Nostradamus: The War with Iran, an eBook by John Hogue

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Nostradamus Iranian predictions

Here is a brief except from the foreword of this new edition to the HogueProphecy library, my 20th book:


I am compelled to be a messenger for a book on tomorrow’s great war. The work has evolved from its original 70,000 words written in the first edition in 2007 enlarging to 105,888 words in this 2012 edition. I would have retired this book, satisfied that its forebodings of danger had passed as the last decade ended. I hear war’s footsteps approaching once again in the Middle East and this time stars that are far more malevolent align. The momentum of infernal machinations seem unstoppable because in an unconscious way the leaders of three future combatant nations believe they have “God” on their side, though I wonder if God had any room to protest in such prideful, self-righteous hearts.

I am compelled, therefore, to comment, to warn and to help readers understand Islamic and Judeo-Christian prophecies concerning Iran from beyond the blinders of faith and foolery that motivate their misinterpretation. I do so by summoning a rogue seer, the most controversial king of prophets, the 16th-century French healer turned scryer, Michel de Nostredame, known by his Latin pseudonym, Nostradamus. After a study of 30 years, I have come to experience him as an outsider to dogmatic spins on the Apocalypse, even though being a Christianized Jew, and also knowledgeable of Islamic lore, connects him to the Judeo-Christian and Islamic eschatological traditions. Moreover, his vantage point on history’s timeline of a war to end all wars in the Middle East is closer to the terminus of conflict than those who wrote down the prophecies of the New Testament, the Nevi’im and the Qur’an. He provides sharp details, names and riddles begging to be unraveled before it is too late, because he knows when this war can happen. He has marked it by the planets and stars for a specific time window that approaches soon.

John Hogue
(20 October 2012)

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