9-11, Nostradamus and the Real King of Terror

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On this tenth anniversary of a terrorist attack on the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon that may have launched the war of the Antichrist foreseen by Nostradamus, I wish to offer three passages of my writings on 9-11 posted from these ten years. Each conveys a very different mood and angle to the attack. The first is a narrative of tragedy, the second a satire of idiocy. The last is a prophetic revelation about 9-11 that some of you most vociferously apposed more than ten years ago. I wonder today if that will still be true now.

As you advance through each quoted passage you will be traveling back in time to that third comment logged in the spring of 2000 and reprinted a month after the 9-11 attacks in October 2001. This comment appeared in my book Nostradamus: The New Millennium, published in early 2002.

It represents what is the real king of terror, descending from the skies Nostradamus foresaw in his notorious “1999” prophecy indexed Century 10 Quatrain 72 of his history of the future. Perhaps he did not completely understand what he saw; or, we may tend to project something more familiar upon a more abstract meaning to his Roi d’Effrayeur (“King of Terror) coming from the sky.

Let judgment fall to the jury that is time and events sitting and gathering evidence over a decade. I once again send you this message about your present and your near future. I predict the real terror descending from your skies is far greater than anything that happened on 11 September 2001 and you have the means to prevent it.


The first quote was written in the summer of 2008:

Effrayeur is a dreadful word.

In French it means: to frighten, to alarm, to terrify. It lunges from the Latin formido: dread, terror. It is sudden, throat grabbing fright, unexpected and disturbing to the core. It soars on the wings of an airline jet roaring through soft blue autumnal skies over the narrow valley streets and manmade canyons of New York – an outrage of noise that guides one to look upwards and see its source devoured by the North Tower of the World Trade Center. Violence! Instantly rejected in the vomit of hot acid fuel spittle, fireballs, thunder and the after note of human shock and horror declared in ten thousand expletives of disbelief from those who witnessed it.

Effrayeur is Lord of the Skies the moment perception is raped by accident becoming terrible intent. It comes casting its lengthening swift shadow over towns and valleys of the Garden State, soaring across green waters of the Hudson, accelerating.

The Lord of Terror comes down from the skies, heralded by ovations of disbelief as now millions of New Yorkers and hundreds of millions of people around the world, in tight lipped or gaping horror before television screens, beat bewildered and unbelieving hearts. Terror charges in, turning slowly on the wings of infamy, engines screaming at full thrust to perform a macabre disappearance into the South Tower of the World Trade Center as if solid steel and glass were a vertical surface of water and a 767 Boeing passenger jet was an Olympic diver entering that surface in a perfect dive with nary a splash. In an instant the perversion of physics is erased by fireballs and the disbelieving screams of millions, in public, standing upon balconies and streets around New York, or viewed on televisions in private homes, bars, restaurants, TV shops and offices. In that moment of outrage and alarm, terror, set free of hijacked planes, seized hearts in public and private places across half the planet as all in that moment understood these planes crashing into buildings were no accident but a brazen attack on the United States.

Nostradamus in 2 Q30, his Majus-Mabus quatrain, defined Mabus [his code name for his Antichrist] as fera renaiƒtre, effrayeur des humains (terror to all human beings). The word is a very important clue that might guide us down the anagram trail to another set of candidates for Antichrist, also from the Middle East, but unlike Marxist-Leninist leaning Palestinian guerillas and secular pan-Arabist tyrants like Saddam Hussein, these are fanatically religious men, servants of martyrdom and if they could they would drag the whole wicked world down in the eruption of their own self-consuming flames. They are candidates for Antichrist as infernal holy warriors of Islam.

The first leg of following effrayeur-linking words to other quatrains brings us before Nostradamus’ most famous dated prophecy:

L’an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois,
Du ciel viendra vn grand Roy d’effrayeur.
Resusciter le grand Roy d’Angolmois.
Auant apres Mars regner par bon heur.

10 Q72
In the year 1999 and seven months,
The great King of Terror will come from the sky.
He will bring back the Khan of the Mongols.
Before and after Mars rules happily.

Specific dates are rare in Nostradamus but often accurate. This is the most specific he would ever write for our times. That makes it the most important to understand, to crack its code if there is one. It intends to mark a protean shift in human history proceeding from an act of terror coming from the sky. The King of Terror will bring back Genghis Khan, the King (Khan) of the Mongols. This is a metaphor used to frame something in the time of 1999 or thereabouts to a historical trauma still haunting the memory of 16th-century Europeans. Irresistible Mongol hordes had galloped out of Asia three centuries before Nostradamus wrote this prophecy. No European army of knights or siege walls could check them. The Mongols would have overrun Europe altogether had it not been for the opportune death of Genghis Khan’s heir, Ögedei Khan (d.1241), compelling them to turn their bridles eastward towards Mongolia to parlay for a successor. Nostradamus uses a metaphor of “yellow peril” brought back to challenge the West in 1999. What connection this danger has to the King of Terror lies obscure.

Nostradamus ends the prophecy with one last riddle. Mars is symbolic of war thriving happily. The higher aspect of Mars, however, is the Magus – the enlightened master and forger of new consciousness, new enterprises and explorations. Nostradamus may be using this noble title in a negative context, or to obscure allies and perpetrators of the King of Terror.

Let’s delve into more classical allusions.

The term Magus was originally applied to high priests of ancient Persia; are we thereby to consider this a classical allusion to the modern Islamic Republic of Iran “ruling happily” through wars of the Third Antichrist? If we are, then the renascent Mongol king is a current Iranian ally, a new “Khan” among totalitarian rulers of the awakening capitalist-communist hybrid superpower, The People’s Republic of China.

Then there’s the anagram tie-in to the Mabus quatrains. Take the g of Magus, turn it over and you have b for Mabus.

A deeper classical understanding of Baal Hammon-[or Thurbo Majus, the Latin name Roman conquerors of Cathage gave that God] connects it to the “King of Terror” descending from the skies. The Carthaginians and Phoenicians worshipped an all-powerful “Baal” or “Lord” God. The extent of Baal worship stretched from North Africa across lands currently called Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Syria and Iraq. Each region gave him a personalized name. What Nostradamus in 2 Q30 called the infernal god of Hannibal, Baal Hammon, was Lord patron deity of Carthage. When angered, Baal – any Baal – would retaliate bringing down storm and thunder as a “Lord of Terror coming from the skies.” The conduit of biblical and classical meaning has Baal Hammon, then, under the Romanized name Thurbo Majus, hiding Nostradamus’ Mabus as the King of Terror descending from the sky, resurrecting Mongol power in the emergent superpower China, allied to an emergent regional Middle Eastern superpower, Iran – China’s primary source of crude oil.


Now let’s turn insight into 9-11 on its ear. I wrote the second quote back in December 2007 for my almanac of prophecies for 2008. Now I wish to share them with the public at large to provoke a fresh look beyond 9/11 conspiracy dogma, at the real conspiracy most people where meant to miss.

Yes, Mildred, passenger jets full of people making readily documented cell phone calls about being hijacked on September 11, 2001, must have been faked by shadow elements in Illuminati-nation. While President Bush, during the attack, sat for seven minutes engrossed with a reading of “My Pet Goat” to an elementary class, uber-meisters who plugged him into presidency were having a Reich-Stag party abusing Lady Liberty’s city. Fake bin-Ladinites suddenly appeared in pilot seats to crash their Boeing 757s into New York City’s World Trade Center towers and the US Pentagon building in Washington D.C.

Those Boeing birds, in a twinkling of a geek-imagining eye, saw the love handle bulge of their wheel bays become — shazam! — customized cargo bays full of high explosives. And if that wasn’t enough to take a tower down, self-Illuminati-ated janitors-turned special “farces” — over Lord knows how many years — snuck around tearing open people’s office walls up and down 110 floors of each World Trade Center Tower, planting their sophisticated network of high explosives and wires to rival those openly planted in broad daylight over months of careful labor by demolition teams to blow down derelict skyscrapers.

Maybe the president in a moment of inattention following the exciting exploits of the pet goat was transfixed — stunned-mullet-eyed in wonder– of demolition agents of his shadow government being able to plant miles of blast wire and thousands of pounds of high explosives in two of the world’s most people-packed places. They did it with thousands of office paper pushers underfoot at all hours of the day. Each 110-floor twin tower, on average, had 50,000 people pass through its doors each day.

These towers collapsed into their own boiling cauldron of debris so smoothly.

Heck, no Aye-rab could have done that with a plane. Just like no 757 could punch such a small hole in the Pentagon. It must have been a cruise missile of some kind. Those frantic cell phone calls from passengers calling about the hijacking of American Airlines Flight 77, included the well-known MSNBC political analyst Barbara K. Olson. The tapes of her call to her husband, United States Solicitor General Theodore Olson at the Department of Justice, must have been faked in a sound studio because the 64 people on the plane with her can’t just have disappeared. The shadow government must have pulled their wool of darkness over anyone listed as passengers on that plane.

The Illuminati can do that.

Oh yes!

Just ask my pet goat. I mean, let’s face it, an over-lording and vastly efficient shadow organization must be pretty hot shit when they employ one of the most inept, corrupt, bungling, secrets leaking administrations in modern US history as their Patsy for a fake al-Qaeda attack on America.

Predictions for 2008
Chapter 10: Barking up the wrong False Flag Pole.


Now let’s place 9-11 prophetic theory on its head. The third quote was published in October 2001 and written over a year before the attacks; yet, it alludes to a revelation about Nostradamus’ 1999 prophecy logged over two years before the attack in some of my first articles for Hogueprophecy.com:

In July of 1999, the dramatic intensification of hot and violent weather inspired me to declare that Nostradamus’ long awaited “king of Terror” expected to descend from the skies in July of 1999 was not a person, but a phenomenon. It is Global Warming. Furthermore, this “king” and his “terror” of superstorms, global droughts and subsequent global famines is with us for the coming 30 years.

The events of the spring of 2000 [when I wrote these observations] only add to the efficacy of Nostradamus’ famous warning: “In 1999 and seven months, the great King of Terror will descend from the skies…” (Century 10, Quatrain 72)

The obscurity of Nostradamus’ Old French syntax allows the prophecy to also cover July [2000] by adding “seven months” from the end of 1999 and getting July 2000. This could tie into the first prophecy’s warning of a terrible drought in latitude 48 in “Cancer.” By the end of July (a month represented by “Cancer” in astrology), we could witness more dramatic climatic upheavals. There may be powerful level 5 hurricanes, and a boiling of field and stream from unprecedented heat waves spanning across the American Midwest and Southeast all the way to Southwest France.

(Update [October 2001]: The summer of 2000 saw a half-dozen typhoons flood China, Taiwan the Philippines, Japan and Vietnam. The United Nations announced that at least 60 million people in central and southern Asia had been affected by a severe drought. By August India was beset by monsoon downpours flooding along the Brahmaputra and Ganges rivers leaving more than 51 million people homeless. The American midwest and Southeast endured a third year of the worst drought since the Dust Bowl years of the 1930s. In July visitors returning from the North Pole reported that the polar ice cap had melted for the first time in recorded history. There was open ocean at the top of the world where one used to tread upon thick ice.)

In a world where the polluted atmosphere taps the sun’s heat, extreme weather is the norm. Many prophecies I have recorded in my books forewarn of areas flooded and whipped by dreadful storms, while other regions suffer droughts of biblical proportions. Add to this the dwindling supply of fresh water to sustain a billion new people appearing on the earth in the first eleven years of the new millennium [and a billion more twelve years after that] and [my new and controversial interpretation of this famous prophecy] will perhaps find [its] fulfillment.

If the end of July 2000 marks the onset of these unpleasant events they may yet again warn us in time to change. Killer droughts and storms could galvanize the public and leaders alike to create a long-term policy to prevent a runaway weather catastrophe before it is too late.

(Update [October 2001]: Since the summer of 2000, the developed nations of Europe have moved to initiate an emission limiting regimen delineated by the Kyoto Accords, but the United States has backed away from any official reductions. The new Bush administration, which is clearly pro-fossil fuel in its energy policies, will not support the reduction of emissions and is doing its utmost to roll back twenty years of ecological and energy saving policies to produce more greenhouse gas emissions to feed its sagging consumer economy. Indeed, the new leadership scoffs at the overwhelming scientific evidence that an increased use of fossil fuel will only bring on greater fever and convulsions in future climatic weather. Thus at the time of this writing, the greatest polluter and energy using developed nation continues to feed the King of Terror called Global Warming.)

Nostradamus: The New Millennium,
Chapter 14, the Apolcalypse of Gaia, p.218


Over the memorial celebration for those lost in the crash of Flight 93 set in fields of Pennsylvania attended by the President and First Lady. Baking the Vice President and throngs gathered at the monument benches representing all those killed when Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon. Descending out of the skies on tens of thousands standing at the Ground Zero listening to the friends, survivors and families of the lost reciting their names at the World Trade Center under reconstruction in New York City, the late summer day was hot — far hotter than on September 11, 2001 when the terror of hijacked commercial airlines came out of the skies.

The long, hot and often triple-digit heat waves of summer 2011 break most records from the summer of 2001. A great swath of mounting rolling terror comes out of the sky, like the thunder of typhoons and hurricanes, flashing like the lightning highlighted in less than a gasping blink of a second, of frightful columns of super cell tornadoes in Joplin, Missouri, Huntsville, Alabama. The rolling and drumming of 20 inches of rain that just fell across New Orleans and up the Appalachian states feeds new flood to Hurricane Irene’s watery ennui of disaster from New England to New Jersey. It sounds the king of Terror is on the march with a tattoo of drumming rains. The reflection of his cloudy grimace in skies projects upon the standing water under which Queensland, Australia lies. His reflection stands in waters drowning southeastern China and the winding, swollen mirror of the swamped Missouri and Mississippi River basins do project a glimpse of his angry solar eyes. The great king of terror of 2011 sets not a fireball to high tower like in 2001, but makes the sun a fireball scorching the central continental farmlands of the world, especially over Oklahoma and Texas.

Do you recognize yet this King of Terror?

He pushes us in the corner of our denial and breathes on us.

He exhales our stupidity out of stove to car exhaust pipes. He blights the atmosphere out of an acid rain forest of coal breathing smoke stacks. He is conjured by our excess, our shortsighted planning. He seeks an ally in our adversarial primeval habit to see Nature as a thing to be conquered when we had conquered her long ago. Yet there lurks the cave man and woman still hiding underneath our thin veneer of civilization aided now by the power of modern technology to destroy the ecosystem in a climate cascade and take down our civilization with it if we do not catch up with our golden destiny, to become a new, meditative, ecologically sound and loving humanity.

That future humanity is in harmony with the cosmos. That humanity will no longer suppress the ransacking fearful, covetous savage because these future people that are in seed within each of us today will have flowered and looked deep inside themselves exploring the caves of the primeval subconscious mind with a shining light of awareness. They thus will understand the savage habit and by understanding dispel him once and for all with their enlightenment.

Frankly, I do not care if Nostradamus never meant his 1999 prophecy to mean global warming. But I do care that you meditate on this King of Terror he may have missed. See your part in its tyranny, and do your part to starve him of your pollution of mind and the bitter fruits of the unconscious mind’s labors before his descent from the skies becomes a climate change your civilization cannot survive.

John Hogue
(11 September 2011)


The most important 9-11 Anniversary Message you will not hear anywhere else but at Hogueprophecy.com

Never has it been more important for human survival to learn techniques that can help each of us understand what lies behind all the stupidity, lovelessness and outright and gathering craziness of the collective human mind. Never has it been more necessary than now. Ask for help in gaining self-illumination. Experiment with tools of awareness that can shine a light on your part in making the future apocalyptic rather than a golden future. By this light of understanding the dark destiny of the future is dispelled.

Please, contact me, for the sake of the future, for the sake of rediscovering the inner and eternal self. Ask for information about the meditations I practice to reawaken the sleeping giant of loving consciousness. This offering is free and by far the most important thing I can share from these blog pages to you.

If you harmonize with what I am saying. If something beyond the chattering mind’s misunderstanding stirs and resonates inside. Ask. Contact me. Ask for meditation. Learn how to bring the future back on track by living blissfully in the eternity of the present.


Who is Mabus, the Third and Final Antichrist foreseen by Nostradamus?

Check out Nostradamus and the Antichrist and read more about Nostradamus’ clues to uncloak who it is.

The year’s most intense months are ahead of us. Read what will happen in Predictions for 2011.



Books by John Hogue



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  1. Juan Carlos
    Posted 14 July 2015 at 12:12 am | Permalink

    Centuria X, 72
    El año mil novecientos noventa y nueve siete meses,
    Del cielo vendrá un gran Rey de terror:
    Resucitar el gran Rey de Angolmois,
    Antes después Marte reinar por dicha

    Nostradamus nos habla de algo que vendrá del cielo y que provocará gran terror entre los humanos.
    ¿ Que puede venir del cielo que provoque tanto temor entre la humanidad ?
    Un asteroide.
    Cuando los astrónomos descubren un nuevo asteroide el nombre que le ponen es el del año en que ha sido descubierto.
    En 1999 astrónomos descubrieron un asteroide que se acercará peligrosamente a la Tierra en el año 2027.
    Asteroide que lleva por nombre 1999 AN10.
    ¿ Nostradamus nos está dando el nombre del asteroide en su cuarteta y nos dice que se va a estrellar contra la Tierra?
    ¿ Nos está diciendo que despues de la caida del asteroide la guerra reinará felizmente? ( Marte dios de la guerra en la mitologia romana )

    Centuria I , 69
    La gran montaña redonda de siete estadios,
    Después paz, guerra, hambre, inundación.
    Rodará lejos abismando grandes regiones,
    Aún antiguas, y gran fundación.

    Montaña redonda se refiere a la forma que tiene el asteroide y nos da el tamaño , siete estadios , unidad de longitud romana equivalente a 134 metros.
    El tamaño que nos da para el asteroide es aproximadamente de mil metros , la misma que tiene el asteroide 1999 AN10.
    Nos dice en la cuarteta que antes de la caida del asteroide habrá paz pero después vendrá la guerra y que la caida del asteroide provocará inundación, de esta forma nos está diciendo que caerá en el mar, abismando (inundando) grandes regiones.

    En el apocalipsis de San Juan también se habla de la caída de un asteroide al mar.

    “El segundo angel toco la trompeta, y como una gran montaña ardiendo en fuego fue precipitada en el mar; y la tercera parte del mar se convirtio en sangre y murio la tercera parte de los seres vivientes que estaban en el mar, y la tercera parte de las naves fue destruida” (Apocalipsis 8:8,9)

    En un foro un tal gothicsakura se ha dado cuenta de la similitud del nombre de ese asteroide AN10 1999 con la palabra AÑO 1999.

    En otro foro un tal copahue llega a la siguiente observación con respecto a la palabra ANGOLMOIS:

    Si nos fijamos en la palabra AN gol MOIS, podemos interpretar el nombre del asteroide AN, gol: agosto y MOIS: mes en francés.

    Por lo tanto la cuarteta quedaría de la siguiente manera:

    Centuria X
    Cuarteta 72

    El AN10 1999 siete meses
    Del cielo vendrá un gran Rey de terror:
    Resucitar el gran Rey de AN – GOL – MOIS,
    Antes después Marte reinar por dicha.

    La cuarteta es la numero 72 si se lee al revés aparece el numero 27 año del acercamiento de este asteroide a la Tierra.

    Juan Carlos de Madrid

  2. John
    Posted 14 October 2012 at 6:20 pm | Permalink

    Here in the deal:

    1. Jeane Dixon predicted that someone born on Feb 5, 1962 will revolutionize this world. People of all religion would follow him.
    This is the same person Nostradamus predicted in his 1999-King of terror prediction. So may be he launched some plan in July 1999. If he was born in 1962, he is 50 now. What is he waiting for?

    Just wait (10-15 years) and see. KING OF TERROR HAS ARRIVED for sure. He will paear some time around 2025.
    God acts in mysterious ways and he is never in hurry.

  3. Mike
    Posted 21 July 2012 at 6:49 pm | Permalink

    May be King of terror has already arived. May be he was born in 1999, or may be he moved in 1999 from place to another via airplane. Keep in mind, when Nastradams made this prediction, aeroplane was not invented. So may be he is out there, may be King of terror has arrived.

    Thanks for writing, Mike. In my book “Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named: MABUS” (http://www.hogueprophecy.com/store-nostradamus-mabus/), I proposed a theory that you follow key words and phrases, to collect verses that become pieces of a larger prophecy puzzle. If you follow the word “effrayeur” (terror) you will find five quatrains on a similar theme about the third Antichrist. He wasn’t born in 1999, because 1999 is code for “1” and “9s” reversed in 10 Q72: 1999 September month becomes 9-11-1 September month.

  4. dye
    Posted 26 October 2011 at 12:47 am | Permalink

    Do you think there is a correlation of Gaddafi’s body being put on display and Revelation 11:9?

  5. Sidney Smith
    Posted 20 September 2011 at 9:35 am | Permalink

    I believe in God and the Constitution and Treaties of the United States of America. The best kept secret of the united States and the United States government Inc. the most outstanding Supreme Court expressed abrogation ruling in 1993 Farmers Union cases the announcement and implementation on 09-11-2001,10:00am, of the National Economic Security And Reformantion Act, Joint Resolution sign by Congress on March 09, 2000, and signed into law by President Clinton on Oct. 10, 2000, “obstruction of Justice” by design the 9-11 attack at 09:00am which changed the United States of America and the World.

  6. rbateman
    Posted 14 September 2011 at 3:27 am | Permalink

    NIST – 9/11
    Just shy of 9 seconds for free fall from 1368 ft.
    Physics courtesty of Mr. Galileo Galilei and Isaac Newton.
    Math computed on windows tm Calculator.
    WTC1 went down in 9 seconds, the other in 11 seconds.
    Math no add up. Somebody tell whopper, believed by anybody who don’t know jack about the acceleration of gravity.
    32.13 ft/sec/sec for anyone who would like to repeat the math.

  7. rbateman
    Posted 14 September 2011 at 3:20 am | Permalink

    I hate that stupid back button thing when I forget to paste in the password and all the text is gone.
    Drat, and double drat.
    I should just read and keep my yap shut.

  8. Posted 11 September 2011 at 4:47 pm | Permalink

    On this 10th Anniversary of 9-11, I agree with your assessment that the only way out of the present Darkness is to go to the Inner Light.
    Each of us is ultimately responsible for and able to change profoundly ONE action: Our Relationship with Spirit in the Divine Cosmos.
    Let me know if I can be of help in making this happen, John.
    Terry Lamb, Artist

  9. TikiTim
    Posted 11 September 2011 at 10:34 am | Permalink

    New youtube debunking NIST – 9/11 investgation =

    ” There is a principle which is a bar against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance – that principle is contempt prior to investigation” = Herbert Spenser

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