Remember… Remember… The “Eighth” of November, Guy Fawkes on American Election Day and Read this Final Astrological Forecast on who will win the Election, written back in March 2016!

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Nearly nine months ago, I composed this article for 5 November 2016—Guy Fawkes Night, a celebration of anarchy symbolizing rebellion against the Establishment, that, I believe is appropriate to recount for you, just a few days before you in America go out and vote. Remember, when you read the following, it was written when it was not at all certain that either Trump or Clinton could surmount their adversaries during the primary season last March. Moreover, when you consider how reading the stars parallels their last-minute surges on Saturday 5 November and perhaps beyond, it is a mystery—even for me reading this so many months later—how astrology can speak to one and capture in detail motivations and fortunes of candidates in their final race to the finish line of this epic presidential race.


happyguyfawkesdayGuy Fawkes is the man inspiring the mustached-goateed mask hiding the face of Anonymous “hacktevists.” He was the man who might have blown up the English Parliament building with surreptitiously stacked barrels of gunpowdered set for light off on 5 November 1605, if he weren’t captured tried and hung. The catalyst of the modern myth of Fawke’s futile foolish and ultimately failed act of defiant anarchy becoming a symbol of worldwide resistance against the tyranny of government can thank actor Hugo Weaving and the then Warchowsky Brothers (now Warchowsky brother and transgendered sister) who wrote and produced the 2006 anti-establishment blockbuster hit, V for Vendetta. In the somewhat prescient near-future tale, Weaving costumes himself as a seventeenth-century masked superhero named “V” leading his one-man rebellion against a future Britain now under the rule of a fascist state.

vis4vendettaposterThanks to Hollywood magic, the masked “Fawker” is the “Guy” who really does blow up Parliament before millions gathered around it central London who are illuminated by blast and fireworks devouring the collapsing building lighting up the night while it revealed all the masses in silence wearing their own Guy Fawkes mass produced masks.

Since that time reality apes art. There’s not a major demonstration around the planet that doesn’t have its share of anonymous protesters wearing perfect mass-produced mask replicas of Guy Fawkes as if the Warchowskys from a movie studio’s central props department ordered them up.

guyfawkeslampbombcartoonAcross Britain one can see bonfires lit burning Guy Fawkes in effigy every night of the fifth of November all in good fun. In Victorian times, children of working class families used to sing ditties while asking wealthier families to donate wood, food and something to drink for the evening’s bonfire. The following has become the most famous, immortalized Hugo Weaving behind his inscrutable mask, reciting the first two lines more than once in the movie:

Remember, Remember the Fifth of November
Gunpowder, Treason and Plot!

Something about Guy Fawkes and Chinese calendrical Fire Monkey Years seems to go together, despite that fact that 1605 wasn’t a Fire Monkey Year, nor was Fawkes born during one. This Aries-Sun firebrand was dragged, ankles first and kicking, out of his mother’s womb on 13 April 1570 in the Year of the Red Metal Horse. The Parliament constabulary in the basement discovered Fawkes on the night of 5 November 1605. He was appropriately caught red (horsing-around) handed in what was the Year of the Wood Snake, holding the match to a long and slithering fuse to threescore wooden barrels stuffed with gunpowder for which he and his eight conspirators had secretly smuggled there. They had conspired to blow up Parliament and King James when the new Parliament Building would be open the first time for political business.

PIX (1) CH7-MonkeyDetails! Details! Shrugs off this red flaming butt of a Monkey Year going politically bananas. If by the time November comes hopping around and the Republican Convention hasn’t stopped him, an Orangatangish over-combed, cherry-blond outsider just might swing all the way to Election Day on 8 November 2016. He may become the next president of the free world whose citizens went free-base weird, leaving their brains at the polling door and voting with their irrational emotions for a celebrity simian like Donald Trump. He is a person of few political platformed policies or details, but, as he says, he has a “good brain” and he’ll “Make America Great again” and be the best “jobs president the world has every seen, if I might say so, sincerely, thank you!”

TrumpCowardlyLionA whole lot of American voters have embraced him, tan spray, over-combed locks, stock and Guy Fawkian barrels of gunpowdered diplomacy as their loose cannon shot at the US Congress under corporate control and the White House might be Trump’s home in the Washington jungle for four years at least. All that stands in his way is a pant-suited Washington D.C. wonk, with trust issues and a lot of corporate financial support behind her political dynasty. Yet, if in October into November she can play the presidential “adult” in the three nationally televised debates, who knows? Maybe the girl born in 1947 under the Year of the Fire Pig, just might root and truffle up enough luck if not enough matching charismatic charm like her opponent—a child born in 1946 under the Year of the Fire Dog—to win the presidential prize after all and even by a landslide.

Yes, this may all be just an alternative future with Trump in the final round with Clinton that never was. If that’s so, the RNC Convention props up whatever corporately approved hack will not win against Clinton. That’s because the majority will have voted—not the people mind you—the majority corporate interests will by this summer begin spending far more money as their “free speech” thanks to Citizens United making that speech “freer” than human American speech. More “free by fee” than the divided and hollowed out Republican corporate sympathizers can summon. No one but Trump has a shot at stopping her victory. That’s my oracular call.

billandhillaryclintonlookingrwithclintonfoundlogoIn short, if I’ve really missed the boat on Trump being her opponent, it doesn’t matter. My Oracle has always seen Clinton as the first woman president. Maybe at last I will be wrong after choosing the winner of every presidential election since 1968 and my 12 and 0 winning streak ends in this astrologically bananas year. I can laugh at slipping on that banana peal. It would be a new experience.

Here then are the stars in the final week leading up to the big vote. They favor the Double Scorpio Clinton magnifying her power on 1 November to network (Sun 9 Scorpio trined Neptune 9 Pisces) her message to the masses. On 2 November the Sun moves a degree forward to sextile positively the True Node 10 degrees Virgo. The True Node is a harbinger for worldly success in social leadership. On 3 November Mercury at 15 Scorpio passes just one degree shy of a perfect conjunction with Clinton’s natal Venus, granting her intellectual focus to balance social persuasion to lovingly bring people together. Take the Venusian high ground girl, let grace trump Trumpian bombast and personal belts on the bigger stage of the nation and the world for Mercury and her natal Venus on that day will be sextiled positively with Pluto in Capricorn the ruler of the US executive in the White House. A lot of people will start feeling that she’s the one who can act like the president rather than the reality-show entrepreneur carnival barker.

TrumpHairHandSwearingCartoonOn 5 November Trump gets some astrological assistance with Venus softening his explosive edges and opening him up to his own great reservoir of charm and engagement skill when Venus 21 Sagittarius sits right on top of his natal Sagittarian Moon position. It does so just as Venus adds some temporary life to the grand trine intensifying great fire-driven fortune for Trump with Uranus 21 degrees Aries trined Trump’s natal Mars 26 Leo and his natal Moon in Sagittarius. He becomes an irresistible force of nature to many voters, starting on 5 November. Let the great comeback from all of his missteps begin to influence millions of voters to rethink their vote and consider an inevitable destined future with Trump as their president.

On Election Day eve, 7 November, Clinton’s natal Venus charm and attractability gets carressed by the power of the transiting Sun through Scorpio, charging up the energy in her stellium of gathered planets in her Twelfth House. Karma and Destiny compel and propel her towards the great “get up and vote” day with the Scorpio Sun setting on a positive sextile of the age-defining Pluto in Capricorn.

HillaryClintonOrangeFlagAstrological fortunes shift on 8 November to Trump’s advantage. In all my years plotting and predicting presidential races, I’ve never seen Election Day aspects as favorable as the composite aspects of the day’s planets with his birth chart. The Sun in Scorpio 16 degrees goes to Hillary Clinton making an exact conjunction of her natal Venus in Scorpio. Charm, grace and compassion are her keys to victory. But the Moon at 18 degrees Aquarius powerfully favors Trump with a trine of his natal Sun, Mean Node and Uranus in Gemini. Read the potential of a big and unexpected upset victory no one saw coming at the last minute! Trump and Hillary can fight over Mercury 23 Scorpio. It’s favorable for both. Mercury (ruler of intellect and the message) trines his Saturn to help voters forgive and forget his cutting tongue. It trines her Piscean natal Moon providing that she receives a big injection of the women voters, her demographic key to potential victory.

Venus conjoins with Trump’s Moon 21 degrees Sagittarius adding its animal magnetism in a trine of Uranus in Aries. Venus is the anchoring planet of the force of Uranian fiery nature joining a harmoniously grand fire trine that Uranus the planet of sudden shifts and surprise victories has with Trump’s natal Mars in Leo. Mars is conjoined his Leo Ascendant and his natal Moon in Sagittarius. If he’s going to pull off a surprise upset victory on Hillary Clinton it is because emotion trumps intellect in a slight majority of American voters. It couldn’t get astrologically better but it does with Mars on Election Day also trining the positive potentials of his outreach to Americans by trining his Ascendant and natal Mars in Leo. Winged victory, come! Or, at least, there could be such a surge at the very end out of the hole he has dug himself in that he “almost” rebuilt his burnt bridges with the Latino, women and other demographic voters but was one bridge too far.

HillaryClintonShakingHandsFlashWhy? Because Hillary has her fair share of positive fire aspects that also pull some weight with Uranian surprises on 8 November. A harmonious, good karmic, trine with her natal Saturn 21 degrees Leo with Uranus in Aries. This is where all the corporate financing of the Clinton political machine, its organization and discipline, the army of volunteers getting people out to vote, etc., pays off. It lacks the flash and drama of the drama king Trump’s aspects on this day, but I foresee her not having to play catch-up in the fourth quarter of this NFL football match, if you will

Both candidates receive equal support from the outer planets on Election Day, that influence mass movement to the polls in one of the largest voter turnouts in US history. Jupiter in Libra sextiles Trump’s natal Mars in Leo matching exuberance for Trump with Mars’ outpouring of energy. Get thee too the polls. Clinton also dips in to Mars energy with a trine of her natal ruler of mass networking her natal Neptune. Remember why she is more presidential than that loose cannon from Trump Towers, ye voters. The American people might enjoy a pause on election day from Trump’s prickly and afflicted Mercury in Cancer (the misspeaking and often rude messenger) trining Neptune in Pisces but I’m afraid it hasn’t the advantage since no candidate opens his mouth making speeches or interviews on Election Day anyway.

Saturn will be within the conjunction orb of influence with his natal Moon 21 Sagittarius, but Saturn will achieve a trine of Clinton’s key to the American people’s vote. Her political machine will have worked on all cylinders to motor motivate an edge in turnout because Saturn at 15 degrees Sagittarius trines her natal Pluto at 14 degrees Leo.

As stated before, nothing comes easy for Hillary Clinton but she has become an astrological alchemist turning the base metal of her many difficult squares into opportunities to learn, grow, and strive on relentlessly and patiently to her goal. No email-gate will prevent her, and though I worry about waking up one morning during this knock-down-drag out presidential campaign hearing she’s sequestered to a hospital with campaign-ending health issues, my intuition comforts me to state for the record that such a potential future is, for now in the year 2016, unengaged. Therefore she will win, and Trump will have played his version of Guy Fawkes to its dramatic end:

guyfawkesmasklaughingRemember, Remember the Eighth of November
Gunpowdered Trump and Plot!
I know of no reason
Why his Gunpowdered reason
Should ever be forgot!

Especially if Trump by the grace of his Uranus grand trine at 1 degrees Aries with Trump’s Mars and Saturn makes the above prediction my first strike out in a streak predicted every president lasting 48 years.

ReichstagFireRemember, Remember the Uranus of “Hitler”
Gunpowered Reichstag and Plot!
I know it should bug us
Why his 21 Uranus
Should “ever” be forgot!

I caution you all to read this passage from the Sixth Prophecy of Ten Predictions for 2016: and the Fire and Ice Prophecies.

Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany in a coalition government on 30 January 1933 when Uranus was 19 degrees Aries but he still didn’t hold dictatorial powers. A few days after the Reichstag fire on 27 February 1933 (the burning of the house of German Parliament in Berlin), another emergency German Federal Election was held on 5 March 1933 with Uranus exactly 21 degrees Aries. Hitler’s party achieved the largest minority hold on seats in the German Parliament (288 seats to the Nazis, with 120 to the Social Democrats and 81 to the Communist with 146 seats scattered to other various parties); however, the Nazi Party couldn’t form a government (and a dictatorial regime) on its own.

Click on the cover to the Amazon sales page. One of the ten predictions is a concise overview of everything that could happen in the next five months to Election Day and beyond.

Click on the cover to the Amazon sales page. One of the ten predictions is a concise overview of everything that could happen in the next five months to Election Day and beyond.

While Uranus remained 21 degrees in the sign of Aries, Hitler began his intense negotiation with non-socialist parliamentarians, pressuring them to grant him emergency powers to stamp out the communists whom he blamed for the Reichstag fire. Most likely the Nazis themselves set the German parliament building ablaze on 27 February in the most successful false flag conspiracy in history.

It isn’t an exact fit to the event yet a mundane astrologer (one who plots the astrology of nations) would embrace the notion that three temporal degrees of Uranus correspond and influence the Nazi and Hitler’s push to false-flag then legally create a dictatorship. The Reichstag fire happened under Uranus 20 degrees in Aries. The fire was followed up by a rushed referendum vote. After the vote, Hitler pushed parliament hard to get his Enabling Act for the three weeks during which Uranus was 21 degrees Aries. This effort did set in motion a successful passing of the Enabling Act that made him a fascist dictator of Germany while Uranus was 22 degrees in Aries.

Uranus 21 degrees Aries is a rare configuration. It happens once every 84 Earth years. Once upon a time 30,687 days ago it played an unorthodox persuader at its exactitude on 10 March 1933 already 10 days in with anther 10 days left for the slow-moving gas giant to transit 21 degrees, influencing enough voters in Parliament to later officially cast a vote that gave birth to Nazi Germany and the rest is blood-soaked history.

BatmanSupermanHitlerThere was no repeat of Trump’s Uranus grand trine in Adolf Hitler’s chart; however, sudden upheaval for the Weimar Republic after a political deadlock with the Nazis was definitely in the stars. Uranus 21 degrees Aries was advancing out of its opposition with Hitler’s natal Uranus 19 degrees Libra. It was also squaring the era defining planet Pluto in Cancer exactly 21 degrees. By the time it moved to 22 degrees Aries, the orb of influence would weaken. The German parliament would vote in dictatorship and effectively in the several months wiped away the Weimar Republic and Germany’s tentative first experiment with democracy.

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The impact of Trump’s grand fire trine will begin influencing the American voters when it enters 21 degrees Aries on 29 October where it will stay 21 degrees for the next 29 days—one of those being Election Day 8 November—up until 26 November. It’s important to stress that Hitler’s powerful Uranian aspects where a negative opposition and square and advancing. Trump’s Uranian aspects on Election Day are the opposite. They are in retrograde, (a more reflective, contemplative) motion. They are arranged in a harmonious and powerful trine. The question whether Trump is destined to be an all-American version of Mussolini or Hitler if president is an important question to astrologically divine an answer. I go into this issue in depth in my book Trump for President: Astrological predictions. Suffice it to say here, that unlike Hitler, who was a powerful medium of Thatanos (a servant of negativity, destruction and death), Trump, despite all of his astrological faults, fundamentally has a positive, life-affirming chart. He’s a medium who, most of the time, intends to serve Eros (love and creativity).

Good intentioned men “and women” in power can still be disasters as a future president. Uranus 21 degrees Aries will also play a significant role in Hillary Clinton’s more likely victory on 8 November. As I wrote earlier, Clinton’s natal Saturn 21 degrees Leo trines exactly Uranus 21 degrees in Aries. What gives Trump a chance to catch up with her, is the same Uranus in trine that helps her political machine convince enough voters to pick her over him.

american-nazi-flag-swastikaSo, does that mean the American people have picked Adolf Hitler in drag for their next president? Again, her Uranian aspect is a positive one. Hitler’s was negative and started with a deadlock of Uranus 19 degrees in Aries on the day he was appointed Chancellor of Germany on 30 January 1933. He had to push the government for the next two months to give him full power and used the negative power of the opposition and a Uranus Aries Square (take you a torch!) to Pluto in Cancer (home and hearth) to burn down the German Reichstag and falsely blame it on the communists. This was his ultimate political dirty trick used to false flag an act of terror and destroy a democracy. Clinton is not that person if elected with the help of a Saturn Uranus 21 degree trine.

When it’s over, this greatest reality show on Earth, the winner will impact all of us, but for now the dust must settle and there’s still three quarters of November 2016 to get through. In the week following the election, there is nothing astrologically impactful on the collective human condition to mention. Maybe the stars are also tired and need to decompress. On 14 November is the second Super Full Moon (22 Taurus). Beware of heightened seismic activity on the West Coast of North America.

TerroristConvergeonParisNeptune in Pisces opposes True Node in Virgo 9 degrees on 17 November, a time for further economic upheaval. Then, on 24 November comes the first of three blows of dogmatic religious intolerance and possible Jihad acts of terror for the period of 2016-2017. It is the first of three significant squares of Jupiter and Pluto. This one in particular is especially important to monitor during its orb of influence because it falls on the month most favored for major terror attacks in the US, India or the European Union. The world should be extra vigilant starting with a two-degree orb of specific intensity on 11 November, one-degree orb on 16 November, going exactly 15 degrees on 21 November until 26 November. It opens a waning gap of one degree to two degrees by 4 December. The other visitations of Jupiter-Pluto Squares are 30 March 2017 (19 Libra-19 Capricorn) and 4 August 2017 (17 Libra-17 Capricorn).

putintrumpbarechestedhorseIt so happens the critical orb of an exact Jupiter-Pluto square coincides with the end of the orb of influence for Donald Trump’s grand fire trine of Uranus with his natal Moon in Sagittarius and Mars in Leo. A telling portent for things to come in his presidency if he is the president elect. During the latter days of this dangerous orb of possible terror attack, the Sun (9 degrees Sagittarius) will square Neptune (9 Pisces) closing the month on 30 November with the aspect that is a source of profound delusional decisions if one is born with this square, like the last two presidents of the United States, Barack Obama and G.W. Bush. It makes such men of power believe they are chosen by God (in Bush’s case) who tells them to go to war in Iraq. Or, it stubbornly drives them (like in Obama’s case) to follow a seducer’s obsession to promise a voting public anything to get their vote, then losing interest once the seduced has been won over not once, but twice in 2008 and 2012.

PIX (1) CH8-Ows-FawkesObamaIn the meantime you keep wooing a political opposition because they play like a woman so hard to get—indeed impossible to get, like the Republican Party leaders and no matter how obvious this is, you don’t see it. You hold onto your delusion that you can win them over and in the process you neglect strengthening your relationships with your own political allies and voters. Fortunately neither Trump nor Clinton was born with this debilitating square.

However, as I pointed out and documented in October 2015, Donald Trump has this Sun-Square-Neptune aspect in his relationship with the US birth chart! Thus his presidency will be the most afflicted of all his “marriages.” Read more about this aspect by clicking on Trump.

Get the printed edition by clicking on this cover.

Get the PRINTED edition by clicking on this cover.

Get the printed edition by clicking on this cover.

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