Is Bush Mabus, Nostradamus’ Third Antichrist?

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I have followed the etymological trail for decades, trying to uncover clues to just what the 16th-century prophet, Michel Nostradamus, meant when he code named the third and future candidate for one of his three Antichrists as the enigmatic Mabus. Those of you who have read my books on Nostradamus have followed my interpretation of his Third Antichrist eastward towards the future and infernal princes of the Near East. I still believe that the weight of Nostradamus’ interests and prejudices pull the divining rod of possibility towards the magnetic hotbed of Middle Eastern and North Africa despots. Today’s Arab and Iranian terrorists and misguided zealots are our prime suspects. For me the Mabus mug shot is flashed upon the film of my curiosity by Nostradamus’ favored mind-melding “camera” of classical metaphors. In other words, I have seen him too often color his prophecies in the Kodak moment of ancient Greek and Roman images of the future. If the ancient Roman’s called the Danube “Hister,” Nostradamus would hide his Second Antichrist’s name behind that classical Roman label. He would cloak a vision of a child dreaming his diabolical dreams while resting on the banks of the “Hister” and hide the name of the young Adolf “Hitler.”

My interpreter’s hackles rose to attention when I first saw Nostradamian clues nudging me to consider that the next antichrist would come from where they once worshipped the “infernal God of Hannibal.” (Century 2 Quatrain 30). I had an epiphany after discovering the Romanized name given to that Punic god of Carthage, once Hannibal and the Cartheginias had been conquered and absorbed into Rome. The Romans renamed their god “Baal Hammon” “Thurbo Majus”! Those of you who are not yet under the spell of anagrams (word plays) might overlook the fact that one easily replacable letter — as per the rules of anagram — turns the “j” into a “b” to get Nostradamus’ name for his third Antichrist (Majus = Mabus).

I first saw this Mabus-Majus connection in 1985, and since then it has led me to believe that many a young terrorist tough who, during the sixties and seventies, passed nearby the ruins of Thurbo Majus’ Carthage — to train at and later apply their infernal trade from the neighboring headquarters of the Palestinian Liberation Organization — can stand as candidates for Nostradamus’ Mabus, the Third Antichrist. Moreover, Majus, the former “Baal Hammon,” is a Phoenician god worshipped across regions that today include North Africa, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Iran, and the Saudi Arabian peninsula. Thus I could not resist considering that Nostradamus by playing “Baal” with us is expanding his classical metaphor to pin the Third Antichrist label on a terrorist coming from the modern regions who once worshipped “Majus.”

A study of the last two antichrists indicates that most of the letters needed to decode the name of the Third Antichrist could be found in his enigmatic name. For instance: PAU NAY OLORON (in Century 8 Quatrain 1) becomes Napaulon Roy (Napoleon King); Hister easily becomes Adolf “Hitler.” So, if Nostradamus is being consistent then we should find the name of the next and final antichrist virtually hiding in the letters M-A-B-U-S.

Certainly the next target for the U.S. war on terrorism can be found by reversing the letters “mabus” to “subam” then reversing any letters again, such as a “b” into a “d” to get “sudam.” That leaves one the freedom in anagramming to replace one vowel “u” with an “a” to get “Sadam.” The law of eliminating or adding redundancies to letters allows one to double our “d” to get “Saddam” Hussein.

Play the same game with Usama bin Laden and you can find that u-s-a-m-a + b has nearly all the fixings to cook Nostradamus’ code name: “Maaus + b.” You need not take the “b” from “bin” Laden to replace one redundant “a,’ but if you wish you can take the “b” and get “Maabus” then cut the redundant “a” to get “Mabus.”

Even so, a good Nostradamus scholar never closes the door to a different possibility.

After the events of 9-11, I have received what I might call “new leads” from hundreds of you out there. Many of the leads are products of ignorance and naïveté, but some of you are onto something.

The following emails from members of my newsletter list are perhaps some of the most cogent examples of what hundreds of you have suggested is a new candidate for the Mabus enigma — a world leader living far closer to home than the distant and disturbed Middle East.

The first email is from Robert Davis, who granted me permission to share it with you all. Robert stated, “I believe you are missing a major point in your analysis, why do we continually assume the 3rd antichrist will come from the East? The first 2 did not, granted they are the most obvious choice at the moment but we are ignoring one inescapable fact. There is only one superpower capable of bringing total devastation upon the world, the USA! They already bring “terror from the sky” and have taken the first step to ignoring human rights and rules of war etc. I believe George Bush deserves investigation as perhaps the 3rd antichrist. To bring evil upon the world does not necessitate being perceived as evil, war has a momentum of it’s own and quite often outstrips the best intentions of men. Just a thought!!”

Next we have a letter from Antonio Alvarez, who, like many of those who write in this vein, have stated no animosity against the U.S. president but cannot deny that Nostradamus’ rules of anagram must consider the possibility — no matter how far fetched it might seem — that Nostradamus intended G. W. Bush as “Mabus.” I have received permission from Antonio to share some extracts of his letter with you all:

“It was very interesting to read in the Hogue Prophecy Archive, 4 June 2001 [“Who will be Mabus?”], the way you tried to decode the name Mabus to try to find out who Mabus could be. But in all your decodings you did not try another possibility. If you take the first two letters of Mabu, that is ‘Ma’, and rotate them 180 degrees, and then you mirror the turned around ‘a’ you will get ‘gW’, then you add ‘bus’, the resulting name is ‘gWbus’. Rotate 180 deg. ‘Ma’ you get ‘W’ [upside down “a”], then you mirror [upside down “a”] and turn it into ‘g’, add ‘bus’ and you get ‘gWbus.’ The president of the United States is George W. Bush, and in Latin languages the ‘h’ is silent, so it would be ‘George W. Bus’, you use only the inititial of the first name, and you get ‘GWBUS’. Don’t you think this is another possibity?”

My answer to David, Antonio and hundreds of you out there who have written me similar letters — and the hundreds of thousands of you who have not written but I sense hold the same premonition — is the following:

Yes, the decoding of Mabus for Bush cannot be ruled out. It may also be possible that Nostradamus has mistakenly seen a composite of several people as one figure. Since my first book, written back in 1986, I have posed a theory that the farther Nostradamus looks into the future the more likely is the chance that the strangeness of our distant times are cloudier and harder to interpret through the filter of a mind programmed by the limitations of the 16th century.

Certainly leaders bound together by a dark destiny can be mistaken as one and the same antichrist. Moreover, one culture’s hero is another culture’s hellion. For example, back in September of 1990, a full four months before President Bush Sr. launched Operation Desert Storm against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, I wrote the following observations which later appeared on page 226 of the deluxe illustrated edition of The Millennium Book of Prophecy in 1994 (you can also find this passage on page 258 of the paperback edition:

“Then there’s Nostradamus, always ready to catch one’s projections in the flypaper of his obscurity. Century 8 Quatrain 70 could adequately describe the ascent of Saddam Hussein and perhaps refers to the subsequent alliance of some Arab states with America in Operation Desert Storm: ‘He will enter, wicked, unpleasant, infamous, tyrannizing over Mesopotamia [Iraq]. All friends made by the adulterous Lady: the land dreaded and black in aspect.’

“Nostradamus often used symbols for countries. Christian-programmed interpreters might figure this ‘adulterous Lady’ to be the modern-day Babylon of Baghdad. An Iraqi interpreter of Nostradamus might think she represents America’s hypocritical Statue of Liberty. An Islamic interpreter would perhaps say Nostradamus is implicating the ‘great Satan’ America as modern-day Babylon. Moreover, pro-American Arab leaders are her evil friends…”

I added the following coda in 1991 before publication:

“…If your childhood was spent in a Palestinian concentration (excuse me) refugee camp, it is quite clear who the wicked, unpleasant, infamous, tyrannizing fellow ‘entering’ Mesopotamia was. American coalition forces ‘entered’ Iraq with an air and land offensive after 17 January 1991, so the prediction could also stand for the past or future American president. Prophecy doesn’t care about the West’s identification with being the good guys.”

The final judgment of time and events as they actually transpire still do not care.

President Bush senior is eclipsed by the future President Bush junior, who clearly is poised to launch the United States into another Gulf War against Saddam Hussein in our near future. I think you will see the war ultimatums coming this May, followed by the attack on Iraq either in early July or as late as October, just prior to the mid-term U.S. elections. The only thing that might delay the plan is an unraveling of the Middle East in this Easter’s dawning Arab-Israeli war

For the record, I still hold that Nostradamus intended Mabus to be a North African or Middle Eastern figure because of the prophet’s use of classical metaphors.


The court of future history and events will be the final judge.

As far as I can interpret the Mabus/Third Antichrist prophecies of Century 2 Quatrain 62 and Century 8 Quatrain 77, the criterion the future will use to reach that judgment depends of the fulfillment of the following events:

1.) Whoever Mabus is, he is one of the first to fall in the war he launches, be it a war on America or a war on terrorism.

2.) His death will be war cry for revenge and there will be a devastating counterattack.

3.) The reaction to his martyrdom and the counterattack will set in motion a 27-year war that only sees terrorism as its first stage but could eventually escalate and widen its theater of destruction to include an exchange of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons between a number of nations. This may include the worst-case scenario of a potential three-way war fought between the United States, Russia and China over food and other resources in the 2020s.

I believe the fulfillment of the first two steps is likely to happen before the end of 2002.

Yasser Arafat (his PLO code name being [m]Abu[s] Amar) may soon die a martyr. Easter 2002 has seen the beginning of “The Field of Thorns” — Yasser Arafat’s code name for a calculated last stand against Israeli occupation of the West Bank. If Arafat becomes a martyr, as he believes he soon will be, and if in response the Arab world rises up in a region-wide war against Israel and its American ally, then he could be Nostradamus’ intended Mabus.

If it is not Yasser Arafat, then another Arab martyr could come from the actions of the United States moving blindly forward with their plans to invade Iraq to overthrow Saddam Hussein. I have stated since 1997 that Nostradamus’ quatrains imply that Saddam would face death from a cruise missile cutting into the bowels of one of his reinforced bunkers.(See pg. 740-741 of Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies. Thus he, as the Mabus prophecy says, “soon dies.” If his rapid extermination makes him Mabus then expect a “horrible undoing of people and animals” coming as a result of the post-Saddam Iraq disintegrating. The collapse of Iraq could destablize the Middle East while it might draw another president from Texas into his own version of the Vietnam quagmire.

Now, for Mabus to be the American president, “gW Bus(h),” he, regrettably, must be one of the first to fall in his war on terrorism. It must be noted that the American president has often made forceful, albeit linguistically simplistic and repetitive, attempts to remind the American people that his war on terror could last for “twenty to thirty years.” If he were to be killed and it was proven that his death came from the hands of terrorists, then you will see the “terrible undoing of people and animals” coming from an all-out American revenge attack on those nations of the East that are viewed by the Bush administration as part of the Axis of Evil.

I believe that this travail-full year of 2002 will not pass without my being able to declare who, or what, Nostradamus’ intended for Mabus.

As I send out this bulletin, April begins with a new level of human foolishness. The long and smoldering war between the Palestinians and Israelis has at last crossed the line and the Semite cousin brothers of Abraham are now entering the valley of death. I believe the following prophecy from Nostradamus may aptly describe today’s events and hint on what might come as a consequence a few decades from now:

C2 Q95

Les lieux peuplez seront inhabitables,
Pour chans auoir grande diuision:
Regnes liurez à prudens incapables,
Lors les grands freres mort & dissention.

The lands populated by humans will become uninhabitable,
Great disagreement and discord in order to obtain lands:
Kingdoms given to men incapable of prudence,
Then for the great brothers [usually implying Russia and America] death and dissention.

History runs at a fast pace and it seems to me that the issues of this bulletin can only touch on themes that require far more in-depth examination. For those of you who want a more detailed dissertation on topics like Mabus/Bush, the Middle East and the possible futures born out of the events of 9-11, I wish to cordially invite you to read the just recently released Third Edition of my most popular Nostradamus book entitled Nostradamus the New Millennium.


I wish to end this newsletter on a more uplifting note by sharing a collective response to another commonly asked question:

The attack on 9-11-01 leaves me shocked and mute. The mounting war fever and the national denial of America’s part in our dysfunctional relationship with the Middle East seems unaddressed by the policies and actions of the current administration. It seems we are marching blindly off to war and my children are asking, “Why?” What words of encouragement or at least what explanation would you give to children about this attack? What would you tell them is the cause of their parents repeating the mistakes and wars of the past in the near future?

Just remember that this current travail is caused by humanity being unconscious and conditioned to be predictable. It is possible that the dire events of the coming 30-to-100 years will inspire enough people to break with the past and its misery and conditioned reactions to give birth to a new and spiritually harmonious humanity. But this humanity will not come from collective actions. It will come one individual at a time. If you ask me what to tell children, I will say this: always seek love and awareness at all costs. Know that being authentic will get you in trouble, but do not stop being authentic, no matter how difficult it may be living in a world that supports dreamers rather than helping us to re-awaken the birthright of bright glory that a society of sleepwalkers conditions us to suppress. And finally, let me say to the children that their innocence is the source of all hope and genius for the present and the future. Do not allow grown-ups to suppress this birthright of innocence. Do not be angry with them if they try (because they will try). Be compassionate to them. Feel sympathy for them. They were once like you. The grown-ups have lost what you have not yet lost. That is why they are always afraid and angry with each other and go to war. They were once open and smart. Now they are knowledgeable and stupid. Allow them to help you function in this world. Everyone needs a functional name and needs words to communicate to others, but do not be identified with your name, your country and your words. Do not borrow anyone else’s experience, rather, learn not to repeat their mistakes. Only follow your own experience and never let even well-meaning grown-ups trespass upon your innocence and turn you into frightened and divided souls. This is the great challenge. Learn how to live in the world but not “of” the world. If you can do this then each of you will bring us one life lived closer to the birth of a new and harmonious humanity.

John Hogue
(31 March 2002)

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  1. Jason R
    Posted 11 September 2012 at 4:28 am | Permalink

    The 3 ACs can be measured by the number of innocent people that died at their will. G W Bush is absolutely the 3rd anti christ.
    mabus = mr. bush in Greek

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