Ray Bradbury, Venus Transit 2012 and the Next Mega Crisis


Ray Bradbury had a passion for supporting libraries. It was in such a place that I first met him. The meeting changed my life.

Ray Bradbury
Science Fiction Prophet
Dies at Age 91
During the Venus Transit

(DATELINE 7 June 2012) Ray Bradbury died during the Venus Transit (5 June 2012) at age 91. I cannot think of a timelier day to pass away for a man born under the golden, sunny sign of Leo while a goddess patron planet of the arts transited across the solar shine. Not only was he a giant in the Science Fiction field, but also he was, in my estimation, a prophet. This was especially so when it comes to his dystopian classic Fahrenheit 451, which I would argue resembles our current times more that Orwell’s 1984.

We have become a technologically advanced society that is losing its heart, its literary intelligence. We let it drain our souls. We stare at flat screen, wall-sized televisions watching pabulum. Ray Bradbury had foreseen that and much more, way back in three evolutions of Fahrenheit 451: first in a short story called Bright Phoenix in 1947, then a longer novella called The Fireman in 1951. I loved hearing him tell the story about how he evolved the story’s last evolution as a novel about a fireman in a future society that burns books yet dares to read the forbidden, and fine, print.

A first edition of "Fahrenheit 451", a work of dystopian prophecy most resembling our times.

He brought it into the world in 1953 through the mechanical midwife of a typewriter for rent at ten cents per 30 minutes. Armed with change, he frenetically banged 47,000 words out of that cranky, key encrusted Stairmaster for his thick fingers as fast as he could in a race against time and dwindling dimes, fed into that thoroughly pummeled machine, bolted to a table in the basement of UCLA’s Lowell Library.

Ray was much more to me than an inspiring author. I got to know him personally as my first literary mentor. I believe it was either the end of 1975 or early 1976 when I first met him. He had come to speak at my local Palos Verdes Library in California, when I happened to be there researching my first difficult attempts to write a novella. He went on to personally read and critique that story.

I will be gathering as soon as I can my recollections of Ray to be posted on the website. It will include a comic and non-fiction “horror” story: the day I almost scared him to death at his front door. Ray loved horror stories and he loved my telling of this incident ten years later when I sent him a copy of my first published book Nostradamus and the Millennium which had become an international best seller, thanks in no small part to his feedback, wisdom and positive support.

A scene from the 1960s movie version of "Fahrenheit 451" when the "book lady" chooses to die with her books as the firemen burned them. It was produced and directed by Francois Truffaut, starring Oscar Werner and Julie Christie. This movie also included Bernard Hermann's most haunting movie score. Bradbury told me he thought Truffaut's ending to "451" was superior to his. I love both endings. The moment I read the ending of his novel when in my mid-teens, I was profoundly moved. I suddenly knew that I must become a writer. He helped me make that dream come true.

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Now to the Venus transit prophecies posted 5 June 2012:


Photo of the last Venus transit of the Sun in 2004 seen at sunset, with the silouhette of fishers and pelicans. Venus is the black dot on the right of the Sun.

A Lunar Eclipse
Venus Transit of the Sun
Celebration of Life
And windows for Earthquakes

(DATELINE: 5 June 2012) There was a lunar eclipse on 4 June when the Uranus-Pluto square tightens from 2 to 1 degree orb. The following day, today in fact, Venus will conjoin with the Sun in Gemini making a rare and portentous transit across the Sun’s surface, visible to Earth telescopes. It will not do it again until the 22nd century in the year 2117.

The conjunction of the Sun and Venus is a day to renew one’s harmonic connection to the music of life as invisibly pulsating from the music of Venusian-Solar sphere. The Sun is the ruler of the personal ego. Venus is ruler of relationships and love, music and arts. The two together conjoined most rarely and exactly on 5 June grant us a window on that day to enhance aesthetic self-expression and beauty. For me, I wrote this opening few paragraphs on the Venus transit listening the beautiful music of Dmitri Shostakovich’s first movement (Allegro) of his Piano Concerto No. 2 in F minor.  I share it with you. The climactic harmonic release at minute 4:08 to 4:46 launches me blissfully away (to Venus :-)).

Dmitri Shostakovich in 1949 with son Maxim (left) and daughter Galina (right).

Venusian joy of this day helped me sing out and tape the basic sketch to a second “cruising” movement to the Motorcycle Concerto I am composing in collaboration with Talia Toni Marcus. Celebrate today the blessing of life and carry it into the rest of what is going to be a very intense month where social harmony crashes into anti-social resistance in some dicey and challenging aspects in the intellectual sign of the Gemini Sun.

The lunar eclipse will probably have more to do with earthquakes in relationships in the parliaments and capitals of Europe than in quakes, though I do not rule out June through July’s exact 8 degree Uranus-Pluto square making for some of 2012’s worst volcanic and seismic upheavals. Watch also for August through September around the time of 3 July (Full Moon) and 19 July (New Moon); 2 August (Full) and 17 August (New) plus a rare double, or “blue,” August Full Moon (31 August). Then look out for September’s New Moon on 15 September and a bitter harvest Full Moon for 29 September.

My e-Almanac of prophecies for the year 2012 is the most astrologically based of any published so far because there are so many pertinent and history changing aspects, especially starting now and up to and through 21 December 2012 when people might think they should don their best Maya ascension robes like Millerites. If you are a reader of HogueProphecy and wish to understand and prepare for the second half of 2012, now is the time to get a copy of my Prophecies for 2012. It is affordable and your purchase is needed to keep Hogueprophecy.com flourishing, thanks.

(Another piece of music for this Venus eclipse of the Sun day – tender and lyrical – is the Andante from the same 2nd Piano Concerto. It expresses the deep love of a father for his son. When I write to all of you, I often play such pieces in the background. This is for all of you. To listen to it, click on Shostakovich.

Now back to the blog posted 3 June:


CNN (Childish News Network – excluding Fareed Zakaria) and other mainstream news networks ran it. Other outlets like NBC (Numb Broadcasts for Children), CBS (Childish BS), MSNBC (Multiple Sclerotic Numbskulls Broadcasting for Children) and FOX (Fuming OXen) Network, kept cameras trained on the perfect coiffure of John Edwards for much of last Friday. Edward’s perfect hair was rerun all day long, punctuated by editorials of talking heads. Tele-blindness led the blind as Edwards confessed his sins before the microphones and cicada click of cameras in front of a Raleigh, North Carolinian courthouse.

He had won the first round but is sure to face a retrial for presumably using campaign finances meant for his 2008 bid to become president of the United States as hush money to keep his extramarital affair with Rielle Hunter and her pregnancy quiet.

On Friday, the cowboys of news corporate organs pulling the reins, turned away your muzzle from sniffing out stories requiring intelligent attention. You were not going for a gallop down a trail to a news report last Friday that would change your life and the lives of all you see, all you love, born and yet unborn.

I will take you there.

On Friday, it was reported that weather stations across the Arctic are receiving data of an aggregate average of 400 ppm (parts per million) of carbon gas emissions spreading across the North Pole region. The Arctic is that greenhouse-gas susceptible canary in the mine shaft that is first to fall off his perch swooning from the human “mind” shafting of the ecosystem by pumping fossil fuel created gases to abandon into our atmosphere creating what has been euphemistically called “Climate Change”.

Scientists in the Arctic demonstrating by "lighting one off" to what extent methane is being released in a great and invisible plume into Earth's atmosphere.

What 400-ppm in the Arctic should be called is a disturbing development in the heating up of the Earth’s atmosphere accurately labeled as “global warming.” Your fossil fuel farting corporate controlled media outlets will not mention it by that name.

The Polar Regions are most vulnerable to global warming. The Arctic in particular is experiencing a thinning of the polar sea ice. Vast tracks of permafrosted plains across Canada, Alaska and Siberia are rapidly melting. Particularly in Siberia, this releases from thawing earthen seas of peat, billions of tons of trapped methane gas deposits. Methane is a far better conductor of trapped solar heat in the atmosphere than industrial strength CO2.

A great gassed reinforcement to our industrial output is on, which by itself steadily increased the mean carbon atmospheric rate from a pre-industrial age level of 275 ppm, has greenhouse gassed the Arctic canary, as it were, with 400 ppm.

This milestone is a preview.

The global average in other climate zones currently hovers between 390 and 395 ppm. I predict here that it will match the Arctic reading in two years or less. We are nudging closer to cross a mathematical red line sooner than expected by science. The climate-apocalyptic number my Oracle warned last year in Predictions for 2012 is a tipping point beyond which there is no return to a stable Earth’s atmosphere gripped by global fever:

Over a decade of accelerating, spiraling power in tropical storms, in monsoons and in tornado seasons is on the way. Neither human denial, or rationalizations of this being merely a “new normal” as if it “is” normal, nor feckless pledges to maybe renew some climate change accord to begin making serious cuts in fossil fuel emissions starting in 2020 are all mutterings of a soon to be drowning fool’s fantasy. Time is running out on stanching this flood from the angry skies and roiling rising oceans. Climate change will be irreversible in five years. The atmosphere heats up and holds more water, making all storms, temperate, arctic, or tropical, increasingly Neptunian Kraken-Loch Ness Monster powerful.

That’s what climatologists across the world are coming to understand, reading the rise in carbon emissions in the atmosphere. There’s a point where rapidly growing and expanding use of fossil fuels will take us beyond a point where climate change is reversible. Right now C02 exhaust levels in the atmosphere stand at 390 ppm (parts per million). At that level, Fiona Harvey, environment correspondent for The Guardian (UK), described the world’s existing infrastructure as already expending 80 percent of its “carbon budget”. To overdraw our sustainable use we’d have to pass beyond 450 ppm.

New York City, as it will look when a runaway climate shift into global warming melts the ice caps and raises sea levels around the world.

2012 is not the real doomsday year. The great climate shift year is 2017 into 2018. At that point, temperatures will cascade us towards a climate that could get as hot as the Jurassic era during the prehistorically funky tropical and climatologically extreme era of the dinosaurs. Greenhouse Effect becomes a Godzilla-house Effect by the end of the century. Although, my oracle projects a runaway climate change will bring those conditions much sooner because other greenhouse gasses, like methane, usually trapped in vast carbon sinks in the arctic tundra regions of the world, will plume like a super volcano no one will hear or see because the gas is invisible to the eye. Once we cross the climate line, great agriculture industries will wither on stalk and vine. Oceans will rise inundating the rice fields and arable lands. It’s not surprising to me that many a prophecy of Nostradamus speaks of a great die-off of humanity from famine, rising oceans and biblically intense droughts from the Sun becoming a “fire in the sky” boiling fish in stream lake and sea.

2012 should be a wake up year to all of this. There’s still time to become a grown up civilization, preventing rather than curing this oncoming catastrophe.

Grow up, humanity! You have five years left to turn this future around, cool the fevers of your only hot and bothered home in the Universe right now.

Predictions for 2012
Chapter 6: Nature’s War on Humanity
Subsection: After the “Me” Generation denial – the Deluge

What you are now seeing literally coming over the horizon in your skies is the next Mega Crisis. The future of human civilization is threatened by unprecedented increase of man-made carbon emissions, which last year alone increased global output by 3.2 percent! This is the rising swell of what I accurately defined in late 2009 as a “temperature tsunami”. Two years before science made their reports, I predicted that the years 2010 and 2011 would go down as the hottest in recorded history.

There is no sudden shift of the Earth’s axis as famously proposed by Richard Noone slotted for May 5, 2000 or the spirit guides of Ruth Montgomery. We are about to ride a shift in the climate that at this rate of wanton pollution – and lack of public enlightenment about it or political leadership to address serious and legally binding international laws to curtail it – will experience greenhouse gas emissions passing a ppm point of no return in 2017. That means we could be on track to raise the mean temperature of the Earth by century’s end by 6 degrees Celsius (11 degrees Fahrenheit)!

Long before that, in the 2020s your oceans will begin to rise and hurricane rage to drown your harbors so that ships cannot deliver their food cargoes or any cargo to keep life-giving commerce sustainable for a human population bursting beyond 8 billion. Your economy around the world will completely collapse and you, yours, and your children will starve. Storms of unprecedented might will flatten your houses, bury them in great flooding landslides of rain, or see them derelict and deserted as all continents beset by floods on their edges suffer in their interiors a lingering, century-long drought to come.

But “Hey!” I would rather watch Edwards’ hair, sans fly-aways, or see all other real news blackened out by the next network obsession with a Baby Caylee Anthony-cum-O.J. Simpson murder trial as the world’s weather turns to shit. Don’t you?

Source: Seeking Alpha.

Back in April I had this interchange with a reader concerning when to date the outbreak of the next war with Iran. He also asked my opinion about dating the next Mega Crisis based on what are called Fibonacci Patterns. Scholars of futurology using these to forecast future trends through an objective study of data rather than Nostradamian subjective flights of hydromancy.

Futurology is an empirically scientific wing of prophecy. It has its merits but tends to lose accuracy as forecasts plunging deeper into a future do so ever more beyond the range of current data trends. That is why subjective prophecy, whatever indeed makes it work, does at times capture the unexpected and distant future without an empirical approach.

John, I have read your predictions about a wider U.S./Iran War in either 2015 or 2016 as per your understanding of Nostradamus, and how what is going on now is simply some old fashion saber rattling until that time. In other venues in previous years including in TV interviews you have said that the 5-year period of 2009-2014 would be very, very consequential. How do you square this with your 2015/2016 predictions for an Iranian War and is there anyway to interpret things so that this War starts sometime in 2014 when other cycles and signs point to it. (I believe it will start sometime in 2014 although things could escalate in 2015). Can you back stretch things to 2014?

Hi Kenneth, thanks for the question.

The period of five years is consequential because that is the time frame to achieve a diplomatic and economic solution to the Israeli-Iran problem. If that is not achieved by the end of 2014, then there will be the worst Middle Eastern war of them all in 2015-2016, the astrological window given in Nostradamus’ prophecies. Because of this looming war, the first skirmishes of which might take place in the summer of 2012, I have been moved by my Oracle to update and introduce a load of new material for Nostradamus: The War with Iran. It has a new subtitle too: Islamic Prophecies of the Apocalypse.

The West is almost completely unaware of a rich tradition of prophecies from the Islamic world that anticipate a final battle with Israel and America over the future of the Holy Land. That battle may be what Nostradamus astrologically dated coming in two time windows 2004-2007 and the one approaching: 2015-2016. I wrote the first edition in May 2007 and I am shocked to find how much of it reads as if it was written today about the coming time window for war in mid-decade.

At the time of writing this article I am finishing the rough draft of the new edition and hope to have it available for publication by the end of June or early July at the latest. You can see an overview of the book and see how you can help me complete it with an advanced donation of the cover price by clicking on Nostradamus predictions.

Also, I agree with you that the real dangerous decade will be the 2020s, but when in the 20’s? How do you feel specifically about 2020 and 2021 (2021 Global Depression based on Fibonacci patterns?) and about the entire 7-year period of 2014-2021, or do you believe that things will blow up in the 2025-2030-time period?

I do not see how much clearer I can make it in 19 books and e-Books and counting. By the time we enter the 2020s, we are screwed if we have not made significant changes in our economy and consumption and political structures set to solve an emergent global civilization’s problems. Frankly, I think that prediction is a little generous. I think things could get real unstable much sooner than later but that is my Oracle’s call.

We seem to have conflicting cycles and other data concerning mega crisis 2021/2022 or 2025+.

Futurology is not what I do only. My work is in the realm of subjective prophecy. Your graphs and theorems based on extrapolating possible trends and cycles are good tools but prophecy deals with what you cannot anticipate as much as with what you can plot through evidence of trends and educated guesses.

I would be very interested in your take about 2020/2021 versus 2025+ for when the Mega Crisis and if it will be World War or something else?

Well, these crises do not run on the clocks of men. They have their own timing that the actions of men can slow or speed along to their destiny. I suggest you be a little less straight-jacketed in systems of cycles and theories and have a good look around. The Mega Crisis is already here. Do you need to see flames devouring your only house in the universe before you act?

The global climate change mega crisis will flood the coastlines and blaze continental interiors with endless drought.

Putting it in another way, if you move a chair with your jacket too close to a floor board heater, do you just regard it and muse on the cycles of when fabric gets hot, then smokes, then bursts into flames? Your jacket may not be blazing, but look, it is too close to the floorboard heater. The crisis of flames is on! Do something. Move the chair away from the heater while there is still time before you smell something burning.

The Mega Crisis is already upon us and like all big waves it takes its time to swell to its peak. Perhaps the idiotic collective humanity by 2020 will pull its head out of the collective sand dune of stupidity to recognize the Mega Crisis wave approaching their beach of bromides idling them to sandman sleep as disaster swells.

You postpone. You and your politicians put off tackling this problem until later. Right now, the floorboard heater of climate change is turned on full blast and you have put your winter jackets up against it, as it were. Your comfy jackets of consumerism made of petroleum products.

I know, it is an awkward metaphor. It is grotesque even, so it gets your attention. This “jacket” is “consumption” that will keep you insulated and comforted, or so you think. It takes a lot of fossil fuel to make this straight “Jacket”. And that process is fuel to the floorboard heater of global warming. Right now, when the weather is going crazy just as predicted from global warming prophets like scientists, and myself, you are all consuming as a human race more fossil fuel than ever before.

Just keep pushing that chair with the winter jacket closer and closer to that heater and keep imagining that your Mega Crisis is years away, just because you do not want to see the consequence of present actions that have brought fuel to the burn but not blown up into obvious flames.

This picture is from today. It is a well in Gujarat, India where water tables have dropped so low and water is already growing scarce and hard to drill for millions. What more is needed to recognize what is about to happen to the human race? Earth will survive us. Will we survive our stupidity?

This is what happens to humanity after thousands of years of programming each new generation to be as stupid as the last. Ego and personality coating newborn souls is the problem. Being taught to identify yourself as the vehicle in which you drive to your destiny is the problem. You are a soul, a consciousness, an innate and innocent intelligence that is passing through mortal life on this earth clothed in a body-mind vehicle. Use it. Drive it. Do not let consciousness and your birthright of cosmic intelligence be exploited by it, driven by it.

My solution to remembering my soul as driver of this car is meditation. In every article of late you read me end them with a call to sample meditations I use. Some longer-term readers of Hogueprophecy dating back to 1999 might remember a prediction back then. I said that when I start adding to my forecasts a call to meditation; know that we have entered the evolutionary crisis period for human sustainability – what others like to call a Mega Crisis.

It is here. It is now. Only a meditative mind can understand it, move with it undisturbed and reawaken the genius to solve it. Be one of the meditators. Contact me; ask in the subject line for “meditation.”

John Hogue
(03 June 2012)


If for some reason you cannot leave your comments in the comments box below, just send them to me via the “Contact” email button and I will post them below.

Climate vs Solar system: Do you keep track of the earth-moon barycenter vs the solar system center of mass. It appears there is a direct correlation with the weather patterns on the earth and the sunspots. Also, the earthquakes seem to happen plus or minus three days of an eclipse or full moon. Is the internal movement of the core affecting the plates. When can we expect to see the oceans rise? The warming is helping the farming is some areas. Keep it up. Our growing season is lengthening. Does the tilting of the axis effect the water tables in uniform areas.

There is a correlation to sunspot activity and our weather and the weather of other planets in our solar system. Though, I would add that during solar minimums there weather remains violent and record breaking following the patterns expected because of man made sources of greenhouse gas emissions. There are certain web sites out there that like to play “The Sun made me do it” games. The science is unquestionable that we are the main source of this bad weather and every 11 years the sun throws a little more gasoline on our fire.

Warming will eventually help some farming areas but it is also drying out others, such as the breadbasket of the world, the US plain states and Canadian provinces. The advantages will be dwarfed by the disadvantages of a climate cascade. Crops need stability in the weather too. There will be none, if we push the margin of ppm to 450 and beyond.

The issue of Full and New Moon frequency a few days in  – on — and a few days out, even up to the first quarter square of the moon is something I have frequently written about.

The oceans are actually rising now and have been rising for a century. My little village has a beautiful sea wall with steps into the water. In 11 years time living here I have seen the high tide levels rise a few inches. A friend of mine in town, an editor for Surfer Magazine, Drew Kampion, has lived here for over 20 years. When we were together on the island mud flats regarding a rare super tide that only comes in every dozen or so years, he remarked without my prompting that this time around the extreme low tide margin was higher than before.

We do not seem to recognize things unless they blow up in our faces. Such is the doom of dumb in us that has lost its connection with nature, the tides and the seasons and cannot actually sit still and stop the mind chattering enough to really watch the movement and rhythms of nature — how they are changing. Meditation can help recover this relationship with nature and the planet’s soul.


John, by the way thanks for being true to yourself and true to all of us. reply to article starts below… Sadly the time is already past. The tide of humanity’s consumption has gained so much momentum that it will not cease in a meaningful way without some interruption until long after major events. Be selfish in a big way, this is your world. Every person, every plant, every tree. Act respectfully as you interact with them and do not be afraid to share yourself in an authentic vulnerable way. I’m not saying to impress your opinion on everyone, just to take the opportunity to know everything our collective humanity is giving up. It is a beautiful life full of highs and lows, agony, ecstasy and culture. The triumphs of our ancestors will be forgotten just as the futures of our children are vanishing. If enough of us choose to wake up, seek our enlightenment; we may be able to mitigate some of the consequence. As it is right now, our children will not know the world we grew up in, it was peaceful and people lived calmer more reflective lives. If you can learn to tune out TV culture, and learn to tune in you will find world within you and the everlasting part of yourself that is at one with the creator now and always.

TV is not the enemy, any more than a gun kills, or atomic energy can destroy the world. It is human unconsciousness, human habit and a society that nourishes stupidity over intelligence that turns the TV into a tool of dumb, the gun into a tool of murder and the energy that could light the world into a tool of thermonuclear war. Humanity not being human just yet, is the problem. Meditation is the bridge. Also, though I feel and agree with your general sweep of thought about this, it is also easy to be unmindfully trapped by thinking of the “forest” as a real thing. It only appears to be so. There is no great forest of people called “humanity” in a “civilization”. There are simply individual people who appear to be a mass. We must focus on transforming the individual. The masses are an illusion of mind. Meditation is the way.


Dear John, Please reconsider using another play on words for the MSN reference. As a “Multiple Sclerotic”, or a person with MS, I found it somewhat offensive. It really bothered me. Some of us really are “Multiple Sclerotic” and we still have a brain and can think for ourselves and think deeply. Thanks

Hi K. You know this is true, that you can think deeply. The news anchors at MSNBC know this too. Yet, like your body-mind, you struggle with a disease. They, at MSNBC also struggle with a debilitating mental disease of corporate control. I struggle with weight issues and dyslexia. The latter can be quite debilitating. I will never recover from it. I was born with it. But, as you can see, I too document deep thoughts in the pages of my books and at Hogueprophecy.com. When people use dyslexia metaphors, am I offended?

Not in the least. And, I love fat jokes too.

I was waiting for someone to be offended by my use of “Multiple Sclerotic”. I made a conscious choice to put that in so that I might have a chance to help a reader see how they identify with things. Are you the MS or is it something that is happening around your witnessing consciousness?

When I use the word “myopic” it hurts the feelings of people who suffer from myopia.

When I use the word “deaf”, the people suffering from deafness complain.

When I say organized religions make people spiritually retarded, the “specially challenged” readers complain.

I often call Nostradamus (and myself) dyslexic minded. People suffering, like me, with dyslexia complain. I have no problem calling myself this, because I simply see these facts as they are and not as some personal quality for ego identification.

The “rotund” Mr. Hogue doing a digital interview in Mexico City in January 2012 for the international release of El Efecto Nostradamus (The Nostradamus Effect) for History Channel’s Latin American audience of 100 million viewers.

I am also fat right now. I could take offense when I describe myself such. I could identify with it when I see myself on camera. I do feel twinges of sadness about it, but I simply watch this too and these feelings under the cool examination of witnessing consciousness evaporate. Why? Because apparently these attachments to identity are illusions.

You are identifying yourself with MS, so it hurts when I use it in my MSNBC allusion. You are doing this hurting. This is an unconscious choice of habit to be hurt working around you right now. If you could watch this hurt, this offense when it happens and understand the process, you might become free of it.

Deep down, the engine of hurt and attachment is expectations. Expectations are the handmaidens of hell in our lives as is comparison. We start comparing ourselves to others and we get into an unconscious habit of playing with manufactured wounds — these are manufactured by ego and expectation. It hurts because you have MS because you compare yourself with others you think are better off without it. It does not matter if this is in fact true or false, that they are better off. You suffer because ego likes to suffer and be fed by comparison. You are not this ego, K. It has been imposed on you. See this, and be free of expectations and comparisons.

It hurts when I cannot adequately do math, or that writing under the state of dyslexia can be such a hard and even painful chore. It hurts that I cannot understand technological matters so I could be a computer whizz and then do things for Hogueprophecy that would make it even better as a web site.

But then meditation comes to my aid and it asks fundamental questions in watching — questions without words, watching without eyes…this…this…ten-thousand times……this:

Who was I before I was in this fat body? Who am I watching this fat body and dyslexic mind during life. Who will remain when this fat, dyslexic personality labeled “John Hogue” will fall away and the consciousness without a body, a mind, a disease or a “dis-ease” when “it” is eternity?

Adi Da Samraj.

I would like you to consider the source of your offense is not in the word I use but in your “identification” with being a sufferer of MS. Adi Da Samraj (who by the way suffered from painful polio all his life and was unidentified by it) once said, “We do misery. We do suffering. We do identification.”

Right now you are “doing offense”. If you could drop doing this, you might understand a deeper meaning to my use of MS in this article. Moreover, you might be more liberated and relaxed about who you are and the factors in physical life you struggle with. We all have our burdens about which we can do or not “do offense”.



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  1. Posted 9 June 2012 at 3:46 am | Permalink

    John, I’ve appreciated everything you’ve written here, now, in the past. (Maybe because that Venus eclipse was right on my 16 deg. Gemini Sun/Saturn conjunction and I’ve been privileged to see how being grateful for everything is very powerful -Venus conj my midheaven in 0 Leo, too). I, too, have universal guidance I’ve been aware of since I was a child. And Meditation (helps to know a little psychology, too) is the tool. Thanks for all of this, although it does scare me also, with my grandchildren at 9 & 11. BTW…the winds in the San Francisco bay area are so ferocious and cold now, but luckily I had read that was one of the precursors of this climate meltdown. Not that I feel I can do anything about it except try to change the energy in anyway I can by meditation.

    What I really wanted to say is that I’ve struggled with weight issues too, but went on the Paleo Diet (Loren Cordain book) and have lost weight, feel great, and lowered all my BP and assorted other blood test issues….it is the feeling great which has gotten me to live this way and not just consider it a diet.

    RIP Ray Bradbury, Arthur C. Clarke, and all the other greats who inspired my life too.

  2. Sandra
    Posted 8 June 2012 at 1:45 am | Permalink

    Advances in technology will solve this crisis. Problem is, they’re coming after global warming has passed its tipping point. I read that a viable electric car will be available in ten years from now. According to physicist Michio Kaku, nuclear fusion is 20 years away. However, why are so many being so negative about the human race and its potential? Actually, in so many ways, things have improved greatly for humanity over hundreds of years. The diets in Western nations tend to be poor on average causing things such as obesity, heart disease, and many cancers. But over the last hundred years, the human life span has doubled in a great deal of nations. The major health killers in the United States and many nations are not deadly bacterial and viral infections anymore. They are preventable diseases caused by damaging lifestyles. L.A.’s air quality has improved over 30 years despite the fact that more cars are driven in the city. Many cell phone users in various parts of the world, who live in what more affluent nations would decribe as “primative conditions”, have access to a better communication system than President Reagan did. A great many people today live in poverty in the United States. But the majority of them at least have running water and electricity. Over a hundred years ago, the richest people in the world would have loved to have these conveniences. Yes, things need to improve greatly. But we shouldn’t forget that things have gotten better over the years and that should be reason for hope given that the human race is not only capable of solving its problems, but, when push comes to shove, willing to do so in creative and ingenious ways.

  3. Ray
    Posted 5 June 2012 at 4:21 pm | Permalink

    Fareed Zakaria is the worst of the childish CNN “news” people. His childsih tantrums and biased rants make him without credibility. I don’t understand how you could not see this…you are an intelligent man, no?

    An intelligent man can see Fareed Zakaria is not a man who throws petulant tantrums. Quote me one petulant tantrum, Ray? Quote a passage, an article, an editorial that supports he is without credibility at all. Actually, you need to do this, because this and the other two comments you just posted, seem a bit childish in their breathless generalities and flapping about emotions.

    • Sandra
      Posted 8 June 2012 at 1:14 am | Permalink

      The man who said that “democracy” is Europe’s problem? Yeah, I know. We ourselves live in a republic, not a democracy. Well, I consider what we live in to be a form of democracy. We elect others to represent us. But it is the majority of citizens who are (or should be) representated. Not one person or a small group (though, unfortunately, it’s going that way if it isn’t already there).

  4. Ray
    Posted 5 June 2012 at 4:19 pm | Permalink

    I am dumbfounded and shaking my head in confused disbelief that you exclude Fareed Zakaria from your “Childish News Network (CNN)” accusation. He is the most childish of them all. His tantrums and biased rants makes him not credible. I don’t understand what you could possibly see in this child-man that makes you so fond of him. Still shaking my head.

    I am glad I “dumb” found “you.” that is my work here. To find what is “dumb” in you and all mindsets of readers. Actually I find your three entries today are using the words I have never seen Zakaria use. It seems you are being the child-man today: swiping out, exploding with sweeping generalities of a person captured by emotion rather than reason. In these letters you do not back up your tantrum with examples to support them. This is what a child does. These are the words of your inner child rampage, Ray. Where is Ray the adult here? I do not see him in these petulant outbursts today.

  5. Kira
    Posted 5 June 2012 at 1:08 pm | Permalink

    I am scared tonight. I fear for my children.

    I understand. I fear for them too. It is alright to accept this fear. There is much to be afraid of. The world of the old mankind is going mad and it would like to take the whole world down with it, rather than embrace a new humanity that is coming in this travail of evolutionary crisis. Fear is freedom’s conscious shadow. People will have to choose what path they tread, what human race they embrace. I do not embrace the human of the past. He is dying. Left wing, right wing, these are wings of a flightless bird. Let him die and self destruct. I choose the new humanity. Meditation is the bridge to that new humanity. It is the “way” to take that energy from fear to freedom and understanding. Only the individual can walk through the wilderness like Jesus to be baptized in that understanding.

    • Ray
      Posted 5 June 2012 at 4:24 pm | Permalink

      Scared tonight? After tonight’s Wisconsin election results, I suddenly see a glimmer of hope the good people of this country are waking up.

      I must remind my readers, Ray, that this is a prediction from someone who categorically stated that Sarah Palin would become president of the United States in 2012. Forecasting is not one of your strong suits.

      By the way, I am on record predicting that Walker would win.

      Now then. Is Walker’s victory really an awakening? Or, is it “Deutschand Erwache!”? That is the fundamental question.

      Can you not see where this is all going in less than a decade? A house divided cannot stand, Ray. And when it falls it falls on you as well as on others polarized against you.

      I think Stephen Schwartz of the “Schwartz Report” states the situation best for reflection — whether you are a conservative, moderate or liberal voter, you are “less equal” than citizens made so by “citizen’s united”. Your vote doesn’t count anymore, whatever your political persuasions. Money is equal to free speech. And from this dire development may come fascism, as I have long foretold it would come, with a corporate mask. Here is Steven’s quote:

      “The outcome of the Wisconsin recall, with Walker retaining his office, I believe, should be seen as a case study of what Citizen’s United has wrought. Two things have been demonstrated: first, with enough money you can break the unions, the only organized source of Democratic money and foot soldiers. Second, that given enough money a Rightist extremist can be elected. A small group of people can buy the government they want, and it will craft for them the policies they desire. You don’t do anything illegal when you get to write the laws.

      “Walker’s win will shape every election in the country. The journey we have begun has momentous consequences, few of them positive.”

      Check out the Schwartz Report at: http://www.schwartzreport.net/

  6. Posted 5 June 2012 at 7:47 am | Permalink

    Come on, John, astral Waltz with me a bit and celebrate Venus. Perhaps an appreciative Tango? I’ve got a big dose of “oh you are so dear to me” going. It feels forwardly appropriate to tell you.

    Here’s a tango song we’ll dance to:

    In the Venusian Taaang Gooo
    Around the solar system, we will gooo
    Stiletto “!strikes!”… on Merrrcurreee
    The temperature (!) it rises, free…

    • Posted 5 June 2012 at 9:00 am | Permalink

      ahahahaha lively and lovely! MOST charming Prophet EVER.

  7. T. Frankovich
    Posted 4 June 2012 at 10:50 am | Permalink

    Hey Hogue,

    The fact remains: Planet Earth’s civilizations rise & fall directly from the degree or their integrity or lack of integrity. World history has proven time and again that without virtuous, courageous leaders to intelligently guide our civilization toward a life-enhancing, evolution-ary, progressive direction, toward an egalitarian society, that civilization is doomed to failure.

    Nowadays, it has become apparent that we as a one-world- humanity, have to live with our mistakes for the duration. Truth to power, we ALL are responsible for our present world conditions that are now being made manifest in our world culture-environment. We reap what we sow. We, have created a world-wide emergency of epic proportions. Life on planet Earth has loss much of its meaning & purpose thru miss-the-mark programming and mixed messages.

    In this Universe there is the Law of cause & effect (Karma), and it is absolute in its nature. This fact cannot be ignored forever. Mother Nature does NOT take BRIBES! The Universal Power which maintains and sustains our existence with the delicate balance of the Law of Kosmic Justice will prevail, regardless if we believe it or not. Corruption will not be permitted to continue indefinitely.

    Let us ALL remenber: Universal Law exist to redeem, not to destroy or condem. What if,(as a social-environmental experiment) we as a united-human collective consciousness were to pass strong, wise legislation requiring a natural balance, using proper restraints to regulate Mother Nature’s resources using the findings of our best science and intuition? Perhaps then we will begin to design a healthy, vibrant, life-supporting civilization for future generations.

  8. Art
    Posted 3 June 2012 at 1:15 pm | Permalink

    The CO2 unscientific comments about what is warming this planet is what it is..an unscientific conclusion. CO2 is omitted by all organic matter for millions of years into the atmosphere. Volcanoes are the ‘worst’ polluters of CO2. Mother Nature is doing what it has been doing for eons..So your ‘oracle’ is definitely out of reality but more of the same nonsense blaming human beings for the warming of this planet..don’t you know the other planets are warming too?? could be the sun, cosmic rays the main factor?? do your research before making statements based in untrue..

    Making statements based in untrue? For one thing, Art, that isn’t a sentence. How can you write in public using such stupid phrasing? Have you no shame? It is like going to give a public talk wearing dirty, shredded clothes. Bad writing not only undermines your argument, but it makes you look like an intellectual bum.

    There is more documentation of global warming than there is documentation about the Holocaust actually happening, which is prodigious in itself. But there will ever be those “flat earth minded” folk who will deny evidence about both, no matter how high the mountain of data.

    Moreover, you are looking at this problem in the classically dense way so many climate change deniers do: it is not a quantity but a “quality” issue. Yes, the earth naturally fumes tremendous amounts of carbon dioxide each year, but our relatively small addition artificially works like adding one extra milligram onto the earth’s ecological balancing scales, tipping them into a climate shift cascade. The scales are already sliding. Full tilt will come after 2017. The “holocaust” coming will be far worse than any suffered by the Jews, the Cathars, the Native North and South Americans and all ethnically cleansed people over history. Nature will begin an ethnic cleansing of ALL races that get in the way of her natural machinery to restore balance to the world.

    When you bring in the influences of space weather during solar maximums, you also seem to suffer the same myopia when the weather is equally violent, prone to global warming and the aggregate mean temperature of Planet Earth continues its steady, record breaking rise even when the sun is at solar minimum. To be scientific, one must look at ALL the evidence, and not cherry pick on the Internet.

    And finally, it would help your argument if you could write coherently. Even some of the most stalwart defenders of “The Sun Made Me Do It” argument on web sites can’t seem to write a coherent and professionally balanced article or e-book on this topic. So much of what I read on that topic is bombastic, self-serving, emotion driven, prone to cliches and demagoguery — Read the science journals, not the garden variety of Tom, Dick, Hairy, “Joe_Blowhard.com” web sites out there. Not only does Internet help people find important information denied them ever more and more by corporate media, but it can also help stupid find stupid havens of misunderstanding and authoritative ignorance cloaked in a tweet, a Facebook page and seduced by a pretty “URL” that is filled with persuasive narratives isolated from fact.

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