Famous Fulfilled Prophecies-5: Nostradamus, Napoleon and 20th Century Inventions


1800–1815: The Rise and Fall of Napoleon
According to Nostradamus (1555-1557):

An Emperor will be born near Italy

Napoleon was born in Corsica off the Italian coast.

He will cost his Empire very dearly….He is less a prince than a butcher(C1 Q60)

From simple soldier he will attain to Empire…Italy, Spain, and the English tremble; he will be greatly attentive to foreign women.. (C4 Q54)

Napoleon’s greatest lovers were Josephine, born in the Caribbean; Marie Walewska, a Polish princess; and his second Empress, Marie-Louise–Austrian.

For fourteen years he will hold his tyranny(C7 Q13)

Napoleon ruled as First Consul, then later as Emperor of France, from 1800 to 1814. He fell from power as a result of his disastrous Russian campaign of 1812, of which the prophet said:

The kingdom rushes to great misfortune. (C6 Q67). A mass of men approach from Russia. The destroyer [“(N)apalluon” in Greek] will ruin the old city: he will see his Roman empire quite desolated….He would not know how to extinguish the great flame(C4 Q82)

Moscow was set on fire. Napoleon’s army was forced to desert the charred ruins at the onset of the Russian winter.

Ready to fight he will desert. The chief adversary [Russia] will be victorious. The rear guard will make a defense, those who falter dying in the white country. (C4 Q75)

Napoleon deserted the remnant of his retreating army, which was destined to die, almost to a man, in the snows of Russia.

In the third month…the boar and the leopard meet on the battlefield….

In June 1815, three months after his escape from exile, Napoleon–whom Nostradamus calls the boar–fought the Duke of Wellington at Waterloo. Napoleon called Wellington the Leopard of England.

…The fatigued leopard looks up to heaven and sees an eagle playing with the sun. (C1 Q23)

…[They] will appear to the victor…neither bugle nor cries will stop the [French] soldiers. In time liberty and peace is achieved through death.. (C1 Q38)

At Waterloo, Wellington’s battered army had withstood every French attack. At sunset, Napoleon hurled his own Imperial Guard in one final charge. As the French attack mounted the ridge, the Duke and his men could see the brass eagles atop the standards of Napoleon’s Imperial Guard swinging against the setting sun. Moments later an English volley shattered their charge. The French were routed.

The great empire will be exchanged for a little…petty place…[to] which he will come to lay down his scepter(C1 Q32)

Napoleon was exiled to the tiny island of Saint Helena, where he died in 1821.

Nineteenth Century: Wars and Revolutions
According to the Prophecy of Warsaw (1790):

The Napoleonic Wars

Prussia and Russia will divide Poland among themselves.

Fulfilled in 1793.

In 1805 a war will break out between France and Austria, and if Austria will not make peace, she shall lose everything.

Austrian forces were routed by Napoleon at Austerlitz in 1805. Francis I quickly sued for peace and saved his empire.

A year later, in 1806, war between Prussia and France will begin. In 1807 another war, this time between France and Russia, will break out.

Napoleon fought and defeated Prussia in 1806. His forces collided with the Russians in 1807.

In 1848, a terrible revolution will spread over all Europe. Kings and emperors will descend from their thrones.

Europe did experience widespread revolutions in 1848. The French king Louis Philippe was deposed.

Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries: The Industrial Revolution

Horses Put Out to Pasture

Horses will be kept for pleasure and ornament, nothing more, in the days to come.

Moll Pitcher (1780s)

Discovery of Electricity and Radio Waves

When the animal tamed by man begins to speak after great efforts and difficulty, the lightning so harmful to the rod will be taken from the earth and suspended in the air.

Nostradamus (1555) C3 Q44

Railroads, Cars and Planes

Iron roads will be built, and iron monsters will bark through the wilderness. Cars without horse and shaft will come, and men will fly through the air like birds.

Stormberger (eighteenth century)

The Internal Combustion Engine

Carriages will be moved by a strong and beautiful and simple admixture of aqueous and atmospheric gases easily condensed, so simply ignited, and so imparted by a machine resembling our [steam] engines, as to be entirely concealed and manageable between forward wheels.

Andrew Jackson Davis (1856)

Radio and Television

magnificent music conducted on wires hundreds of miles away will play at the instigation of man.

Moll Pitcher (1780s)

The Helicopter

Instruments of flying may be formed in which a man, sitting at his ease and meditating on any subject, may beat the air with his artificial wings after the manner of birds.

Roger Bacon (1268)

International Air Travel

aerial cars…will move through the sky from century to century; and their beautiful influence will produce a universal brotherhood of acquaintance.

Andrew Jackson Davis (1856)

Man on the Moon

He [man] will come to take himself to the corner of Luna [the Moon] where he will be taken and placed on alien land.

Nostradamus (1557) C9 Q65

John Hogue
(12 May 2007)

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