Barack Obama and the Black and White Kennedys

Habit is history…

I made that observation nearly a year ago in my 9 March 2007 bulletin documenting my augured observations about the rising American political rock star, the Senator from Illinois, Barack Hussein Obama. (See Obama Nation.)

I said that he was the happy recipient of political momentum coming from America’s karmic echo of old national lessons returning for a new learn. A good reader of the future catches the eternal reoccurrence of the past repeated in the future. Collective national challenges regularly return for a new turn of trial and error roughly every two generations. With this in mind, I began recognizing as early as the summer of 2006 that Senator Obama was destined to give voice to the resurgent echo of Camelot. He would resound the heady call of “can-do” days when a young and charismatic presidential candidate in 1960, named John Fitzgerald Kennedy, inspired and awakened the enthusiasm and hope of the first post-World War Two generation to make their initial impact on the political fortunes of the future.

The torch was passed into Kennedy’s hand.

Three years later, the fire was snuffed out by a national tragedy. Forty-four years later, and nearly a year after I foresaw Obama as the new “Black Kennedy,” the sole surviving member of the First Family of 1960, Caroline Kennedy, used the New York Times to endorse Obama as the man worthy of carrying on her father’s legacy. She passed the torch to a new young Kennedy, preaching for a change in leadership. She noted his lack of seasoning and experience was similar to that of her father and like what was felt in the past, experience to be president was not enough. Americans then as now needed to be inspired to find a new path, a new frontier.

When the heart flies, so far removed seem the lowlands of reason. And as it is with Karmic echoes, the lesson this time may seek a solution in reverse. What worked two generations before does not always work a second time. The most fundamental karmic lesson is that so much of history repeats itself guided by impulse and habit, rather than intelligence.

On 9 March 2007 I said:

Habit is history. It is the stuff of repetition, of people caught unawares by their own unawareness of habit programmed into each new generation to repeat the pathetic past and call it the brave new future. It was high habitual time that the American people seek and have their television tribunes tell then whom to groom for the next political honeymoon. Here he is…

History echoes, but it also likes to shuffle the sequence from old to new times. Perhaps Hillary Clinton, the echo of a Nixonian democratic presidency, is a destiny that may have to defer first to a new Camelot before it has its day. Now as Obama is in the lead and his hurrying to grasp the mantle of the new Kennedy is at hand, Today, I am reminded again with more urgency and concern about my prediction recorded back on 9 March 2007:

It is too soon for Barack Obama to guide Americans through that historic choice of destinies. He is not yet the echo of the seasoned charismatic who became president in 1960. Obama is more like the charismatic yet unseasoned hopeful who in the Democratic Convention of 1956 made a bid to be Adlai Stevenson’s running mate… Senator Kennedy sounded the charismatic karmic eco that roughly four decades later resounded in first term Senator Barack Obama’s coming out speech during the Democratic convention of 2004. In both cases they were men to watch, men who could and perhaps would be great presidents later on. Both the white and black “Kennedys” inspired the nation with their power of magnetism, their fresh voice, and youthful vitality…

Obama faces the fateful echo in destiny today that a young and inexperienced Kennedy did in 1956. He must choose wisely, as Kennedy had in 1956, to shine then retreat at the right time, and then be patient.

Barack Obama is a restless and impatient man. His time is coming but it is not now in 2008. If he forces destiny’s hand, tragedy, not a new Camelot, will follow.

John Hogue
(17 February 2008)

Click on this link and see what's left to misstep through the last days of the Obama era.

Click on this link and see what’s left to misstep through the last days of the Obama era.

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