Hillary Clinton Fading but not Out, the Bernie Sanders News Blackout, Trump Ascendant, Nostradamus misread his Muslim Invasion of Europe visions, the Essential Hopi Prophecies in Print with Your Help and only 22 Days until the Last Blood Moon

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DATELINE: 06 September 2015

Hillary Clinton’s Other Albatross: Scandal.
Will She Be President?

Hillary Clinton of late is under an oppressive (for her) transit of Saturn through the sign of Scorpio, ruler of the Eighth House. Translating from “astro” speak to layman’s terms, this planet illuminates our limitations and confronts us with realities that dispel dreams. Saturn has cast its shadow for the last few years over her Twelfth House of karma, mass communication and haven of hidden enemies, both inside in her subconscious mind and outside as people conspiring to undermine her chances to become president. More important are the House’s “hidden enemies” of which H. Clinton needs to become more aware.

Squares in our birth chart illuminate our friction points in our personalities if they aspect our inner planets, yet beyond the asteroid belt the distant planets in squares indicate the transpersonal influences of the world and its institutions on the personality. A person with a developed soul can turn squares into assets. Indeed I’ve found that most sincere seekers of spiritual truth have one thing astrologically in common: many squares to rub raw their unconscious habits. This stimulates the awareness to delve deep into them, understand and transcend these programmed traits.

Clinton has a number of squares with her Mercury (ruler of intellect and being a messenger) is squared her Mars in Leo (the initiator of enterprise and god of war). Her Venus (ruling, among other things her potential to be a negotiator and stateswoman) squares the ruler of the planet that defines a generation, Pluto, which is also the ruler of Scorpio but in her generation, the planet that influences the degeneration and regeneration of a generation was squaring its own sign.

Astrologically speaking, I have a lot of empathy for Mrs. Clinton. We both belong to the same Plutonian Leonine “atom bomb baby” generation. She and I are both double Scorpio magnified with our Suns, Ascendants, and Venuses in the heavy, ID-dominant Twelfth House. There are deep waters of the unconscious, and the super-unconscious to navigate there. I took an occult path and harnessed the flint of my Leo squares to light the boiling alchemical cauldron, if you will, on a path of interpreting prophecies and reading the future of the world. Very twelfth house of me that I write, happy in my aloneness, until its time to serve.

People with powerful twelfth house Scorpio aspects become seriously devotional servants of people in life. It’s a deep need and very karmic too. I recognized this need in Clinton to serve people through politics. I think in many ways she’s chosen a far harder form of public service than I because politics is a very social game, which must be hard on the profound pull for solitude, and monastic retreat that the twelfth house generates in the personality.

Saturn transiting over her twelfth house planets has cast a hard though compassionate shadow over squares that define key challenges in her life concerning the most important aspects of leadership: executive discernment and the mastery of statecraft. It is often the case that Twelfth-House driven people dive whole hog into careers that confront their hardest personality challenges. Sometimes the correct path is the tortured one. That can actually be a good thing as we Twelfthers know that whatever challenges we confront can make us stronger and wiser. Even flashes of genius come at the cost of climbing to the summit of Mt. Everest, if we must, to rise out of the deep and dark shadows of passionate and intense personalities.

RhymeMariner-DeadAlbatrossBack in March 2007, a full year before the 2008 presidential primaries, I spoke of what I call Hillary Clinton’s Albatross. I took a metaphor from Coleridge’s epic poem, The Rhyme of the Ancient Sea Mariner. The mariner on a voyage had killed an albatross, a seabird of good luck that had been attracted to fly about the sails of their square-rigger. With its death, the ship and crew began suffering a string of terrible curses and travail. Apparently the bird he killed was some magic totem. In punishment, the crew tied the rotting dead bird on a string around the mariner’s neck as punishment, as his scarlet letter, if you will, for all to see, then disparage, his sin.

I predicted in March 2007 that Hillary Clinton had a sure-fire destiny to become president with one weak link. She is blind to the political consequences of her overly hasty, ill thought out war hawkish stances. Today I would add that her Mercury-Mars square could make her blind to reason. This is the source of her impulsive bouts of political opportunism that can characterize her as a phony, or worse. For instance, in October of 2002 she rushed to vote in the Senate in favor of passing the outrage that was President G.W. Bush’s war powers act to invade Iraq. She played safe flying with the war hawks despite the fact that many leaders in her own party, such as Al Gore and potential competitors for nomination as president, such as Illinois State Senator named Barack Obama, very publicly rejected Bush’s request for free-ranging powers as a pretext to rush into a fake war. She thus hastily staked her political future on the side that had no evidence Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Out of this war has come a string of military and humanitarian disasters and these are in part her politically karmic crimes.

I predicted in the article Hillary Clinton’s Albatross that her decision would be tied around her neck in the coming democratic primaries in 2008 where Obama would carry the anti-war wing of the party and possibly beat her to the nomination as the Democratic candidate in 2008. That is what exactly happened a year later.

Now Clinton has let her squares put another dead bird of a bad decision around her neck. This new “albatross,” a decision even more stupid: using a personal email server to carelessly pass sensitive and perhaps even top secret information that could be easily hacked by enemies of the American State.

This poor Mars squared Mercury prompted, Venus squared Pluto pursued action could lead to Clinton’s jailing, let alone end her last chance at fulfilling a destiny that she seems hell bent not once but twice to sabotage.

I’ll say it plainly and for the record. At this moment Clinton is once again under the dark star influence of self-destroying her destiny to become president.

The long held potential to become a future president that I’ve predicted now, for the first time in my oracular contemplations, begins to fade.

Click on the cover and read more about this bestselling, epic book about the next 18 months.

Click on the cover and read more about this bestselling, epic book about the next 18 months.

Times are moving far quicker than I originally anticipated. They are charging into a revolutionary, people-empowered push back against establishment powers. As I forecast accurately in Predictions 2015-2016, the end of the string of Uranus-Pluto Squares starting in 2011 happening around May Day of 2015 has put an end to the tug of war of leaderless mob revolutions hitting a wall of unyielding government authority now ever more corporately fascist in nature than ever before. During the first years of of Pluto’s slow transit through Capricorn, the citizens ran amok, leaderless. They incoherently faced an unrepresentative new threat of aristocratic rule by a new Uranus squared “Pluto”-tocracy. I predicted that after May 2015, the suppression of government and corporate authority would be challenged and possibly overcome by popular movements. The people would begin to find their voice, discipline and leadership. They will be heard. They will begin taking their Republic back if they can.

What I didn’t anticipate was how quickly and powerfully people would begin rejecting the corporate attempt to pick candidates for them in 2016. The corporate coup going on since January 2010 with the US Supreme Court’s passing of Citizens United giving corporations human status and money the power of free speech, underestimated how fed up the public are with political dynasties like the Bushes (Jeb) and the Clintons (Hillary) as their “only” choices.

Again, Hillary has made a bad discernment choice (Venus squared the sign of the times, represented by Pluto). She’s out of touch now with the trends of history by choosing her lot with the billionaires and her efforts to sound socially progressive just ring like a lead bell of opportunistic untruth.

Though at the time of this writing she seems to many as washed up as a candidate, I would not be too hasty to share that view. Saturn will leave Scorpio this month. The turning of the karmic screws torturing her twelfth house Scorpio planets, and feeding fire, confusion and pain charging up her Leo squares, will end with September. Her harmoniously trined Moon in Pisces will better nourish and balance out her square-afflicted Mercury and Venus (intellect and heart).

By October you will see Clinton’s performance as a public speaking generate more charisma and attraction. She will renew her acquaintance with her own voice and common sense. In other words, less gaffs and foolish decisions. A decision-making fog will lift, maybe. There will be more higher-minded words and actions, possibly.

She will return to the wellspring of that remarkable and regenerative Scorpionic energy that Hillary Clinton possesses that makes her an even harder workaholic than her husband, President Bill Clinton. She could arise phoenix-like, out of the ashes of the past few years of disintegration and burning her political bridges to being a credible presidential candidate. However scandal is always looming in her future.

I always anticipated her career-ending scandals would happen after she was elected. Perhaps I was too patient. Perhaps scandal waits behind the bend of nearer future twists for a final ambush. The Email-Gate crashing may be her political downfall.

I’ve said for decades that Hillary Clinton is a karmic echo of Richard Nixon and that she would encounter her own version of a Watergate moment. Unlike Nixon, perhaps her Watergate Waterloo hits on the road “to” the White House and not “in” the White House.

“Always in motion is the future,” said Yoda to Luke Skywalker.

Here’s a fictional character expounding a deep and prophetic fact. The winds of destiny are changing, fast. The establishment candidates like Clinton and Bush are facing the real likelihood now that candidates harnessing a popular rebellion against all things “Establishment” and corporately controlled, may now miss their shot at being president.

Reading the signs, I now can no longer firmly predict that either Hillary Clinton or George (oops, sorry, I meant’ “Jeb”) Bush will be your next president. The two candidates I will comment upon in the next short articles have a real chance of upsetting the corporate applecart. One is an unrepentant and ranting socialist and the other an unashamed chutzpah-driven Capitalist. Both have wild-man mops of hair.

DATELINE: 06 September 2015

The Great Bernie Blackout:
The Corporate Press
Keeps you in the Dark
About the Hottest Candidate

Turn on the TV news networks and you’ll watch live and full-length the speeches of real estate tycoon and reality show celebrity Donald Trump. New anchors will tell you about the huge crowds Trump packed in Arizona and then in Mobile, Alabama. Not once did I see a live nationally-broadcast feed of speeches like the one delivered to a sold out audience crammed into Madison Square Garden in New York City by US Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders. He clearly draws significantly more crowds than his chief rival, Hillary Clinton, and his potential adversary in the national elections, the phenomenally hyperbolic Trump.

Way behind Trump are all the also-“Rand” Pauls, Bushes and Christies that Trump leaves in the polling pole dirt, none of these corporately blessed heir-apparents, to special interest money can rise above a 10-percent approval rating while Trump soars on average in the polls as much as 30 to just under 40 percent. His only competition. Dr. Ben Carson at 18 percent, is another non-politician outsider like Trump.

The Bernie buzz and record crowds are elements of the greatest show “never” told in US election politics this summer by corporate-owned media. There’s a rebellion rising on the progressive Left. It draws the largest crowds but the media would rather over expose Trump’s rebellion against the establishment candidates on the political Right.

The Socialist in Democratic Party clothing is threatening to go ahead of the corporate choice for Democrat puppet in the White House, Mrs. Clinton.

If Louis XVI of France in the late 1700s could have had a new network such as VTN (Versailles Television Network) on 14 July 1789, they’d be broadcasting “Tea Party with Queen Marie Antoinette” while the people of Paris were storming the Bastille.

Imperial Russia if it had CNN (Czar News Network) in 1917 would have ran documentaries of the George Bush of Full-Retard Russian Emperors, Czar Nicholas, blithely hiking up and down hills surrounding his Crimean castle testing soldier gear on Lifestyles of the Rich and Vacuous while he was losing World War One at the front and losing support of his people at home on open revolution.

The revolutionary fever arising in the US is about five years away from getting into an open shooting confrontation with power. Currently the media meme makers mollify, as much as they can manage to muffle, the men and women amassing at Madison Square Garden and other larger stadium-sized meetings with selective coverage of one of two dark horses in 2016. Either Sanders or Trump just might have a chance to go all the way to the White House in the oncoming monkey business that will be Chinese Astrology’s Year of the Fire Monkey.

DATELINE: 06 September 2015

Trump Pledges to RNC Chairman not to Run as Independent.
Now he has a Serious Chance to become the Next US President

Last week Reince Priebus, the Chairman of the Republican National Committee added another unique milestone in US political history of presidential campaigning that is the 2015-2016 Presidential Election season. He handed out a pledge to all perspective candidates to sign and date (non-legally binding) that promises no one runs an independent campaign for president if they don’t win the Republican Party’s nomination.

Pressing such a pledge down on a candidate’s desk in a private meeting with the front-runner at his Trump Tower office has never happened in a federal election cycle. Nor has two non-politicians candidates completely dominated the early stages of the race. Trump entertains passing 40 percent in many polls. Ben Carson, a brain surgeon who never ran for political office either is second at 18 percent. Behind them, very far behind them in fact, is the corporate Animal Farm of the professional political animals, many of The Establisment’s candidates are former governors, senators—nationally established leaders in the Republican Party, all sitting in the popularity cellar of Trump “Towering.”

Consider the sorry numbers of this Gravis Marketing Poll taken from 29 August to 1 September 2015 as a damning rejection by the common citizens of the political power elites never before seen in American history.

The House of Bush has sent their former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush—he’s the former president’s younger (and smarter) brother by the way. Both are sons of elder statesman and former president George Herbert Walker Bush to boot. That’s at least how this game of thrones lines up. Anyway, the fair “Prince” Jeb flung his hat into the political arena with huge corporate financial support and can’t muster more than 4.9 percent popular endorsement from the people who are really people and not corporations pretending to be people.

Governor Rick Perry of Texas’ poll numbers are so bad he should go take a jump off the parapet of the Alamo and get out of the race at 0.3 percent. Governor Chris Christy of New Jersey is a larger than Chrispy Creamed political lifer with his poll numbers on a starvation diet that’s creaming him at 0.9 percent.

Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker, the darling of the uber-rich oil lobby financed by the Koch brothers indicates that corporate money “doesn’t” talk at all with Walker polling down on a deflationary spiral of 1.1 percent.

Texas Senator Cruz, former Governor of Arkansas Huckabee, Senator Rubio, and Carly Fiorina all lamely lope behind Jeb Bush at 4.1, 2.7, 2.3, and 2.3 percent respectively—or should I say disrepectively by the American people.

Rand Paul, the great white hope of Libertarians masquerading as Republicans is hair curled-on-end questionable to continue in the race if his numbers don’t rise from a limpid puddle of 1.5 percent.

Louisiana Governor Jindal and US Senator Graham are in Perry territory around .03 percent. Time to get off the campaign bus and forget about us.

All of them are cast in the darkness of a giant shadow, the big apple himself, New York’s real estate baron, the reality show, carnival barker, and the superman of promoters, the self-made billionaire Donald J. Trump at a whopping 38 percent! Ben Carson in the Gravis poll is dropping to 16.7 percent, far behind him. The nearest competitor amongst Republican voters is “Unsure” at 23.2 percent comprised of the body parts and brains of all those who can’t decide whether to laugh or scream at the GOP’s choices. Perhaps “Unsure” might become Trump’s running mate. At 38 percent, Trump has as much support as all 14 current candidates combined.

In the last few weeks, I have been intensely researching Donald Trump’s astrological chances for becoming president. Not only am I reading his salesman’s masterpiece, The Art of the Deal, but I’ve gone over many hours online of interviews pro- and con documentaries going all the way back into the mid-1980s. I’m trying to get to know this man beyond his contradictions—or better, find the man contained in an interactively contradictory nature. My preliminary examination of his astrological aspects from birth and for the coming months of the campaign all the way to 8 November election day, indicate Donald Trump has a real chance to become the next president of the United States.

The corporate coup leaders couldn’t have picked a worse year—next year, the Year of the flaming, baboon bumed, Fire Monkey in Chinese Astrology—to close their neo-fascist deal, completely smothering the American Republic, and choosing a set of candidates, either of which winning over the other would suit them fine: Queen Clinton II or King Bush III. One’s best laid plans have their best chance of going south with a monkey wrench or two called Sanders and Trump thrown into the spokes because next year in Chinese Astrology is the Year of the Fire Monkey.

When plotting the stars of the horoscopes of potential future presidents, one has to have good instincts about how the plans of egos will collide or be aided by the atmosphere of the era they live through that’s best understood by reading the positions of the outer planets. The times are changing and they favor the outsider, the brilliant misfit, the socialist running for Democrat and the independent billionaire, the one-percenter gone rogue, running against corporate interests in 2016.

I still hold that corporate forces can be brought to bear to stifle both Sanders and Trump and force-feed the people their Bush and Clinton, Koch or Pepsi choices for president. Yet I see now what I hadn’t until recently seen before. There’s a real chance the people just might keep rebelling against the corporate takeover of America in 2016 and they may have found their “Trump Card.”

I hope to have Trump for President: Astrological Predictions published as an eBook shortly after the oncoming Republican debates on 16 September. Long before that, I will begin pre-sales. Stay tuned!

In a week or two, I will launch pre-sales of this new eBook. Stay tuned.

In a week or two, I will launch pre-sales of this new eBook. Stay tuned.

This is but the first of several books I am writing about the US presidential elections in general and astrological assessments of specific candidates. I will say this, the Trump book is turning into the most surprising and boldest of forecasts. The stars smile on him. Now the big question is, will destiny smile on the Americans if they pick him as their next president?

DATELINE: 06 September 2015

The Muslim Invasion of Europe that Nostradamus Misread

Bhagawati, a close friend and fellow traveler on the path of meditation asked what many of you are asking, especially my European readers, facing an unprecedented surge of refugees stampeding across their borders.

I recall a prophecy by Nostradamus (or was it someone else?) that Europe would be overrun by Muslims, starting in France?

Yes, It’s Nostradamus. He saw it as a Muslim invasion. Unlike most of my competition over the last 30 years, who take this literally to mean a military invasion, my interpretations of his verses on the matter have always stuck to what, indeed, I believe it actually is, an immigrant invasion. I think Nostradamus misread his signs, spinning upon them the angst of Christians in the 16th century about imminent military invasion and conquest by Suleiman the Magnificent and the Ottoman Empire. This Muslim superpower was at its most aggressive stage of westward conquest during his lifetime when Christianity was sorely divided by Protestant and Catholic tensions.

Here’s an example published 18 years ago of my interpretations of quatrains attributed by other authors to a literal military invasion:


1 Q18
Par la diƒcorde negligence Gauloiƒe,
Sera paƒƒaige à Mahommet ouuert:
De ƒang trempé la terre & mer Senoiƒe,
Le port Phocen de voilles & nefz couuert.

Because of French discord and negligence,
A passage to Mohammed will be opened:
With blood soaking the earth and sea of Sienna,
The port of Marseilles covered with the sails of ships

TRANSLATION NOTE: Phocen (a) L. Phocen, Phocaeans, founders of Marseilles; (b) Phocis, central Greece; (c) Phocaea, ancient Greek colony of west Anatolia, Turkey, (d) Phoenician, general metaphor for modern-day Beirut, Lebanon, or other Phoenician centers along North Africa and the Middle Eastern coast.

Jaubert applies the first interpretation of this prophecy to events of the Valois-Hapsburg Italian Wars in 1555-56. He has Henry II chumming it up with his Turkish “ally,” Suleiman the Magnificent, to send Barbary Corsairs on a raid against the island of Elba to divert the Hapsburgs while he continues his invasion of northern Italy. It is more likely that the attack was launched to take advantage of the warring Christian states. Whatever the motivation, the Corsairs do besiege Piombino, near the Sienna, which itself was a French ally. A French garrison would surrender to the Florentines at Sienna on 22 April 1555, just days before publication of the Les Propheties in May. Jaubert adds a dubious explanation to line 4: that a fleet of ships had gathered at the docks of Marseilles to receive supplies for French troops holed up on Corsica.

A whole bevy of latter-day Nostradamians navigate through the prophet’s grammatical ambiguities in the final lines to predict a future invasion of Marseilles, Toulon, and the French Riviera by a huge Moslem armada. This passage to Mohammed will lead notable scholars such as André Lamont, Peter Lemesurier, Fontbrune, and a number of fly-by-night Nostradamians of the tabloids as well as a few other pot-boiler bookies, to gamble their reputations on a theme that, in my observation, just doesn’t wash — not even the gunwales of a Corsair’s poop deck. History records that there weren’t enough galleys in the sultan’s fleet to deposit an army that could march up the Rhône valley to conquer France, Spain, Italy, and western Germany in the 16th century, or any other century of the Ottoman Empire’s existence. However, Fontbrune believes Islam in our near future will somehow build a fleet that can carry a great military horde that will not only conquer much of Western Europe, but do what Hitler never could and cross the English channel to threaten London. And, somehow, the European Union, NATO and the United states will look the other way, cap the switch of their overwhelming nuclear, chemical, and conventional missile arsenals, and just let the Moslems make a sea passage for Mohammed in broad daylight around the Millennium.

What is more feasible is that those sails covering the port of Marseilles were intended for an earlier time. And like so many of Nostradamus’ vagaries in grammar, the fleet of line 4 can equally be Moslem or non-Moslem. It depends on the interpreter’s drift, which often suffers from a lurch in projections. I believe this and hundreds of other quatrains attributed by my colleagues to a Moslem invasion of Europe in World War III can all be applied to past historical events, a few may be Nostradamus’ exaggerations for far smaller, and perhaps far more lethal, invasions by small bands of nuclear terrorists.

Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies,
pp. 81-82 (Element Books)


Back in April 2009 I had this interchange with a reader concerning just how Nostradamus mistook invasions for immigration waves of Muslims in Europe. It was published for Hogueprophecy 27 August 2010. Please read the whole article by clicking on Islamophobia.


I share an interchange I had with “Laura” on Islamic perils and Caucasian population declines back on 30 April 2009.

Just watched a YOU TUBE video about the decline of western culture because of very low birth rates.

You mean, the birthrates of Caucasians in Europe.

According to this, Western Europe, Britain, Canada and the US are already past the point of no return…

Caucasians, yes, but America expects to replenish its population with new immigration. It will certainly change the nature of Western Culture. Indeed the world is changing from national-oriented and regional cultures towards a global culture. The spread of immigrants is the key

And that, with the much higher rate of Muslim births, Muslims will dominate the populations of those places in around 2050. What does Hogue see?

Nostradamus kept talking about an invasion of Europe by a Muslim horde. I think he misread his prophecies and mistook the appearance of Muslims and Mosques in future cities of France as some post-occupation vision.

What you say is not going to happen to America, but has some prophetic merit about Europe. The question to ask is, what will be the nature of the new Muslim communities in Europe? Will they assimilate more completely than they do now? Will the times be different and less bitten by the bug of religious extremism in the future?

It may very well be that in 36 years, when oil is no longer the chief fuel source of the global civilization, the Middle East economies will completely collapse from the strain of population, loss of oil revenues, and the drying out of the water tables from global warming. A huge host of refugees could bear down on Europe. Not an army but an army of refugees looking for work, water and food. This is a future possibility Nostradamus may have misread because he could not see beyond his contemporary fears of the rising tide of Muslim hegemony in the Mediterranean during his lifetime.

There are other potential future destinies which once engaged will depopulate the world to such an extent that this discussion about demographic hegemony of one culture/race over another has no future.

I see coming a future reformation of the Muslim religious creed after the Ummah (community of believers) passes through what the Christian community passed through back in the 16th and 17th centuries — an era of religious civil wars. The Muslim world could avoid this tendency, if lessons are learned from the mistakes of Christians.

I foresee a far more Sufi-like and tolerant Islam 50 years hence, once the fire of intolerant fundamentalism flames out as it always does in the life cycles of religions.


This autumn I’ll be producing one of two short and one longer book specifically forecasting the events of next year. The first eBooklet will cover my astrological forecasts and will be closely followed by a second eBooklet looking at the top ten prophetic trends of 2016, then finally a full-bodied book on the year 2016, a year of acute global crisis and unexpected breakthrough. One of the trends will mark 2016 as “Year One” of the “Great Human Exodus” era. We will look at its mostly man-made stupid causes, how bad the flood of immigrants to Europe and other regions will get and what my Oracle proposes is the solution.

Now to Gabrielle’s comments from 6 September 2015 and my responses and predictions. These best close the Oracular session on refugees and what is coming ahead.


What are your views on the Syrian Refugee Crises?

They are many and this theme is going to be a prominent one in upcoming books about the oncoming year of 2016. It is Year One of what I call The Great Age of Exodus.

Should other countries have stepped in to avert this disaster? If not, why?

Absolutely. Indeed those countries that have bombed and destroyed Syria, Libya, Somalia, Iraq and so forth, are karmically responsible for rebuilding what they devastated. They need to either give these people a life to live and prosper among their neighborhoods or spend their treasure and time restoring the millions soon to flood their borders with the houses, industries and infrastructure their missiles and drones had destroyed back where they actually want to live.

The future will judge the most criminal nation among them is the United States. It would be karmic justice if its borders were overwhelmed with Syrian, African and Libyan refugees. US hubris can safely hide behind two vast oceans and pretend their weapons and bombs committing one serial murder of a nation after another doesn’t have direct consequences. If I were the Europeans, I’d resettle half the refugees and send the other half on ships to the US for resettlement.

Is this similar or a repeat of Hitler and the Jews? Karmic? Was it the soul responsibility of the United States to have stopped this tragedy?

The US has created these tragedies and if they don’t turn away from this service of death and destruction then eventually they will follow the path of others who lived by the sword. They will perish by the sword, or the sword will become so large and costly that America will collapse from holding up its weight. That’s what I predict.

What is your prediction for this outcome; ultimately do the Syrian Refugees go home?

Syria is being destroyed and global warming with the current and future droughts to come will make Syria mostly uninhabitable by the end of the 2020s. I see that eventually all 25 million Syrians will be on the move. The destruction of the Assad regime will bring a great wandering of millions and a spreading catastrophe that will drag neighboring countries into the widening black hole of Islamic extremism. Even Saudi Arabia could succumb to Islamo-fascism. Indeed the royal family of Saudi Arabia is already living in that black state of unconsciousness.

Thanks and I look forward to your responses.

I look forward to you and millions of others making the future I just visualized never happen.


By the way, Bhagawati is a contributing writer and editor of a neat little eMagazine. Check out Osho News.

Click on the cover.

Click on the cover.

DATELINE: 06 September 2015

The Essential Hopi Prophecies in Print
With your Help

I want to share with my general readers a proposal I first offered last week to those who subscribe to my free HogueProphecy Bulletin and my Public Facebook page:


Of all my published eBooks, this one has received the most requests for a printed edition. Last month I tried to negotiate a lower publishing fee from CreateSpace, my printer, because unlike Predictions 2015-2016 (just published in print this weekend with over 400 pages, click on the link) my Hopi booklet comes in around 60 pages.

CreateSpace and I couldn’t come to an agreement so I’ll have to publish it at the same price as all my larger trade paperback books. This will pretty much make it too financially costly to print The Essential Hopi Prophecies and many other smaller books I’m planning to publish as eBooks and also in print.

Here’s an idea I’d like to try out with you, my readers. We’ll use Hopi as the trial run.

I will use all the royalties from the first 100 copies of Predictions 2015-2016 you buy as start-up money for publishing a printed version of The Essential Hopi Prophecies.

I’ve already sold [50] copies since we started selling them yesterday (Sunday). All I need are [50] more purchases transacted from this page and I can get to work, click on:


If this experiment works then perhaps we can make printed copies of other great books like the recently released Predictions for the Last Blood Moon. For instance, I might do this by setting aside the royalties for the next 100 copies of Predictions 2015-2016 sold for Blood Moon, then another 100 for another book and so forth.

Here’s a list of some of the other shorter books I am working on right now:

Trump for President: Astrological Predictions

Hillary Clinton: Astrological Predictions

John Hogue’s Worldwide Astrological Predictions for 2016

Ten Predictions for 2016 and the Fire and Ice Prophecies

Ten Predictions for the US Presidential Election and the American Party Manifesto.

Ten Predictions for ISIS and the Islamic Civil War

There’s many many more. Thank you for your support.

The FINAL blood moon glowers over the Middle East in just five weeks and two days! Click on the cover and read a free sample.

The FINAL blood moon glowers over the Middle East in three weeks and one day! Click on the cover and read a free sample.

DATELINE: 06 September 2015

Only 23 days left before the FINAL Blood Moon shines over the Troubled Middle East

Here’s what people are saying about my number one bestselling prophecy book available at Amazon. It’s been on the top of the prophecy genre chart for over a month and counting:

September to Remember?
Well, here we are approaching the last blood moon on September 28, 2015. As I write this review, the news is reporting the meltdown in China’s stock market. Are we heading into a September to remember? If you read John’s books and focus on all the potentially horrific events that could take place, you may come away feeling helpless, afraid, or depressed. The picture that’s being painted is not a rosy one. However, what I like about John’s perspective is that he always brings it back to the individual and what we can do in our own lives to bring about desired change in the world. It really does come down to each one of us. Now, I’m not a very good meditator, but I certainly see the wisdom of practicing meditation. I’ve studied the meditation methods of Osho and of all the techniques I’ve come across, I had the most success with one of his. I think the point here is this: we all have to look inside our own hearts and see what we need to keep and build on and what we need to discard. Then we need to go about living true to ourselves every day. John, I enjoyed you calling out John Hagee and his ilk!


I have been reading John Hogue’s writings since 1997 and what I love about his work is not that his predictions seem to come to par but he challenges the reader to think. Think beyond your beliefs, beyond your conditioning, beyond your contrived truths. You don’t have to agree with John to feel you have gained a greater knowledge from reading his work. And his words are entertaining, he does not bore you with technical alignments, or historical rhetoric and religious zeal. John takes you on a journey of practical possibilities and predictions that do come to pass.


This book is a blasphemous joke! The author, John Hogue, is obviously not saved as he makes fun of Christians and even refers to Jesus as the “mutonous lamb”. I wonder why he even bothered to write the book. He makes fun of others who have written books on the blood moon. He obviously has an axe to grind against Christians and so titled his book on a subject many Christians are interested right now just so he could insult the reader…….got all this from the first chapter….never did read any further. I’m getting my money back on this one.


HOGUE: What a pity this Christian fundamentalist couldn’t get past my dogma bashing. He or she missed my defending Bible prophecy and Jesus Christ from hair-on-fire Hagee and Blitz (the new Chicken Littles of Blood Moon bunk).

Captivating glimpse of The Moon
That inspires the poet and seer
The Moon has been humanity’s silent companion for thousands of years, fascinating the human mind and igniting its imagination.

In Predictions for the Last Blood Moon, John Hogue leads off with a fascinating discussion of the visual effects of lunar eclipses, then traces the presence of lunar phenomena as silent backdrop in ancient myth and witness to some of the most significant events in human history.

Tapping into the poetic inspiration of the the blood red lunar eclipse as fuel for the prophecy of the seer, John offers insight into the significance of the current tetrad of lunar eclipses for the evolution of humanity and the wisdom that humanity brings with it from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius.

While prophecy can be a tool for navigating the mists of time and the unknown, pointing out the dangers and opportunities that are the harvest of our present actions, John ultimately sees the future as something that we choose, rather than as a fixed set of circumstances that we must endure. Pointing to Meditation as a fundamental tool that allows us to shape a meaningful future, John challenges us to experience for ourselves the “eternal present” that meditation opens us to.


Best book yet released regarding the blood moon phenomena
Yet another excellent work by John Hogue. He is one of the very best, if not the best contemporary prophetic scholar and expert in prophetic trends. In his latest book he explores the seemingly ominous blood moon phenomena, which has apparently been misinterpreted by certain religious preacher type individuals, based on their own religious biases and expectations. This book exposes and explains how religious fundamentalism has added a doomsday interpretation to what is probably a harmless unusual natural occurrence with no sinister meaning attached to it. John also offers some positive advice to those who blindly follow and believe religious leaders and teachings.


Proactively practice discernment. What I like so much about John Hogue is he asks us to discern what we hear, what we read. We receive so much information these days. He cuts through the garbage and let’s us see things as they really are, and humorously too!


Get your copy of this critically acclaimed bestseller for one-month straight. Click on Blood Moon.

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What do you think of the carbon dating of the Quran that is said to be four hundred years older than the nut job Mohammed who plagerized it. This is an exciting time, we may have peace if the Older Quran is adopted by the Muslims, as it does not preach killing non Muslims.


I think those who believe the carbon results push the existence of the Qur’an centuries earlier are either not attentive when reading or are reading inattentive journalists who aren’t reporting what the carbon dating scientists said. In short, it’s a pretty wide time window that also covers the time recorded by history. Secondly, the “paper” the Qur’an was written on has inked in it a version of the Qur’an that almost exactly copies the accepted Qur’an that was purportedly transcribed into being by Muhammad.

What I found lurking in some of the Western media was a framing of the story attempting to undermine the credibility of the Qur’an. Internet gives one who knows how to use it, the ability to go back to the source people and material and see just how wrong so-called journalists can stray from facts.


Thnx John, very comprehensive.

One point to further consider about Hillary is her’s and the nation’s reaction to her candidacy after any kind of cataclysmic economic implosion in Sept or Oct as so many religious and secular ‘gurus’ and pundits are prognosticating.

I wouldn’t be so quick to throw either J Cahn or Mark Biltz under the bus as you’ve hinted.

I do find it necessary to throw them under the bus in Predictions for the Last Blood Moon not because these portents and others aren’t coinciding with some significant and historic upheavals coming, they do, as my book clearly states. I throw these two Reverends under the bus because they think the four blood moons of the last four lunar eclipses in a row are part of Bible prophecy. I presented the prophecies in the book to point out how that is their projection, as is the idea that the “sixth seal” of the Book of Revelations is about to be opened.

It isn’t, David.

Time will soon prove out one way or another but I fully expect the critics and unconvinced to explain away anything catastrophic as simply a ‘self fulfilled prophecy’ since so many ‘Johnny Come Lately s’ are now jumping aboard the bandwagon….Even the msm is commencing to chime in with a full orchestra it now appears.

I’ve been in the Prophecy interpreting business for over 30 years and I know the weakness of journalists to climb aboard Y2K, the Millennium, the Jupiter Effect, the Harmonic Convergence, ad nauseam. They don’t care about the prophecies. They care about ratings and sucking some blood of publicity to keep the pretense pulse of their irrelevance relevantly beating.

They come quacking and then they go. People like me in this business abide, weathering the fads and the new hyping of the day.

Still, for the record, no Sixth Seal is opening.


Here now is Dinah K. I like her witty title for it: “Feeling the Bern.” I thought she was at first being empathic about Swiss towns, then, it clicked and I laughed. Thanks Dinah for this letter:

Hi dear John, I have been frustrated, not only by this news coverage blackout, and the DNC blackout on (my candidate) Bernie Sanders, but I also can’t find his birth time. So I’m grateful for your contribution to our understanding of the “insiders” and the “outsiders” in this election cycle. Bernie will be turning 74 tomorrow. (Virgo sun, Aries moon). I’ve only seen him charted for a noon birth, as you see following. Do you by any chance have a birth time for him, and any thoughts on how he stacks up against The Donald? Bernie Sanders noon chart, Brooklyn:

You might try clicking on this link to AstroDienst. It has his ascendant at 25 degrees Pisces. I don’t know how they came to this conclusion but I will investigate as soon as I’ve finished and published my astrological predictions about Trump. He’ll probably be the next little book in the series. I see his Aries Moon is within the orb conjoined mine 17 Aries.

I’ll get into Bernie’s chances when I look at his stars for the chapter in the Trump book about aspects for 8 November 2016, Election Day.




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  1. Dennis Richardson
    Posted 26 May 2016 at 3:38 am | Permalink

    Nostradamus not withstanding, Jesus Christ & His prophet John in the book of Revelation has many more significant things that have been said, written & fulfilled. The Jubilee Christ prophesied when He quoted Isaiah 61 into Luke 4 has been happening since 1917 & 1967 in Jerusalem, by its liberations. Before September 2016 ends Jerusalem will be rescued again from Rothschild fake Jews. In September 2017 a sign will be shown to all the world, will Nostradamus fans “see” it. “A woman clothed in the sun, with the moon at her feet and twelve stars over her head”. Will YOU see this sign correctly or not? Limited time to profess Christ, the Tribulation could be two decades away or less.

    I wrote a small eBook about a key clue left by St. John the Divine that clearly intended the Book of Revelation to be a prophecy about his near future and not ours. Please check out Everything You Always Wanted to Know about 666, But were Afraid to Ask.

  2. DaMaLa
    Posted 20 September 2015 at 6:11 pm | Permalink

    The world is crumbling around us, we are on the path to another world war, and my fellow Americans are either in their blissful privileged little bubbles or feeling the full impact of the oppressive modern day slavery and running in a deficit without a single breath left to spare. I have little faith in my country men and women to either notice the cliff we’re about to go off of and the others are so weary I wonder if they have any fight left, assuming they have the better sense to know who is to blame vs. blame others who rank lower in our caste system, but I will not give up…I’ll hope for some kind of miracle that there will be an awakening and everyone will rise up and say enough is enough and win this fight for a better future.

    I knew the last time that the hope was directed toward the wrong candidate (all you had to do was read his books where he clearly reveals his centrist tendencies), and no disrespect intended but he should have known he was walking in to the no compromise zone instead of using his entire first term to learn that lesson, but now in my horizon there is REAL HOPE and WISDOM, not just for a better America, but a better world around us…a chance for us to be a beacon of light once again and putting a halt to poking hornets nests and creating enemies when we should be reaching out and making friends. There is REAL hope of someone educating our population about exactly where the oppression is coming from, to unify all working class people, and to just maybe start to heal our wounds and end the sins of false blame based on race, creed, or gender. I am hoping that person filled with hate will pause just one moment to reconsider the world they want to live in and want to leave behind for their children. I’m hoping they can release their schaudenfreude and decide this time they are going to take a leap of faith. Not just for one Candidate, but right down the entire ballot considering who best can help this person achieve these goals. The odds don’t just seem but actually are insurmountable, but it’s only because there are far too many individuals who don’t care or have simply given up.

    Things are very bad right now and I deeply fear the idea of having to live in a world where it is karma and not compassion that finally bring people to their senses, so again…I hope just before they mark their ballot, everyone pauses that moment to think about the society we want for all of humanity. It can be bright and beautiful or cruel and ugly. The thing is, we can’t continue this path of cruel and ugly without consequences…so whatever each individual needs, I hope it comes their way very soon so they make a wise and compassionate decision.

  3. Posted 15 September 2015 at 2:59 am | Permalink

    No Islamic invasion of Europe by the Mahdi? Check: Century 5, Quatrain 55, 54,27 or Century 2 Q 29.

    Like I said clearly in my writing, Francis, Nostradamus misread what he saw. Take those same verses and ignore the Islamic connection, you’ll find many of them match maneuvers and battles and locals of the First and Second World Wars. The future came to Nostradamus, as he said, in dark and shadowy images. He may not have seen the invaders and images correctly.

  4. M.A. Vigilanti
    Posted 6 September 2015 at 12:52 pm | Permalink

    Your casting Hillary Clinton in a buffoonery barrage of disrespectful, insulting and degrading pictures, eliminating your feces full of bile by dumping on her, stinks up yourself more than anyone else. Boy, you can dish out the poison, but you can’t handle the blow back as we all know. Don’t bother responding to this email, your insults are not welcome.

    Oh, but I don’t have to send “you” an email (even though I did, thanking you for the diaper dump). I know you’ll be looking for my answer in the comments. You just can’t help yourself especially since I keep my welcome mat out and my cyber door open to all who wish to peruse Hogueprophecy. You seem to have “elimination” issues. Ergo the potty mouth missive that misses because of its doo doo diplomacy.

    But you are right about me on one point. I do like to stir up the shit hiding behind the hypocrisy of others. Stirring the shit is like turning the manure I used to do when working in the truck and the dairy farms at Rajneeshpuram, Oregon. It brings air to the stink that enriches the growing of tasty food and the perfume of flowers.

    For instance, take your specific hypocrisy contained in the diaper dump letter. Vigilanti is not so grunny-gripe-righteously “vigilant” when my photos go after Republican candidates. I’ve savaged the Republicans far more and far longer than Hillary Clinton. So, for you it’s perfectly fine to use politically incorrect pictures of Trump, Jeb Bush, etc. but when I do the same to someone you politically identify with, only then do you unload your diaper of righteous indignation.

    So here I am, turning the manure in the air for self observation. I deal with your shit and its pungent “blow back” with joy and compassion. I’ve enjoyed writing this letter. It made me laugh and feel good. I don’t think you’re letter to me has brightened your life as much.

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