Axis Shift 5/5/2000?

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Dawn, May 5, 2000: the brightest stars fading in the morning light will seem to sway giddily in the heavens, and as dawn breaks the sun will rise from the wrong place on the horizon. Simultaneously, in other time zones, the midday sun will seem to stand still overhead whereas the late afternoon sun will lurch backwards through the sky. Soon afterwards all living things on Earth’s surface will feel the ground tremble and hear the air shudder with a rolling thunder. The oceans will boil out of their banks to tower higher than the mountains and flood upon the land. Waves of wind and water will race across our cities at 1000 mph and blast them to their bedrock bones. On May 5, 2000, every island will fly away, and the mountains will not be found—that is, if the much anticipated prophecies of the earth sliding off its polar axis is just another Y2K-style prophetic bust.

Next to the Y2K-turn-of-the-Millennium, 5/5/2000 is the most talked about date in the prophecy genre. For the past 25 years or more, interpreters of the Earth Changes prophecies of Edgar Cayce and the Spirit Guides of Ruth Montgomery have believed Earth is going to tilt on its axis this coming May.

Perhaps the only “tilt” we’ll see on that day is from yet again another prophetic non-event.

John Hogue
(5 May 2000)

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