JEB! and Hillary for President, TPP Voted Down by US House of Representatives and Australian Intelligence very late recognizing ISIS can build a Dirty Bomb

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DATELINE: 15 June 2015

It’s Official: Hillary Clinton is running for President
Now We’ll See where my Presidential Predictions go

I’ve been saying for many years that Hillary Clinton was destined to be president. Even as I predicted what would undermine her 2008. It was documented on 3 March 2007 in an article written nearly a full year before the Democratic Party Primary Elections were scheduled to begin (click on Hillary Clinton’s Albatross). My Oracle still saw her running again after two terms of Obama. Well, here she is doing just that. My Oracle back in 2011 also began seeing Jeb Bush from the Republican side running in 2016. She announced on Saturday. He today, 15 June.

Hillary Clinton is destined to be a karmic echo of Richard Nixon. Collective lessons for nations often return granting us the same chance to learn from our mistakes in the past. For instance, Vietnam was a mistake: a military quagmire in the jungles of Southeast Asia, launched by a Texan Democrat president Lyndon Baines Johnson on what turned out to be a false military incident with the North Vietnamese Navy in the Gulf of Tonkin (1965). The lesson returned to test Americans in 2003, when another Texan president, G.W. Bush, though Republican this time around, got the country into a quagmire—not a jungle hell but a desert hell of Iraq—based on false information. No military incident but false reports that Saddam Hussein was developing nuclear weapons.

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That karmic echo is ongoing unlearned. America is only going to sink deeper into the Iraqi quicksand. As I predicted in the Obama Prophecies, he keeps sending “advisors” several hundred here, several thousand there, to Iraq. Just the same karmic mistake of President John Kennedy made in Vietnam. Moreover, Obama will leave the same number of so-called advisors training (and some of the soon dying) alongside their Iraqi charges that crowded Vietnam when Johnson took over: 16,000.

Like Nixon, Hillary Clinton has the potential for greatness. Like Nixon, she has a dark side. The angels of black counsel are perched on her shoulder. She listens to them on foreign policy matters to the peril of the world. For instance, last Saturday she delivered her first major campaign speech declaring, “No other country on earth is better positioned to thrive in a twenty-first century. No other country is better equipped to meet traditional threats from countries like Russia, North Korea and Iran, and to deal with the rise of new powers like China.”

This is so like Nixon in 1968, talking tough against the last manifestation of Russian bear bating, the Soviets. He talked tough against Red China too. The question I must put before my Oracle is this: Will Hillary play warmonger to get in office and pull an about face, becoming Nixon going the China, to Russia, etc., to make breathtaking strategic deals bringing in a new era of detente and peace? That’s what the karmic echo of Nixon offers her.

Then again, stay those whisperings of dark angels in her ear—the ones who egg her on to grow a bigger pair of balls in a man’s world of politics than the men possess around her, like war-hawkster Senator John McCain, a close friend. Or Victoria Nuland, a close friend and avowed neocon. Nuland played a key role helping the US Ambassador Pyatt to Ukraine, as phone wiretaps published on YouTube reveal, did much to draw up the putsch government that violently overthrew the Yanukovych government and set in motion the current cold war with Russia.

So we now have the karmic echo of of Bill reverberating a message to Hillary Clinton. A circle of action and reaction comes complete at the world’s great peril.

What Bill Clinton began, his expansion of NATO eastward to the Russian frontier by breaking agreements made with Russia at the end of the last cold war, Hillary Clinton could strive to complete. This would summon up a karmic echo of the Cuban Missile Crisis in the first year of her presidency. The roles will be reversed. She plays bellicose Khrushchev blundering into a crisis over Ukraine and Putin plays the more rational Kennedy. For more on this subject and the threat of a new cold war going nuclear, read A New Cold War: The Prophecies of Nostradamus, Stormberger and Edgar Cayce.

DATELINE: 15 June 2015

The TPP (Trans-Pacific-Partnership)
Voted down by House of Representatives

I love it when I’m wrong about things like this. I’m proud to declare the following as a failed prophecy:

Barack Obama has worked towards giving us a good, fast-tracking SHAFTA. It, like TAFTA and TPP, will be signed into law faster than you can scream “Patriot Act.”

Predictions 2015-2016

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Click on the cover.

The US Senate voted in favor of giving the President “fast track” powers to railroad this multi-national corporate move to take national sovereignty away from nations. Last Friday Obama sought, and failed to get, sweeping fast track powers ratified by the House of Representatives in a separate bill called the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) that the Senate linked together with the TPP. To make a long and starchy wonk of bureaucratic layered cake short bread for thought, tying the two bills together has become a political habit of the US Senate since 1974 whenever a president seeks fast-track powers. The TAA is a sweetener tossed at Democrat progressive legislators. It offers more worker rights, etc., to get their swing votes. This time progressives didn’t take the bait, stood their ground against their own president and the TAA went down 126 yeas to 302 nays with only 39 Democrats voting yes.

Democracy won a battle but the war against the TPP, with its very secret agenda that even legislators aren’t allowed to read, goes on. There are already moves being made in Congress to find other deal sweeteners to pull more swing Democrat votes to pass TPP. There’s still nearly seven months left in this year before Congress becomes pretty useless when the Presidential Election campaign season pretty much wastes the year 2016 for getting anything done.

I hope to celebrate TPP’s true demise by New Years. Up until then, the following caveat prediction remains active and you all ought to keep up your watch-dogging of your legislators in Washington:

Be also encouraged. The vote against the TPP corporate trade deal last Friday was a stunning victory for workers and progressives. TPP’s defeat demonstrates that when the people unite, we can defeat the most powerful corporations in the world. Share the good word!!

I thank all of you Hogue readers who heeded my call and put more pressure on your congressmen and women to vote “no.” The huge number of emails from around the nation does have power and impact. The work isn’t finished. A battle won is not a war positively ended. Please make the following predictions of my Oracle wrong and continue snowing your representatives in the House and Senate with cards, calls, Facebook flooding and your emails, or else…

I prophesy an end of governments as the pinnacle of the pyramid of power in the world starting in 2015. With the signing of SHAFTA and the EU-US trade agreements, your governments will have surrendered their independence. The only good I can derive from this tragedy is that it might get your attention after it happens and you might take your sovereign government and freedoms back by whatever means available.

DATELINE: 15 June 2015

J-E-B !
Where’s the Beef?
Where’s the “Bush”!

All the ducks of my Oracle’s prophecy are in a row today. Former Florida Governor Jeb ! is making his announcement on my flat screen TV as I’m writing this article that he’s officially a candidate for president. Something’s missing in his political buttons and banners. His last name is hiding behind an exclamation mark that looks to my eye like an orphan from a string of symbols people use a keyboard to cuss with, such as: @!#%%sh*t!

What’s going on here? Is his family name associated with the evil wizard Voldemort (the one who cannot be named)? The older, less smarter, brother and US President is he “who cannot be named” in Jeb’s campaign? Indeed, he is “the one who cannot be present” at JEB !’s announcement today.

Masking the family name is a bad political move. When you suppress something you bring attention to it. It’s like me saying, “don’t think about monkeys right now.” Whatever you do, don’t think about them.

Don’t think about SEX ! either. Erase all thought of sex.

Sex and monkeys.

Don’t think about monkeys having sex in your mind ! ! ! ! ! !

To be fair, the other side has HILLARY on placards. Often the “Clinton” is missing.

As campaign symbols go, JEB has his ! and Hillary just becomes “H” with an arrow emerging to the right that looks a bit phallic, honey. What to do? She’s a Scorpio—double Scorpio. H “this way”…

Still, you see “Clinton” on banners and her husband the president was not “the one who could not be attending” her campaign launch this weekend. Indeed he had a bright scarlet golf shirt on as loud and “here I am” as can be.

Unlike JEB (the family name that cannot be named) who declared he’s in the race today, I have long predicted that H. Clinton will nourish a heaping helping of myth with fact to present the Clinton years as “the good old days.” JEB ! can’t say that about George Dubiya ! So he’s ! Dubiya and !-ed the Bush clan name so that people might forget the “bad old days” of Dubiya.

I’ve long said the main contest in 2016 will be Hillary verses JEB !

If JEB ! wasn’t the front runner for multinational corporate funding, !’d say all th!s f!cking around with his family name and other pre-launch stumbles would have h!m lagging behind Ted Cruz and Donald Trump!p! in the polls in a few months if it were to continue. Well, his big coming out party was devoid of gaffs. Thank his lucky banksters’ britches that their pockets are deep enough to pull out whopping $!00 million for political ads—ten times more money the Mitt Romney had at this point officially launching his presidential campaign for 2012. Let free-wheeling money ring a ching-a-cah-CHING! Money talks. Money has free speech.

DATELINE: 15 June 2015

ISIS and Dirty Bombs

Australian Intelligence? The koala has gone to sleep, fallen off the gum tree and landed upon a revelation shared to NATO. You Koala’s Downunder have come a little late to the party. The Independent UK reported on 10 June that ISIS has seized enough radioactive material from government stockpiles to make a “dirty bomb”—that is, a modest explosive device that releases radioactive fallout over a wide area. Once you have the material, the rest is relatively easy and cheap to make the kind of terror weapons that gives intelligence agencies nightmares. ISIS leaders have declared openly their interest in building weapons of mass destruction like these. Is it a threat or an inevitability?

I agree with Jared and other readers that this dirty bomb scare at this time is small compared to the corporate terror tactics of the TPP, trying to smuggle people-unfriendly rules and powers under the stealth of censorship. They plied their influence on their puppet Obama to sneak this sovereignty “bomb” underneath the protections of the US Constitution to blow those rights right up, so to speak.

I’m unemployed. The article you wrote [last week, click on TPP] scares me more. Jobs get taken and the American is kept in the dark and fed the crock about the dirty bomb.

Although the TPP is an imminent threat to all, this dirty bomb problem is not a crock. It’s something I’ve been prophetically warning about since ISIS took those materials a year ago. It’s odd that the Australians have noticed this point so late. I agree with Jared that the timing of the Independent article seems aimed to draw attention away from immediate dangers.

And yet, what I wrote back in July 2014 is a real danger for Baghdad and the thousands of Americans working at the US Embassy there. I predict these are the American victims ISIS intends to irradiate first and here’s how:

Click on the cover and read more about this new book and where the Ukraine crisis is taking us next.

Click on the cover and read a free sample.

Americans started this misery-go-all-around the Middle East heartland when it invaded and occupied Iraq to find weapons of mass destruction that didn’t exist. There does exist unmanufactured materials to make chemical weapons and a stockpile of 2,500 rockets that ISIS seized from the tottering and divisive Iraqi government that America left behind. If they have within their ranks skilled bomb makers, it is quite likely that the Sarin gas will be contained in rudimentary warheads they could screw onto those rockets.

ISIS can’t make an atomic bomb but they can manufacture hundreds of dirty bombs with that captured stockpile that includes radioactive isotopes. These would be conventional rocket warheads or artillery shells containing radioactive dust. Just one dirty bombshell fired from a captured US-made howitzer 20 miles outside of Baghdad lands in the government “Green Zone” where the massive US Embassy also resides. The explosion is minor. The spreading cloud of radioactive fallout over a square mile, will render the Green Zone uninhabitable for 60 years!

A New Cold War, Chapter 5:
Stop Armageddon’s Countdown, I want to get off!



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