666 Comments Answered–3

I have some 666 trivia for you. The motto for the US Army Sniper School is a misspelling of Julius Caesar’s famous Latin declaration “Veni, vidi vici” (I came, I saw, I conquered). Abbreviate the snipers’ motto “Vini vidi vici” and “Vi, vi, vi” in Latin equals Roman numerals for 666. Oooooh!

One reader took a crime of projection against an innocent number 666 a step deeper bemoaning the sorry fate of one of humanity’s most powerful, beautiful and now stained as evil symbols.

[What happened to 666] is similar to how a swastika symbol is viewed. Most people cringe when they see one, thinking Nazi this or that. They don’t realize it has [a Native American] origin — a different meaning. My dad has an old Indian blanket with the so-called swastika symbols on it. People have got to wake up!

The poor number 666 is just a number, but the greater misfortune befalls the Swastika. It is one of the oldest and most universal symbols from pre-history. Svastika in Sanskrit, literally translated, means “that which is associated with well-being.” It is an auspicious symbol or lucky charm used all over the world. You can find it on the hilt of Viking swords or on a blanket or rock art of ancient Meso and Native Americans. You find it on Buddhist temples from Japan all the way to Burma and on Hindu, Jain or Tantric temples in India.

Even madmen like Hitler can have good taste in powerful magic symbols for good luck and therefore leave everyone after his violent passing with a bad taste for the Swastika.

Hitler mutates the swastika’s magical luck, takes the more aggressive, right facing form and tilts it out of balance, turning it into a destructively powerful symbol, upraised to thrust its hooked crosses down. The kind of lucky charm a demon might make to seal a pact with you wherein one has initially miraculous luck in war and conquest. Yet, there is a heavy karmic bill to pay. Hitler used this symbol to overtake most of continental Europe in three years only to bring down on himself and his people the Occult Law of Reverse Effect.

Swastika luck became anti-luck. A magically good run of fortune in war turns in the blizzards and bloodshed before Moscow in late 1941. Luck suddenly ran out for Hitler and every decision thereafter seemed to bring him a string of military disasters. In three years’ time, he and his empire are thoroughly and utterly destroyed. Such is the consequence of wielding magic without a conscious soul and guiding hand. Remember it, those of you who dabble in magic.

John Hogue
(14 April 2009)


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