Nostradamus, Blue Kachina Comets and Mabus

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Talia has informed me of NASA’s report of a flock of falling objects of a non-feathered, cosmic kind that might forebode something more significant to all of our lives on earth than a bunch of pancaked black birds on an Arkansan’s driveway flying aflockalyptically amok from New Years fireworks. NASA reports that the year 2010 ended with an unprecedented flurry of small comets diving into the Sun. Researchers say this could herald a much larger comet still to come.

If a big comet is coming this year or especially in 2012, during the Mayan Calendar 5000-year reboot of history, it would certainly have some significance. Not only for the Mayan cycle but also for Nostradamus’ prophecies about a great comet passing during the times of what he calls the Third and Final Antichrist, Code Named MABUS.

If it is a blue comet of great intensity, this might also allude to the final warming of the Hopi Indians as a portent to the coming destruction and rebirth of the world as we know it in what they call the Prophecy of the Blue Kachina. (This is the subject of my History Channel interview on the next episode of Brad Melzer’s DECODED, which airs on 20 January 2011.)

If this is the great Mabus Comet that “passes through the sky” as a portent that we are living in the times of the Antichrist; or, if it signals the great purification of the world of the Hopi, the following prophecy of Nostradamus may describe where and what could happen if such a comet strayed too close to Earth.

In a previous blog from last year (see Nostradamus) he described fish “boiled hectic” in a prophecy about falling animal portents. Nostradamus plays with his fish visions again in Century 2, Quatrain 3.

As the song goes, “Here comes the Sun” half frying the fry and adult flappers too, before they fall out of the sky on the Greek Island of Rhodes and a thousand miles northwest over the Italian port city of Genoa to feed the famished poisson-pounded people there.

What sent these sunburned fish flying far afield? Something that could make a big splash in the Aegean Sea just off the coast of the long and sinewy Greek Island Evvoea high enough for half-burnt barracudas to catch the bass end of a Rapture ride up in the clouds to fall like rain all the way to Genoa.

Pour la chaleur solaire sus la mer,
De Negrepont les poissons demi cuits:
Les habitans les viendront entamer,
Quand Rhod, & Gennes leur faudra le biscuit.

Because of heat like that of the sun upon the sea,
Around Evvoea the fish will become half cooked:
The inhabitants will come to make the first slice into them,
When (in) Rhodes, and Genoa their (food) will fail.

In 1995 I chronicled this interpretation for Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies published in 1997:


Sunrise in the afternoon. That is what the citizens of Athens in the next millennium might have described what happened if they had lived. At three o’clock the eastern horizon glowed brighter than daylight, flash-burning the retinas of dwellers along the Aegean coast. Minutes later, Athenian eardrums would be perforated by an explosion as loud as 2,000 one-megaton hydrogen bombs. Next, the deafened citizens of Athens would behold a new mountain range rising into the sky and falling as seawater over the eastern hills.

The day the asteroid fell, the ocean drowned Athens from the sky!

If an asteroid spears the Aegean the waters off Evvoea would flash-boil all marine life, sending a plume of steam higher than Earth’s mountains because of the…sun upon the sea. The resulting cloud of dust could block out the sun’s rays for many months, or a few years, causing global crop failures and a catastrophic famine that could kill billions (their [food] will fail).


Now hold on, all you twenty-twelve midnight-for-the-human racers. Do not think I am going nebulously Nibiru on you, pulling a rogue planet fast one to tilt the earth’s axis in 2012. And please do not free associate beyond the vague linguistics of Nostradamian verse tying one fantasy to another pulling a Vincent Bridges, spanning all and everything misty Nostradamus says to the year 2012, just over time’s horizon. There is no dating hidden or blaring obvious in the quatrain, above. There is, however in another quatrain (10 Q67), a rare astrological dating for a great earthquake in some future May where hail the size of eggs falls from the sky. It alludes to them literally being stones of rock rather than chicken squat. That is something one might see if there is a comet strike in the Aegean and future from now.

If there is a big comet coming in 2012, this ain’t it.

Wöllner pinpoints this event for the far off year of 3755 A.D. Chicken egg-sized stone showers, mixed with scorched piscatorial portents, might be expected from a cosmic asteroid crackup in the Aegean Sea, so, if there is a connection, we have 1,743 years to prepare for the rock of ages to hammer fall, catapulting piscine doom on the Mediterranean world. Then again, May 2047 gets four out of five planets listed in 10 Q67 in right places, except Mars: Saturn is in Capricorn, when Jupiter and Mercury are in Taurus and Venus is in Cancer. Mars, however, will not be in Virgo in May 2047 but slipping out of Taurus into Gemini. This is close enough for serious consideration as a window for a great quake at that time. We can be thankful there is no clear connection with burnt fish-falls out of the skies from an Aegean Sea asteroid or Blue Kachina comet strike.

John Hogue

(13 January 2011)

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Also check out Nostradamus and the Mabus Code.

PS–I said to my new bulletin members I would write about the year of floods I foresee for 2011. The first of these great floods visits Queensland, Australia, and Brazil as I write this. The story is developing and it will be the main topic for an upcoming article. This year of floods is described in more detail as a consequence of Neptune’s return for a long transit through its home sign of Pisces. You can read what I say about it by reading the final chapter of Predictions for 2011, entitled, “Alarm Bells Sounding the Unsustainable.”

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