Nostradamus and the Axis of Evil

We are entering February 2002. Some of you may remember that my astrological calculations and oracular gut feelings expressed previously in bulletins and on radio appearance pointed to February, April and the Summer of this new year as times when we could see a sudden escalation of violence in the world war of terrorism.

The rhetoric has already escalated. January closed with US President Bush giving his first State of the Union speech before Congress—now immortalized as the Axis of Evil speech. In it the president defined any nation that harbors terrorists and seeks weapons of mass destruction as “evil.” In other words, President Bush has officially added Iran, and North Korea to his target list with Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. Moreover, the leader of the free world, who has at his disposal the largest arsenal of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons in history, has condemned these countries as “evil” and put them on notice that at any time they may face the full economic and military wrath of the United States unless they curtail any association with terrorist organizations, and stop seeking, exporting, or manufacturing weapons of mass destruction.

After making his State of the Union ultimatums, the president closed January with far more sweeping fire and brimstone belicosity in every subsequent “Axis of Evil” speech he made. In turn the leaders of Iraq and Iran have dismissed Bush’s new Marvel-Comics-like label with their own sweeping and categorically cartoon-literate reactions. Saddam Hussein called Bush’s Axis of Evil definition “stupid.” President Khatami of Iran first publicly stated his “sadness” at the US president’s aggressive and sweeping definition of Iran as an “evil” nation, then later called Bush “a big-mouth.” The official response from the North Korean government described Bush’s statement as tantamount to a declaration of war and added rather ominously that “a first strike capability is not the exclusive option of the United States.” Adding insult to brinkmanship, January ended with many US television news channels offering up images of Kim Dae Jung, the democratically elected president of South Korea, when commenting on North Korea and its dictator, Kim Jong Il.

It seems that February will not be a month for moderation and sober leadership, but a month of infantile name calling and dangerous ultimatums. It will be a month of simplistic rather than seminal political maneuvers. Bush’s Axis of Evil label and his ever more strident “you are either with us or against us” stance has already hurt the popular movement of moderates inside Iran. Rather than strengthen the quiet revolution to overthrow Islamic extremism in the Iranian government, Iranians generally view Bush’s definition as a condemnation of their whole nation. Their fear of an of immanent attack has only strengthened the power of the committee of Ayatollahs who are a law above the religiously moderate Iranian President.

Europeans and their leaders view Bush’s free and ever more frequent use of the “e” (evil) word, with greater foreboding. The United States’ closest Western European allies voice their unease at what appears to be his intention to dictate terms and strategies unilaterally. Yet, President Bush’s new level of rousing rhetoric has seen his popularity in some American polls rise beyond the 90 percentile range.

Thus we enter a new month with three countries defined as evil enemies of the United States. No sooner (and certainly not before) the three were defined as an “Axis of Evil” we see a timely introduction of documents fished out of the ruins of al-Qaeda bases in Afghanistan, probably more than a month ago, depicting crude drawings of Seattle’s Space needle and US nuclear power plants on al-Qaeda’s wish list of future US assets and reactors targeted for destruction in America.

Although many people mostly outside of the US view Bush’s combativeness and unilateralism as becoming ever more a part of the problem as those nations harboring terrorists, his critics should take notice that the president and his handlers may be onto something.

I believe that George W. Bush has correctly defined the new axis alliance of a new world war, and Nostradamus may have foreseen it.

For fifteen years and counting, I have published my belief that a passage from Nostradamus’ Epistle to King Henry II of France, written in 1558, defined the alliances and bloody outcome of a future war waged between two great northern superpowers and an Eastern “triumvirate” of terrorist nations.

I present the following passage from the Epistle and my translation and interpretation, taken from pages 588—591 of Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies. It is the most complete synthesis of all the elements of a number of recorded interpretations I have made through the years about the triumvirate-of-terror theme. Indeed, most of the following interpretations, which were published in 1997, found themselves in articles printed as far back as 1984.

Quelle grande oppression que par lors sera faicte sus les princes & gouuerneurs des royaumes, mesmes de ceux qui seront maritimes & orientaux & leurs langues entremeslees à grande societe, la langue des Latins & des Arabes par la cõmunication punique, & seront tous ces Roys ori ~etaux chassez, profligez, exterminez, non du tout par le moy~e des forces des Roys d’Aquilon, & par la proximité de nostre siecle par le moyen des trois vnys secretrem~et cerchãt la mort & insidies par embusches l’vn de l’autre, & durera le renouuellement de triumuirat sept ans, que la renommee de telle secte fera son estendue par l’vniuers & sera soubstenu le sacrifice de la saincte & immaculee hostie, & seront lors les Seigneurs deux en nombre d’Aquilon victorieux sur les orientaux, & sera en iceux faict si grand bruict & tumulte bellique, que tout iceluy orient tremblera de l’effrayeur d’iceux freres non freres Aquilonaires.

“What a great oppression then will fall upon the princes and governors of kingdoms and especially those that shall live near the sea and eastward, their language intermixed in a great society (of nations); The language of the Latin nations and of the Arabic intermixed via the North African interchange, and all these Eastern Kings shall be driven away, beaten and annihilated, not altogether by the means of the forces from the Kings of the North — and by the near proximity of our century — by means of three secretly united seeking for death by ambushes (terrorism) one against the other; and the renewal of the Triumvirate shall last for seven years; yet, the fame of such a sect shall spread the world over, and the sacrifice of the holy and immaculate host shall be upheld, and then shall the lords be two in number of the North (bloc?), victorious over the Eastern ones and there shall be a great noise and warlike tumult that all the East shall quake and fear those two brothers of the North who are yet not brothers.”

Nostradamus steps back to paint us a broader picture of what appears to be World War III alliances. Sides will be drawn seven years before the end of the 20th century, or the war will be fought sometime after 1999 and will last for seven years. A triumvirate of ‘Eastern Kings’ will secretly unite, using ambushes and anarchy as their main weapons against their chief nemeses, the ‘Kings of the North’ — possibly America, the EC, and Russia. Language ‘intermixed with a great society of nations’ places this prophecy in modern times. Note the ‘North African’ allusion to Tunisia, the headquarters of the PLO. Libya’s close ties with France and Italy through oil are also inferred. Because Nostradamus usually defines all points beyond Greece as Asia, this Eastern alliance has every chance of being a Mid-‘Eastern’ and even North African Axis alliance.

I can only assume from continual references throughout the Bible, and the auguring of Nostradamus and other prophetic giants such as Edgar Cayce and Cheiro, that the three most likely combinations for candidates for this triumvirate are Libya, Syria, and Iran; Egypt, Syria and Iran; or even Sudan, Libya and Iran. Elsewhere in the quatrains we have already examined references to ‘Mesopotamia’ — Iraq — playing a primary role in the greater war to come. Operation Desert Storm may be no more than an early episode in a long pan-Islamic war with the West that will make some of America’s staunchest Arab Coalition allies, like Syria and Egypt, into greater enemies than the Iraqis. Whoever the Mid-Eastern ‘triumvirate’ finally turns out to be, they will find support from some greater ‘Eastern King’, implying the leader of the People’s Republic of China or North Korea.

The Arab triumvirate and its Eastern ally, China, suffer the mother of all massacres through the overwhelming firepower of the great northern powers. If by ‘near proximity of our century’, Nostradamus means Armageddon is at hand, he is as inaccurate on dating the final battle as St John of Revelation was in the first century A.D., when he slotted the Second Coming of Christ in his own near future.

Nostradamus, like many of history’s greatest prophets, shares a collective vision that the Cold War scenario had little prophetic weight. If there’s to be a third world war, it will come from a conflict of biblical proportions in the Middle East. And, the quatrains strongly suggest that such a war comes only after Russia drops communism and is ‘brothers’, or friends, with the United States. But beware, the brotherhood is premature. When Nostradamus says they are ‘not yet brothers’ he makes a word-play link to 2Q89’s two great ‘friends’ who are ‘halved’. Nostradamus uses demis, which can be the French d’amis (of friends), or the Latin word demis (being “halved” or “split” apart). The instigator for this split could be Mabus (2Q62) and/or the Third Antichrist, who may use submarines based in either Libya or the Persian Gulf to trigger a terrorist event so horrendous that it undermines the Russo-American alliance.



Since the terrible events of 9-11, thousands of you have sent me prophetic leads, questions and observations concerning prophecies written by the French seer, Nostradamus, and how they may be applied to the attack on the World Trade Center. The global attention focused on my work no longer makes it feasible for me to answer each of you individually, sorry to say. I can promise you that I will read all of your letters; however, my personal responses will be few and far between for the next year or so as I am about to begin writing my tenth book,.

Today, I will address some of the shared questions and comments many of you have sent me after a reading of the press release dated 24 September 2001. (If you have not read it yet, the press release will remain posted on my home page for a few more months before I move it to the HogueProphecy Archives.)

Now to your collective questions:

Can one see the original manuscript of Nostradamus?

I have a copy of the principle edition of his complete prophecies. You can find them either in the Bibliotéque Nationale in Paris, or at the Musée d’Aix-en-Provence. You can see all the original spelling of his quatrain prophecies and two famous prophetic letters in my book Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies.

Are copies of his writings tainted or changed from the original versions?

Yes. A number of scholars down through the centuries have modernized the spelling of his texts. Even Edgar Leoni’s masterpiece of scholarship on Nostradamus, published in 1961, suffers from editing and “cleaning up” the prophet’s strange and tangled writings. These efforts are usually done in good faith and in the sincere attempt to clarify what the prophet is trying to say. I take the view that if Nostradamus wanted his utterances to read clearly he would not have taken so much time and effort to write, as he admits, in a “nebulous” fashion. (An extensive essay on Nostradamus’ premeditated effort to code and obscure his prophecies can be had by reading the opening chapters of Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies.

Does Nostradamus mention globalization as the next step in our social and political future?

Yes, for better or worse. He is one of the few prophets who speaks about Europeans as if they are members of a nation. Perhaps he has seen the coming of the European Union and the coming of the supernation.

Is oil mentioned as a future source of conflict?

Indirectly. Consider the following prophecy (Century 4 Quatrain 39) and interpretation from Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies, written in 1995.

(Please note that I will first give you the original text before my English translation for all samples:)

Les Rhodiens demanderont secours,
Par le neglect de ses hoyrs delaissée:
L’empire Arabe reualera son cours,
Par Hesperies la cause redressée.(*)

The people of Rhodes will demand relief,
Abandoned by neglect of their heirs:
The Arab Empire will assess its course,
Its cause revived* again by the West.

“(*) Revived (redressée): in the 1970s, President Assad of Syria and Saddam Hussein of Iraq worked together as leading personages of the Arab Baathist (or Arab Revival) party, a political movement dedicated to uniting the Arab world into one Pan-Islamic superpower.

“The generalities of the first two lines can either paint a historical background for Nostradamus’ time or offer a prediction for the 20th century. First the historical slant: The conquest of Rhodes in 1522 by the Ottoman Turks required that Charles V move the Knights of Saint John to a new home on the Island of Malta. In other words the people of Rhodes are neglected by their knights, who under the terms of their surrender to the Sultan must leave the island. Now for the prophetic angle: The heirs of Rhodes, the Ottoman Turks, later lost this neglected island possession in a war with Italy in 1912.

“The last two lines take us beyond our own time into the future of Pan-Arabism.

“Nostradamus’ writings include prophecies that a fierce Mohammedan chieftain will invade the soft underbelly of Christian Europe. In the 16th and 17th centuries interpreters believed this Mohammedan would come with his hordes from the North African region of the Ottoman Empire. But the Turkish overlords and their Barbare/Libyan allies never made good these interpreted threats because the Arab Turkish empire began to cumble not long after Nostradamus’ death.

“Fast forward to the 20th century and historical events that revitalize the prophetic debate. Here we have Nostradamus predicting that an Arab empire would rise again: “Abandoned by neglect of their heirs, / The arab Empire will assess its course, / Its cause revived again by the West.”

“Oil has certainly revived the Arab Empire lost through the heirs of the 16th-century Ottoman Sultan, Suleiman the Magnificent. Furthermore, in the post-millenial world the West’s hunger for Arab oil will swell to even more outlandish proportions. In 1993 it was reported America’s dependence on foreign oil imports has risen to an all-time high of 50 percent. OPEC — rather than the Ottomans — will ‘rise again’ as the demand for petroleum makes the dominant Arab wing of the oil cartel the power brokers of energy for the developed world.”

Did people predict 9-11 before it happened?

I believe Nostradamus foresaw it centuries ago and my views on the matter are posted on my home page since 24 September. I certainly have received many testimonials from people claiming to have seen the attack before the event. Unfortunately, a testimonial coming “after” the event cannot be used as evidence of authentic prescience, even if the person sending such a testimonial knows it is true. On 10 September, I also had a powerful premonition that something was about to happen. I could not exactly pinpoint whether it was my death coming or death coming to a number of people collectively.

I have witnesses. I know the premonition was real, and I also know that my premonitions were not video taped, documented and sealed beforehand and therefore cannot stand as objective proof for those outside my intimate circle.

Does Century 1 in Nostradamus describe a warning of an attack on New York when it says: “From the East will come a treacherous act”?

No. Nostradamus’ use of the “Hadrie” anagram in subsequent lines points to an attack by the Ottoman Turks against Cyprus in the latter half of the 16th century. Hadrie is his anagram for “Henry IV” of France. Thus the time frame is late 16th, early 17th century and not today.

Is the phrase “Twin Towers” mentioned in Nostradamus?

No. I have at my disposal a database of all 36,000 words Nostradamus used in his prophecies. There is nothing in his use of French that places “twin” with “tower(s)”. On the other hand, there are references to towers in the plural, shaking in a “new city.” I will address this “Arethusa” prophecy (C1 Q87) in the questions and answer segment of a future bulletin.

Does Century 10 Quatrain 82 describe the planes crashing into the towers in New York and the shower of glass falling like knives on the pedestrians below?

Let us look at the prophecy in Renaissance French and then in English:

Cris, pleurs, larmes viendront auec coteaux,
Semblant fouyr donront dernier assault:
Lentour parques planter profonds plateaux,
Vifs repoussez & meurdris de prinsault.

Cries, weeping, tears will come with knives
Seeming to flee they will deliver a final assault.
Around the parks; they will set up vast platforms,
Violently repelled and murdered instantly.

One could apply these images to the New York attacks but there are no specific clues, such as we saw above for the symbol of “three lions” for modern India in C7 Q16. Therefore, I cannot rule out another horrifying event other than 9-11 recounted in Century 10 Quatrain 82.

Does C9 Q92 relate to the “new city” New York attacks on 9-11?

Here is the French and English:

Le Roy vouldra dans cité neufue entrer,
Par ennemis expugner lon viendra:
Captif libere faux dire & perpetrer,
Roy dehors estre, loing d’ennemis tiendra.

The king will want to enter the new city,
Through its (his) enemies they will come to subdue it (him):
Captives liberated to speak and act falsely
King to be outside, he will keep far from the enemy.

Yes, I believe it may refer to President Bush as the “king” who is denied access to a “new” city that did not exist when Nostradamus lived — Washington DC. On the morning of September 11, Airforce One with the president on board could not “enter” Washington. It was diverted because a fourth hijacked plane was on an attack run for the capital.

The “captives” could be the many terrorists released during the 1990s as an Israeli peace offering to the Palestinians, during the peace talks. After their release, many of these “captives” found their way to al-Qaeda terrorist training camps. You could say that these hundreds of released terrorists now speak and act falsely in the name of Islam.

You will find a more comprehensive examination of this prophecy when the third edition of my first book on Nostradamus hits the bookstores on 20 January 2002. The new title for the book (formerly known in its previous evolutions as “Nostradamus and the Millennium” [1987], and “Nostradamus: The New Revelations” [1994]) will be Nostradamus: The New Millennium.

John Hogue
(01 February 2002)

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