The Obama Prophecies, Growth Point Planet Earth, US-Iran 11th-Hour Peace Breakthrough, and Kiev set to Poison Ukrainian Ceasefire, start Civil War in Spring and Blame Russia

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02 April 2015



Peace now has a chance. I’ve been predicting this 11th-hour peace initiative could happen just before there’s a war with Iran, pushed by the Western powers that, if it went through, would destroy the world economy and unravel the Middle East. Or, “Peace” comes to the region, beginning with one leader dated to arise during a Mars-Jupiter conjunction in February 2009 “who is elevated or elected” so says the Nostradamus prophecy 6 Q24, “who will bring peace on earth for a long time.”

KerryIranDealGenevaThere’s only one figure that was elected near that time. President Obama was inaugurated three weeks earlier to a first term in office. Obama, therefore, is that man of peace and destiny. Yet there are tremendous forces arrayed against peace with Iran. Some of these are inside Iran as much as outside in the governments of the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Deep in the darkest corners of their hearts is a programming that believes they must be instruments for the fulfillment of their twisted beliefs about Islamic, Jewish and Christian apocalyptic prophecies. Such men want Armageddon to happen.

Click on this picture and read about the future of Iraq, Syria and when Nostradamus dated and described the next great Middle Eastern War.

Click on this picture and read about the future of Iraq, Syria and when Nostradamus dated and described the next great Middle Eastern War.

Now we will watch the nations involved sit down, compose, and sign the agreement with its completion set for 30 June. The stars are most positive for peace having a chance in June! It really is the last chance because, starting in September 2015 and continuing off and on through 2016, WAR has its most favorable stars.

If this peace is sabotaged, then the wise man’s caveat will be in play for the warmongers: “Beware of what you wish for because sometimes it comes true.” The potentials for peace or war are fully examined in Nostradamus: The War with Iran–Islamic Prophecies of the Apocalypse. Now more than ever do we need to rightfully understand the dated messages of Nostradamus.


PS—Tomorrow or Saturday, I will post a comprehensive report on the Historic agreement achieved today. This peace initiative, if it weathers the gauntlet of many warmongers in power trying to kill it between now and the end of June, will be a regional game changer. Not just for Iran and America, mind you, but also in the prosecution of the war on ISIS, a final two-state solution for Israeli and Palestine, and the Middle East becoming a nuclear free zone. (Netanyahu, are you listening?)

 obama-iranFlagsDATELINE: 29 March 2015

From The Obama Prophecies to a Discussion on
Planet Earth, a “Growth Point” for the Universe

Before we delve into the prophetically important developments in the Ukraine and especially the peace negotiations coming to a head for the US and Iran, I want to share with you both the ridiculous and more intelligent kinds of comment I receive on my Facebook public page and private page.

IranFlagMushroomFirst the inane from John S. A swipe without substance was delivered in the thread following my Iran article (see below), first posted seven days before the 31 March deadline set by US, European, Chinese and Iranian diplomats in Lausanne, Switzerland. Two days from the time of this writing (29 March 2015) they must forge a solution to the Iranian nuclear program issue and lift sanctions on Iran if Tehran can agree cut back the high grade and volume of its uranium manufacture that could be used to build atomic weapons. What pushed John S’s button was my temerity to presume Obama might be the one foretold by Nostradamus and dated astrologically as the great peacemaker in the Middle East. I caution you all, that just because he is pinpointed to be that guy doesn’t mean he will achieve this destiny. As I’ve long documented, even a year before he ran for office. Obama will miss many opportunities for greatness because his advent as president was too soon and he is yet too mature to be that guy. Still, the astrology of Nostradamus offers another outcome potential that you can examine in the next article, below. It prompted this picture and one-liner swipe of troll-sophistry from John S:

StupidestFuckingThingTodayJOHN S.
I dont know what you are smoking John. Can you send me some?

All we know from John S. waggish generality and a picture describing a thousand words of “vague” is that he doesn’t believe what I wrote is possible. We don’t know “what” he doesn’t like, or “what” he proposes is a more intelligent take on peace or no peace with Iran. His point is as flat and sterile as the picture of the man (boy) with his pet iPad (dog). This country’s inability to express exactly “what” is viewed as stupid, like John S’s comment, tries to make a virtue out of the pretense of intelligence.

John S looks like he knows what he’s talking about and you almost know what he means. By playing with the habit of almost having a dialogue, we almost sound like we live in a country that almost has a future.

I choose not to be emoti-conned the prevalent exercise of almost-thought.

Now to something completely different. On the same day, on my private Facebook page, a juicy back-and-forth discussion arose in the article stream about my new book The Obama Prophecies between Donna, Anthony, Pratima, Gerald and me. It expanded the issue from Obama to more biblical then cosmic proportions. I will share it with you now. First, so that you have the context, here is an overview of the book that launched the discussion. It appears on the Amazon sales page:


Click on the cover and read a free sample chapter.

Click on the cover and read a free sample chapter.

The dome of the U.S. Capitol building is encaged, or so it seems. The scaffolding set up for major renovations of the grand cupola could stand as an architectural metaphor for the state of the U.S. Republic and its Congress. Centuries of wear and tear have revealed dangerous, systemic cracks needing a concerted effort to repair before it all collapses. The question put forth in this little book by one of America’s most accurate political forecasters is whether the scaffolding stands as either an omen promising future restoration of a polarized and nearly broken political system; or, it is a sign that the Republic will fall behind the prison bars of a corporate coup d’état.

What role does President Obama play in that future?

John Hogue warned in early 2007, nearly a year before the primary elections of 2008, that only one candidate had the slightest chance of defeating Senator Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party’s nomination for president—Barack Obama. Hogue explained correctly how he would achieve it, but then handed down a caveat: If Obama became president in 2008, he would arrive at his destiny “too soon” and not ready for prime time History. It is better to be too early than too late; however, with less than two years left in his presidency, success is not assured.

In this fiery and captivating book, Hogue will forecast whether President Obama will, or will not, enjoy a late-blooming greatness. It also anticipates the next steps in a corporate takeover of the U.S. Republic. These include a pair of presidential candidates picked by an emerging plutocracy in a rigged 2016 Presidential Election. Who will be the next president? The choice may be “theirs.”

With forecasts spanning the next two years of American politics, this book will present in great detail an alternative future the American voter can access. Real flesh and red-blooded American citizens of all political persuasions can come together and take back their country from corporations masquerading as “people.”


Now to the comments in the Facebook Thread. They began on 21 March and end up to today 29 March 2015:

Very Interesting!!!

The original corporate coup was in 1963, the blood coup against JFK.

2000 saw a rip off of the electoral process by George Bush in Florida, followed by the Inside job of the 9/11 hits and the resulting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. 2008 and the Bush catastrophe ended with the alleged bank bailout, which literally stole $1.5 trillion and handed it to the biggest banks (some, like Goldman, were holdings of the Bush Family) as well as sabotaging what was left of the US budget.

Iranwar_Bush_codpiece-236x300Obama has repaired a lot more damage than he was expected to. But the right-wing wackos will settle for nothing less than a complete catastrophe they can blame on the left.

How it will work out in the end will depend on (1) Can the democrats come up with a candidate that can deal with it? and (2) How much have the American people awakened to what is really going on with their country?

Bush is still eligible to be tried for high treason, election fraud and conspiracy. Let us see how it works out.

There’s a third possibility that this book covers and I’m not taking a third party approach, either. The third possibility moves people power beyond the trap of parties, left, center or right.

I remain a Democrat, because until we find a way to solve the problems and move ourselves into a new age, we can survive far better under a Democratic government than we can under Republicans, who undercut both personal freedoms and support for the poor.

But moving into a new age requires a massive rise in public awareness, as well as a change in the projections of the race on a psychic level. The prophetic signals I get, combined with what reading I can do, tell me that we as a race are being forced to gradually evolve spiritually into that new age, but to make the change the old ways must die. If we open to the change and work with it, it will be far easier than resisting the trend, which will necessitate wholesale destruction on a physical level to accomplish the move. Hate, fear and violence all make it more likely to have an Armageddon kind of catastrophe to cleanse the planet, while the projection of love and harmony encourage the change to happen peacefully.

Click on this picture and read about the future of Iraq, Syria and when Nostradamus dated and described the next great Middle Eastern War.

Click on this picture and read about the future of Iraq, Syria and when Nostradamus dated and described the next great Middle Eastern War.

I wrote a piece called “The Dance”, which explains how the threat or prophecy of catastrophe is neither a warning nor a promise, but rather a stimulus to get people to change the way they react to the very threat itself. Think of how often we’ve had prophecies of nuclear war, or of revolution, or of a new war in europe or the mideast. Some put out the call for us to strike first; others build fallout shelters. Still others pray or meditate to project peace to the leaders. By understanding what the music is about, we can choose what steps we use to “Dance” to it and eliminate the need to do the dance over and over again.

The overriding theme of all my input, though, is that these trials will be experienced as individuals, not as a race as a whole. And rather than a dramatic mass killing event, we will rather see events slowly ratchet up until enough people make the shift or perish trying to resist the change.

Don’t get caught up in the music. Dance to your own song into the new age.

Thank you, Anthony, for presenting your views so well and clearly. When my book deadline crunches relax their grip on me in a few weeks, I would like to respond to your points in detail in a HogueProphecy article.

Perhaps I can send you that article “The Dance” for your perusal…

Yes Anthony! It takes one Individual at a time through Meditation and Understanding! The Gestalt Changes……! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Interesting indeed, but it is just that. The so called New Age is simply the manifestation of the satanic NWO and hardly something to be looked forward to. There will be only elites and slaves. I doubt anyone here will be called to be an elite.

Not at all. The whole idea of the New Age is to move beyond conflict and into a spirit-centered world.

I’ve also gotten an alternative view — and I wonder if John has felt this: The purpose of the earth is to remain a classroom, so there will always be duality and some level of conflict. But we will advance to a higher level of awareness in which the conflicts will deal with deeper levels of consciousness and not have as much of the brutality and violence we see here now.

That’s a very admirable goal Anthony. I have no doubt as to your sincerity in wanting a better world. I think we all do, but what what defines a “better” world is in dispute. On one side we have the Biblical version, and on the other a Theosophical one from which the New Age springs from. I am sure that most on this thread are familiar with Blavatski, Bailey, Creme, among others who in either direct or cloaked terms acknowledge that the True Lord is Lucifer who will “unite” the world and bring us into a new age much like what you have described. So whether we say Enlightened, Luciferian, or Satanic…it is the same (principle of duality)

Thanks Anthony and Gerald for your discussion. This is the intelligent dialogue I encourage on my Facebook pages. Not one-liner swipes that neither informs us what’s right or wrong about anything published here. As I wrote earlier in another stream, the Earth might be a growing point in “the tree of life” as it were, that is the Universe and all of its network of worlds “branching”—evolving.

It came up in my answer to Roger B.’s statement:

For shure one day we mite have a third world war but also remember man repeate the past in the futur were still in school on this earth whats your take on that john.

Osho and child.

Osho and child. Click on the photo.

A growth point in the stem of a tree is where birth and destruction meet. A mother’s painful travail brings innocent life into the world. Where there’s no growth, there’s no pain, yet there isn’t life either. Perhaps Planet Earth is one of those “growth points” in the Universe. Other civilizations out there may be in some form of stasis, like all the parts of a branch that have passed through the growing stage long ago. Perhaps other civilizations study us so they can remember what it’s like to grow when the branch is green and vulnerable. Alive, yet violent. Destructive yet creation itself.

Gerald, thank you also for your comments. I would cordially ask you to check your fundamental premise about just “what” Lucifer is. Often over the long and difficult “growing” of humanity a pattern as tough as a seed’s casing professes a dogma that basically is afraid of all new things. This habit will label new things as Satanic, acts of Lucifer—Evil. It is out of fear, not understanding.

Even the prophets of the bible could have foreseen an evolution to a global civilization as something they didn’t understand—something they therefore could only call evil.

OverthinkingMindVolcanoWe all have our conceits. Nothing is more powerful than a conceit made into canon law. One holy conceit few question is that the bible’s prophets are perfect forecasters. Funny how the only record of this being so is set down by the same bible forecasters. (Oiy! Such a deal!)

Now then, if I made the same claims made in Deuteronomy as my “perfect” God-sanctioned litmus test, you would rightfully call me on it, protesting that being your only sole source of claiming prophetic perfection is being biased in the supreme.

Why not apply that same skepticism to your Biblical beliefs, Gerald?

Why not be suspicious of “flawless” prophets who claim such perfection graced by God? Why take their definition of what’s Luciferian as rote?

Why not consider that what you call Lucifer’s evil work to “unite” the world might be a misunderstanding of those afraid of the unknown, afraid of evolution, afraid of change?

A seed of change may be afraid of the death coming when it must destroy its comfortable shell to flower.

Click on the cover to read more.

Click on the cover to read more.

DATELINE: 29 March 2015

(First Posted on Facebook: 26 March 2015)
Nostradamus, Iran
And the Eleventh-Hour
Peace Breakthrough?

Nostradamus foresaw this potential 11th-hour breakthrough. It’s dated in Century 6 Quatrain 24 of Nostradamus’ prophecies. It pinpoints the time a new “king” or president is elected “who will bring peace on earth for a long time.” The Mars-Jupiter conjunction Nostradamus used to date who that is, happened a few weeks after President Obama was sworn into office in his first term! He’s the man of destiny. The man Nostradamus elsewhere calls “the Black King.” Will he succeed? Does peace have a chance, or are there warmongers in the halls of power in Washington, Jerusalem and Tehran who will sabotage peace and bring on the greatest war the Middle East has ever seen? Nostradamus dated this as well. Read what’s possibly coming next in Nostradamus: The War with Iran—Islamic Prophecies of the Apocalypse.

First, here’s Nostradamus’ prophecy:

6 Q24

Mars & le ƒceptre ƒe trouuera conioinct,
Deƒƒoubz Cancer calamiteuƒe guerre:
Vn peu apres ƒera nouueau Roy oingt,
Qui par long temps pacifiera la terre.

Mars and the scepter [of Jupiter] will meet in conjunction,
A calamitous war under Cancer [birth sign of USA]:
A short time afterward a new King will be anointed,
Who will bring peace to the Earth fora longtime.

Mars-Jupiter conjunctions happened in April 2002, August-October 2004 and September October 2004. The first conjunction coincided with the Bush Administration formulating preliminary plans for war with Iran. The next two conjunctions in 2004 framed the time when full-on and serious plans were in the works to wage a two-month campaign of sustained airstrikes on 8,000 targets across Iran. On the forth pass of the conjunction in December 2006, the first of several saber-rattling shows of US naval military force through the Strait of Hormuz and along the Iranian coast of the Persian Gulf tried to tempt an incident that might spark the war with parading US carrier strike groups. The Iranians, being a nation that has sustained itself for 3,000 years, are smarter than that.

This conjunction defines in astrology the fate of the US and Iran in peace or in war past and future. It nearly started a war in the conjunction cluster above. It could start one again later this year:

Nostradamus adds to his dates the “War or Peace” theme of his Mars-Jupiter conjunction mentioned in 6 Q24. Mars once again will unite with Jupiter in October 2015 in Virgo!

Nostradamus: TheWar with Iran, Introduction:
Planets for War conjoin over the Middle East

HoguesAstrol2015LookInsideWho then is the new king? Nostradamus used Renaissance terminology to describe modern leaders. It just so happens that Barack Obama was first inaugurated president of the United States roughly a month before the Mar-Jupiter conjunction in February 2009. He is, therefore, the only candidate to be this modern “king” bringing peace. He’s the “king” of those who fought—indeed he’s fighting—a calamitous war under Cancer, the US birth sign. That war was Bush’s Iraq war and occupation that Obama adopted as his own. And, now he’s back in Iraq trying to keep as few US Army boots out of that desert quagmire as he can, although my Oracle in the forthcoming book Predictions 2015-2016 smells military adviser mission creep into ground troop involvement in 2015-2016.

Nevertheless, here Obama is, playing peacemaker, thanks to the diplomatic breakthrough initiated by Russian President Putin in the autumn of 2013 that prevented a US-NATO war against Iran’s chief ally Syria over chemical weapons. The successful dismantlement of these weapons opened channels long frozen tight since 1979 between Iran and America.

Washington and Tehran started talking. Thank you Vladimir. Maybe Obama could let you borrow his Nobel Peace Prize, eh?

My goodness, they actually might be a few days away now from establishing the terms of an agreement about Iran’s nuclear production that will, by late June lead to the composing of a treaty. The stars in June are favorable for that 11th-hour resolution. However, they go malevolent again in August of 2015 and later in the autumn. Peace IS very very close, yet so is war. Stay on your toes everyone.

10p42015-LookInsideCoverI posted the first paragraph of this article earlier on my Facebook private and public pages. That stimulated a lot of discussion. It also surprised some readers how I can, on the one hand, savage Obama’s presidency in The Obama Prophecies, yet make a 180 degree turn and call him AT LAST a peacemaker that might just earn his Nobel Peace Prize late in his fading, lame-duck presidency. I want to share one of the interchanges to illuminate what I know from my own experience is a common misunderstanding many of you have. You think my private political views color my predictions.

From my side, I find it more likely that “your” political expectations of me, to see a future that fits with “your” political hopes and fears are involved here.

I’ve been making political predictions for many many years—four decades or more—I’ve seen just about every kind of reaction to them. The most common being a celebration by one side in an election when my predictions choose, let’s say, a Democrat winning. Suddenly, I’m the reincarnated American Nostradamus. Then, in the next election cycle, I predict the Republican Party’s candidate will win. Poof! goes praise for the American Nostradamus. Now Democrats write that I’m a lousy prophet and politically biased. On the other, Republican side, Presto-Chango! I’m rehabilitated in their minds. I’m Nostradamus to them, not chopped liver.

I ask you all, how can I be favoring one or the other political persuasion when since 1968 I’ve picked all the 12 winners of the presidential elections who are a mix of Democrats and Republicans?

Anyway, here’s an example from a Facebook thread. I’m respected until I go against expectations:

John Hogue, much as i respect your prophetic studies, knowledge and intuition, you are blinded by your politics. This potential nuclear deal from Obama “the man of peace—lol” will precipitate the war you fear.

I’m just the messenger of the astrology that pinpoints Obama as that man. If the astrology had pinpointed G.W. Bush I would have said exactly the same thing. Often when people criticize my politics they are actually projecting their political biases on what I’ve written. Moreover, Jonathan, if I have your respect it is because I am accurate in my predictions, including the political ones. I’m 12 and 0 picking presidents. What to do? I’m sure to upset Democrats one year and upset Republicans the next. It has nothing to do with me or my politics. It has everything to do with how people want the future to fit their biases. It often doesn’t.

By the way, my final assessment of Barack Obama is really upsetting the Obamandroids who still see him as some rock star messiah. Check it out, Jonathan and everyone: Click on President Obama.


Percentages by the colors. The darker blue you go the more ethnically Russian Ukraine becomes.

DATELINE: 29 March 2015

Kiev aims to Poison the Minsk II Agreement
Civil War resumes in the Spring as foretold
(The Western Media will blame Russia)

The Ceasefire is holding between Ukrainian troops and Donbass Russian Separatists. Yet as I’ve forewarned, Ukrainian President Poroshenko does not dare go against neo-Nazi elements in his government such as Right Sector with any successful achievement of the next step in the Minsk II agreement. After the ceasefire holds the Ukrainian government will create a federalist system granting autonomy to its eastern provinces to decide whom they economically and political want to do business with.



The Ukrainian parliament in Kiev just inserted a “clause” requiring the rebels’ first surrender to the Ukrainian government before Kiev organizes elections to determine the federalized structure of the new government.

There’s no way the Separatists will agree to this, especially since this is NOT covered in the Minsk II agreement and there’s no way they’ll lay their arms down to the neo-fascist militias that have been massacring their people.

This is how Poroshenko will sabotage the agreement, blaming the separatists for not complying to “the Law” as his parliament twists it. The foul ever comes first from the Western backed putsch regime in Kiev. When the separatists respond, that’s when the press in America parrots the US State Department’s script as news.

Left to right: Putin, Merkel, Hollande and Poroshenko at the Minsk II talks.

Left to right: Putin, Merkel, Hollande and Poroshenko at the Minsk II talks.

I hold some hope that German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande can fly to Kiev and set Mr. Poroshenko straight. If they don’t then this will be the cause of the resumption of an even greater civil war in Ukraine this spring as I’ve foreseen, but do not wish to see fulfilled.

That civil war would then lead us, this year at the earliest, into a direct military confrontation between NATO and Russia in Ukraine.

I'm just about finished editing this 120,000 word epic on events in 2015-2016 that will impact the next 30 years. Click on the cover.

I’m just about finished editing this 120,000 word epic on events in 2015-2016 that will impact the next 30 years. Click on the cover.

It could escalate into a nuclear incident between NATO and Russia next–what I’ve been calling “The Ukrainian Missile Crisis” in my forthcoming book Predictions 2015-2016.

We are AGAIN heading for the brink of a Third World War that the prophets, who have so clearly forecast the other two world wars say, happens with humanity’s eyes wide open as they step into these great catastrophes.

Your eyes are wide open, shut, perhaps because your leaders and your media are telling you mostly lies about what’s really going on.

Open your eyes. Read what these prophets have to say and how you can do your part to avert this war from killing two-thirds of the human race in as little as a few years—a few months?—from now. The choice is yours:

Click on the cover. Now also available in print.  Click on the cover to find out more.

Click on the cover. Now also available in print.
Click on the cover to find out more.


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If for some reason you cannot leave your comments in the comments box below, just send them to me via the Contact email button. If they are interesting and clearly written, I will post them with my inserted comments. I will even post some of you rare souls disposing promising content with all the dirty literary laundry “spots” of functional illiteracy displayed. So please reread your stuff, use spell check and punctuate. You are being read by the whole world; so don’t look dumb in print. Those who do the best they can will be rewarded with it being published here.



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  1. RobertK
    Posted 8 April 2015 at 3:15 am | Permalink

    Some time ago I predicted to you that people would come through Mexico to attack the U.S. – So here is one that was caught!
    EXCLUSIVE: Iraqi Caught Crossing US-Mexico Border was Military Trainer and Spoke Fluent Russian

    Hi Robert. You jump to conclusions. He was “caught” illegally entering the U.S., that’s all. He’s a Shiite rather than a Sunni–far more likely the latter sect would send terrorists to our shores. Being a military trainer who speaks Russian is a common trade of Arab military men who served in the Soviet-style military forces of Iraq and Syria. Many Syrian and Iraqi officers speak Russian because they were trained in Russia. If this man had been a proven member of a terror cell then it would be more than just a man trying to get into the U.S. to live and work there, although illegally. It’s a well known assumption that the southern US borders are wide open for terrorists to come through. Any educated guess can look prophetic when the first one of these sleeper terrorists finally acts. A true prediction would be telling us “when” and “where” such an attack will happen, and, “who” are the men. Tell us what was their country of origin and that they infiltrated through US southern borders. Get those details right and we are entering a world of forecasting beyond an educated guess on what’s obvious. Good luck on your next attempt at predicting.

  2. graeme johnson
    Posted 30 March 2015 at 2:04 pm | Permalink

    hi john, according to my astrolog ephemeris, mars does not comjunct jupiter in august 2015. its still a sign away. the mars/jup conjunction occurs exactly 13th october 2015 with the sun in libra.

    Hi Graeme. Thanks, it should be October as you say. I’ll remedy that mistake. I confused the conjunction with Mars and Saturn in fire signs which is the first of two windows for war in 2015-2016. Thank you. The Mars-Jupiter conjunction, though in October, isn’t in Libra, it’s in Virgo even though the Sun is in Libra.

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