9/9/9 and Predictions for 2009 Assessed–Part 6

President Obama with Russian President Medvedev at the Moscow Summit in May 2009.

President Obama with Russian President Medvedev at the Moscow Summit in May 2009.

Today is 9/9/9. Obama makes his case for Health Care before both houses of Congress. Perhaps the best thing that can happen is a failure to communicate. A failure to pass Health Care reform. Failure has its blessings. One need only read the semi-self examination in Obama’s two books, Dreams from my Father and Audacity of Hope to see that our president can conjure a capacity to learn from his mistakes when reality undercuts the pedestal of his aloof statuary Leonine pride.

Obama is a Leo by astrological birth. Leo’s are born for the stage. Leo’s learn best to adjust and correct mistakes when they bomb on stage before the crowd. I hope that Obama will bomb in Act One of the Health Care drama so that he will come out for Act Two with the horse before the cart this time and present a PLAN that Congress can believe in, can vote for.

Health Care will be passed, either as September 2009’s congressional lemming rush into a vote looking all too familiar to their rush legislating an invasion of Iraq in the Bush era.

Plan? We don’t have a plan. We’ll just make it up while boots are on the Emergency Room floor. Obama’s Health Care push could give him an Iraq-style pre-occupation that will take eight years to make properly function after a lot of pain, chaos and squandered talent and treasure. Or, he’ll lose the vote of Congress in September of 2009 and be made to come down to earth and this time earn his place on the mountain peak, climbing step by step, rather than come down from the mountain like a messiah on a cloud riding the presidential helicopter.

Obama will have to descend from the remote wonk of political elite Olympus to the dark valleys where real people live. He will have to listen to the doctors, the patients, and the people and help them form conventions for health care, like the founding fathers held a convention to compose our US Constitution. The people in every state will gather to debate, share information, life-health-and business experiences, to understand what is really needed to make healthcare work, calculate cost and eventually present a plan Congress can vote for.

We don’t need town hall encounter groups of the fearfully uniformed but vociferous voting mobs monitored by legislators that almost know what they are talking about health care. We need every state to set forth a Health Care Convention. Gather from local discourse deputations to Washington DC of those representing a cross section of doctors, citizens, insurance and drug industries coming from all fifty states. There they will present their ideas to the president and Congress. Once the people have presented their health care ideas both president and the Congress will debate and discuss it. Voting, then, is the last step. A step taken in 2010. In other words, the founding fathers at the constitutional congress didn’t first vote for a constitution, they fought, forged and finalized a constitution for ratification — then they voted for it. They didn’t do this ass-Obama-backward.

I am all for President Obama going “forward”. The speech delivered today will tell which way we are going with Health Care.

In my almanac for 2008, I predicted a deep global recession that happened. I also forecast a two-year probation period wherein the systemic and structural causes of economic troubles had to be exposed and managed; otherwise, my oracle warned even before there was a recession that the “recovery” could collapse the world economy into an inflationary depression by the end of 2010 or in early 2011. At the time of this writing, we are still on track for the disaster of so-called recovery. This is what I have already seen fulfilled from Predictions for 2009:

Why the Economic Stimulus stagnates in 2009

“President Obama’s stimulus gamble called his Recovery and Reinvestment Plan for America won’t initially work this year. He will give final force to the legislative concept under the Uranus-in-Pisces transit (change) opposed Saturn (ruler in part of status quo bureaucratic Washington DC resistance and also the harbinger of economic realities). In effect, the dominant collective astrological forces engaged at its conception will mark the plan’s afflicted existence with unconsciously sabotaging challenges.

“His ambitious plans for change in 2009 will pass through the gauntlet of Saturnian reality checks that will expose their naked impracticality. After a hard year of encounter, test and failure, Obama will come to understand that idealism must be eschewed for realism in his revolution of change.

“They will initially find fresh sounding ways to repeat old errors, such as throwing money at the economy to shock it back to life.”

Slowing down the economic slide, indeed even stopping the slide completely is not a sign of recovery, no matter how much some people in the media like to spin it as such. When a wound stops bleeding completely that means the healing can begin. We still have almost a half-year left to judge the above prediction, but at the halfway point, the majority opinion, especially from those 15 million and counting who have lost their jobs and those 20 to 30 million people underemployed, they experience the healing beyond recession has something definitely not begun. The economy is still bleeding. Not as much as before and that is good, but the healing has not begun yet because Obama’s plan, astrologically born with a Saturn-Uranus opposition in Pisces will ever struggle with unseen and overlooked illusions as Saturn (the status quo) brings in banking and bureaucratic resistance to Uranus (change and reform). The advantage is slightly leaning in favor of Uranus in the recovery plan’s chart, so progress will remain slow but it marches forward in the coming years to perhaps a real turning of the tide to recovery (of jobs) three years on.

One-Two-Three Trillion, this is “deficitly” dangerous

“The best that Obama can hope for by the end of 2009 is that his one-to-two-three, let’s go! trillion-dollar injection of public funds may stop the economy from plunging into a full depression. There will be no significant improvement six months or even 12 months from his inauguration because lofty, almost faith based and blind idealism is opposing — even ignoring — some fundamental Saturn-illuminating dysfunctions. I present my forebodings here in the hope that time and political capital will not be wasted in 2009 and the right steps towards a course down a better future are taken at the beginning of the year.

“If Obama’s domestic economic agenda will have checkered success, perhaps his most important foreign policy diplomatic mission did begin this year.”

We are a month out from closing the fiscal year in September. Whether warranted or not, President Obama’s stimuli has increased the deficit to just under two trillion dollars in 9 months in office. Counting September, there is still four months left in the year. There is a chance that my oracle’s outrageous prediction of a three trillion deficit under Obama will take place by January of 2010, a full year after I wrote the above passage.

On another front, foreign relations, I continue to see positive progress for the Obama administration. Here is what was already anticipated before it happened:

Obama’s mission to thaw a “Cold Peace” with Russia

“Barack Obama’s most important diplomatic effort, one that has the best chance of succeeding even, is to find some diplomatic agreement that can end this gathering cold war stance in the first year of his presidency.”

Obama did gain momentum and launched his foreign policy moves in March. These culminating in early April at the G8 summit in Europe with successful rapprochement with Russia that led in May to Obama’s Moscow Summit with President Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and significant progress on nuclear arms reduction pledges.

Find out much more about Russia, about what happens next between Israel and Iran, the Palestinian question, the survival of Pakistan, the future of India, the global economy here:

Predictions for 2009


John Hogue

(09 September 2009)

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