PART TWO of Trump Strikes Syria What Happens Next? is Available for Downloads. Also, the Earth Day Global Warming Media Blackout and Now its Time to have an “Atom” and Eve Moment

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DATELINE: 22 April 2017

PART TWO: Trump Strikes Syria, What Happens Next? Is Available for Downloads

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Part Two will take you further into the hard evidence that puts into question what really happened and who really tried to either launch or set people up for a false-flag chem. attack. Then we explore what Trump in his new “Trumped” diplomacy moves will do next and then an overview about future potential targets like Iran and especially North Korea. I have a big surprise waiting for everyone at the end of Part Two. Hope you’ll all take a look and thanks in advance for supporting Hogueprophecy.

READ COMMENTS AND REVIEWS of what readers are already saying about Trump Strikes Syria PART ONE:

TANYA F.R. from Australia
Excellent article, still reading

Outstanding article.

John is always right on …. if you haven’t become acquainted with John Hogue you are missing the boat (or maybe the mothership) completely.

Great detailed and informative article. Thank you John for laying out the facts as you see it.

I appreciated reading this article, as it gave me needed insight into what our government is up to. How do we stop such madness?

You have to really hate Russia if you are a US war profiteer, whether you like their politics or not, because when they fight, they fight to end wars, not perpetuate them. It isn’t just a business with them. Actually, peace really “is” their profession. Soon the Syrians and the Russians were exposing for those few news outlets interested, filmed and documented proof that the jihadist forces the US supported had left behind in liberated territories and cities, like the eastern half of Aleppo, evidence of factories for building chemical weapons and delivery systems. –From Hogue’s Trump Strikes Syria Part One.

John Hogue gives an excellent history of US perpetual war/regime change policy since 9/11. John might have mentioned Vladimir Putin deserved a Nobel Peace Prize for brokering, in 2013, the removal and destruction of over 265,000 lbs of nerve gas materials from Syria. Israel expressed its gratitude and cancelled supplying gas masks to its people and other countries in the region also felt safer. Israel supports Putin’s policy today.


CONNIE from Colorado
We got it and it opened perfectly. Immediately we read it and enjoyed your profound intellectual grasp of complex subjects and your ability to convey them in ways that the lay person can understand. Your sense of humor acts as a foil to bring relief to the grim topics we must face in order to be informed and aware. I am the president of your fan club here in Colorado and hope that you are enjoying some intermittent music, art and nature as you sacrifice for us in order to bring us the latest. We are all fortunate to reap the rewards of your tenaciousness, your integrity, and your accomplishments in astrology, writing, historical understanding, the subtleties of human nature, and the Big Picture of life on this currently troubled Planet Earth.

Many blessings and much gratitude and admiration,

Get your download now by donating $5.00 or a little more to Hogue Bulletin. Thank you!

DATELINE: 22 April 2017

Compassionate Food for Thought on Earth Day 2017: Didn’t you know that Global Warming was the LEAST covered Planet-Altering Event of 2016 by US Network News? Are you Aware that the Climate Tipping Point already started back in 2010?

I have discovered a fact that should poor some compassionately cold water on many a tree hugging, “Gosh! Aren’t we progressing” projection millions of Pollyanna people are thinking and celebrating on this Earth Day 2017. Media Matters did a study looking at how much time did the subject of climate change and global warming gain prime time coverage on the US networks throughout the year of 2016. You may be shocked to know that global warming got a mere 50 minutes of coverage! An all-time record low, no less, in a year that was exponentially hotter in a string of several years and counting, taking the mean global temperature rising and rising fast across the world, in our far hotter twenty-first century than all centuries before recorded history. Add to that, it was a 66-percent  drop in coverage from 2015.

In my forthcoming epic book President Trump Predictions, I examine in Chapter Thirteen: Trumped Global Warming, the unexpected and unintended positive consequences of President Trump taking a wrecking ball to the EPA, the clean water and clean air acts and restrictions of the last 40 years. The future will understand what I propose to you today, on Earth Day. All of your efforts to slow and stop global warming, so far, have done little to nothing but make most of you feel like you have made progress and done something. Trump in his ignorance of Science has done something impulsive and accidental that can illuminate what we have not been adequately doing: seriously fighting climate change.

The Paris Accord is no different from all the other accords from Copenhagen, Kyoto and Rio ad nauseam when it will come to stabilizing planet’s ecological health. I have long warned that agreements to lower carbon emissions to, at, or under 2 degrees Celsius by 2030 will do nothing to stop what I foresaw on 1 November 2009. When writing Predictions for 2010 I wrote that the year 2010 would open by spring with a sudden spike, what I called a “Temperature Tsunami” of record-breaking heat waves. These would mount like a flood of heat wave breaking records over the years to come in the second half of the 2010s. In short the climate tipping point I’ve been warning you all about since 1990 IS coming much sooner than any scientist had calculated.

The tipping into a hotter world, perhaps a new, “hot” Dark Age, began in 2010!

Trump and his Climate Change deniers have only torn off the ridiculous Band-Aid we have put on this problem. He’s throwing away the squirt gun we think will put out this planetary firestorm with all of our laws with little or no penalty, consequences of fines or legal teeth.

He doesn’t know what he’s doing, but that is what he will do.

I say it again! You cannot expect a change in this fight to save the balance of our climate to save your civilization without an EIGHTY PERCENT REDUCTION of ALL fossil fuel use by 2030.

The Paris accord to which over 200 countries have blithely signed has only kept the Band-Aid of 30 percent reduction, and done it without any rules that bind or hurt those signatories who do not achieve it. It is the same old useless honor system game repackaged as a thing of toothless peer pressure.

What is more dangerous than Trump is that most of you think the Paris Accord really is real progress. What will happen now is what must happen to perhaps wake the human race up to the collective, existential threat of its future sustainability. The climate will tip, it is already tipping, into a cascading hotter world, that is going to assault human collective stupidity with rising oceans, altered water and air currents that will assault your civilization with natural disasters to match your unnatural acceptance of this “new normal.”

Only then, perhaps, will you start really putting out the fires that you have set in your home planet Earth!

DATELINE: 22 April 2017

Time for an “Atom” and Eve Moment

Hogue reader “Jonathan” took umbrage at my April First Article where I was not fooling indeed when I opted to expose what I see is the inherent “national socialistic” reality of having a Jewish State, a German State or any other state that practices racial identity politics.

As for your calling Israel “National Socialistic”, that is unpardonable and you may expect divine retribution. I kid you not.

Well then, Jonathan, send your lightning bolts from god. You have presumed to say what the divine will do to me. Such pride! LOL! Poor god is mute when he must depend on “you” to speak for him.

Long “leave” the apartheid state of Israel. May it find a new and loving stance.

You need a history lesson
re Israel
thanks for response. Thanks also for much good stuff otherwise. You just have a blind spot about the Israeli state

Of course, Jonathan, you don’t have a blind spot about Israel anymore than a blind man at birth can effectively argue against there being anything called “sight.”

Such is the blindness in us that when we were born, there was no thought of being a “jew” or an “arab” or belonging to this or that projection of a divinity.

And now here we stand, just a collection of borrowed identities, dispensing our borrowed divine retribution on each other, as if we know godliness at all, which we do not. One has to begin this journey understanding where we actually are. This is fundamental to my reason for writing Hogueprophecy. This is a website that uses a popular interest in what’s coming next to understand what actually fuels prophecy to be so “predictable.” It is the programming of human beings to be drones of past, borrowed identities and religious dogmas, political pretenses and so on that doom all of us to repeat the past and call it “the future.” This habit of programming is nothing more than a unconscious will planted in us the will ultimately destroy unconsciously all human potential futures, if more understanding isn’t illuminated on how we “do” this misery, this wheel of stupidity called History. A critical mass of Stupid is coming and the time is nigh for each individual to question all the givens and identities he or she has had his or her true intelligence buried under with ego, nation, religion and other clap-trap ideas made sanctified that altogether may soon destroy us.

My way to illumination is Meditation. If you want to join me, learn the meditations I’ve been applying to this quest since 1980, then Contact Me. Put in the subject line: Meditation. And I will send you links and information to start your journey too.

The difference between you, Jonathan, and me is very very small, as small as a spit atom that fills the darkness with light. It could be your “Atom” and Eve moment, Jonathan. Everyone has that potential to snap out of this blindness and “see” it for what it is. Then the real religious, eternal journey can begin.

The difference between you and me is that I know I am blind. I begin to know I’ve been lead as a innocent child into borrowing thoughts, emotions and identities, as well as take up as my own religious and psychological “truthiness.” The earliest idea a child must borrow is to forget he’s borrowing to be loved and cared for. He learns to play the game. He borrows what the parents tell him and do so that they will keep caring for him. He’ll “ape” the apishness, first of the parents’, then the priests. He’ll blindly go to the house of worship. He’ll go to school and be brain-dirtied by the pedagogues. He’ll learn to blindly vote for politicians and defer his intelligence and independent feeling and though to ruling princes and the culture, surrendering his privacy and dignity to them. But first, before all of that descent from potentially birth-given intelligence to human drone, he’ll forget that he’s borrowing from others a personality, a “persona”—a mask.

No, the blindness of our souls needs to forget that. Now Jonathan is a Jew, identified with Israel, loving his country, right or wrong, like a robot, not even aware that this is all borrowed bunk. He has buried his true light and eternity in a walking tomb of mind-emotion and national socialist and racist righteousness as his particular Zombie identification. The “Jew” lives, but the “man” has died decades before the other robots lay his robot self into a grave.

It doesn’t matter what the country may be, or the racism, or the religion we identity with. If you and I were born Arabs, we’d be having a similar conversation but just as blind and self-identified that Allah is God and Ishmael is Abraham’s legitimate Semite son, number one. We would be a different kind of blind man poking at an Elephant declaring that “God” is like a long brush. No he isn’t! Divine retribution upon you! God is like a snake! No God isn’t, he’s like a tree trunk!

The whole elephant looks on amused at blind men fighting and sometimes even dying for their projections about his tail, his thick leg and his trunk while they “no” nothing of the “whole” Elephant.

Time to tell a story I wrote way back in 1990 and published in 1994 for the eplilogue to Part One of The Millennium Book of Prophecy, entitled, The Nightmare Unconscious.


The Changeling Warriors of Doomsday: A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, two empty, open, no-thing-nesses parents later labeled “baby boys” were born on the future battlefield of World War III, in a hospital in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. One was named Abdul, the other Moshe.

Both children had scarcely entered life through the stretched vaginal curtains of their suffering mothers when fate switched their identities. While both tots gurgled in the maternity ward, there was a terrorist explosion. In the resulting confusion, the newborns were somehow mixed up. Baby Moshe was safely carried out of the flaming hospital by little Abdul’s parents to a refugee camp, and Abdul found himself driven away in a Land Rover to the nearest kibbutz.

Within the worlds of a kibbutz and of a Palestinian refugee camp, two sets of well-meaning parents tried to fill the empty pages of two tender souls with the signatures of their way of life. The Jewish tike became a good Muslim, and learned to hate Israelis and to address God as “Allah.” The Arab child followed the Ten Commandments, prayed to “Yahweh,” learned his Hebrew well and aped his parent’s fear and hatred for Palestinians.

By the 1990s, Moshe the “Arab” had willingly performed his duty as a soldier in the Israeli Army. How else could it be? His parents had trained him to regard all Arabs as his enemies.

Abdul the “Israeli” learned his lesson from his mom and dad and viewed Jews as occupiers of Palestine who treated “his “ people like dogs. That’s why a childhood of stone throwing and rubber bullets made the “Jewish” Abdul itch to join the “freedom fighters” of Abu Nidal.

The nightmarish nineties begin and Abdul, the kosher Palestinian, dreaming of the day he can string his body with explosives and blow up the Zionist enemy or help set off a chemical warhead to kill tens of thousands of his true blood. And if such a horror were dared by the Arabs, Moshe “the Arab” knows just what to do in retaliation. Let the Palestinians and their Arab neighbors be gassed and irradiated back to the brimstones.

One needs intelligence to produce a materialistic world and the worst of all, destructive machines of war, when there is no more love. One needs love and intelligence to understand that the reality is, we don’t possess anything. For example, when we die we leave this world without any possessions, only with our experiences. I hope that people will wake up before they destroy the future of our great grandchildren.

Tim Sikyea (1988), Canadian Denee Indian,
Yellowknife Tribe

[Jonathan read the draft of the above letter and replied the following day, grateful for the input but I want to show you how all minds interpret what we are saying, the ears and eyes are looking and hearing, but are they “seeing” and “listening”?]

dear John (if I may) i am grateful for your valuable time. I am not Jewish, although my grandparents were and died in Terezin for that sin. I hear what you say, but even a cursory examination of history and current affairs would lead you perhaps to the error of your ways.

Jonathan, you are “hearing” but you are not “listening.” There is a huge difference. In your last letter and in this one you take on “pontifical” tones, telling me in the last that divine intervention is coming upon me and in this you use another pontifical cliché: like “the error of your ways” etc.

You aren’t writing me letters. A “holier than thou” ego imposed by others, coating your soul, writes in your stead.

The word “sin” means “to forget.” My message to you (which will be the basis of a published article in the future) was about that fundamental “sin.”

You are not “any” of these labels, Jew or otherwise. But notice the selective trickiness of our minds. Your mind distances itself from being Jewish by saying your grandparents were but you were not.

Why this disconnect? Are you adopted or do you not have in your body-mind and conditioning some genetic and psychological connection to being a Jew, if your grandparents are Jews?

Why the need to distance yourself?

My views have nothing to do with the evils perpetrated upon my grandparents and millions of others. My father represented Germany internationally, successfully at Tournament Bridge, he wasn’t even German but certainly a secular Jew. NO. Legally (San Remo Conference, Israel is a legitimate, albeit truncated State. Their behavior is strictly defensive. To call them National Socialist—ie NAZI is what anger me (and God). Remember Abbas calls for a “Judenfrei” Palestinian State–ie not one Jew can live there.

The ugliness of the other Semites should not be used as a way to distract from the ugliness of our own Semite programming. This is a common trick of the programmed mind by society and it is especially rooted deep in the programming of the two Semite cultures and camps struggling in Palestine since 1948.

It seems that if you can shout loud and long enough at the injustices of your cousin brothers and sisters, you won’t have to confront your own injustices hiding out of sight.

Your letter shows a struggle of identity is going on. You’re not a Jew but your grandparents were. Your dad represents Germany but he wasn’t even German. You’re not a Jew but your dad “was a secular Jew.” You hate seeing Israeli Jews being called “national socialist” by me. Why the anger? You don’t know.

Do you see the confusion hiding in these words?

Clearly you have not gone deep into what exactly a “national socialist” state is. I had to endure Hitler’s writings to find out what “he” defined it as, and I’m sorry to report that a state based on racial identity politics whether it is “German” or a “Jewish” state aptly fits the definition of “National” (the Jewish nation) “Socialist.”

National socialism lives on in our world, most ironically, through the descendants of surviving victims of the German National Socialists who created the Holocaust. Israel is that racist-identified nation.

I can imagine you getting angry again, reading this. Your anger is telling. I know why. We get angry in reaction to something we repress being exposed. Truth never hurts. Truth goes against our programmed ego identity. Ego can do nothing else but divide, isolate and hurt us all.

Truth has a way of disturbing our long, ignorant sleep.

Remember 20% of Israeli population is Arab—“Palestinian” citizens of Israel. They are doctors, legislators, a Supreme Court Judge and more.

They do not have equal rights as Jews. And the words that define what a “Jewish State” is are currently being reconsidered. If this change in definition gets passed it would set Israel even deeper into an Apartheid future. I have written about it. It’s not just me who sees it. Many Israeli Jews see it coming and have reported on it in Jewish newspapers.

And again, you misdirect attention away from the crimes of a state by talking about “your” Palestinian Israelis. What about the millions that suffer a brutal occupation by Israeli soldiers for decades?

Meditation is the path. It helps illuminate the tricks of the mind you are too clever to see are tricking “you.”

You’re not distracting anybody here but your “self” with these “don’t look at the bad things Israeli does to Palestinians, look at the ones that we take care of so well.”

It’s almost like the way some Southern Americans talked about the ‘good’ Plantation slave owners and their noble slaves.

I listen to Palestinian Israelis and they don’t share your pro-Zionist view of their lives as being anything equal to Jewish citizens.

You are just sadly misinformed. How, why, i know not.

This final statement is the most telling one you’ve made in this letter, Jonathan. True about you. You are “saddened” by my “informed” view “missing” and messing with your programmed mind. You don’t know why my view is 180 degrees outside of yours. You don’t know why you’re sad about it.

To do that, you and all reading this will have to see what we can’t see just yet going on inside our own programmed minds. That mind has plugged our consciousness hearing with “belief wax.”

Our beliefs work as filters, barriers, to real “listening.” It makes us hear in a one-sided way, the way that only regards the other’s statement but avoids looking at how those statements impact our mind and heart. The mind breaks the circle of true hearing when the thing said goes against its hegemony over our suppressed intelligence of soul.

If you could remove the scab of your “Holier than thou” saint mind game, I think a whole lot of pus from a deep wound would at last be exposed into the air, and you, Jonathan, could then confront your subtle and tricky mind’s racist game and heal it from your soul.

You are not this racist, but until you confront it, it will continue to play “you.”

[Jonathan wrote back a third letter:]

dear John, much food for thought, thank you.

You are most welcome, Jonathan.
However “They do not have equal rights as Jews”. True, they don’t have to serve the State as soldiers, otherwise NOT.

I’m so glad you point this out because THIS is the evidence of racism in a “Jewish” national socialist state. Arab Semites are not required to fight and “die” for the nation to protect it.

Jews are. Arabs are not expected to stand and defend the same right. Therefore they do not “have” equal rights, freedom “and” responsibility to protect the “Jewish” state, because “they aren’t Jews.”

Does that not prove that Arabs are not “equal” to Jews in the Jewish State, when they are not expected to defend it?

I rest my case.

Compassionate regards and thank you for your honest answers.

[Ever since that last reply, Jonathan has been silent. I hope for his sake it isn’t a shutting down but a silence indicating a new witnessing of himself, beyond the identities he’s attached himself with, to see within his real truth. That, which the Zen mystics call, “discoverying your original face.”]

A new cold war was foreseen getting suddenly and unexpectedly "hot." Nostradamus gives two countdowns. The war erupts in late 2017 or 2027. Click on the cover and read how this future can be changed.

A new cold war was foreseen getting suddenly and unexpectedly “hot.” Nostradamus gives two countdowns. The war erupts in late 2017 or 2027. Click on the cover and read how this future can be changed.


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