Natural Disasters, the Quickening in 2010

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You are not seeing things. You are not feeling paranoid when the waves of foreboding without an apparent cause pass over you as if something is in the atmosphere or just under the soil. You are not having a bout of hysterics or heebie jeebies. The subtle panic attack undercurrent has a cause. A message is being sent. Something is coming. Something is already happening in us, around us. The presence of planetary beingness is responding to our unconscious compunction to abuse the Earth and ourselves.

My oracle described 2010 as the year Mother Nature would send a message: she has declared war on all that we mindfully and mostly unmindfully do to upset her natural balance. In Predictions for 2010, I described in detail what would be coming, where and when. I warned that immediately after the first day of the new year you would begin to see a dramatic uptick in natural disasters of climate and earth. Here is what has already happened in the first two-and-a-half months as primarily reported from with additional details I added from my own direct experience and what I gathered off the news wires:

JANUARY 2010–Week 1

The Great Northern Hemispheric Chill. The year 2009 goes out as the world’s tenth warmest year since modern global records began in 1880 with record cold snaps and blizzards across the central United States, across Europe and Asia. The arctic blast reached as far south as the tropics.

Tajikistan rocked by New Year’s weekend quake. A 5.3 Richter scale temblor in the Hindu Kush mountain range left at least 20,000 homeless.

The First Tsunami of 2010. On January 4 a 7.2 quake caused a deadly tsunami flooding the south facing shorelines of Rendova and Tetepare in the Solomon Islands with 500 homes damaged or washed away.

JANUARY 2010–Week 2

Monster Cyclone in the Indian Ocean. Cyclone Edzani reached Category 4 strength producing waves three stories high about 600 miles south-southwest of Diego Garcia. It is fortunate that Edzani remained far out at sea. If it has landed on the coastlines of Madagascar or southeastern African coast it would have inflicted considerable property damage and loss of life.

Northern Californian Quake (Jan. 9). An offshore jolt of 6.5 magnitude damaged hundreds of homes in and around the picturesque coastal towns of Eureka, Fortuna and Arcata, California.

The Great Haitian Earthquake (Jan 12). The worst recorded earthquake in Haiti in two centuries, a magnitude 7.0 temblor, pulverized the capital Port-au-Prince and the surrounding towns rendering a third of Haiti’s 9 million people homeless with the estimated lost of life approaching a quarter million. A number of powerful aftershocks in Haiti, along with moderate-to-sizable quakes rocked and rolled the Caribbean region in the coming weeks.

JANUARY 2010–Week 3

Haitian Aftershocks continue. The worst was a magnitude 6.1.

China’s Northeastern Coastline locked in by Ice. The Bohal Sea chilled to its widest coverage and thickness in 40 years.

Midsummer Night’s Snow Storm. In the peak of the Southern Hemisphere summer, Australian mountains in Victoria and New South Wales were dusted with snow, while…

Cyclone Magda hits Australia. Magda visited the Kimberly Coast region of Northwest Australia. It is the third major cyclone of the November-to-April Indian Ocean Cyclone season. In Predictions for 2009 I correctly forecast a powerful series of Cyclone seasons continuing.

Mexico visited by Violent Winter Storms. I cannot recall whether this happened in week three or four of January. Not long after my return from Mexico City in mid-January I saw a news photo of the very same freeway I took to the international airport under six feet of water from unprecedented January floods in the city. I personally experienced the opening cold snap hitting Mexico. It was the talk of the town. It also drizzled the night my hosts took me out to dinner, one of them shaking his head saying, “It never rains in January in Mexico City.” Actually, these meteorological phenomena though rare are not unprecedented. Below I will explain how climate change is altering our memories of what real winters used to be like from Mexico City to Minnesota to Manitoba.

JANUARY 2010–Week 4

Cyclone Olga floods Cairns, Australia.

Waves of Blizzards across North America (Dec. through Jan.) The times of each blizzard pass in my memory like a whiteout blur. I know they began in early December 2009 in North America. I recall a particularly bad week was had in Europe at the end of January.

FEBRUARY 2010–Week 1

Greatest Snowfall in Washington DC’s recorded History. Not since the American capital’s creation has so much snow fallen. The fools in the Congress cried, “Where is global warming?!” In my article dated 7 February (The Global Warming Washington Blizzard), I explained that a warmer climate atmosphere far more saturated with moisture than normal would endure record-breaking blizzards and snowfall in the initial decades of the coming climate change. Enjoy them. In ten year’s time you will be missing the snow piled and pressed against your window.

FEBRUARY 2010–Week 2

A New Island rises near Iwo Jima in the Pacific. Japanese vulcanologists predict the current explosive clouds of ash from a submarine volcano rising 300 feet above the ocean surface herald the birth of a new Iwo Jima (sulfur island).

Taiwan Quake. A sharp submarine temblor of 6.4 magnitude off the east coast of Taiwan caused landslides and injured dozens.

Mexican Quake. A 5.7 magnitude quake jolted the Oaxaca Pacific coastline of southern Mexico. It was felt as far north as Mexico City. When I was in Mexico City in mid-January doing a press conference for the release of History Channel’s The Nostradamus Effect in the Central and South American television markets, I was asked if Mexico City would suffer an earthquake soon. I answered, “yes.” I hope this Oaxaca temblor was it, though I think worse is coming later this year, in the summer months.

FEBRUARY 2010–Week 3

Caribbean Region Keeps Shaking after Haiti. In the month following the Haitian temblor there were at least two quakes of 6 magnitude or just below in the Caribbean region that were not aftershocks from Haiti. Earthweek reported, “Some of the strongest activity in nearly four years at Montserrat Island’s Soufriere Hills volcano sent ash soaring high above the Caribbean as clouds of super-heated gas and debris cascaded down the mountain’s slopes.”

Antarctic Rain Patterns Shifting South. Scientists pinpoint change in rain currents that will deepen Australia’s crippling droughts for the foreseeable future.

Tropical Cyclone Gelane. Brought strong winds and heavy rains to Mauritius and Reunion Islands in what is becoming one of the more active Indian Ocean Cyclone Seasons in recent memory.

FEBRUARY 2010–Week 4

Aftershocks in Haiti and moderate Quakes hit central China.

Blizzards continue to Visit North America, as the Canadian Permafrost Melts. Earthweek reports, “The permafrost around Canada’s James Bay is retreating northward as the frozen ground responds to a warming climate, Canadian researchers say.”

MARCH 2010–Week 1

8.8 Chilean Quake and Tsunami Catastrophe. The Chilean coast 200 miles southwest of Santiago rocked with one of the largest quakes ever recorded, actually showing the earth’s rotation by a few thousand milliseconds and altering the Earth’s axis by three inches. The temblor sent a Tsunami across the Pacific Ocean with little damage. However, a tsunami inundated and shattered towns all along the Chilean coast around Concepcíon sending houses and fishing vessels 2.5 miles inland in places. There are over a 1,000 dead and missing.

6.4 Quake rocks Taiwan. Earthweek reports: “A sharp quake and four subsequent aftershocks jolted much of Taiwan on Thursday morning, with the strongest causing at least 12 injuries. Fires broke out after the initial 6.4 magnitude jolt, including a smoky blaze at a textile factory in the southern city of Tainan.”

Volcano Erupts in Costa Rica. “Residents in communities surrounding Costa Rica’s Irazú volcano briefly panicked as the mountain produced a series of 9 tremors over a 30-minute period.” (Earthweek)

Vast Ice Berg Collision in Antarctica. “A collision between a massive iceberg and the mouth of an Antarctic glacier broke away another huge chunk of ice the size of a small country.” (Earthweek)

As We Freeze in Earth’s North, the Southern Earth heats up. Earthweek reports: “Global warming continues unabated south of the equator despite a bitter Northern Hemisphere winter that has provided a jolting reminder of what winters of yesteryear were once like, according to climate scientists.”

What Earthweek says is true. We look upon these cold blizzard events in the US or January rains in Mexico City as something new when indeed they are new to many of us just coming into adulthood, and those graying baby boomers old enough to remember but are encouraged by our short-term thinking societies to forget. One-and-a-half generations have been born since global weather patterns in the late 1970s began their aggregate climb in temperatures producing more moderate and warmer winters. I predict a new upsurge of climate change will come in 2010. The last significant jump and speed-up of climate change happened in 1998 when global warming began its current string of record-breaking years of higher temperatures. We have forgotten what winters in the Northern Hemisphere from your back yard to Mexico City once were like. Decades of warmer winters have made us forget. It is also convenient to forget; otherwise, you would have to change and stop playing the part of the overwhelmed citizen your overlords wish you to play.

MARCH 2010–Week 2 (up to 12 March)

Major Chilean Aftershock. A significant 6.9 temblor hit Chile the day its new president took office. The epicenter was Rancagua, 90 miles southwest of Santiago.

Lights out on Venezuela’s Lightning Light Show! Ever since the beginning of European colonization over five centuries of one of Earth’s most amazing lighting shows where the Catatumbo River empties into Lake Maracaibo have been recorded. For an average of 160 nights a year as many as 20,000 strikes hit the area each night. This year’s unusually strong El Nino (the ninth strongest ever recorded) may be the cause for an unprecedented blackout lasting two months and counting.

Rare Tropical Cyclone appears off the Coast of Brazil. The forming storm called “Invest 90Q” is only the seventh subtropical or tropical cyclone to form in the South Atlantic basin in recorded history.

Madagascar Flooded by Cyclone Hubert. Torrential rains and landslides that destroyed hundreds of homes, displaced 32,000 and killed at least 36 people inundated the deforested coastal mountains of the island nation.

Icelandic Volcano lying dormant since 1823 is about to Blow. Earthweek reports: “The Icelandic Meteorological Office said that the shaking felt in communities near Eyjafjallajökull glacier was due to magma flowing at full speed into the volcano… In 1994 and 1999 a series of tremors was detected in the area — believed to have been caused by magma intrusion deep inside the volcano. The Civil Protection Department was maintaining an alert for the mountain due to the unrest.”


Stuck in the Ides of March’s Nor’easter Storm

Earthweek ends its reports every Friday. The Ides of March, the midpoint of the month, passed yesterday. At the time of this writing four days following last Friday, the Atlantic Northeastern states are witnessing one of the most significant Nor’easter storms since 2006 with some areas already buried in the last few weeks of snowfall now melting and drowned in three days straight of 3 to 5 inches of rainfall. Flood watches are still in effect along the coastlines from storm surges and inland too from swollen rivers bursting from their banks flooding thousands of homes and businesses across New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Long Island and Maine. Hurricane force winds visited JFK airport and days of sustained 50 mph winds across New England knocked out the power to half a million homes over the weekend.

Perhaps the most ominous message my oracle has given in Predictions for 2010 is indeed bearing down on us. Mother Nature is rebelling against our abuse. There is developing a highly accurate seer synchronicity in my almanac of annual weather forecasts. I will therefore continue giving monthly reports matching events with prophecy.

John Hogue

(16 March 2010)

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  1. Lihirakash
    Posted 3 December 2011 at 1:41 am | Permalink

    The three women in the next drawing could represent Lilith (with the head scarf), Fortuna [Pars Fortuna] (portrayed as a voluptuous woman/ harlot) and Ceres in the (scholarly) sign of Gemini:

    The only problem with all of these three entries is that they come from a bogus book. Nostradamus never wrote the so-called “lost book”. He couldn’t draw. His son, however was a painter, but he couldn’t predict, because his father said his gift of sight would not be carried over to any of his descendants.

  2. Lihirakash
    Posted 3 December 2011 at 1:35 am | Permalink

    In the drawing of the bodiless head of a king, could this represent the constellation Cepheus (king’s head)? Could this be a reference to the Red Star Kachina and Blue Star (companion star) Kachina which are mentioned in the Hopi prophecy? The figure with the bow and arrow may represent Pallas (as huntress) in Pisces [double fish].

    And then see the image of the sun and lion (which possibly relates to the alignment of the Sun with the galaxy center):

    As captivating as all this may seem to you and others, these pictures are vague enough for people to pin whatever they like as meaning to them. This is often the trap people get caught into when dabbling in prophecy. A scholar of prophecy must be more skeptical, even if that scholar is sympathetic to Nostradamus’ skill of prediction. This is especially so with these pictures, which have proven to be a fraud from the 17th century attributed to Nostradamus.

  3. Lihirakash
    Posted 3 December 2011 at 1:32 am | Permalink

    In The Lost Book of Nostradamus there are several drawings that seem to correlate with the astrology of Dec. 21, 2012. (See for a listing of the drawings.)

    Here again is the event chart for the Mayan end date:

    For example:

    In the drawing of the blindfolded archer aiming his arrow at the naked woman, I think this may relate to Venus in Sagittarius. [Venus as ruler of Libra (scales) and Taurus (bull)] In addition Chiron is square Venus.

    In the drawing of the arm holding up a sword, Saturn in Scorpio [scorpion] is in a yod configuration [the flowering rod of Aaron] with Pluto in Capricorn [goat].

    None of these water colors can be dated before 1700. Nostradamus died in 1566. These pictures and the book were copied sometime after 1700. They aren’t originals. The most damning evidence is that a lot of these weird and nebulous illustrations are bad copies of prophetic works of the Cathars, who lived a few centuries before Nostradamus. One really must hold enthusiasm down and question the veracity of purported works of Nostradamus, as there were frauds published in his name even while he was alive.

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