Hogue Predicts Jill Stein Recount will Fail. Did Nostradamus foresee Donald Trump? Hogue’s Rotten Tomatoes Review of History Channel’s “Nostradamus Election 2016” and is Trump Nostradamus’ Third Antichrist—Mabus?

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DATELINE: 05 December 2016

Hogue Predicts Jill Stein Recount will Fail to Unseat the President Elect!

Click on the cover and read a free book sample of the book that predicted Trump's upset win over a year ago and glimpsed his future as president.

Click on the cover and read the book that predicted Trump’s upset win over a year ago and glimpsed his future as president.

I’m publishing this on the first day of an important hearing between the lawyers of Green Party candidate Jill Stein with the Pennsylvania courts. It concerns adding Pennsylvania to her list of Wisconsin and Michigan for a paper ballot recounting of all three states that, if a recount should change the decision, would hand the electoral college votes of three states over to Clinton and she would be the next president of the United States. Does this not sound like the continuation of “weird” that has been the unorthodox, establishment baiting Chinese Year of flaming Fire Monkey business?

Could Trump’s near-miraculous upset yet again see another wacky “ape doo-doo thrown in the face by a gorilla at the Zoo” twist of fate denying the President Elect’s move into the White House on 20 January 2017? Will bleary-eyed paper ballot counters and mechanics with heads stuck deep up the mechanical guts of computer ballot counters drag this undead, zombie election on and on up to and pass 19 December? The Electoral College electors gather in all 50 states to cast the official, final vote picking the president. Are the votes of electors from Michigan, Pennsylvania or Wisconsin going to be uncast while counting goes on and throw this monkey wrenched electoral process into the House of Representatives for the final attempt at a vote?

I’ll reiterate here what I said back on 30 November in a brief interview with George Noory on the first hour of Coast to Coast AM. My prescient take was this: Yes, there might be some original and unique actions taken. A voter recount in more than one state so close to the Electoral College deadline to vote is certainly original. Computer voting, still a rank and unpredictable infant of technology might reveal a “TILT” or two. Poll errors will be found. Jill Stein’s lawyers might even get Wisconsin and Michigan precinct operators to actually count ALL the ballots in paper and not rely on machine counts in at least two states.

But here’s the human “glitch” that might end up making this fascinating and original exercise in vote recounts simply that, an exercise with no power to change the vote in favor of a Clinton turnaround. Stein’s lawyers filed for Pennsylvania after missing the 21 November deadline for filing. They will have to make a case that there was voter fraud in Pennsylvania on 8 November. Stein is on public record saying there’s no evidence of fraud. What do you think a Pennsylvania court will do with that?

What does the NFL referee do when a red flag of challenge has been cast by one of the coaches onto the grassy gridiron? The man in stripes pulls on his TV “hoodie” and looks at all video angles to see if the call on the field can clearly be overturned. Sometimes it is, most of the time if the new evidence is not categorical in replay then the ruling stands.

I’m thinking the judge in this case is going to be that ref who hasn’t had enough evidence to overturn and thus recount Pennsylvania’s vote and he or she will be aided by the Saturn-Uranus Trine. Today is the first day of the court hearing. During the days of testimony up to the deadline for a judge to decide for or against a recount is 13 December, just six days before 19 December when the electors gather in their states to officialy be the only true people in this land that actually vote for a president and it ain’t you or me. We vote for these faceless, unknown political appointments that, like some sequestered grand jury, elect the next president every time since the beginning of the Republic.

All during the days allotted to the hearing, the harmonious Saturn-Uranus Trine will strengthen. This will allow an opening for unorthodox and original ideas to be expressed but not in a way that disrupts the mainstream political process that the National Election on 8 November set in motion.

This I predict. The recounts will proceed in Michigan and Wisconsin in an orderly and efficient way, which in itself, happening in this crazy monkey rebel year, is a new and unexpected surprise: a peaceful process steadily rolling to its conclusion.

I predict this trine will go against Pennsylvania having a recount because Stein has to really prove “disorder” (Uranian negativity) in the 8 November polling process—fraud, even. The “replay,” as it were, will find the judge-playing ref coming out of his techno hoodie, so to speak, and he will declare there isn’t enough circumstantial evidence to warrant recounting the entire state.

Without Pennsylvania involved, there is no possibility Trump with 306 Electoral Votes will lose enough of them to call this election for Clinton. If Stein managed what even the Clinton camp’s pollsters say is nearly impossible, show vast voter fraud or poor counting in Michigan and Wisconsin, thus switching 16 and 10 Electors respectively to Clinton, Trump would still win by 280 to Clinton’s 258 Electoral votes. He’d still have ten votes more than he needs to win.

I don’t see enough shocking revelations of voter fraud arising in Wisconsin and Michigan for the Stein lawyers to later on venture a hearing with the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court, demanding a recount before 19 December when electors vote for the president.

We’re really talking about impossible alternative futures, but since a few have already come true in this mad-monkey year, let’s for the record consider Stein’s lawyers get an emergency hearing with the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court.

You would then see history repeating itself like what happened in Florida 16 years ago. the Trump campaign would be forced to do what the G.W. Bush lawyers did, appeal all the way to the US Supreme Court when Florida’s “Supremes” sang the wrong legal “song,” voting in favor of a state recount. The US Supreme Court then, as the US Supreme Court today, would rule against a state recount.

I don’t see this scenario ever being repeated in 2016, but then, who but a few of us in the early days of the campaign in the summer of 2015 actually foresaw Trump really having a chance to win an upset victory—impossible!

In the year of the Monkey, it isn’t “impossible.”

It is “Imp” possible!

DATELINE: 04 December 2016

Hogue’s Rotten Tomatoes Report: Nostradamus Election 2016 is the Number One worst documentary I fortunately hardly appeared on!

I appeared on an hour-long History Channel Special slapped together for airing to a national cable TV audience on Sunday 6 November, also gathering Nostradamus scholars like Victor Baines and other guests to predict who will win the election just two days before Election Night.

My footage was filmed in a three-hour interview held in downtown Seattle on 28 October 2016. I’m a seasoned veteran guest appearing on over 100 of these “specials” and prophecy documentaries since 1987. I understand that one is lucky after distilling so many hours of footage to have two to three solid minutes attending to your ideas in a 48-minute-long show—sans ads—surviving the editorial process. I’m not surprised how little that’s filmed finds surviving bits and pieces in the final cut.

It often happens that I’m made to be what I call an often-misleading “punch line” summation sound byte to close a train of thought of other guests I never intended to support. I’m also used to being pressed hard sometimes to find something, anything I can support in the production’s preferred direction they want to take the show. First off, there’s no need to ask my support if they’re line of thought is consistent with good research and facts. I consistently and politely decline when it is not.

I will tell them plainly, on camera when their interpretations of Nostradamus or other prophetic traditions do not side with my own. Rarely will you see that get in the final cut of the show. For instance, years of my statements “against” the significance of the Mayan Calendar and 2012 being anything more than another bout of mass-New Age-hysteria never got to your television screens in the years leading up to 21 December 2012 when the Mayan Calendar was supposed to bring about the end of the world or a new age. Nor did you see or hear me support any New Age “Expert” flavor of the day to drag Nostradamus into the mix as a prophet of 2012.

click on the cover and read this often satirical look at all traditions of End Time forecasting.

click on the cover and read this often satirical look at all traditions of End Time forecasting.

These production companies know who they are because they still hold the missing footage in their video archives.

That’s fine. That’s why I document my uncut and uncensored forecasts in print, on radio transcripts and often well in advance of foretold events or TV shows cutting my video representation to ribbons.

Now, for the record, I prefer not to give negative reviews to TV shows in which I appear. I am careful to keep all in-house production information confidential when I feel compelled to give a good “or” a bad review. I must sometimes offer a critique solely because you all rightfully ask me in my role as a world-renowned Nostradamus scholar, why certain things are said in shows, in which I appear, that sound odd or questionable. I owe the non-TV-brained who actually read my work an answer.

You’ve been asking me ever since 6 November what in the world was that Nostradamus: Election 2016 offered by History Channel.

johnhoguenostelection2016montageYou’re letters share a common thread. You found it so manic, repetitive and breathlessly hysterical. You all want to know why I so rarely appear in it. You friends and fans who are “Nostradamus literate” ask me how the show could stretch the credulity of many well-known verses to the point of overheating and breaking them trying to pin prophecies on President Elect Trump.

If I write now about he “Trumpet” quatrains that were so prominent and repeated in the special, I’m not going to divulge what I told the production team out of processional and contractual digression. I’m just going to comment on the final product that you all saw like I were a Nostradamus scholar who had not appeared in the show.

I’m going to illuminate why a number of verses attributed to Trump cannot be about him unless you pull one phrase out of context and ignore the rest of the verse going in a completely different direction. Victor Baines, who is the central guest of this special, seems to regularly do this to the production’s satisfaction. Baines is well known in the field for picking and choosing phrases to make his interpretations and thus it is no wonder that he says in the documentary, and I paraphrase, that “Nostradamus always gets it right.”

I would contend that if you dive into the nebulous verses of Nostradamus intent on finding something it is you who will think Nostradamus always “makes you right.”

Nostradamus is an absolute “mind-field” for two kinds of extreme interpreters. If you are a professional cynic masquerading as a “skeptic,” like James Randi or Penn and Teller, you always play Blind Debunker and find exactly what you pick and choose to debunk his verses. If you are a Blind Believer, like Victor Baines, Nostradamus is always ready to give you what you’re looking for.

I published the following first impression of the show the morning after it first aired on 6 November to my Facebook Private and Public readers’ pages:

“Well now, that show has the distinction of being one of the worst Nostradamus documentaries in which I’ve appeared. I’m relieved that they used so little of me. They rendered my three-hour interview into peripheral bits of Hogue on the edge of the edgy main fish tales, while they managed to take just about every verse of Nostradamus they used making up stuff in them that just wasn’t there with the certitude of Donald Trump mangling a foreign policy interview, or Hillary Clinton lying with a straight face.”

johnhogue-nostradamuspresidentialelections2016-84kbLike I said, I’m used to seeing a bit of an interview surviving in the final cut but this was one of the most meager dribbles of the flood of substantive material I tape in any television interview.

Classic example, remember when I said later in the show that Nostradamus had predicted and dated significant events taking place in the years of the next President of the United States? The final cut just let that statement hang on the clothesline and moved on to more blather. In the cut footage I explained what those events could be and the Nostradamus’ verses that detail and date these events.

A new cold war was foreseen getting suddenly and unexpectedly "hot." Nostradamus gives two countdowns. The war erupts in late 2017 or 2027. Click on the cover and read how this future can be changed.

A new cold war was foreseen getting suddenly and unexpectedly “hot.” Nostradamus gives two countdowns. The war erupts in late 2017 or 2027. Click on the cover and read how this future can be changed.

I was filmed explaining what I’ve already written for the record years ago in the 2014 book A New Cold War—and later in a new edition of Nostradamus and the Antichrist published earlier this year. Whoever the next US president is, the verses of Nostradamus astrologically date the threat of his or her Arab vassals fighting in Syria and Iraq eventually dragging America and Russia into a direct shooting war that could go nuclear!

I think that’s a pretty important prophecy, but apparently the production decided not to show it. What you got instead was a show channeling emotive tone, which seemed to channel less Nostradamus and more the collective heat of hysteria unique to this weirdest and most polarizing of presidential election cycles. It was a special strong on “strange moods” and machinations, and I agree, as you often wrote, it left you, as well as me, wanting more substance, or deeper layers of examination of the prophecies. Rather, it just stayed on the surface all arm flapping and never delivered any depth of insight.

Click on the cover receive the definitive, expanded new edition about the most popular topic in the history of Nostradamus' prophecies. Find out also just exactly "what" is the Antichrist Unconscious, the core conspiracy set against our bliss and happiness.

Click on the cover receive the definitive, expanded new edition about the most popular topic in the history of Nostradamus’ prophecies. Find out also just exactly “what” is the Antichrist Unconscious, the core conspiracy set against our bliss and happiness.

Here are some examples of verse the show repeatedly used that got your collective attention and your doubts of their veracity. In your emails, some of you either blindly believed this was Nostradamus talking while a majority of those more versed in his verses asked if words were being put in Nostradamus’ mouth about Trump and the election.

So here are the key quatrains supporting the show’s main themes in uppercase bold. See how far they stray from credulity:

The TV special put into Nostradamus’ mouth these words:

The false message about the rigged election to run through the city.

Now this is what (Century) 7 Q (Quatrain) 20 actually says in Renaissance French with the proper English translation:

Ambaƒƒadeurs de la Toƒcane langue,
Auril & May Alpes & mer paƒƒer:
Celuy de veau expoƒera l’harangue,
Vie Gauloiƒe ne venant effacer.

Ambassadors of the Tuscan language,
April and May, the Alps and sea to pass:
The one of the calf will deliver the harangue,
About not wanting to erase the French way of life.

You can’t make such a translated mess of this quatrain unless you rely on a Nostradamus amateur who makes bad stretches of already badly translated English approximations of the original French verse. The line they display does not exist in 7 Q20. It is clearly about events in Europe, not America and there’s no word here that can be translated into “rigged”, “election”, “false”, or “message.”

The Boob Tube version:

The great shamless, audacious bawler

Here’s what 3 Q81 actually says:

Le grand criat ƒans honte audacieux,
Sera eƒleu gouuerneur de l’armee:
La hardieƒƒe de ƒon contentieux,
Le pont rompu cité de peur paƒmee.

The great crier, shameless (and) audacious,
Will be elected governor of the army:
The boldness of his contention,
The bridge broken (Pontrefact) city and faint from fear.

You could apply this open-ended verse to Trump if you ignore line two, which says “the great crier” (not “bawler”) is the “governor of an army.” The word hardiesse (boldness) could be an extension of the Hadrie = Henry IV anagram applying this to the late 1500s, not today. Pont rompu (broken bridge) has been applied to someone who was commander of an army of Roundheads laying siege to the English city of Pontrefact, Oliver Cromwell, in the 1640s. The character examination by Nostradamus best suits Cromwell as the subject of this verse. Cromwell was appointed Governor of Ely as a reward for his military successes in East Anglia and during the Battle Of Gainsborough in 1643 during the English Civil War. Trump has never held any office, let alone governor.

This verse speaks to specifics that have nothing to do with Trump and it doesn’t matter how many times the TV special rubbed our noses in this “bawler” quote. It doesn’t make it true.

I can’t recall the line they used verbatim but here’s the original French and my translation followed by my interpretation in 1997 for Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies. If this were a serious examination of Nostradamus on TV, the producers should have at least addressed the better-known interpretation of 2 Q67 marking this being about the Glorious Revolution of 1688-1689:

Le blonde au nez forche viendra commettre,
Par le duelle & chaƒƒera dehors:
Les exilés, dedans fera remettre,
Aux lieux marins commettant les plus fors.

The blond one to the forked-nosed one will come to confide,
Through the duel and will chase him out:
The exiles, within will restore,
Committing the strongest to the marine position.


Definitely a restoration theme, but which one? Le Pelletier applies it to the restoration of Louis XVIII to the French throne after the fall of Napoleon in 1815. I tend to agree with Leoni, Cheetham, and David Pitt Francis, who believe it describes the showdown between James II (the forked nosed one) and the blond Prince William of Orange for the British throne during the Glorious Revolution of 1688-89. In November 1688, William landed his army, unopposed, in southwestern England. James, at the head of his own army, threatened a battle, but by this time his credibility and support was so low that the only blood spilled in their duel was from the severe nosebleed he suffered. From his strong marine position, William methodically advanced to London. James II went into exile in France and William of Orange accepted Parliament’s demands and became the first constitutional monarch of England, William III. (Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies, 1997, Element Books.)

First off, this is a very famous quatrain, breathtaking in its accuracy and it has nothing to do with Trump. For one thing Trump’s rare moments of public contrition is not a lost thing hidden for many centuries as the show stated before they showed Trump’s apology for the things he said caught on a live mike about his misogynistic ways. The next line: But by other rumors he shall be dishonored.

My goodness! This is a correctly translated line, but how does the interpreter, be it Victor Baines or the writers of this show playing Nostradamus experts, explain that the subject of 1 Q25 is named outright? Here’s the quatrain:

Perdu trouué, caché de ƒi long ƒiecle,
Sera paƒteur demy Dieu honoré:
Ains que la Lune acheue ƒon grand ƒiecle,
Par autres vents ƒera deshonoré.

The lost thing is found, hidden for so many centuries,
Pasteur will be honored as a demigod:
This happens when the moon completes her great cycle,
He will be dishonored by other rumors as foul as farting.

This is what I wrote, published back in 1997 for Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies:


Louis Pasteur’s discovery that germs pollute the atmosphere was one of the greatest milestones in medical history, and his contemporaries called him a demigod. Until his theories were proved beyond doubt, he endured vicious attacks from influential colleagues in the medical academies of his time. Nostradamus does not only name Pasteur, but the prophet also correctly dated the establishment of the Institute Pasteur. He achieved this by reference to the last great lunar cycle in astrology, which began in 1535 and ended in 1889, the year the institute was created.

A century after his death in 1895, a new scandal threatens Pasteur’s posterity. Princeton historian Gerald Geison, in his book The Private Science of Louis Pasteur, finds a self-serving and sloppy scientist hiding behind this legend of scientific discovery and altruism. His source is a careful reading of Pasteur’s original lab books. Pasteur’s notes do show that he tested his rabies vaccine on a 9-year-old boy bitten by a rabid dog, as is popularly believed but they also overturn his public claim that he had done thorough tests before making a child his lab mouse for experimental treatments. Whether Pasteur will be dishonored or this book will be viewed as foul rumors is left for the future to decide.


I attribute this slant to Victor Baines’ stretch of credulity and language. When he’s in such a state, Victor will find something—anything—he can pluck out of context from Nostradamus to get the name “Trump.” The TV special declares there are several direct allusions to Trump’s name and his mission of change. More like “Illusions” really. I’m not going to go through all of many references to trumpets in Nostradamus, just the few the special used, reused and repeated again and again to make their pet Trump-pet-tian allusion.

Trombe has been used for trumpette by Nostradamus but Baines who seems completely unschooled in French doesn’t know that trombe as a word by itself means “whirlwind” and not trompette (trumpet). To make his Trump interpretation he either is ignorant of, or just ignores for expedience, one of most famous prophetic hits of Nostradamus describing in poetic details the French Revolution:

1 Q57
Par grand diƒcord la trombe tremblera
Accord rompu dreƒƒant la teƒte au Ciel:
Bouche ƒanglante dans le ƒang nagera,
Au ƒol la face ointe de laict & miel.

By great discord the whirlwind will tremble
Broken accord, lifting the head to heaven:
Bloody mouth will swim with blood,
The face once anointed with milk and honey lies in the soil.


This remarkable prophecy was written 239 years before the event.

When Louis mounted the scaffold his eyes swept over the jeering mob below. Under his piercing gaze the drums and crowd fell silent and the fallen king began to protest his innocence in clear, steady tones. But the drums began to roll again and the executioner Sanson proceeded. As he raised the blade witnesses heard the king reciting the fourth verse of the Third Psalm, “Thou, oh Lord are my Glory, and lifter of my head…” until his voice was silenced by the falling blade. Sanson then lifted the king’s severed head high in the air in front of the crowd.

The whirlwind of the French Revolution did tremble with the death of Louis XVI, setting into motion the lunacy of the Reign of Terror. Louis had promised to remain in Paris but was caught escaping (broken accord). The prophet describes the executioner displaying the king’s severed head to the mob and, in a double pun, echoes Louis’ last words from the Third Psalm (lifting the head to heaven), which he recited as the blade fell. Line 3 gives a vivid description of beheading (bloody mouth will swim with blood).

In considering the last line, Steward Robb, in Prophecies of World Events By Nostradamus, gives us an ingenious interpretation that dates the beginning and end of Louis’ life as king. Louis had been crowned on the feast day of St Agnes, 21 January, and in honor of that day his face was anointed with milk and honey. The holy offices of St Agnes contain the key words to line 4: “Mel (honey) et lac (milk) ex ore ejus (mouth) suscepi, et sanguis (blood) ejus ornavit oras (face)…” Louis was guillotined 19 years after his coronation, on Saint Agnes Day, 21 January 1793.

Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies
(Element Books, 1997)


The term (whirlwind) appears in another famous verse about the French Revolution (1 Q3) actually using a natural disaster to date the revolution 235 years before it happened. On 13 July 1788, exactly one year before the storming of the Bastille, France was visited by a violent windstorm, one of the worst ever recorded. Named The Great Tornado of 1788 by contemporary journals, this cyclonic storm rained hail the size of acorns and unleashed a phalanx of tornadoes that cut a swath of destruction from Tours, Chartres, and Paris, through Lille and into Belgium. It was responsible for the failed harvests that caused bread shortages and bread riots that trigger the French Revolution a year hence.

Now to the next “false” Trump “trumpet” try by Baines:

La trombe fauƒƒe diƒƒimulant folie,
Fera Biƒance vn changement de loix:
Hyƒtra d’Egypte qui veut que l’on deƒlie,
Edict changeant monnoyes & aloys.

The false trumpet concealing madness,
Will cause Byzantium a change of laws:
From Egypt there will go forth one who wants withdrawn,
(The) Edict (that makes) money and metal standards unstable.

First off it’s a stretch to personify “false trumpet.” It could be a trumpeting demagogue but a more likely translation would be trombe’s true meaning, thus is becomes as “false whirlwind.” The best future application comes from JR Jochmans who though it could be a call to Islamic revolution in Turkey and Egypt through the false trumpet or modern loud speakers upon the muezzin’s minaret.

Clearly the subject has nothing to do with America because the location is describing Turkey and Ottoman lands as well as Egypt. It is most likely about the fall of the Ottoman Empire and the resultant economic collapse after World War One.


I will say this, when I am a guest on any show, I do my best to advise the production team how best to translate Nostradamus and avoid making foolish mistakes. Most of the time they don’t listen.

John Hogue in hour six of his film shoot at Columba University, New York in August 2008: History Channel's "Next Nostradamus".

John Hogue in hour six of his film shoot at Columba University, New York in August 2008: History Channel’s “Next Nostradamus”.

Out of over 150 TV appearances in the last 30 years there are only two productions listened. Hence they produced two of the most rebroadcasted Nostradamus specials I’ve been in so far. One is called The Other Nostradamus (2006), the other The Next Nostradamus (2008). When I watch them I’m amazed how they remain topical, the predictions sound like they were made only yesterday. Some of the episodes I conceived for the series The Nostradamus Effect are also of quality, such as the episode about Nostradamus and the Antichrist and Son of Nostradamus.

Every time I appear on shows I’m taking a risk that they’ll end up like what History Channel broadcast across the US before the election. Oddly enough I get the most positive feedback about my appearances on the worst documentaries. No matter how bad the documentary rants and rages, my brief appearances with their calm and illuminating feel, the soft and deep cadences and pauses of my voice, might be a momentary sound-byte oasis of sanity in the manic rush and noise. I guess people can see the contrast.

Even in this one, which is perhaps the worst ever, I’m remembered as a kind of odd sane man out. I’m already getting very positive feedback from people quoting some of the things I said that survived the editorial cut. In a show full of repetition, they at least had me repeating my caveat that verses are open to interpretation. Never was that more true than in this travesty of TV interpretations of Nostradamus.

Nostradamus: Election 2016 accidentally put me in the role of the “adult” in the room of rampaging irrationality. It was almost like I was coming in from time to time as some outsider stumbling into the wrong party. It wasn’t their intention but I’m glad that’s how most people felt, because I “was” outside of this party of Polly-antic punditry.

Click on the cover receive the definitive, expanded new edition about the most popular topic in the history of Nostradamus' prophecies. Find out also just exactly "what" is the Antichrist Unconscious, the core conspiracy set against our bliss and happiness.

Click on the cover receive the definitive, expanded new edition about the most popular topic in the history of Nostradamus’ prophecies. Find out also just exactly “what” is the Antichrist Unconscious, the core conspiracy set against our bliss and happiness.

DATELINE: 04 December 2016

Is Donald Trump Nostradamus’ Third Antichrist: Mabus?

Many have asked whether Trump is the third figure in Nostradamus’ unique take on Antichrist prophecy. Only this sixteenth-century prophet from Provence, France, has seen three when all other biblical, Eastern and Western prophetic traditions presage only one.

It all depends on how you can get “Trump” out of decoding the name Nostradamus gives to the third Antichrist. The first was called PAU, NAY, LORON. That’s an anagram for NAPAULON ROY, for Napauleone Roi, spelling Napoleon King in the Corsican spelling of Napoleon’s name, for which he later gallicanized the spelling so it would sound more French. Roy is the Old French spelling for “King” (Roi). The next Antichrist was Hiƒter, Using the Gothic “ƒ” for “s” that infers “Hitler.” Hister is the ancient name of the River Danube. Hitler grew up in Linz, Austria on the banks of the Danube.

The Third Antichrist is also called Mabus by Nostradamus. That’s an anagram that fits a number of Middle Eastern dictators like Saddam Hussein of Iraq and terrorist leaders like Usama bin Laden and the Caliph of Islamic State. You can also get Mabus from decoding the names of the two previous US presidents, G.W. Bush and Obama, who have waged war with all the above. (Read more about how you decode G.W. Bush, Obama, Saddam, Usama, and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi into Mabus by clicking on Mabus.)

Here briefly is the Mabus quatrain:

2 Q62
Mabus puis toƒt alors mourra, viendra,
De gens & beƒtes vne horrible defaite:
Puis tout à coup la vengeance on verra,
Cent, main, ƒoif, faim, quand courra la comete.
Mabus very soon then will die, [then] will come,

A horrible undoing of people and animals,
At once one will see vengeance,
One hundred powers, thirst, famine,
when the comet will pass.

A brief rundown. Mabus is the anagram hiding the name of the Third and Final Antichrist. He will soon die. The result of his death is a terrible war that is hinted to be 25 to 27 years long. The undoing of animal and people alike implies that his death comes at a time of the disruption of the natural order of both. Perhaps it is climate change that he foresaw.

Mabus is quickly killed. Revenge is swift. One hundred powers, or nations act, attack and are counterattacked in a world desiccated by global warming’s historic droughts, famines, when the comet passes. This important celestial sign either dates the death of the Antichrist or, this is a metaphor for a falling missile streaking across the sky. It could mean both: nature’s comet and an infernal comet made by men mark the time of the war of the Third and Final Antichrist.

If a US president is the candidate for Mabus soon dying, that does not specify he is still in power. He could be retired as G.W. Bush is and Obama is about to be.

Trump need not be the future president who triggers a war and soon dies in it. These Bush and Obama have already triggered years of war in what Nostradamus in other quatrains explains is a 27-year war waged in and around Iraq, followed by another 25 years of conflict. (Read more about these war timelines by clicking on Third Antichrist)

Nostradamus is very careful in teasing out his letters meant to hide in anagram the name of the Third Antichrist. If you take Trump into the process one immediately crashes into some anagrammatically impassible walls.

Click on this cover image and read more about this new book coming out around Inauguration Day.

Click on this cover image and read more about this new book coming out around Inauguration Day.

Trump can see the “p” turned into a “d”, making mubrT.

You could replace one letter “r” with a missing “a” but it only gets you mabuT. You can’t replace two letters only one. All uses of “T” in Nostradamus anagrams never see it playing the role of “ƒ.” Rather it is often used to decode and “ƒ” for the letter “f” to hide faint (false) in the word ƒaint for “saint.”

Now then, if Nostradamus had hidden The Donald’s name in his prophecies by spelling Trumƒ then we could get a little farther with our decoding with one problem, such a name never appears in Nostradamus. If I were to support the idea that any “t” in Nostradamus might be hiding a Gothic ƒ being used as a “t”, I’d be falling into the realm of bending translations while ignoring all real patterns of how Nostradamus uses words and anagrams. I’d be going down a path of verbal self-delusion that even Victor Baines wouldn’t dare venture just to find what’s in his mind, projected on poor Nostradamus.

Thus in my estimation, Donald J. Trump is not and never can be considered Nostradamus’ Third Antichrist.

DATELINE: 04 December 2016

Supermoon Earthquake in New Zealand foreseen

Back in late March 2016, I wrote the following about the Supermoon coming eight months later on 14 November:

On 14 November is the second Super Full Moon (22 Taurus). Beware of heightened seismic activity on the West Coast of North America.

I am happy to announce that I was wrong again. No serious seismic consequences on the West Coast of North America to report. Instead it rattled rumbled and rolled in the opposite Pacific quadrant, far down in the South Pacific and 50 miles or so from the quake-ravaged city of Christchurch. This time striking farther up the Coast of South Island, New Zealand. Thank goodness it didn’t hit Christchurch for a third time.

First was the Canterbury quake on 4 September 2010, a 7.1 temblor unsettling New Zealand’s second largest city at the time. Next came a 6.3 aftershock the following year, far closer to the city on 22 February 2011 causing widespread damage, killing 185.

The 14 November 2016 shake was a massive 7.8 magnitude temblor a thousand times more powerful than the 22 February 2011 aftershock, yet being far enough away it did not level what’s left standing and what had been laboriously rebuild in Christchurch. Looking at aerial shots of the epicenter and the flattened farmhouses, I can only imagine this quake could have been Christchurch’s coup de grace.

Of quakes and eclipses, I will have much more to tell when 2017 comes and in the late summer days, the moon shall shadow the Sun over 48 of a Superpower’s 50 states. Stay tuned. Shakes and quakes of all kinds, seismic and political, are going to define 2017.

DATELINE: 04 December 2016

False Prophet to True? “Not Two…”

People who abuse my Inbox for their hit-and-run putdowns, like James did on 13 November, do so following a predictable pattern. Usually a slander is offered with no context why. James wrote: “False Prophet! Admit it.”

No context is given why I’m false. It’s an impulsive blast, mindless and otherwise uninformed. I don’t even know why this person thinks I “am” a prophet in the first place.

For someone working in the world of “predictability” I respond to all of your letters tuning into you and being spontaneous. This spontaneity comes from a space of being true to myself and being open to saying something that might hit compassionately if needed. Half the people who leave hate mail often respond positively because I’ve tuned into them and find ever-new ways to knock the chip off their shoulder. None of you are anonymous to me. So many of you write things and I can sense you’ve forgotten there’s a human being represented by the email address through which you send your emails.

For my part, I never forget the human being behind the email address. I tune into your heart and then I respond in kind with what is absolutely the right thing to say. You’ve earned it whether it is sweet or a stick.

For instance, to James, my response was, “You’re an asshole! Admit it. LOL!”

A shocking thing to say and rare for me to use. I usually never give mention to something either everyone “has” in their physical possession, or psychologically become in an all-too frequent moment of ego’s hubris.

Fortunately, it had the intended affect on James, engendering this back and forth:

In subject listed False prophet I was wrong… Heard your acceptance of loss on Coast podcast. Your assessment of the situation was excellent. …but as a sports gambler you only get paid on an exact win…please forgive me as i always loved your analysis.

James, I mean this tenderly as a teaching moment:

The mind is like a dog wagging its tail. One day it wags. On the next whim, the dog bites.

Today you apologize. Tomorrow you’ll call me false again.

When you “always love” my analysis, that means you also “always hate” it.

Anyway, thanks for the wagging apology.

I mean it. I appreciate it. I appreciate you wrote back to tell me.

It will help me when you forget yourself and forget you’re “always loving.”

I know the bite will be coming again.

When it comes, I’ll remember to whisper the mantra in the deepest silence of my heart, “not two…”

You love me. (not two)

You hate me. (not two…)

When your love turns to anger, try to remember that it is “not two…” Go inside and feel it.

It could launch your own spiritual revolution.

That is my hope. Bless you (not two…

James later replied:

So perfect. Much more than expected…thank u for the peace!



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