The Media’s Mask of Nostradamus–1

Hogue during his interview for History Channel’s “Nostradamus 2012” inside the inner sanctum of the Masonic Lodge in San Antonio, Texas, in the summer of 2008.

Some of you might have noticed a discussion going on at the bottom of the blog page entitled Natural Disasters, the Quickening in 2010 . I would like to share Sarah’s letter that opened the discussion because many of you who read my blogs or see me on television share many of the same feelings, have the same catharsis about it, and demand an answer.

Most of you have first come in contact with my work looking through the television mirror darkly. I appear for a few seconds and make some categorical statement. What I say and the image of my furry-owlish face is often insinuated between lurid and sensational latter-day, doom laden special effects in shows like Nostradamus 2012, the Next Nostradamus and my numerous appearances in the History Channel series, The Nostradamus Effect. I believe Sarah, like many of you, were watching a broadcast of Nostradamus: 2012 the other night might have something similar to say to me. Here is Sarah’s letter in its entirety followed by my initial response. (Please note this, Sarah and other readers. I have had to correct her punctuation and fill out the words she abbreviates because some of my readers are not yet versed in the new truncated, randomly punctuated and capitalized cyber-language now en vogue.) Here we go.

John, I’m a 27-year-old. Graphic design student and new mom. I also live in the Pacific Northwest. I attend Portland State University. In all of my classes we discuss being “green”. There are lots of organizations and groups dedicated to being sustainable. I was required to take a class “environmental sustainability” last term. I learned many very scary facts about population control, and water quality. I felt very fearful of this planets demise. Not until I had my daughter did I begin to feel almost terrified for what may happen in her life. In my household we made many changes. We use less water, we try to live sustainably. But, even so, no one is perfect. Seeing neighbors being horrible to this earth makes my skin crawl. I try not to dig out of their trash and organize in into recycling bins.

Today I watched the show you were in on the history channel. In front of me, sat my daughter carefully examining her blocks.

I felt overwhelmed with sadness/panic/fear — despair. The show tried to end leaving me feeling hopeful, but I felt…. I can’t put it into words. But hopeful is NOT the word.

My brother is ALWAYS going on about these types of things. He often uses words like “they” or “we” But I don’t know who “they” or “we” are. I think he means the government, and the people. The government isn’t doing anything, and the people just keep messing things up, or vice versa.

In all honesty, the earthquakes lately have me very freaked out. So, after seeing the show, I searched for Nostradamus and Haiti and found this blog. I read through it to this page.

You keep telling of these terrible things to come.

What am I–a citizen of the word– Supposed to do? Try to get my states politicians to listen? Recycle my Styrofoam? WHAT?

Besides scaring me and making me upset to the point my stomach hurts, my throat feels dry, and I suspect I won’t be able to sleep for a while.

If this is all inevitable, what is the point of all of this? Thanks for telling me now what!!!???!!

I don’t know what all this doomsday stuff is supposed to do. I’m not religious, but I TRY to live my life to the fullest. I TRY to be good. I help when I can.

Am I supposed to leave my daughter with her grandparents, drop out of school and devote my time to rebuilding a war torn country?

What is it that I do now? With all of this info????

Because I feel hopeless and scared.

Sarah, I am in receipt of your letter and my heart goes out to you and your newborn daughter. What you have put in words is what many people feel. They deserve an answer.

I wish to answer each of your statements in detail. I hope you will allow me the time to do so, not only for you but to the many thousands out there who feel as you feel, need some kind of answer, some kind of suggested direction towards individually empowering a better future for you and your beloved ones. I will answer your letter as part of a blog. I do this so I can share that answer not only to you, but to so many who are in need of some response. I am obligated to clarify how my views of the future are misrepresented by the television machine that plucks the scary and sensational out of context without the alternatives that I always provide but often find cut out of the final show.

I would first say this: never trust anything you see or hear on TV. I give hours of interview time to these shows that end up mangled. You might ask why I do it and see my message warped. My answer is, I can only hope that people will do as you have done and step past the BS veil of television and ask me directly, what is my view on the future.

I wish to tell you and many more that answer. I hope to do that very soon. Please be patient. I am but one man, alone. I will answer your many rightful observations and your authentic catharsis as soon as I can.


In Part Two of this series I will begin to answer Sarah’s letter point by point as best I can.

John Hogue

(20 March 2010)

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