June, High Season for Israeli attacks on Iran

The most bellicose statement yet delivered by a high official in the Israeli government happened 6 June 2008, the 26-year anniversary of Israeli armed forces commanded by Defense Minister Ariel Sharon invading southern Lebanon in “Operation Peace of the Galilee” — an attempt to push a guerilla army of 14,000 PLO fighters commanded by Yasser Arafat out of Lebanon.

The date of 6 June 2008, which saw the Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Shaoul Mofaz openly threaten Iran with war, is sandwiched between two other significant Israeli anniversaries.  June 5 was the 41st anniversary of Israel’s overwhelming surprise air strikes destroying the air forces of Egypt, Syria and Jordan launching the Six Day War — Israel’s most sweeping victory to date, a preemptive war fought to surprise and destroy Arab invasion forces gathering on its borders. In six days, the Israeli Defense Force occupied the Syrian Golan Heights, the Jordanian West Bank territories, the Gaza Strip and the Egyptian Sinai region up to the Suez Canal – including the fabled Mt. Sinai, where it is said Moses delivered Yahweh’s Ten Commandments to His Chosen People, the Hebrews.

The day after 6 June 2008 marks the 27-year anniversary of Israeli jet bombers obliterating Osirak, the name of a French-built nuclear test reactor built outside of Baghdad, on 7 June 1981 before it came online. Saddam Hussein had intended it to provide enough uranium to build twelve atomic bombs to use on Israel.

Few in the Middle East would overlook the symbolic timing. Shaoul Mofaz made his formal speech on a Friday, the Islamic Sabbath. Some might also recall the date as the anniversary of the Allied beach landings on   Normandy — D-Day, “decision” day — 64 years before.

The Israeli Cabinet certainly had decided something Friday, 6 June 2008, and what Mofaz said made oil prices make an unheard of jump of 11 dollars in a single day to sit at just under $140 a barrel. The US Stock Exchange plummeted nearly 400 points.

“Other options [other than war] are disappearing,” explained Mofaz. “The sanctions are not effective. There will be no alternative but to attack Iran in order to stop the Iranian nuclear program.”

A year ago (June 2007), I made the following prediction on page 112 of my digital book Nostradamus the War with Iran (click on  Nostradamus Iran) based on my study of the 16th-century French prophet. I wrote the following prophecy in a satirical tone playing holy Neo-Con roller and morale booster to those Neo-Conservative hawks disappointed with the less-than-satisfactory performance of their man in the White House, G.W. Bush, concerning their plans to democratize Iran by conquest and preemptive military action while time for their hold on the White House was running out. A Neo-Con plan, I might add, that has been in the works since they published their first manifesto in 1992, with the current Vice President and number one war hawk, Dick Cheney’s editorial help. The brackets are inserted for clarity:

We [Neo-Cons] have the faith in our plans, that even adversity cannot stop us from punishing Iran…

Fear not!

God bless Israel!

She will [attack Iran] if we at first cannot. Israel upon the wings of her heroic airmen will strike down Iran’s nuclear installations at Arak, Natanz and Esfahan. Our President [Bush] will make Americans come to their aid when Iran counterattacks and there will be nary a Democrat in Congress who will dare public scandal and bear the label “anti-Semite” by voting not to aid Israel in her greatest hour of need.

In January 2008, I posted the following prediction on page 52 of my digital book Predictions for 2008:

Israel will attack Iran in spring of 2008 at the earliest. Perhaps around Shavuot, a Hebrew celebration held in late May to early June each year. It marks the time after the Hebrews were liberated from Pharaoh when Moses gave the Torah to the Jewish people at Mount Sinai and they dedicated themselves as a nation committed to serving Yehovah, their God. In the history of the modern Jewish State, military strikes on perceived enemies of Israel have often happened on or around Shavuot, 50 days after Passover.

…The chess table is set. If Israel strikes Iran in 2008, America will be forced – accidentally on purpose – into the war. Unless the Iranians play possum and don’t counterattack Israel with their missiles. Overnight this crisis changes the gestalt of the US presidential campaigns.

…The next president will adopt Bush’s wars. They will become Hillary’s wars…Obama’s Wars…

There will be more US forces in the Middle East, South and Southwest Asia in the next president’s term than during the Bush era.

On this current celebration of Shavuot, it would seem the Israeli Deputy Prime Minister is adding an eleventh commandment to the ten brought down by Moses from Sinai:

Thou shall not make atomic weapons unless thou art an Israeli

It is the biggest open secret in the Middle East that Israel possesses between 200 to 500 nuclear weapons. In part, the arms race Israel dreads is a red dragon from the East, from Iran, she has in part conceived by being the first Middle Eastern nation to burden and threaten the region with nuclear weapons of mass destruction. The karma of making dreadful weapons first, brings the karma of a dreadful arms race. In a way, Israel has created the monster nuclear program she now threatens to destroy in Iran, because it has an overwhelming arsenal and there are no deterrents. Her enemies must go nuclear to bring balance to a deadly thing the descendants of the Hebrews have brought into the Holy Land.

John Hogue
(16 June 2008)


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