A Second American Revolution Foreseen–1

As promised, I will share with you some of the prophecies I quoted on my Coast to Coast AM appearance back on 27 January 2010 that point to a future civil war or revolution in America. Seers such as Chicago based Irene F. Hughes have pinpointed that we will have a new US Constitution drawn up sometime in the mid-2020s. She did not mention a revolution taking place before this and I certainly hope we can come to this refreshing of American democracy through a measured and intelligent national debate and peaceful protest, if need be. Otherwise if the people grow more and more angry as their leaders advise caution and non-toxic dialogue while not doing or accomplishing anything beyond platitudes and talk, then the following future scenario defined in by these prophets below may be waiting to set fire to the land in less than a decade.

I present these terrible visions like one must sometimes open a wound to the air, so the festering can be exposed and healed, vanishing from the body of destiny because of our healing actions committed in the present.

The following passage comes from pages 183-184 of my book 1000 FOR 2000: Startling Predictions for the New Millennium From Prophets Ancient and Modern published in 1998. (See predictions.)


Because our constitution is so inflexible, we will not be able to reform it. Instead, under the pressure of radical changes and perhaps a social war, we will adopt a new constitution.

David Goodman Croly (1888)

There will be great stress, as brother rises against brother, as group or sect or race rises against race—yet the leveling must come.

And only those who have set their ideal in Him and practiced it in their dealings with their fellowman may expect to survive the wrath of the Lord.

Edgar Cayce (1938)

Nation will rise against nation, kingdom against kingdom, states against states, in our own country and in foreign lands.

Brigham Young (d. 1877)

Inserted note from 02/19/10: My assessment of the above and additional prophecies published in the book since 1998 has not changed — even those assessments concerning Edgar Cayce and Orson Pratt’s prophecies, which come from 1994:

By the year 2026, the Constitution of the United States will be redrafted. The American system of democracy will be unrecognizable to that of the 1990s. But this will not be a negative change. Chicago psychic Irene Hughes predicts that man will live in greater trust and love of his fellow man at that time.

There will be an erosion and breakdown of the American Dream, says Edgar Cayce, when those who lead it proclaim their might and power as being right, when the leaders of this land have brought “many of the isles of the sea and many of the lands” under their influence. A second civil war will come at a time when America as the supreme superpower fears no man or devil. At that time Cayce warns, “in their own land [Americans] will see the blood flow as in those periods when brother fought against brother.” (#2976-24)

In 1939, Cayce gave his future countrymen an alternative to civil war when he warned that if all Americans of every class and color didn’t seek a “universal oneness of purpose” America would suffer a second revolution (#3976-25)…

In the 1870s, Orson Pratt, one of the early fathers of Mormonism, described the coming Balkanization of America would be a war pitting “neighborhood against neighborhood, city against city, town against town, state against state, and they will go forth destroying, and being destroyed. Manufacturing will almost cease, great cities will be left desolate.”


Revolution is unavoidable but it need not be violent. Cayce has expressed the key to unlock a future where bloodshed on the streets of America does not take place. Protest need not be violent to be effective. We have Gandhi’s and Nelson Mandela’s examples in India and South Africa as proof that revolution can be far reaching through peaceful and patient non-violent protest and dialogue.

In my next blog I will give a detailed answer to “Chris” who left his angry comments today on the previous blog’s page: see predictions.

John Hogue

(19 February 2010)

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  1. Kristiana Beard
    Posted 9 November 2012 at 7:58 am | Permalink

    Excellent sharing of prophecy. That you deliver what could be with gentle tones that offer the alternatives is perfect. No matter who we are all individually or collectively, if we unite in purpose, even as Jesus gave, that we should Love One Another, we can eliminate the warnings in these prophecies, as a failed, negative prophecy is Always the best, most successful prophecy.
    If we as a nation would just learn to respect each other again, despite our many differences, we could be Whole again. Why any groups’ incessant Need to be Right? Jesus never said “Love One Another…”Except….’.” Israel is as much a People as it is a place. Those who seek His face earnestly will Know. What need have we to Beat anything into others to declare we self righteously are “correct”? Don’t we trust God to speak to every man, woman, and child’s heart? Don’t we Know the Language of the heart Is LOVE? I’m not dismissing anyone’s sacred text. I am eager, however, to remind people God has All well in hand. To carry Christ’s cross is to Love our neighbors No Matter What, to BE The Example in others’ lives He was/is to us. The more loving kindness we Live, the more we have a chance to bridge that which divides us. We must Trust and Surrender as a People, pray earnestly, plead that God may use each of us however He sees fit. It’s not any one of our responsibilities to correct anyone else on “content and details”. Love says everything For Us. Our Now is a test we must pass or fail as One. War only brings death and dis-ease. I Believe we Can mend our fences as soon as we speak softly again of Love to and with one another. Some people call me a dreamer and seam as eager as those portrayed in old Civil War movies to raise their swords, brother against brother, with little regard for someone else’s life simply because we differ in opinions. Are we really so shallow? Who among us can be Sure that Any One among us is not Jesus returned today? Moreover, who among us doesn’t see the Christ Light in All of God’s creation? We forget. God doesn’t choose sides. People do. God ever simply and profoundly IS. Let’s, please, re-member and return to Loving Our Neighbors As Ourselves. Or we will All pay at costs unimaginable. His Light is only muted by our misguided ideas. It’s We who must become as children, love and forgive instantly as they do, to let His Light shine forth From Us onto All who cross our paths. I have no need to Be Right. I have every intention, though, to Love with my whole heart, no matter how anyone and I may disagree. That is how we honor all He tried to teach us. We mustn’t fail Him now. To fail Him is ever at our own demise. As His precious blood flowed as he hung from the cross, He taught us Exactly HOW to Love PERFECTLY. He wasn’t bitter people didn’t believe as He did. He wasn’t bitter that others’ hearts were so dark. He simply asked God to forgive them. Are we to hold more bitterness in our hearts than He? If so, was His life meaningless to us? If we don’t live His example, we only hurt ourselves. Enough talk of revolution and war against our countrymen. If we are to know peace in the world, we must BE PEACEFUL AT HOME.
    May God’s glorious blessings forever Light our path AS a United States of America. Let us honor our experiment of being THE country who has opened her doors to all those weary and forgotten across the earth. Let us Be Home to every broken heart and forever live as One people AS THE EXAMPLE of His Unconditional Love. Let us live looking to the eyes and hearts of our brethren the world over instead of skin color, sexual orientation, religious belief, political views dictating to us we have Anything to “correct” in another. It’s God’s to prepare a path for every soul. It’s ours simply to love and support every human being alive. Let’s remember to Trust we are Not to understand or know all of life’s questions or answers. It’s only and forever ours to Love Completely. Let us not cherry pick scripture and toss it out at others as hurtful bombs of intolerance. Jesus’ teachings were simple. It’s we who complicate them. Love first! Ask questions later to find Common ground. Not reasons to Judge. Lest we be horribly judged ourselves. We must carry our own cross and help each other to carry theirs. It’s not ours to add to anyone’s burden. It’s our to hold the sponge soaked in vinegar to our brothers and sisters lips, to love so much we leave judgment to God, and simply help each other out and up. We Can Live As One.

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