Slavery makes us Predictable. Freedom makes us Immortal

I want to thank Charles, for sending me this existential observation, yesterday. What he has stated here is so fundamental to the issues of our future that I will share my answer to my entire Internet community.

How can ordinary people be responsible for their actions when the government, the establishment media, and the establishment educational system feed people lies piled on top of lies? How can people know what to do when the governmental economic reports are fraudulent? How can people do the “right thing” when the powers that be harass and threaten anyone that opposes their dictates?

Are slaves responsible for the crimes of their masters? I think not. (Of course, that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.)

Yes, slaves are responsible. As responsible as the masters. To think not, is to think like a slave. Masters cannot exist without slaves. Slaves cannot exist as slaves without masters. The overlord needs the overwhelmed. It is a dysfunctional relationship. Belief cannot exist without disbelief. Love cannot exist without hate. These relationships in duality are all forms of slavery. If there is a higher form of love and belief, it must be something experienced beyond good and evil, beyond belief as we find ourselves dualistically ensnared by our mindsets.

From this context, allow me to answer each of your points made in response to my blog entry Everyone is Responsible for this Economy.

You say, Charles,

Everyone is responsible for this economy? I beg to differ with your learned opinion.

How can ordinary people be responsible for their actions when the government, the establishment media, and the establishment educational system feed people lies piled on top of lies?

People are responsible for what they eat. If you eat crappy food and become physically sick, you are the one imbibing. It is no different if you fill your mind with crap coming from the ungovernable-government, the truth-destabilizing establishment media and the dumbing-down educational system, making you mind neurotic, agitated and unconsciously enslaved. You are doing the eating. The illusion we have bought into from birth onward through society’s conditioning is that sources of our physical and spiritual food malnourishment have power over us. For instance: ask yourself, is the Big Mac making me put my teeth into it?

The last thing society’s programmed conditioning wants us to awaken is an awareness of direct response ability for all that is going on in our lives. This programmed habit of borrowed personality wants us to throw responsibility on others, because when we do, we can keep ourselves disempowered.

Your Big Mac makes you eat it. The vodka makes you gulp it down. The media makes you stupid. The overlord makes you overwhelmed. The Devil made you do it. Massah makes you a slave.

I once heard Louis Farrakhan make a powerful observation that, I think, touches the core of an enslaved mind’s disempowerment. The gist of what I heard him say to an African American audience who still felt under the heal of a white man’s world was something like, “Don’t wait for whitie to change. You change.” Only a person who still thinks like a slave waits for the master to change first.

Don’t wait for the Big Mac to change before you stop eating it.

A false imposed mindset programs us to be addicted to an illusion that the Big Mac makes you eat it. The US government makes you its slave is an illusion. It is “you” voting or not voting that gets the government a slave deserves.

What makes you unconsciously grab for Wolf Blitzer’s drab-blab, or the dithering simpletons or machine-gun mouthed anchors and clueless, perky anchorettes that crowd your news media channels with talking heads?

What happened? Did you get home from work and suddenly find yourself pulled beyond your control to the remote to turn on Spaghetti-O-Reilly, or Keith Olber-wrought-mann, or Rachel Mad-cow, or Dimpy Dog-Wolf Blitzer, or Inannity-Hannity, or Glen Bardo-Brained Beck?

Is your skeptical inquiry magically suspended by the calm cool voice of An-drone-nia Mitchell, or comforted by the stuffed suited Walter Cron-Kronos-kite degenerations of anchors in alphabet souped up ABC and NBC networks?

Can’t you stop objective reasoning from being Katie Curried up on CBS nightly news?

Did the TV remote make you do it?

Why have we bought the simple slavery of borrowed faith in imaginary friends up in the clouds? Why does a guy in Rome dressed in a pointy hat with a shepherd’s crook, in priestly drag, compel those donning the label “Christian” to believe in virgin births?

Why does that swami guy on the Hindu Ganges River sitting cross-legged in an orange dress compel those donning the identity of “Hindu” to sample cattle dung as holy food from the…? Holy cow! Hooooley shit!!

Who made pious men praying to Mecca five times a day think there would be 77 virgins ready to get down up in heaven?

What makes an Atheist blindly believe in his neggo-God faith as much as a theist blindly believes positively in God

Have you ever wondered why every religion describes paradise filled with all the temptations you can’t touch or do while alive? For instance, Muslims can’t drink in life but they can swim in rivers of wine in the afterlife. Christians are taught that poverty is a kind of holy virtue, but they’ll walk on streets made of gold in heaven–chah-ching!!!

The Hindu saint must remain celibate in life, so he can be gang banged forever by beautiful Upsaras in paradise. Upsaras are under aged goddess girlies that never sweat or age beyond a sexual predator’s favorite age — sweet 16.

These are our holy Big Macs that we believe make us eat them down.

The fairytales are made master over the faithful. If sin becomes holy in heaven, you will behave yourself, suppress your urges and follow your religion like sheeple — theist or atheist mutton — and eat whatever they think you must stuff down your own throat as enlightenment.

When did the Big Mac start eating you?

Try this on:

It starts early when fresh intelligence from the beyond is born in body-mind form. Whatever society you land in when born begins to coat your soul with a personality, with dogmas, belief systems.

Your childlike genius to question the stupidity of your elders is quickly punished with overt violence (spankings, beatings, sent to bed without supper) or more covert forms of parental, pedagogical, political or priestly blackmail. They deny belonging and love’s security to a helpless child. So being naturally born smart, we children conform to belong, to be loved, to survive. We begin to play the game of believing so we can be accepted, nourished and loved. The corruption process begins until the bright eyed being that came to earth has become a functional mediocrity in his or her society by 21 years of age.

Rather than teach our children to retain their intelligent souls from the beyond, we make them identify with the tools needed to live and drive their body-mind through life. In short, you become a slave when you think you are the body-mind car, and not the soul who drives it.

The Big Mac eats you. The Car drives you.

Some of you might be wondering now what all the above has to do with prophecy.

It has everything to do with it.

Conditioning is the source of predictability. Predictability is the engine of prophecy. The future of slaves is easy to predict. The future of the free is wide open.

So, Charles, with that and all the rest of the above said, here is my answer to the rest of your points.

How can people know what to do when the governmental economic reports are fraudulent?

Stop putting frauds in office. And if you cannot do this, stop being a fraud unto your “self.” See the ways you have been enslaved to see the world with your society’s eyes and borrowed beliefs and religions. See with your own inner light what is good, what is religious, and govern yourself.

How can people do the “right thing” when the powers that be harass and threaten anyone that opposes their dictates?

Find your spiritual spine. Practice a science of self-observation and find the quiet, witnessing eye inside you that is ever there in every one of life’s raging storms. Accept that your emergent awakening will disturb the programmed-minded world. Who cares what they do to you? You are coming back to your soul. You have begun remembering and living something in glimpses of that vast and light filled truth beyond duality that they can never destroy again. IT is beyond life and death. It “abides” as a constant witness inside you every eternal moment if you but simply remember it.

This “iT-ness” self-remembers every moment you are in action, inaction, waking or sleeping, alive or departed.

You may not be able to change the government, the media or the education system, but you can understand their game and stop identifying with it. You will still have to move through the world of the muddled and semi-conscious and your presence of attention will cause friction, but it will also attract light and fellow travelers in this spiritual rebellion into your circle of life.

You are not alone, or better you “are” completely alone, just like everyone else. So, we are all “alone” together, thus not alone. We share this aloneness, thus we share this freedom of aloneness.

I’m not talking about “loneliness”– that’s what slaves experience. When the slave becomes response “able” to see the chains of slavery are illusions, he or she becomes free. And loneliness becomes eagle-bright and flying “aloneness.”

Are slaves responsible for the crimes of their masters? I think not. (Of course, that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.)

You are wrong, Charles. You are speaking with a voice and a mind that has been hijacked by your society, government, media and mafia of the soul. It is the voice of a slave.

The masters program slaves to think their victimhood is somehow holy and noble. They prevent your spiritual rebellion today by promising you in their religious demagoguery that you will be free in paradise. They want you to pin the blame of their crimes on them. That is the habitual way we give them power over us.

However, when individuals begin to take responsibility for their part in this dysfunctional crime, the spell of the master-slave relation-shit is broken. Then a completely new world arises like the dead coming out of the grave of our conditioned minds. Meditation can bring an understanding that is a resurrection of the soul we are, the soul we came here as, the uncovered soul once buried by societal and religious bunk.

Slaves “are” responsible for their slavery. Be free.

If you like, I can share with any of you who ask the teachings and meditation techniques that have helped me begin my resurrection out from this slavery. If anything I said in this essay resonates with you, it comes from an awakening intelligence aided by self-observation techniques I can give to you as a gift.

Thank you Charles. Thanks and blessings of awakening freedom to you all.

John Hogue

(26 September 2009)


It is the next morning. Here is Charles’ reply and my response. Perhaps it will help clarify things for some of you:

You call me a fool and a coward for adopting a belief system that has been forced upon me from childhood.

I have never called you a fool or a coward, Charles. The slave mindset programmed into us always personalizes things. You are not that mindset. You are a mystery of light and eternity. You are joy incarnate, courage incarnate, under the spell of mind. Perhaps that spell can be broken with a little awareness.

Then you offer me a different belief system that I must accept based solely on your faith in it.

No one said you must accept it, but you right now. Again, what is compelling you to rush to belief so automatically? Is this “you” or perhaps an adopted persona? No need to believe or disbelieve. Test it for yourself. I suggesting that meditation techniques can be used as tools to test it.

No thanks. I will find my own way. What is that old saying, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”


I definitely support you finding your own way.

What I’m offering you at the end of the blog, Charles and everyone else reading the blog is a way to experiment and test everything I said to see if it is true for you or not.

I have a proposition for testing: it is your true self under the spell of mind that is always pressured to believe without question what I said in the blog. Did I tell you to believe it? Where in the blog do I tell any of you, ‘You must believe what I am saying’? That voice demanding belief is not coming from me.

Who then is it coming from?

Meditation has helped me understand this. You may have a different experience with meditation than I. The thing to do now is stop talking and start experimenting with techniques of awareness. My offer to share with you these techniques is still open. There is no pressure coming from me. I respect your freedom to chose or reject this offering.

John Hogue

(27 September 2009)

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