Hogue foresaw and dated the Third Intifada, the TPP Passing, plus: Hogue meets his Master and the Rediscovery of one’s Lost IN-ocence

Osho giving energy darshan in Pune, India in the 1970s.

Osho giving energy darshan in Pune, India in the 1970s.

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DATELINE: 12 October 2015

Predictions 2015-2016 accurately foresaw the Third Intifada and the passing of the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership)

Click on the cover and see the NEW PRINTED EDITION.

Click on the cover and see the NEW PRINTED EDITION.

This book (also now in a beautiful print edition) continues to rack up fulfilled forecasts. Case in point, a passage date tagged almost a year earlier from 18 November 2014 that reads:

In 2015 there are militarized police forces taking aim at downtrodden people in a Third Intifada pitting Palestinian youths with stones against Israeli military cops firing volleys of rubber bullets and live ammunition. Likewise police heavy-handedness in the US will fester and tear-gas canister flame up an American Intifada erupting in the inner cities and impoverished suburbs of American with a virulence of rage not seen since civil rights riots in 1968.

Predictions 2015-2016, Chapter One:
The Stars War, the Empire Strikes Out
(Subsection: Saturn Summer)

This “shaking” in Arabic, popularly used as a code word for general Palestinian street uprisings in Gaza and the West Bank against Israeli occupation, started like the Second Intifada (2000-2005), with riots on the Temple Mount holy to both Arab Muslims and Israeli Jews. Israeli riot police stormed the al-Aqsa Mosque to forcefully expel Palestinian men, throwing fireworks at the police resisting expulsion. Then a string of knifings ensued, where Israelis were stabbed wounded and killed, causing counter “shoot-to-kill” reprisals by Israeli police and so it spreads, mainly as consequence of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s public promise to never allow a Palestinian State happen if he was reelected. So, Arab and Jew in the holy city are back to “square” brick and hurled stone “one.” Where this all goes next year will be a chapter in my forthcoming end-of-the-year book of forecasts: Predictions 2016: The Year of Crisis and Breakthrough.

Then, there’s the TPP passing, now comes the consequence in another acronym: national sovereignty gets the “SHAFTA”. I’m not too happy about either of these predictions, above and below, coming off so clearly and so unheeded. Nevertheless, I hold the hope that as my Oracle continues its streaks of accuracy that many more people will read and learn from my writings what causes humans to repeat their cycles of stupidity and misery, with the aim to break the cycle:

Corporate fascism is a multi-national creature. Its meddling in domestic American affairs is relatively minor compared with the secret power moves planned in 2015 on the international front. I imagine very few of the people reading this are even aware of the global coup d’état in the works bent on disempowering all sovereign governments.

They want it kept secret from the human race behind a wall of your glad-handing world leaders—especially President Obama—who intend to put two global trade agreements on a fast track to become international law with next to no one cognizant of what’s in these treaties. The first covers the Atlantic Rim of nations. It’s the Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA). It unites the economies of the United States with the European Union. The second grabs countries around the Pacific Rim. It’s called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), otherwise known satirically by another sleight of acronym coined by political commentator and author Thom Hartmann, as the Southern Hemisphere Free Trade Agreement, or SHAFTA…

Yes, you read it right Mr. and Mrs. Citizens of the United States, Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam. This acronym isn’t a Hogueism. SHAFTA is going give you all the shaft, right up your national sovereignty.

From 2015 onwards, observe how a trade deal that most US Congressmen and women won’t read beyond its title will let the finely tuned print endow multinational corporations with legal powers under the guise of protecting “free trade.” They will begin subverting sovereign laws either protecting the environment from pollution or those in the future that might be enacted locally and internationally to curtail greenhouse gas emissions trying to put to an end a looming global climate catastrophe. Your sovereign land and labor rights will be taken away all around the world. Your right to buy and sell products and employ their manufacture locally can be sued and suppressed by free trade courts who say your local businesses deny, let’s say, a sweatshop in China or Indonesia from selling you cheaper costing, cheaper quality goods.

This will all happen slowly, carefully. Fascism never takes over suddenly. It will be a slow reprise of what happened to ordinary citizens in Nazi Germany during the 1930s. Genial gentile Germans looked the other way when the mentally challenged began disappearing, then gypsies, and then Jews for “re-settlement.” Rank and file Germans put on the blinders and went on with their little lives until one by one “their” rights were stripped and it was too late to protest. The trickle down of terror from powers above had slowly saturated and soaked into the fabric of German society, which became like a sponge soaked with fear. Who could then protest? Individuals were too isolated by dread of their vigilant neighbors. At a certain point the existential terror of being potentially watched at all times—even by family members—kills courage.

…Barack Obama has worked towards giving us a good, fast-tracking SHAFTA. It, like TAFTA and TPP, will be signed into law faster than you can scream “Patriot Act.”

Predictions 2015-2016, Chapter Two:
The “Under-Government” Coup
(Subsection: The Human Race will get the SHAFTA)

Click on the cover and read more about the book, its donors only extras and how you can receive this book.

Click on the cover and read more about the book, its donors only extras and how you can receive this book.

As of last week, all 12 nations have signed the TPP, and only America is left to ratify the deal in Congress. Wikileaks released the full text last week. Clearly what has been a secret deal, now 99.9 percent clear of being blocked, takes a wrecking ball to your intellectual property and freedom of information rights with loopholes and clauses. TPP it TP-ing us like a Toilet Papering of a Halloween mansion. Tricks, no treat! It will make it possible for powerful, corporately compromised nations in the group to suppress, arrest whistleblowers and generally keep the public uninformed of their business dealings now untrammeled by sovereign laws of nations.

Certainly, this big monkey business will be a topic of prescient reporting for Predictions 2016. The masses are going to go “ape” over TPP during the Year of the Fire Monkey.

DATELINE: 12 October 2015


Osho and the True Meaning of “Guru”: A “Monsoon” of Love

Let’s take a brake from bombs over Syria and Russians fighting ISIS from the air. Let’s take a step in… To the center of the cyclone that is the great storm of history overtaking us. Inside the hurricane, in the “eye” there is no storm at all. Only a peace that witnesses. The storm is our Stupidity of mind being manufactured by our society as our Master, not a mere, temporary servant of our eternity en-souled. It’s that Stupidity flooding your ecology, knocking our planet out of climate balance, making wars, hot or the new cold war, a big business in the service of Death. Yes it’s getting soaked with Stupidity out there in the Mass-Mind Typhoon of History making landfall on our civilization. I will launch this interchange that takes us from Stupidity to Transcendent moments with Robert’s opening shot at Homo Dumbo Sapiens:

Stupidity shall rain, like water from the clouds!

That’s one possibility for sure. There’s another possibility. There’s the “Guru.” This word, Guru, comes from Sanskrit. It describes a heavily laden monsoon rain cloud, so full and heavy with its life giving water that it must release its beauteous burden on the earth. It cares not whether its waters nourish sterile rocks or falls on fertile, thirsty farmland and forest. The Guru is a giving flood. The human Guru is like that cloud, giving of its love and awareness to whomever, the rock-dead stupid or the living souls in need of spiritual nourishment.


The picture at the top of these articles is that of my Guru, Osho, giving Energy Darshan to disciples in Chang Tzu Hall in his Pune, India Ashram in the late 1970s. This picture triggered a great interchange between me and readers and allows me to share a personal life experience with you all. Here are the responses:


Yes Osho, YES!!!

Is that you, John Hogue, with Osho’s thumb?

No, Nefri, that’s not me. It is around the time I was there for the first time at the end of 1980. I took Sannyas directly from Osho on 15 October 1980 in Pune India exactly in the same place displayed in the picture. He did touch me then, on the third eye (between my eyebrows). It was remarkable because absolutely nothing happened and that absolutely nothing soaked through my body from my head down past my toes. He gave me a glimpse of what it “isn’t” to be “no-thing.”

There are no words for it except these, which I addressed to him in person in the same Chang Tzu Hall in Pune around seven years later:

EnergyDarshanOshoLittePriyaWhile watching the changing world and the movement of thoughts and emotions within, I become more aware of a presence that doesn’t change. It is impossible to define in words what this is, but I do know that it is always the same presence; that when it comes, it is everywhere and nowhere at once; that nothing I’m thinking or feeling can connect with it; that it is so still it doesn’t exist and so subtle that at times it is too alive to bear. Beloved Master, am I rediscovering my lost Innocence?

This is the gist of Osho’s answer. You can read the whole answer in a transcription of his discourses in a book called (The Rebel, Session 4: The Rebel is Utterly Innocent [pages 38-40, 2 June 1987]) Here’s Osho’s essential response after a very long pause:

Dhyan Arjuna, yes, you are rediscovering your lost innocence. Religion is a rediscovery. It is something that we had known, that we had lived, but we have left far behind—so far behind that it seems almost as if it was not a reality but only a dream scene, just a faint memory, a faraway echo. But if you become meditative that echo starts coming closer, the dream starts changing into a reality and the forgotten language of innocence is suddenly remembered. Hence it is not a discovery, it is a rediscovery…


Click on the cover.

The psychologists say the search for truth, for God, for paradise, is really based on the experience of the child in the womb. He cannot forget it. Even if he forgets it in his conscious mind, it goes on resounding in his unconscious. He is searching again for those beautiful days of total relaxation with no responsibility, and all the freedom of the world available. And there are people who have found it.

My word for it is enlightenment. You can choose any word, but the basic meaning remains the same. One finds that the whole universe is just like a mother’s womb to you: you can trust, you can relax, you can enjoy, you can sing, you can dance. You have an immortal life and a universal consciousness.

Dhyan Arjuna, what is happening to you is exactly a rediscovery. It has to happen to every sannyasin. But they don’t allow it. People are afraid to relax. People are afraid to trust. People are afraid of tears. People are afraid of anything out of the ordinary, out of the mundane. They resist, and in their resistance they dig their own grave and they never come to juicy moments, to ecstatic experiences, which are their right; they just have to claim them.”

Osho told me the Sanskrit name he gave me, Swami Dhyan Arjuna, me means, Meditation (through) Innocence. The names Osho gave all disciples are like themes. They name the potential in each of us to rediscover whatever you like to call your lost Enlightenment. Sannyas (devotion in disciplehood) is an opportunity to grow. It has to be earned through allowing Existence “IN”, each moment, waking and sleeping, in action and in inaction. Meditation is a celebration of life in all its dimensions. That is my understanding.

Now to the interchange with me and Al. It took place after Al read my second article last week (click on Attila) giving a hard hitting, though compassionate, review of an author calling himself “Eli” who called himself a Bible Scholar and presumed to be a scholar of Nostradamus, which he was deplorably not. I wanted to leave mere knowledge and intellectual bling behind and take Al to something far more deep as it is high and wonderful.

I am not sure if I am reaching you but I did read your reaction to Eli and his thoughts  and I find you a very well educated person and I am so LIMITED in my knowledge but I will keep trying to understand what is really going on with why we live and what we become after death.

Hi Al. Thanks for sending this letter. All the knowledge in the world wouldn’t help us answer the profound questions you ask. One must cultivate a knack for “Knowing.” It doesn’t come from borrowing ideas and identities. It comes from awakening a birth-given and innocent Wisdom that lies dormant under all the crap people have coated us with from birth onwards, that makes our souls slaves of our servant minds without us even knowing it. So, I would only slightly correct your statement and say, find a deep “knowing” and this knowing will be the understanding that “stands” under what is really going on with why we live and what we become after death. Meditation is my path to deepening this “Knowing” of Consciousness.

Consciousness is what I am seeking, what is it and is that what I leave this earth with (knowledge)  I AM NOT SURE WHY I AM WRITING YOU THIS BUT IT MUST BE JUST TO SAY I RESPECT THE TIME YOU PUT IN AND YOUR KNOWLEDGE BASE WILL SERVE YOU WELL IN THE NEXT WORLD.

Thank you, Al. I also don’t know why I do what I do and work so diligently doing it. But that’s the surface of this fathomless ocean talking. Deep inside I cannot help but do what I do and follow my compassionate purpose, come what abuse or praise or infinite misunderstanding comes my way. There are deeper secrets and mysteries in our lives that compel us forward beyond the paper-thin conscious ego’s understanding. The deeper I plunge into this inner work and outer sharing through writing, the less I know what it is. At the same time, as the knowledge falls away, what fills the void is a vast depth of “Intimacy” with the Mystery. As if it’s a lover and I am in her arms in deep Tantric embrace and she is dissolving me into “Her” wholeness.

The most important gift from this Mystery I can offer you, Al, and anyone who resonates with Al’s comment and my response, is an email containing links and information about the meditations I use and the teacher who has showered these blissful gifts upon me. All you need to do is Contact Me and put just one word in the subject line: Meditation. I will then send this information to you.

Blessings to you Al and to all who hunger for and truly need deliverance.

This, then, was Al’s response to my offer:

Mr. Hogue: Thank you for responding to my note. I am impressed that you took the time to send me such a nice note. As you said the act of learning to Knowing on an intuitive level is important. A new level of respect for you is now in my consciousness, I see a level of knowing in your words, an unseen power that I seem to recognize in your words. I will listen to you because you are at a master level of consciousness. The biggest example of this is your unselfishness with your knowledge, you shared with me an insight and took the time to encouraged me to continue my work.

Next up, Nefri sent me this profound interchange between mother and child, her child, Xander:

As I soaked in a salt water bath tonite, Xander (8) came in to tell me his thoughts. He said he isnt sure if he likes astrology. I asked him why… He said that if the stars tell us what will be happening, in the same way that the hands of the clock point to the time, then we can’t really have much choice on the matter. In which case, he said, life is like riding on a train rather than driving a car. So I told him, “You job is only to enjoy the ride.”

“But Mom,” get said, “on this train, some days you would be surprised by free ice cream, but on other days you’ll just get punched in the face!”

I laughed. Astrology humor.

I know some of you astrologers believe there is free will. I hope there is, I just can’t find the evidence for it. How do we know there is free will? Xander, my teacher apparently, is unsure yet that it can exist.

What do you think?

Astrology is just a map of the personality, but we are more than our ego personality. Life is sometimes a train and sometimes a car. Life is sometimes full of free ice cream and next a slap in the face. The questions I pose through meditation are “who is driving the car?” “Who is on the train?” “Who eats free ice cream one moment and is hit in the face the next?” Who is “this…THIS, ten-thousand times… This?”

None of our labels will work to answer this. If you say I am the Soul, the Consciousness, etc., these are just the mind chattering its collection of borrowed identities from others.

HogueWBloodMoonbyCynthiaCampbellWho is under the spell of this labeling mind?

Who is not Mind that walks without feet, rides the train without a ticket, drives the vehicle “car” of body and mind through life without forgetting who’s driving who?

Who can think without mind, love without attachment and can relax and be in the embrace Existence as if one where a babe in Eternity’s womb?

Who are you, Xander?

Who is Xander beyond the name, the labels, the identities, the train, the ice cream and the car?

Become moment to moment aware of That and you will live the outer life in a completely new way. Perhaps no one will notice the change you have become but you will know. You will live as a “knowing.” Illuminated.

Click on the cover and read a free sample.

Click on the cover and read a free sample.


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  1. Posted 13 October 2015 at 1:49 am | Permalink

    Free Will is the Path you choose of the experience, the ice cream or slap of your everyday Thoughts. As you live in your Heart, you can See the Conductor.

    Gary, inside your noggin, I presume you know what you wanted to say. Outside your noggin, you write gibberish. Can you have some compassion for us unenlightened readers and clearly write exactly “what” you’re trying to share with us? Thank you.

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