatism could defend social and economic order with rationality and logic. Change is the catchword for our times now. Conservatives will someday contribute a new idea of Change that’s more than hoped for and believed.”

Just under five months ago, I expanded upon my midterm election prophecy in the blog article Uranus Retrograde: Chaos we can believe in? In the following passage I spoke of the key astrological influence of Uranus (the ruler of change) retreating while the ruler of status quo limitations and conservative reality checks advanced towards the midterms:

“Starting 7 July [the day of this blog’s posting] and intensifying by 21 July, Uranus retreats to its place in a very powerful grand T square with Pluto in Capricorn opposing Saturn in Libra (status quo and reality checks). Pluto in Capricorn defines a generational age, an era of systemic crisis leading either to global civil disorder and fascism or democracy’s renewal between now and the first months of 2024.

“We will be feeling the influence of this powerful T square throughout the summer in extreme heat waves, floods, violent weather, hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons. I would be pleasantly surprised if the world does not endure a major seismic disaster or two between now and Halloween — metaphorical earthquakes that are political, economic and literally seismic.

“A thread of destiny pulls backwards out of the T Square in the guise of Uranus in retrograde, starting mid August, retreating into the spacey sign of Pisces. Expect to see civilization’s rug pulled underfoot starting in mid-August, shaking things up when hidden enemies to change — our collective conditioned reflexes against it — pop out from the undercurrent of mass unconscious from August through to the Christmas Holiday Season. Then Uranus goes direct course on 6 December 2010.”

The summer certainly had its share of lingering triple-digit heat waves, tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones. Christchurch, New Zealand was hit by a 7 magnitude temblor. Another 7.7 magnitude quake off Sumatra pushed a tsunami washing away many villages yet as significant as these are, they are not the kind of large scale seismic events seen earlier this year in Chile and Haiti. The year 2010 during the Uranus retrograde did endure a historic natural disaster of another kind. A lingering monsoon deluge flooded a fourth of Pakistan displacing 25 million people.

What about that forecast of a political earthquake by Halloween?

It will come 2 November — a day after the original date celebrating Halloween, All Soul’s Day, 1 November.

Let us examine the astrological makeup of tomorrow’s election day — the most significant US election since the year 2000 saw Al Gore win the popular vote but lose the Electoral College vote to G.W. Bush. Perhaps a basic explanation of tomorrow’s planetary aspects might consciously rather than unconsciously influence your vote.

On Election Day, the Sun (ruler of the ego) will be in Scorpio, the sign of fundamental transformations, death and rebirth. The American world will be greatly changed after 2 November.

Mercury is also in Scorpio and it is sextiled (positively aspecting) the Moon (ruler of emotions) in Virgo. The minds of voters might be moderated by the Moon’s discernment to temper sharp and harsh language, such as what one sees on the placards against Obama in Tea Party rallies or in the angry rancor of leftists and rightists grappling for sound bytes and scratches on Cable TV talking “head job” shows. Mercury in Scorpio can also motivate mistrust. There will be a number of ballot fraud claims because of this. There will be new excuses, some warranted and mostly not, to create new conspiracy theories on both sides of the political spectrum. The mood of mistrust will not bode well for incumbents whether it is earned or unearned. Change for change’s sake is the reasoning of Mercury tomorrow. Damn the consequences. That’s why I think Democrat Senator’s Barbara Boxer of California and Patty Murray of Washington State are likely to lose. So is Democrat Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin.

Venus, (ruler of relationships) on Election Day is also in retrograde, wanting to retreating from past relationships, such as with the president who wooed her so well in 2008.

“You are not the president I married!” cries Venus in Scorpio, while under the sign of passionate yet karmic love relationships. Venus in Scorpio is in its detriment. In a political context, Venus lets passion rule reason in the American Vox Populi.

In short, Obama suffers a lover’s breakup coming on 2 November. His jilted “lover” is the American electorate. They passionately embraced the alluring if vague dream of his 2008 troubadour love song of change they could believe in. Venus in Scorpio when under such affliction can be the catalyst of a love-hate relation-abandon-ship in the works. If there is a perception of being unheard by the lover, or neglected, love can turn to hate and cold indifference. Obama’s independent swing voters followed him to the left in 08. Now watch many of the same voters, mute and indifferent to Obama’s last minute political rallies vote against his party. The thrill is gone. They lurch to the right on Election Day 2010.

There will be some Democratic Party gains in state governor elections: Cuomo in New York, geriatric Jerry Brown in California. A senate victory in Connecticut, yet Republican Pat Toomey will be a new US Senator from Pennsylvania. The Republican Mark Kirk will win Obama’s Illinois Senate seat as well. Tea Party candidate Rubio and Rand Paul will win a Florida and Kentucky Senate seat respectively and I do not rule out significant roles for these Tea Party leaders, rubbing the Republican establishment raw in Washington DC.

Impetuous Mars is in Sagittarius on Election Day. The God of war and new beginnings seeks to be carried off by the enthusiasm of the crusade of disgruntled voters. Watch their exit poll interviews. The voters will be Marian in their directness, in their Sagittarian arrow shots at Obama and the Democrats.

The martial slogan, “Take back America!” will out trump the old “Change we can believe in! “

The new slogan is just as vague-faith based and irrational as the old. The next two years will repeat the last two. These mantras lose their mojo exhausting themselves in their own too often uttered chant, sound and fury, signifying no significant change and definitely no America returned to normal, whatever that ill-defined, chest beaten “normal” might actually be.

Jupiter (the planet of higher expansion) on Election Day is in Pisces in retrograde conjunct wacko Uranus, also in retreat. This configuration of planets in magnified combination and retrograde can give an a more conscious individual the capacity to feel compassion and deep feeling for others, but in politics, the lowest potentials of a mob-ocracy mindset can make the voting public undisciplined, impatient, irascible, expecting too much change to come too soon. They brusquely seek to burn the bridges over from where change might finally arrive.

Saturn in Libra rules the paradigm of accomplishing good through cooperation with others. When afflicted it can help a Supreme Court warp the letter of constitutional law deeming that a corporation is a human being, a citizen with equal First Amendment free speech rights like you or me who do not generally have an army of lobbyists and lawyers, or billions of dollars available to influence campaign advertisements.

These new citizens are more “equal” than you or I during this midterm election. These corporations-cum-citizens can dig deep into their deep transnational company pockets to spend a record breaking half-billion dollars on political campaigns, left-wing or right, without revealing the money bag’s location, even if the cash comes from other nations, like China, trying to influence American elections.

Without such “citizens” the Tea Party, movement would not have been taken for a ride by the Washington DC Republican establishment into the halls of power when the new US Congress convenes in early 2011.

Uranus on election day is also in dreamy, politically delusional Pisces and it will influence a collective subconscious and impractical idealism of those who would replace the vacuous Democrat mantra, “Yes we Can,” with their own simplistic mantra: “Take America back!”

Uranus (ruler of change) retreating will influence a majority of voters to pass a mandate of anger that brings into power legislators that will avoid unpleasant challenges and realities for two years. They may keep planning for the short term, deregulate the banks, avoid the issue of establishing a functioning Health Care system, let the housing bubbles bloom, cut taxes whilst the debt bomb, buried around the corner of America’s near future like a hidden IED is waiting.

Uranus in retrograde will, “Drill baby, drill!” past oil’s peak. There will be no talk of real sacrifice to gain America’s energy independence. The world’s weather will keep changing. Mother Nature’s fevers will rise but denial of global warming will reach even higher temperature levels. America will waste two years it and the world can ill afford to lose. It will not be a leader in the defense against increasing Climate Change unless the President finds that voice as well and leads us there with a public pressuring for congressional support.

The people tomorrow will vote in a historic two years of political gridlock on pressing global issues, such as climate change just as the tipping points of our civilization’s unsustainable consumption of Earth’s resources approach.

Neptune retrograde in Aquarius is like a fog on Election Day, throwing caution and reason aside. The irrational vote is king and crazy talk is the language, paranoia and conspiracies the projection.

Speaking of the heroically crazy, Delaware Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell the reformed masturbating witch of Bill Maher’s 1990s show Politically Incorrect will lose her Senate election bid but gain a seat at Maher’s TV panel table. However, there is another contestant running for the unofficial title of weirdest candidate most likely to embarrass herself in the hallowed halls of the US Senate. Yes folks, Sharron Angle, will defeat incumbent Democrat Majority Leader, Harry Reid tomorrow unless Las Vegas can rig the election in his favor.

Last but not least to explain what is the astrological background on election day. This is year two of an era starting in 2008 setting the stage for a history show that won’t exhaust its run until 2024. I speak of the transit of Pluto through the sign of Capricorn. Pluto last passed through Capricorn just shy of 250 years ago. It enjoyed the theater of another Tea Party movement consisting just as the modern day variant did of predominantly white folk, faces painted, clad in exotic costumes, causing a ruckus.

The first Tea Party dressed like American Indians, hatcheting and flinging wooden boxes of tea off British ships in Boston harbor to protest taxation without representation. They also tarred and feathered folk who didn’t agree with them or supported English trade.

The new Tea Party isn’t drop-kicking tea boxes but it will help the Republican party pitch over the side a historic number of incumbents.

It is possible that this new Tea Party movement, like the older one will rapidly move out of its punk rock, feathered and fussing tear-it-all-down phase and let more rational, intelligent and moderate revolutionaries be the founding fathers and mothers of the next Pluto-in-Capricorn American Revolution.

In the 2010 elections and for at least a year further on, the third party movement in America continues its cranky “baby” phase. Like a baby it is impatient, thinking the problems of the land can be fixed by pie-in-the-sky Obamagoguery in 08, yet in two short years starts crying, screaming and throwing tantrums.

It seems to me that baby talk slogans and baby mindedness dominates this first chewed toy block wedge thrust between the Republican-Democrat duopoly. The new political babies with their loud shrieks and crying have stifled a more mature majority who are just like parents who sometimes withdraw into mute and nervous exhaustion trying to comfort a bawling, spoiled child who will not be comforted.

“I want my change I can believe in!!! Boo hoo hoo!”

“I want to take back America!!! Waaah!”

Pre-school politics dominate the opening years of what could eventually become a movement that unites rather than divides Americans. On the other hand, if this tantrum continues in the Congress-turned-political daycare after 2 November 2010 and the silent majority of more moderate parental voices do not hush the crybaby movement’s bawling, the future of America’s political discourse will be an orphan.

John Hogue

(01 November 2010)

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