-512.76! Debt Ceiling Circus and the Next Looming Crisis



DATELINE: 04 August 2011: The Dow Jones Industrials plummeted today in the 9th worst single-day crash in history and the worst slide since the Great Recession began in 2008. Readers of Predictions for 2011, published in December of last year, are already aware that my oracle predicted  a second great Recession could come in the first half of 2011. It also said  things would begin lurching towards that recession around April and May. Those of you watching the smoke before today’s fire sale on Wall Street, such as Bert Dohman, President of the Dohman Capital Research Institute, started seeing the signs of a new recession in May and said as much today on this new “Black Thursday”  in an interview for CNBC.

The signs in May were a string of devastating housing and employment reports indicating modest and fragile economic growth was flattening out. Then at the half year mark world stock markets, especially the Dow Jones, began a steady aggregate decline in earnings right at the time the effect of the QE2, the  second  “quantitative easing”  by central banks was running out.  This includes what the Federal Reserve tried to achieve by purchasing $600 billion of longer-term US Treasury securities. Supporters of Fed Chief Ben Bernanke believed the beaucoup billions of treasury bucks and yet again another printing marathon of dollars was responsible for a little stimulation of the sagging economy starting in December. However, by June  Fed purchases ended and guess what? The economy started slipping. Add to that slide Washington DC’s deficit in leadership over a childish debate about the Debt Ceiling unsettling the world’s confidence. Add to these Greece on the verge of default. The Euro monetary union ready to break apart. Add to European financial woes Italy  about to join Greece in a debt crisis. Unlike Greece, Italy’s  economy, one of the largest in the EU, is too big to fail “or” be bailed out. All these factors have conspired to bring on something I have been warning since December 2008. That a second Recession, far worse, could come starting as early as October 2010 and no later than mid-year 2011, if serious and far-reaching bank reforms and Wall Street reforms did not fix what is a systemic cancer in the world economy.

Well… Here we are.

I will be watching the markets tomorrow (Friday 5 August 2011) and will then write a full article assessing what I already said in my prophecies for 2011 as well as share insight into the new era we have entered in 2011, which I define as a “Cold Depression.”

You can read my full chapter-long account about Cold Depressions by reading my book, click on Great Recession.

Now let us return to the article posted on 02 August:


I started writing this blog the moment the House of Representatives applauded themselves for the “great job” they did taking a Debt Ceiling Deal to the brink of the United States defaulting on its debt. Now, the political Left, the Right and Center legislators in Washington saw this bill confirmed by the US Senate this morning, 2 August 2011 — what would have been default doomsday, Debt-ster-geddon, or Econa-mageddon for the United States’ triple star credit rating. Now the House homies can applaud themselves with this bill that in ten years will prevent the US national debt from carbing up an extra $14 trillion dollars in ten years. Give’em a hand everybody. Now it will only increase just $12 trillion in ten years.

Jo Ann Worley, part of the comedy troup of  'Laugh In".I feel like applauding Congress like some lone guy did at the end of the late-1960s TV comedy classing Laugh In. Up pops the little German helmeted comic in the South American jungle. He says, “Very interesting, but stoooopid.” Cut to the final credits and off camera, one hears a guy’s hands clapping too slowly, loudly and sarcastically. This applause is for you, Congress and President: clap… clap…… (pause) clap………

From a prophetic perspective, the three-ring circus of the House, the Senate and the 101st Senator who occupies the White House leading the executive branch from behind is another dire step in a long process towards a future I have been writing about for decades.

The Debt Ceiling Bill’s passing reminded me of an incident from 13 years earlier between the US government and myself over where all this is leading America to. Back in 1998 I got up at an ungodly hour here in the Pacific Northwest to phone in an interview for an afternoon show (GMT time) for a BBC radio station in London about my book Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies. I strayed from Nostradamus to make a most memorable prediction that had my landline clicking with that telltale sign of wire tapping for the next six months.

No, Rupert Murdock’s people from Fleet Street did not tap my line. It was a low budget US government wiretap, because the expensive wiretaps do not click at all. You only know you are on one when your tapped phone connects with another tapped land line and then and they suddenly cancel each other out faster than a cell phone losing bars in the stony bowels of the Grand Canyon (“can you hear me now?” echo… echo…). The Bill Clinton clicker was replaced by a G.W. Bush higher-end wiretap that pulled the plug on my landline when I was talking to the publisher of Osho books.

Just a few years back on one of my regular appearances on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory the phone started clicking so bad we had to find a new land line during the commercials. When back on the air I publicly complained with tongue in cheek that my wiretap rating must have fallen at the CIA because we were back to the clickers. I recall adding that it was another example of government waste to put me on tap because intelligence servicers can freely drink to their hops content my intoxicating insights and barbs on this web site. All the CIA or smokin’ joint chiefs of staff or National Security folk can save the public some tax dollars and do what their operatives already do: tune into the radio, Discovery or History Channel for a Hogue fix or join my free newsletter, browse Hogueprophecy and/or purchase generously low priced e-Books full of future info.

But I digress…

The clicks first started tapping on my phone line in 1998 when I answered a BBC radio reporter’s question about Congress trying to impeach President Clinton for parking his dingy — or, apparently it was only his cigar — in the wrong dock.

“America’s democracy is adrift,” I recall saying, adding that if US Congress continues to descend into these unsubstantial debates or trivialize real issues laid before the country, then, we are heading for a bloody revolution in the streets of the United states sometime in the early decades of the 21st century.

Oops, say “bloody revolution.” Some robot hunter-gathering program must have picked up on that. The crickets from the CIA or FBI began creeping down your landline clicking away for more “bloody” talk. The threat phrase searching robots perhaps ignored the rest of what I said, that I am dead against such a bloody rebellion happening. That here at Hogueprophecy, I am working to prevent such a violent future happening by spelling out the present day’s consequences played out in the future. I am for a Jeffersonian, peaceful revolution in American politics; however I added in my BBC interview that if the trends of the 1990s did not change, bloody civil war and revolution in the streets of America was coming by the 2020s.

Forecasting the future of genius is hard, because intelligence is spontaneous and non-habitualized. Mediocrity, however, is much easer to presage.

Back on 15 July, I posted the first article about the Debt Ceiling. In it, I said the following, which is habitually accurate to the level of mediocre leadership coming currently from the Congress and the President about this Debt Ceiling crisis:


I believe we will kick this can of debt worms down a road in time, bouncing and clanging through and beyond the year 2012 into 2013. But Nostradamus has something to say about what will happen to your can of bean-counted economy if prompt and painful action — including tax hikes for everybody folks — is not forthcoming. Soon.

There is nothing nebulous this time in Nostradamus’ words, if this is about the fate of the global economy:

Les simulachres d’or & argent enflez,
Qu’apres le rapt au lac furent gettez
Au descouuert estaincts tous & troublez.
Au marbre escripz prescript intergetez.

The imitations of gold and silver will become inflated,
Which after the rape are thrown into the fire,
After discovering all is exhausted and dissipated by the debt,
All scripts and bonds are wiped out.

Nostradamus, (c. 1558)
Century 8 Quatrain 28
Les Propheites


Mediocrity has a problem with math. Two plus two trillion spending cuts in the next ten years does not equal “Four”-teen trillion in debt being paid off. It just lets the monster grow to $12 trillion in a decade. Today, the Congress and the aloof president kick this overflowing can of Wall Street speculated debt worms down history’s timeline trail, whilst running out of temporal road to fix it. The can bounces past the Mayan Chicken Little year of 2012, past the US election year. It lands on the doorstep of a new presidential term in early 2013. You will still have Obama for a second term, by the way. (If you want to know why and stop it from happening; or, if you want to see what you can do to make it happen, click on predictions).

Obama will still be struggling with his passive-aggressive leadership style — best exemplified by what was his once-conceitedly touted “leading from behind” style. Leading from behind will see him in 2013 trying to catch up with his destiny, probably facing a divided new US Congress.

It may not be divided in the old way: Democrats versus Republicans. My oracle begins to see shadows of a new two-party divide in Congress of 2013, between Republicans and Tea Partiers. This is in the shadows of possibility, but for the record, I begin seeing that future as possible where a diminished democrat presence in both houses of Congress may play moderate wedge or just sit on the sidelines of America’s right leaning evolution.

The American Revolutionary flag adopted by the Tea Party Movement. Nostradamus mentions a sea attack on Iran by the "true serpent", which perhaps is his code for America under Tea Party control waging a future war. Astrologically speaking, this could happen in 2015 or 2016.

It is clear though that for now the Third Party revolution in Republican clothing moves forward. It has historically changed the debt debate in Washington. Tax reform and significant reductions of troops in foreign lands are coming in the latter half of this year. See forecasts for 2011.

At what a price in American confidence with government was this accomplished? The Tea Party’s victory comes at a time when Pew poles report 77 percent of the American public view all in Congress as spoiled children (their hyperbole, not mine). Only 17 percent view them as adults. Can a Tea Party Revolution thrive in such a climate of disdain for Congress when they now shape the debate, define what is GOP philosophy and share with weakened establishment Republicans, half of that Congress?

What is coming in the near future after 2 August 2011?

No solutions to debt crises. Real change we can believe in, real taking America back is all postponed by Donkeycrats, Dumbo-publicans and the latter’s coalition with a couple of Alices running for president in economic Wonderland, endorsed by sleepy door mice, march hares and mad hatters. (Hey Louis Carol. What indeed makes a ravin’ Palin like a writing desk? I there something in the tea…?)

In the shortfall between now and November, there will be deeper economic uncertainty. Everybody’s favorite Uncle Sam has put on a debt freak for a few months, but now with the vote passed like a kidney stone, Uncle Sammy seems to have found his lost marbles. Yet Uncle Sam’s economic credibility has been damaged in a way that no credit rater, making apologies like a wife of a drunk fallen off his wagon, can completely restore. We all hope it was just a binge of political madness and not a trend — economically speaking.

Astrological prophecy foresees a muddled economy waiting for the credit boom to be lowered. The economic world descends into insecurity. Uranus, the ruler of revolution, change or unexpected bad or good surprises is in retrograde in the progress-loving Sign of Aries. When Aries is moving backwards, he gets grumpy. He smolders, rages and it will have deep consequences. Look at plunging stocks on 2 August, another day in the longest down trend in Wall Street since the dark early days of the 2008 Recession. A lack of growth, employment and confidence has history lurching towards global economic stagnation in the months to come because of retrograde Uranus in Aries. This retreat in confidence will continue all the way to and beyond the Thanksgiving holiday in late November, the time slotted for a special congressional cost cutting committee (six senators and six House Representatives), charged by today’s Debt Ceiling Agreement, to actually pick and choose what trillions will be cut by Thanksgiving Turkey time, four months hence. Will it be defense spending? Will it be Social Security? Health care?

A member of the special congressional debt cutting committee? What a turkey of a deal!

Congressional and presidential salaries??? (Nahhh…)

One might hope astrology forecasts progress in these talks coming in December, when Uranus moves direct course. But then there is that vast and invisible gravitas of the planet under which Uranus is cast in a spell of negative square aspect, Pluto, that ruler of age defining, mass minded regeneration or degeneration of civilizations which is in the early years of its long transit through big business Capricorn.

Nasty surprises are coming in November, because the special committee to advise what needs to be cut from government spending will apply Uranian “surprise” to Capricornian frictions of the planetary square. There will be back door taxation coming — what I would call passive agree-sive taxation embedded in the agreement coming from Congress today. A serious threat to corporate tax loopholes will be tendered rather than raising taxes. The president laid out his November demands today for revenue pain to be shared equally by the rich. Some may celebrate this, saying Obama stance today makes him look at least like the most adult person in Washington D.C. Others will gather up their loins on left and right preparing for the most partisan presidential campaign in history.

Uranus and Pluto right now are running backwards together in their transits of Aries and Capricorn, respectively, but that changes in September. Pluto will move forward and Uranus backward through the skies, starting a week or so before Comet Elenin makes its fourth line up with the Sun and Earth towards the end of September. (For more information on how Elenin lineups match major seismic events, like the March Japanese quake and tsunami, click on Comet Elenin.)

When forward progress retreats and collectively unconscious history advances, the disconnection between these two forces of change and history gape. The square becomes powerfully unstable. These planets when in squares are harbingers of great and unexpected earthquakes, both seismic in earth and tsunami wave. Earthquakes in politics and economics also happen. Brace yourselves for the Ides of September, when the next great quakes and crises in leadership come.

Speaking of Uranian surprises of a happier note, many of the legislators in Congress yesterday were applauding the return of Arizona Democrat Congresswoman Gabby Giffords to the House floor to cast her vote. She has made a near-miraculous recovery from being shot through the head by the kind of insanity too often holding a gun these days.

John Hogue
(Composition began after the House vote on 01 August. Published shortly after the Senate vote on 02 August 2011.)

 PS–The most intense half of the year is ahead of us. Read what will happen:

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  1. kent
    Posted 9 August 2011 at 7:01 am | Permalink

    With the collapse of the stock market it means the end of Obama as president. Next will be the economy is just on the verge of collapse. If the American people decide not to spend their hard earned money the economy will collapse. The TEA PARTY voice will become louder and louder. If the TEA PARTY gains 40 more seats in the house and 10 more seats in the senate then we might see real cuts and not just token cuts that don’t amount to anything. The problem with the federal budget is it is over a 10 year cycle not just one year at a time. Oil has fallen almost $20 a barrel but the price at the pump has only dropped a penny. Greed is wrong whether in the private or public sector. Squeeze that one more penny out of the public before we have to cut our price at the pump. While writing this comment to price of Oil has drop almost another dollar. The problem with this President is he is not a leader. He never was a governor of a state he smart but smart is not much good without experience. Learning after you take office is never a good choice. I hope that the American people in the next election look at the experience of all the candidates and pick the one who has the most executive experience and even experience running a business might not be so bad either. But Jimmy Carter had both executive experience and business experience that didn’t help him either. So I guess we will just have to wait and see what we get after the 2012 election.

  2. Sandra
    Posted 6 August 2011 at 5:04 pm | Permalink

    It seems to me that so many of you are caught in the fear and anger of the us/them mentality. We all need to breath and relax. Or punch a pillow if necessary to let the anger go. I use to think angry and violent thoughts against my perceived and filtered perception of Republicans and Tea Party members. But in meditation in that loving consciousness I found I could not be hateful. I found that loving consciousness which isn’t conditioned on anything to be my true nature. If there is no hate and division in that consciousness, then any hatred I feel against the Republicans and Tea Party members in my ego bound mind and body state is just that: an illusion. I found that by holding onto such illusions, there is no way I can know and understand reality. If I cannot know and understand reality, then I cannot see real solutions to any problems. Hating the filtered and perceived “other” will not solve any problems and make the world a better place.

  3. rbateman
    Posted 6 August 2011 at 2:52 pm | Permalink

    How ironic is it that the battle has moved from North and South shooting at each other, to Left & Right (West vs East).
    Like that day at Fort Sumter, there are rumors today of a 20,000 man army being deployed to crush civil unrest. Such actions will solve nothing of themselves, but succeed in tearing the nation apart. Someone has to do something great to put a fork in the road.
    A quick look at the similar struggles in 2011: Greece foams, Syria marches against it’s people, Egypt seethes still and Libya is still at war.

  4. Richard White
    Posted 6 August 2011 at 10:21 am | Permalink

    I’ve been trying to find the words to say to all of the people who have commented here to help them see what is happening and to help them understand the true problems and solutions. I find that I am frustrated by my inability to find the right words. And, I am even more frustrated by the stubborn, closed minded and beligerant attitudes proudly expressed in the comments. I have come to the conclusion that the simplest advice is the best.

    Live by “The Golden Rule”.

    Now, you must remember that there are 2 Golden Rules. The original, first, one says. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. The cynical, second, version says, “Do unto others before they do unto you”.

    The first is a testament to cooperation. It captures the essence of the Human Spirit. It is the guide for humanity to acheive it’s intended future.

    The second is a testament to competition. It was created by forces that are against the Human Spirit. It is intended to separate Human Beings from their Spirit and enslave them.

    The question is, “Which Golden Rule do you and your political allies believe in?”

    Do you have enough compassion in your heart to want to help those that are less fortunate? Or, do you believe that anyone that cannot carry their own weight should be moved aside? Do you believe cooperation can solve any problem? Or, do you believe that only the strong should survive?

    Be careful how you answer. It is a simple answer, one or the other.

    Hint: The first one is the correct answer. Also, if you choose the second one, no amount of twisted logic or rationalization will heal your soul.

      Well put, Richard. The choice if it be the second is the shadow of our animal, instinctive happenstance. It is the antichrist unconscious choice I defined in the epilogue of my book on Mabus prophecies (copy and paste this link into your browser: hogueprophecy.com/store/product_info.php?cPath=1&products_id=29. The first choice, I think would be that of Yeshua himself. The “Christ conscious” choice. It is the choice of a flowering humanity within our hearts. If one takes the second choice, that humanity remains just a seed, a possibility. At any moment, this moment even, understanding can make it flower. Meditation has been my way to the flowering. If you would like me to share information about meditation techniques I use, just copy and paste this link into your browser: hogueprophecy.com/contact/) and send me a message there that you would like the information.
  5. georgia hoose
    Posted 5 August 2011 at 10:41 pm | Permalink

    It is so refreshing to find those who are anti Obama and pro tea party and not following the far left idiocy

      As a writer, I find it fundamentally important to learn the wisdom of the root meaning of words. “Idiocy” comes from the ancient Greek meaning of “idios”, which is, to be under the illusion that one is separate from the whole cosmos, the one truth. One can “identify” (another spin off word from the root of idios) with the idiots of the left or identify with the idiots (those separate from the wholeness of existence) of the right. We can find delusional satisfaction ganging together with ‘our’ idiots against ‘theirs’, but we are all idiots as long as we exult in the separateness and polarity of ego to our great individual and collective peril. And this continued exultation in polarity, this continued celebration of a house divided, could be leading us all into a bloodly, chaotic, Balkans-style civil war in the next decade — the ultimate idiocy.

    At the risk of being wrong: My predication is that not only will Obama NOT be reelected, he will be exposed as the biggest fraud and liar in US history, not having been born here and ineligible to be president those “crazy: birthers” who know the truth are NOT going to give up until they have exposed him and achieved justicel this man is the worst deceiver, total fraud ad fake ever to pollute the US landscape and I cant; wait for him to fall and fall he will – my prediction.

    • Josh
      Posted 6 August 2011 at 3:04 am | Permalink

      they already proved he was born here.

  6. rbateman
    Posted 5 August 2011 at 10:06 pm | Permalink

    You nailed it, John. They kicked the can of condensed economic worms down the road, right into the oncoming steamroller of S&P, as fate would have it.
    Today, a large Coronal Mass Ejection from the Sun hit the northern hemisphere. Perhaps some Northern Lights will inspire someone to greatness. Do we ever need it.

      I am putting my finishing touches on my S&P article which I’ll publish later today (Saturday 6 August 2011). We had fog up here in the Pac. Northwest so the portent of northern lights were blocked from view — a natural metaphor for the fog overcasting American vision.
  7. Steve
    Posted 5 August 2011 at 9:18 pm | Permalink

    Downgraded to AA+ by S&P…yep, this government is broken and 90% of our elected officials, beginning with Barack Hussein Obama, are garbage.

    While America burns, this ass in the White House fiddles away. He blames everyone else (including natural disasters) for the country’s financial troubles while never accepting responsibility for the current situation.

    I can’t imagine another four years of this imposter. God help us if he gets re-elected, though the Russians and Chinese must be salivating at the thought of it as they’re probably celebrating at our demise.

    • Josh
      Posted 6 August 2011 at 3:07 am | Permalink

      I would blame Bush, Do you remember those trillion dollar wars we’re in right now? its coming out of your pay check. I love America! We get to pay for weapons and useless shit! Awesome!

  8. Richard Weaving
    Posted 5 August 2011 at 7:55 pm | Permalink

    Hi John,

    L.O.L. I knew it wouldn’t take long for the Far Left Extremist to blame Bush, Republicans and the Tea Party for the USA Downgraded Credit Rating. 🙂 Heck, you’ve already started by not acknowledging that Obama and the Far Left Extreme Liberals and their TAX and Spend mindset and policies are the cause of are the cause of America’s downfall.

    Your answer was Politics may have a large influence on this decision, the politics of dysfunction from both parties. Ohhhhhhhh Pleeeeeeeeeease ! OBAMA OWN’s This Failed Economy ! OBAMA OWN’s our nations Credit Rating Down Grade ! OBAMA Own’s our nations High Unemployment ! Worst Presidential Leadership since Jimmy Carter.

    Liberalism Is A Disease !

      “Mind” is a dis-ease. Left or right mindedness will destroy the world, Richard. See the world beyond your mind.
    • Josh
      Posted 6 August 2011 at 3:12 am | Permalink

      oh you’re so dumb Rich… so so dumb. Do we live in the same country? man I’ve gotta get outta here, buncha morons around here. go eat some more steak and shut up, please.

  9. Robert K
    Posted 5 August 2011 at 2:44 pm | Permalink

    Just out: 4:47 P.M Central time, S&P will downgrade the US from AAA to AA on Sunday.
    What will happen to the dollar. Guess!
    Your retirement 401K is gone!
    Change you can believe in.

      It apparently is not a phony rumor. I will be writing about this development, shortly. I find it telling that the credit watch was placed in May. Now the rating will be taken down a peg Sunday. Politics may have a large influence on this decision, the politics of dysfunction from both parties.
  10. Bernard Continelli
    Posted 5 August 2011 at 9:57 am | Permalink

    Steve and ginaduddy (respectively): I DON’T blindly listen to the liberal media – I OBSERVE with my own senses, and what part of “the non-economic, cultural side” did you not understand? … I put those words in there for a reason! “Limited government” means MORE than just the right to not be taxed to death, it ALSO means the right not to be personally ruled-over and legally ‘micro-managed’ by persons with those religious views that deem your (adult) lifestyle to be immoral.

    And PLEASE don’t come back with the crap that “the latter is ‘license’, not ‘liberty’ “, because true license means anarchy without legal protection from harm to ‘life, limb, and property’, and NOT the mere belief that the Pastor Fred Phelps’s or Sgt. Joe Friday’s most personal prejudices should NOT become the law-of-the-land even if they’re in a “majority” position numbers wise – that’s what attracted me to the Libertarians in the first place.

    Unfortunately, a good number of Tea Partiers are not only Phelps-ian and Friday-esque, but many of them can’t even see much of a difference between a dark-skinned person who wants to become a U.S. citizen, was raised in a militant Muslim country, and never even denounced religious fanaticism VERSUS Chris Rock had the latter never become famous … or maybe even if he IS famous!

    And ginaduddy, Merl Webster is the one who posted in all-caps. Scroll back and re-read what his “proficy” is all about …

  11. ginaduddy
    Posted 5 August 2011 at 7:18 am | Permalink

    I think there must be something in the water because most of these comments seem a bit off center. And, who in h— is Merl Webster?

  12. Steve
    Posted 5 August 2011 at 6:16 am | Permalink

    It sickens me when people (hello Joe Biden!) openly attack and demonize those from the Tea Party, calling them Nazis and terrorists without knowing a damn thing about those who comprise the Tea Parties. Get a grip. Those people you see within the Tea Party are ordinary, good Americans who just want limited government, less government waste, and the right to live their lives without being taxed to death. Tea Partiers are right-wing conservatives, independents, and liberal blue dog dems. Only you wouldn’t know this if you listen and agree with every word the far left media spits out. It’s a diversion people….while this government is screwing us all and treating us like serfs, they need to deflect attention and keep it that way. What better way than to demonize those see through their charade?

    Those in DC tax us to the brink and live like royalty, completely out if touch with reality. Yet here we are attacking Americans who want these politicians to stop the insane spending.

    Lastly, the next time Obama mentions having the rich pay their fair share how about he start with his good friend and Job Czar Jeffrey Immelt, whose corporation General Electric made well over $1 billion in profits last year yet paid no taxes.

  13. mahaish
    Posted 4 August 2011 at 8:53 pm | Permalink

    on the prophecy front,

    i wouldnt be so worried about your nation,

    the chinses have much bigger problems coming their way.

    the crumbling of the current global economic system will eventually bring down the one party system in china, but my worry is that we will face the chinese curse, that all dynastic change in china has been proceeded by a bloody civil war.

    if any of you live long enough to witness these events, keep your eyes open for a chinese general wearing a grey trench coat. they will be refered to as the grey coats, in almost like american civil war like fashion.

    also tibetans take heart,

    it is not tibet that has to worry about china, but china has to worry about tibet,

    what do i mean

    the annexation of tibet is setting the seeds for something quite glorious and profound for all humanity

    within the next 50 to 100 years, due to the collapse of chinese civilisation, a new civilisation will emerge in china with the flowering of a wonderfull religious ethic that will be based on budhism and christianity. it will be the source of spiritual enlightenment to the whole world,

    lets face it china almost became a christian kingdom in the 1840s as a consequence of the second largest war in history, the tai ping rebellion

    and in around the year 2036 give or take a few years, a being will incarnate again on to the earth plane. we will have know him as jesus . he will most likely be born in china or tibet, and he will come to help set in ,motion the wonderfull floweing of this new religious ethic,

    but before then trouble looms for the chinese, and we will see a grand cycle repeated from over 800 years ago.

    i will explain what that is sometime in the future

  14. mahaish
    Posted 4 August 2011 at 8:33 pm | Permalink

    let me also explain this problem another way using simple arithmatic.

    there is an equation,

    domestic private financial balance + overseas private domestic financial balance + government financial balance = 0

    what does this mean,

    well , when the government runs a deficit the rest of us runs a surplus, and private savings go up

    so the solution for you is,

    the government not the fed needs to run much larger deficits aimed at creating jobs.

    the alternative is to abolish large slabs of private debt owed to the banks and re structure your banking system.

  15. mahaish
    Posted 4 August 2011 at 8:25 pm | Permalink

    hi john,

    been a while since i have visited you site, but curiosity got the better of me, and i am always interested in what you have to say.

    the US government debt is an interesting problem and there are a lot of misconceptions about it.

    firstly it arbitrary, in that if you guys got rid of the treasury over draft restricitons, the government could spend without incuring any debt. it always seemed ridiculous to me as to why the government has to go into debt anyway when it has the power to create currency at will.

    seondly the government debt is immaterial, in that it can all be paid back in a blink of an eye. if the chinese wanted their trillions back in US dollars tomorrow, the fed would just do a spreadsheet transfer, and the debt would be paid . a government with a sovereign currency can never go bankrupt, and can easilly pay its debts.

    thirdly , relying on ben benanke and the fed to fix your economic problems is foolishness indeed, since he is essentially powerless to help. the central banks main clients are other banks, and when the central bank prints money or what they like to call quantitative easing, all that happens is the banks swapone less liquid assett for another more liquid asset namely bank reserves,

    this has no effect on ordinary people in that they dont get any improvement in there net worth, and thats what needs to happen if crissis is to be averted.

    the government has to spend without issuing any bonds and incuring more debt, and that money has to end up in ordinary peoples bank accounts,

    thats the fix, but your congress is fixated on bad ideas that dont reflect reality. most politicians and most of your economists dont understand how your central bank works and how banks work in general, and what they are following will lead you guys to a pathe of ruin.

    everything old is new again, and we are stuck in gold standard thinking with these ridicuolous arguments about spending cuts and europe with its mastreicht treaty,

    it wasnt until roosevelt abandoned the gold standard that america started to show signs of recovery, only to have it snatched away again when roosevelt started calmping down on spending.

    we are doing it again, and no good will come of it

  16. Wilohawk
    Posted 4 August 2011 at 6:20 pm | Permalink


    Doth not we thinkst this be that which was already decreed, unbeknownst to us, of course? Ah, the ruse and folly with its pomp and circumstance promote such discord and division amongst the peoples, so subliminal, yes?

    Once again, I agree with your wisdom to attain spiritual enlightenment, continue your works, John, awaken the spirit!
    Again, prayers for all mankind!

  17. sunny
    Posted 4 August 2011 at 1:57 pm | Permalink

    If Obama gets reelected, I leave the country, period. I just cannot or imagine another four years of that clown. Actually in the last election you saw Hillary Clinton becoming the next president. Didn’t happen. So, I hope you are wrong on this one as well. I just cannot imagine him getting reelected. Possibly a challenge in the primaries from Hillary? What do you see about that?

      Opinions and projections of you or I do not matter in this prediction. He will be elected. Now, the question is, “how.” The other question: will you “really” leave the country? I think not. I heard a lot of my liberal readers threaten the same thing if GW Bush got reelected in 2004. They didn’t leave. Left or Right, it is all the same ego. So here we are. Neither you or I will vote for him, but here he will be there for a second term.
  18. Bernard Continelli
    Posted 4 August 2011 at 1:17 pm | Permalink

    While I didn’t vote for Obama (NOR McCain!) as long as he’s in at least we won’t see the WW 3 biggie. And I disagree with Merl Webster that Obama would deliberately allow the nuclear destruction of a U.S. city or two just to declare martial law. Get a grip Merl, you’re a closet racist, and the non-economic, cultural side of the Tea Party movement are a bunch of closet Nazis at heart.

    At the famous 1969 Y.A.F. convention (documented by Jerome Tuccille, and exactly 20 years later at the ’89 Libertarian Party convention in Philadelphia I personally met the late Karl Hess, Barry Goldwater’s 1964 speechwriter [“Extremism in the defense of, etc. …”]), the “new” libertarian faction should have fought back against the goosesteppers with pepper spray and baseball bats skillfully used rhythmically!

    But that’s O.K., you’ll eventually get another reactionary in the White House who’ll declare a revived “Holy Crusade” (primarily) against Islam (” … but let’s also include the homosexuals, casual pot smokers, and as many ‘darkies’ that we can get away with. After all, OUR HERO primarily went after the Jews, but threw-in the homos and gypsies too, so monkey-see-monkey do!”).

  19. Jane Trezise
    Posted 4 August 2011 at 11:18 am | Permalink

    I really don’t understand why everyone is referring to a SECOND RECESSION. Ask any middle/lower class Joe if we came out of the first one!!! Doesn’t Nostradamus predict a tax revolt at some point in our country? I guess there’s not been enough suffering by the people yet to wake them up.

  20. Pat Rardin
    Posted 4 August 2011 at 11:17 am | Permalink

    Guess what – The Tea Pary people cut the CIAs budget – that is probably why all of the poor wiretapping
    is going on – all the good wiretapping is going on overseas. This is according to a friend of mine. You just
    don’t make the cut for the higher grade, sorry to say

    Posted 4 August 2011 at 10:15 am | Permalink





  22. Michelle Gulley
    Posted 4 August 2011 at 12:22 am | Permalink

    i think Haiti’s tropical storm, Emily, is the potential next crisis…

    John, If i remember correctly, you noted that this year will be a profoundly difficult one for Haiti, in which they will encounter terrible storms, flooding, and likely more and more cholera, on top of all of that. i was just peeking at the latest on the storm front… basically wondering throughout the day, yesterday, as well, how Haiti might pull through this storm. But the waves, Haitian citizens say, are huge and ominous looking… there doesn’t seem to be any place to grab hold in Haiti. So much of the trees and forests have been depleted for firewood.

    After just coming off of a
    still-disastrous, debt-ceiling raise and getting ever more broke as a country day by day, how could the US ever hope to help Haiti… and the other countries?? Hardly anyone is sending them aide in any form, and so they are left to fend for themselves and likely die of cholera.

    The latest on Google news searches — the photos of the terrified people of Haiti, chills me to the bone. That is almost going to be what the southwest and midwest can and will look like without a reprieve from this ongoing drought… flat, dry, parched land with little growth and nothing to really grab onto in a bad storm

    • Josh
      Posted 6 August 2011 at 3:23 am | Permalink

      What happened to all the money that the us people donated to Haiti? Wasn’t it like 500 million dollars? they should all be living in little palaces. I want my donation back.

      • Joshua
        Posted 6 August 2011 at 11:54 am | Permalink

        …and could someone please tell me why the Haitians are still living in tents.

        Copy and paste these two links into your browser



  23. Jerry
    Posted 3 August 2011 at 10:19 am | Permalink

    While we are consumed by the debt ceiling and the back room deals, China and Russia are combining their forces to do a first strike on the U.S. our missles have no war heads and according to my brother in law who is high up in the Navy, we have to keep one half of our missle subs in port at all times. It seems this was a deal worked out by Clinton. We need to build bomb shelters like the retired CIA and FBI agents have been doing, just check it out on google.

    • Posted 5 August 2011 at 11:49 am | Permalink

      The only thing I can find googling is speculation, far out conspiracy theories, and heresay. The “China and Russia are combining their forces to do a first strike” is just someone’s idea.

  24. kent
    Posted 3 August 2011 at 6:56 am | Permalink

    You know what a joke it is when Obama says he will tax the wealthy. The wealthy don’t pay taxes. When the sixteenth Admendment was ratified it was thought by the general public, AH WE WILL FINALLY SEE THOSE BIG CATS PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE IN TAXES. What really happened was the general public had to pay taxes the wealthy put there money in trustfunds and paid 0 in taxes. Their money is still in trustfunds. When I hear the Dems say they are going to require them to pay more in taxes I just laugh and say OH YAH THEY WILL PAY. The only way revenues in this country is going to increase is to put poeple back to work.

  25. Isaac George
    Posted 3 August 2011 at 3:26 am | Permalink

    “But Nostradamus has something to say about what will happen to your can of bean-counted economy if prompt and painful action — including tax hikes for everybody folks — is not forthcoming. Soon.”

    I kinda doubt that Americans will shoulder an even higher tax burden now, on top of the all the reckless Wall St. bailouts and two wars (and two “phoney” wars on top of that – Libya and Pakistan). Let’s do some real bean-counting. No manufacturing base and fewer jobs, means less taxes in the coffer. No matter how you, or Obama or Nostradamus slice it, this dog don’t hunt. You cannot get more blood out of the proverbial turnip. Next suggestion please?

  26. Joe
    Posted 2 August 2011 at 9:10 pm | Permalink

    I think Obama has the audacity of hope that the budget will be sufficient until 2013. There’s a good chance they may have to revisit before then. They will have to do some stealth stimulus to keep this fake economy appear to be running until after 2013. One thing that strikes me is confidence. Like you said John, there is a loss of confidence starting in the stock market, and in the economy. There is a loss of confidence in our leaders. There is now the beginning of a loss confidence in our currency. Gold was on a tear today. We will continue to see our currency continued to be systematically devalued by debt, as the govt props up the bond market by purchasing bonds to keep buying more bonds through the central bank, making the demand appear high while the 2% interest on the bond yield artificially low, will eventually make them worthless. And anything dollar denominated will be worthless as well. Sound familiar? That charismatic character with the funny mustache might in the next generation just might be our ticket out of this mess.

  27. Posted 2 August 2011 at 6:12 pm | Permalink

    Well said John. While Washington slaps itself on the back, Americans stare back dumbfounded at what they just witnessed. Washington has no clue about real America. They have no concept about our values and our needs. We’re tired of petty bickering. There will indeed be a civil war, revolution, or mass revolt in this country. I don’t see anyway to avoid it. The only questions are when and what’s the triggering event(s)?

  28. archivesDave
    Posted 2 August 2011 at 5:33 pm | Permalink

    I agree on the troops coming home.
    Would like to hear much more about your research on Albert Pike’s
    research and predictions from his famous 1871 Blueprint for three
    world wars and Morals and Dogma.
    My immediate prediction: Beware the Ides of August…
    Recall Nixon took us off the gold standard on 15 Aug 1971. This Aug 15th will be the fortieth anniversary of that dastardly deed.
    Forty is a VERY important number in many religions and numerology
    n’est pas?

  29. Allan Collison
    Posted 2 August 2011 at 3:08 pm | Permalink

    John. Said they would kick Can down the Road . Wall Street HAPPY !and Main Street Anger ! Rich Big Winner .The Planets Awareness in Sept 2011 on Earthquakes and the Fall of Wall Street in Oct 2011 . Japan Nuke Waste is Killing the Sea and the land . Russia and China worry about Fall Out . Awareness is Power

  30. Maurice
    Posted 2 August 2011 at 3:04 pm | Permalink

    I agree with most of what you stated except I do not believe the Republicans and Tea Party will take control of Congress. They will have a significant presence but it will be the Democrats (for now) who will barely rule both houses. Both political parties will break up into smaller parties towards the 2020’s. This is where a new constitutional unicameral government will take shape along with regional federated governments for the Northwest, Southwest, Northeast, the New Confederate States along with republics of Alaska and Texas with a new currency called the Amero.
    (I think of what motivated the Republicans this time is when a column of Mexican Troops had crossed over Rio Grande, by accident, during the bitter debates as the clock was ticking.)

    • Maurice
      Posted 5 August 2011 at 2:17 pm | Permalink

      Maybe Mexico goes to war with Iran, it has a serpent also.
      But it is Russian Federation Flag that has snakes also besides the double eagle. This makes sense, where Russia takes the lead against Iran before the Western Powers do to protect the hundreds of billion of dollars it has invested in Iran and not lose it. To prevent the repetition of Iraq and all that was lost there. Just a note, the UN’s WHO has a snake also on their Flag.

        Every man has a snake in their pants. Shall we follow your logic to mean Nostradamus is talking about “that” true serpent? 🙂 Look, all seriousness aside, before free associating why not read the prophecy. You will find the other elements in the verse point our serpent towards Iran and a naval confrontation in the Arabian (Persian) Gulf foreseen. Who flies the “Don’t Tread on Me” flag? The US Navy, since 9/11. Follow the threads. The US Fifth Fleet is in the Persian Gulf. Does Mexico have a fleet there? Does WHO? Read more about the prophecy at this page on Nostradamus and the War with Iran by copying and pasting this link in your browser: hogueprophecy.com/store/product_info.php?cPath=1&products_id=31.
  31. Ray
    Posted 2 August 2011 at 2:45 pm | Permalink

    I don’t know how on God’s green earth Obama will get a second term unless the election is stolen by his Chicago thug machine.

    I am sorry to disagree with your oracle, but Sarah Palin will be our 45th President.

  32. rbateman
    Posted 2 August 2011 at 1:37 pm | Permalink

    I believe you are correct in that Obama will bring troops home fast.
    He has nothing to cut here that won’t cost him votes, and he wants to get re-elected so bad he can taste it. He might even toss in Obamacare.
    He’s not smarter than the rest of them, he just moves faster.
    Elenin: NASA has now rotated STEREO BEHIND 2 hours/day the last 2 days, to observe the comet closing fast on it, but the images are not released. No word from them on when we get to see them. Getting rather strange.
    Mabus: Came across the Plague of Justinian, which occured 1 long solar cycle (12 yrs) after the sun went visisbly limp for 18 months in 535AD. The plague manifested itself as a nightmare, with victims convinced demons or people were dragging them away, with no outward signs of fever or infection. Such an affliction has never been seen again. Once thought dead?
    Very interesting…but I’m not going there.

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