Famous Fulfilled Prophecies-4: Aztec Prophecies, Montmorency,


1507–1520: The Coming of the Lost White Brother

At the height of the Aztec Empire, a collective vision existed among priests and citizens alike that bearded visitors from across the eastern sea would soon appear on their shores. All native American peoples of that time shared a vision of the return of Pahana, the lost white brother. The Hopi Indians said that if Pahana returned with the symbol of the cross, this showed he had not kept a balance between his inventions and his spirit and he would bring a holocaust upon the native Americans. A string of evil omens assailed the Aztec Empire at the advent of the white brother. There was famine, an eclipse, an earthquake and the cold light of a comet bathing the capital city for several months. All were seen as omens of imminent doom.

In 1507 King Montezuma–the Aztec Napoleon and empire builder–went to Tlillancalmecatl (the place of heavenly learning) to divine the meaning of these premonitions. Occultists placed before him an ash-colored crane. While in trance, Montezuma peered at a vision reflected in the mirror-like crest of the bird’s head and saw the firmament beset by flaming torches. The flames melted into a vision of massed invaders astride large deer. (No Aztec had ever seen horses.) At the same time, Pranazin, Montezuma’s sister, fell in a death-like faint. On recovering her senses, she described a vision of great ships from the east, crowded with alien men in strange attire, with metal casques atop their bearded heads.

Her dream men were destined to plant their cross banners upon the rubble of the Aztec Empire. In 1520 Aztec nightmares became reality when Hernando Cortez, leading a marauding army of mounted conquistadors, seized and destroyed the Aztec Empire.

1632–1633: The Execution of Montmorency

The Lily of the Dauphin will proceed to Nancy.
The Elector of the Empire as far as Flanders.
A new prison for the great Montmorency.
Outside the usual place delivered up
to famous punishment [clere peine]

Nostradamus (1557), Century 9 Quatrain 18

The French prophet Michel Nostradamus (1503-1566) could transmit detailed futures in very few words. In the first two lines he identifies the next and future French ruler, who would use the title Dauphin before coronation. He also mentions the city of Nancy, which was liberated in 1633 by the same king, Louis XIII. Line two tells us the reason: to free Philip Christopher von Soetern, Elector of the Holy Roman Empire, who was imprisoned near Flanders (Brussels).

Lines three and four take a retroactive look at the execution in 1632 of the popular governor of Languedoc, Henry de Montmorency. Nostradamus calls him the great, the nickname of this popular hero who was tricked by Cardinal Richelieu into supporting Louis’ idiot brother in his claim for the throne. Montmorency was condemned to die at the newly constructed Hôtel de Ville. The prophet correctly calls it a new prison and outside the usual place for execution.

Louis’ punishment of Montmorency was indeed famous at the time. Even the Queen of England and the pope pleaded for leniency on his behalf, but to no avail. The original French words for famous punishment are clere peine. The swordsman who beheaded the governor was named Clerepeine! All this was seen by Nostradamus over seventy-five years before it happened.

1789–1794: The French Revolution

At about a.d. 1800 great tribulations will come. Arrogance and vanity will rule the world. Cocks will arise in France, and they will break the lilies, kill monarchs and oppress the Christian faith and Church. Priests and servants of the Church will be reduced to misery, the young led to atheism, and republics will be established in the whole world…

Pastor Bartholomaeus (c. 1642)

People will be stirred up against their king….Paris was never in such great trouble. (C6 Q23)

From the enslaved people, songs, chants and demands. The Princes and Lords are held captive in prisons. (C1 Q14)

…Conflict will take place at the Tuileries by the 500….Fire and bloody slicing [during]….the advent of the common people….The Christian Church will be persecuted more fiercely than ever it was in Africa, and this will last to the year 1792 which they will believe marks the renewal of time. (C9 Q34, C9 Q20, Epistle to Henry II)

Nostradamus (1555-1557)

The cock was the symbol of the French republicans; the lilies, the symbol of the fleur-de-lis upon royal livery. An anti-god religion called The Cult of Reason was established by the new republic. The French Revolution spread republicanism around the European world. The Tuileries didn’t even exist when Nostradamus foresaw it being stormed by 513 Fédérés, better known as the Five Hundred Marseillaise. The Church was disbanded, the monks and nuns guillotined or thrown out on the streets. Also 1792 was the year the revolutionaries believed marked the beginning of the new age. They celebrated this by replacing the old Christian calendar with a new one.

John Hogue
(07 May 2007)

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