Nostradamus Eclipse Quakes

Click on this link to explore the eclipse that portended all that has happened since 21 August 2017!

Click on this link to explore the eclipse that portended all that has happened since 21 August 2017!

First a bit of current events-to-prophecy news.

Back in a blog posted on 16 July (The Great Eclipse of 2009 and Nostradamus) and on Coast to Coast AM on 2 September, I had predicted a major natural disaster hitting South and or East Asian regions that fell under the shadow of what is now known as the Great Eclipse of July 2009. The disaster lag time could be a couple months to a year from this summer. Some of your are wondering if the 6.1 earthquake in the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan last week that killed dozens and was felt across the Brahmaputra River plain all the way to Bangladesh was a ramp up of it. Then came this week’s 8.3 earthquake and tsunami emanating from a tectonic subduction zone near the American Samoan island chain in the south-central Pacific. The eclipse shadow did stop touching Earth near the Samoa and American Samoa islands

I would hope that the 7.6 quake that ravaged the Indonesian coastal city of Padang this Wednesday turns out to be the natural disaster my oracle was sensing — but it is not.

My oracle still reads the potential of a far larger natural/economic disaster coming. It will hit either South and East Asia or Southern California before year’s end.

The Great Eclipse of 2009 triggers this natural disaster in some mysterious way. It may have been part two of Nostradamus’ earth-changing, civilization-undermining prophecy in his Epistle to Henry II that augurs social and tectonic quakes undermining those regions occulted by the shadow of an Eclipse that did occur in August 1999. A few weeks later, massive quakes hit Greece and Turkey and less than two years later cities in the Indian state of Gujarat where leveled. Hundreds of thousands died. It is a fact that the eclipse of 2009, the longest lasting we will see this century, had its shadow first touch the Earth EXACTLY where the August 11 1999 shadow had left it, near Gujarat. The question then is whether Nostradamus mistakes them both being part of one eclipse show drawing the same black line of destiny. The natural, social and economic disasters that come or do not come will be the judge of this theory.

Comments on Prophecy Slaves–1

Now to your comments about my last button pusher blog, Slavery makes us Predictable. Freedom makes us Immortal.

I’ll start with Marc-Andre’s comment:

Bingo…you’ve nailed it again John. Quite similarly to the “Push my Buttons” blog where you included me (Marc-Andre).

This particular subject (personal responsibility, victimhood, unworthiness) is brutal for folks as it, by definition, encapsulates the full spectrum of all that is born from our fear patterning separation conditioning. This topic is the BIG ONE for all. It is the mother of all “smaller” dysfunctions, tendencies and issues. Hence the” defensiveness” even of those in the awakening process. Don’t mess with my myths, I love my myths, I am my myths! ….yikes….keep up the good work…the offer for a brew in NYC one of these days is still open….and yes, would be interested to know any of your meditation techniques…the shorter / easier the better….LOL!

Thanks, Marc-Andre. It was refreshing to get your letter today because as is all too predictable, the majority of emails have come from those who haven’t understood their personal responsibility, grasped and pulled off their society-imposed blinders of victimhood, or have yet to see themselves in their own words caught playing with social survival defense devices, etc. It is also true that many of the readers leaving comments are sincerely in an awakening process, but have been caught resting on a plateau of newfound beliefs rather than go on digging deeper into the nature of the programmed ego-mind.

Case in point:

I found you’re replies to Charles to be good advice. But, if, as I suspect, Charles is like may of us to whom meditation does not come easy, he, might be better served to pursue his “self” from a more personal perspective

It makes sense what Richard is saying, but I would propose that a deeper look within will perhaps illuminate that “personality” as such is the problem. As is the mind’s retarding given, “Meditation does not come easy.” If mind is the thing in the way, then how can a mind meditate? Perhaps it isn’t qualified to judge what meditation is any more than a shadow can be the thing it is shadowing. Mind (as silhouette) is not the thing the light of meditation casts upon.

It appears that Charles has already experienced his “self” and feels that he is alone in his awareness. Then, on top of that, you tell him to grow a spiritual spine and don’t care what “they” do. Well, that’s a pretty frightening thought for Charles as well as me.

Richard also needs to find his spiritual spine although it looks like he is closer to finding it.

Experience has shown me that the slaves outnumber the enlightened by quite a large number and that expressing you’re “self” always leads to no good, in the present tense.

I used to make the same well intended though subtle assumption that I was somehow better or separate from the slaves. I “am” a slave. I am a slave to my desires, to my attachments, to my self-importance, to lusts, appetites and angers. I am no better than any of my readers, or any worse.

There is only a very slight difference between me and other slaves. It is not one of any superiority over them because all slaves and even overlords of slaves have the birth given power to do what I’ve been doing since I was initiated into meditation in 1980. I have begun bringing awareness to watch my robotic egoistic state. I am a slave beginning to understand that I am a slave, how it happened, how this Homo mechanicus ego functions.

When one pursues this understanding one soon taps into a whole other reality. A certain point ventured — a point unique to each of us — makes one move further inward, despite one’s fears of severance from the mainstream and its retribution. This break with the main happens after awakening to one’s slavery. You will be an irritant. You will bruise people’s auras and egos even without doing anything. You are no longer completely part of the world of people who either have not yet or definitely do not want to awaken. My teacher was killed by such people, my spiritual family — scattered. I know what Plato felt when the overlords of Athenian society poisoned Socrates.

It takes courage to venture inward and look at yourself. It takes courage to see how much of what you think is you is a dream — more like a nightmare — borrowed from others. And yet, when the veil of ego is lifted briefly and one experiences a bliss of unguarded moments of something beyond duality, death or words, abiding ever more, one taps into courage to move forward in the world of the somnambulists. At a certain point you can never go back to being completely asleep again. Even if you try. Understanding that we are so much more than “thinking” becomes like one’s breathing. The truth of things, once glimpsed, outshines and outlasts all dark conditioned thoughts that might be triggered or might scheme to snuff it out. When you have this growing light at last, it is too wonderful and too abiding to be suppressed by society’s persecution.

My teacher’s body and mind were destroyed before my eyes by the very forces Richard understandably fears. And yet, the enlightenment that body-mind encased abides.

Back to Richard.

I believe Charles and I can achieve self-awareness, but our path will not be the same as yours.

This is how the conditioned mind plays “spiritual.” It assumes belief is knowing and assumes understanding what self-awareness “is” before the beginning of the search. It assumes there are paths without treading on them.

Meditation comes easy to you, while I, and I suspect Charles, do not achieve it nearly as easily.

The assumption in the words is that we all know what meditation “is.” That it is something we can label or quantify. What if meditation is something beyond knowing. Is meditation a thing?

The mind understands things. That’s all the mind knows are things, whether they are made of matter, vibratory waves, atmosphere or thought forms. But what if meditation techniques helped quiet one’s thoughts, or gave momentary distance to emotions and attachments and set one apart from all energies and vibrations so that something else completely outside of these things — but equally interacting with them — was not-there-ing with infinitely more powerful presence than all things that are there-ing inside and outside of us?

While you rise to the mountaintop on wings and an updraft, I have to climb on a crumbling trail. The goal is the same, but the path is different.

There is no path, no mountaintop, no wings, no updraft. There is no “you”, there is no “me” climbing up a non-existent and crumbling trail. There is no goal, there is no “same.”

Do not believe or disbelieve what I have just said. Just watch the mind, the emotions, the path, the mountain, the crumbling trail, the goal, the updraft the rising and the falling.

Who is watching all these wonder-terror-full things in life?

To Charles I would say, “Listen to John Hogue. He has a lot of good things to say. He can shine the light from the top of the mountain. If meditation is beyond your ability, don’t give up. You are on the right path.”

I know this state well. Richard has done some sincere searching and now he is under a new con of the mind. When its programming is threatened by awareness the mind gets tricky. If a spiritual awakening is sought then the mind will pretend to be “spiritual.” One can even find the mind pretending to shut itself off and be silent like Buddha himself. Then you will feel so accomplished as a meditator. Or, the mind can assume the shape of any other path to enlightenment through yoga, devotion, or monastic retreat.

I honestly have no solution to free one from these subtle tricks. There is simply a watching of whatever the mind conjures up, or whatever emotions emote or whatever the body feels.

There is watching. It watches judgments for or against all and everything, including watching.

There is watching. A pealing begins. Layers of mind unravel. No one is doing it. The watching watches the pealing away as if the mind was the dock on which the boat of witnessing was moored. The ropes unravel themselves from the dock after waves loosened the knot after awhile and one did nothing but observe it happen silently. Then one’s watching boat on its own simply floats away from the dock. The mind is in one’s witness but it is now removed and floating farther away. There then is peace and silence within. A connection-less connection to something so present because it is not there. So vast that it does not exist. So invisible that its presence is overwhelming, just behind the veil of all things.

The moments the mind is neurotic, egotistic and chattering like a monkey — watch. The moments the mind is silent and seemingly spiritual, even in ecstasy — watch. Watching does not have a path. It isn’t a spiritual discipline. It watches spiritual disciplines.

That at least is my experience of watching at this moment.

Have confidence in your “self” such as you perceive it [Charles]. Continue your search with the tools that you were given. It has been my experience that the farther along the path that you progress, the more sense that it makes. Eventually you will achieve the goal and will find that others have made the same trip from a myriad of other paths, just like you.”

This is how it feels in the beginning. That there is some kind of path or goal and that one knows so much more about it than one actually does. It sounds like Richard has reached a plateau of spiritual satisfaction with himself. At this time I am neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with my meditation. I just go on watching the “my” and the “meditation.” When I started watching back in 1980, I had so much more knowledge about this so-called path I was on and knowledge about everyone else’s path.

Now, as decades in time have passed, this unchanged moment has deepened. I know less about meditation, and the more this knowledge disappears I sense an intimacy with its mystery growing. It is coming closer now and I have know idea what it is, yet I trust it and invite it with my whole being.

John, I hope that I haven’t stepped on your toes too much.

It is all right, Richard. There is a witnessing of your polite ego. There is a witnessing if what you said triggered the John Hogue ego. If it had, you would have shown the witness the mechanics of conditioning. The simple action of watching how reaction moved through me would illuminate its mechanism. Illuminating the mechanism of ego mysteriously brings a distance to the witness and the habit of mind.

Do not believe me. Explore it. Experiment with what I’m saying.

What I’m talking about is a glimpse into the future, into the interiority of a new humanity coming.

Thus this dialogue, this series is so far the most important series on prophecy I’ve ever written for my blog readers since I began writing them online in 1999.

I believe in what you profess and hope that your dreams are fulfilled.

Witness this: there are no beliefs, for they are false. There is no hope at all, therefore — no hopelessness. There are no dreams. Thus there are no nightmares.

Please accept that some of us are less equipped for the journey than others.

Witness this: there are no limitations.

John Hogue

(02 October 2009)

PS–If these words of mine resonate in your being. Just ask and I will share with you links and information about the meditation techniques that have helped my words, and especially the spaces in-between, resonate.

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