Between Iraq and a Hard Place – 6, Axis of Evil


We resume from yesterday:

Triumvirate of the Medieval Minded Fulfilled

The winds of war blew out of Bush’s breezy demagoguery in his State of the Union speech of early 2002. He was right about Iraq, Iran and North Korea supporting terrorism, but like so many “truths” grasped by this president, their importance was sexed up by an almost Dark Age mind set about how one selects the facts. Back in the Dark Ages the European interpreters of records surviving the pagan classical times, mostly the monks of the Church, often preserved information that was either innocuous or in harmony with accepted dogmatic beliefs. The wisdom and accounts of the past that did not settle well with inviolate beliefs were burned. Much of what we know about classical mathematics, science and philosophy come to us from Muslim historians who harbored far more openness to all kinds of knowledge in those days. That open mindedness seems ironic compared to today’s Islamo-fascists who would like to bring on a Dark Age across the Islamic world as selective and censuring of free thought as that endured in Christian Western Europe during its dark time. It would seem the bin Ladens, Zarqawis and al-Sadrs of militant Islam would like to make true what was an apocryphal tale about the reasons behind a conquering Muslim horde burning the Library of Alexandria, Egypt, around 640 C.E. Standing before the great treasure trove of classical knowledge, Caliph Omar ordered his commanding general, Amir, to burn the books and scrolls, explaining, “They will either contradict the Koran, in which case they are heresy, or they will agree with it, so they are superfluous.”

President Bush is not a book burner but he is in some respects a throwback to Caliph Omar, when it comes to what he preserves in his head as fact and what is rendered to the Hades of irrelevance. We all have this dis-ease programmed into our minds to some degree. A man of great power magnifies the sickness. In Bush’s mind, he siphons as fact those bits that agree with what is preconditioned by a dogmatic neo-Conservative ideal of a new world order. There is a serene certitude to Dark Age thinking. Brand with the sweep of your scimitar who is evil and who is not. Let the devil be burned with the details in the library of self-reflection.

In Bush’s mind, by early 2002, the war machine was being primed to invade Iraq because it supported terrorism, because it had al-Qaeda camps within its borders. Don’t bother him with the bedeviling details that yes Iraq had supported terrorists, but no not al-Qaeda. Saddam’s patronage of terrorists was Arab secular. Fiends of an earlier terror, such as over the hill bombers like Abu Abbas and Abu Nidal, from the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) had sought retirement in Baghdad. There was no axis of evil embassy there for al-Qaeda operatives. Yes, Mr. President, al-Qaeda did have a few camps in Iraq, but terrorist soldiers of Ansar al-Islam, a Kurdish Islamist group located in Kurdish-controlled northern Iraq, mostly manned these. Yes, Mr. President, al-Qaeda agents did frequently go to that part of Iraq, but, no, Mr. President, Saddam had no connection with them. The camps were in US protected parts of Northeastern Iraq, There was no direct connection to these camps and Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship except that they both were on Iraqi territory.

Any round of evidence that did not fit the square pegged hole of Bush’s worldview was discarded–such as the fact that Usama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein mutually viewed each other as an evil incarnate to be stamped out. Any dearth of evidence collected in the late-1990s through 2002 by UN weapons inspectors pointing to Iraq not having huge stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction were shoved aside. Any objective proof that the UN was relevant and had demolished most of those weapons shortly after the 1991 Gulf War need not be scorched like the Alexandria Library, just scorned by this president, his Vice President in Chief of neo-Con ideology and the bullying, plucky, fuss and feathering former Secretary of Defense, Donald (Duckian) Rumsfeld.

Ask Donald if we blow the lid off a dictatorship that tightly covered the pressure cooker of latent, centuries-old sectarian violence in Iraq. Will we be in the crossfire of a religious civil war? –nah!

Plan for a long occupation? –nah!

Put up to a half million troops on the ground to secure the country?–nah!!!

Secretary Donald “the Duck” Rumsfeld had wished upon a star, but Jimminy Cricket! His dream didn’t come true: Iraqis will meet an undersized US invasion force as liberators, with flowers–not IEDs. And their oil revenues will pay for “everything.”

An Axis of three nations fits Nostradamus’ augury about a triumvirate, but there is more “evil” than meets the eye. Axis Evil number one–Iraq–was going down first. The facts did not matter. Saddam Hussein had no secret alliance with al-Qaeda. Saddam had no connection to the al-Qaeda attack on 9/11, but he had to go first. North Korea had weapons of mass destruction, but no invasion of them was planned. Iran was and still is seeking knowledge and fissile material to build atom bombs. They have a terrorist network but it is not linked to al-Qaeda. It is a Shia network. The Sunni Usama bin Laden and his army of fanatics are enemies of Shia ideas of Allah. Yet thousands of Americans who would soon invade, occupy Iraq and get blown to smithereens by roadside bombs in the coming years believed that they were sacrificing life and limb to take down a dictator directly involved in the 9/11 attacks by al-Qaeda. After Bush’s Axis of Evil speech, US warriors believed the Sunni secular dictator was sewn to the hip with fundamentalist Wahhabi al-Qaeda, Mahdi seeking Shia Ayatollahs and godless, North Korean commies in an organized secret terrorist alliance.

Complete bunk!

An axis of evil misinformation propagates such myths: the Bush Corp President, the Pentagon and a fawning, spineless US press.

You can take that to the bank of freshly overturned earth laid before silent stone sentinels of Arlington Cemetery or any other cemetery across America were the graves of 3,200 dead American soldiers-in-counting rest.

Nostradamus’ vision of a triumvirate is fulfilled in our times but the fulfillment does not appear clean. Iraq, Iran and North Korea are involved in a collective evil of terrorism, but it is hardly an alliance with a single goal and philosophy. It is a terrorist “three”-for all. Still they are united as a triumvirate by a projection of alliance that is so strong and pervasive that even Nostradamus bought it when he saw its potential in the future. I believe Nostradamus saw the mask if not the reality. He foresaw what would be three Eastern kings and their countries eventually singled out for destruction and regime change.

Why not buy into that projection from the future? He was a Westerner, a Christianized Jew, sympathetic to a Judeo-Christian worldview. Not Islam, which he despised. Perhaps Nostradamus could be faulted at times for interpreting his signs like US presidents cherry pick their intelligence. He might have had his mind set hard as cemetery stone like many US soldiers who fought and died believing their own comforting lies that Saddam had some fantasy connection to al-Qaeda and 9/11.

I believe Nostradamus accurately foresaw the false faced alliance projected by President Bush and his speechwriter as “the Axis of Evil.” Prophecy touched future propaganda and its consequences in the fulfilled prediction of a new crusade occupying “Mesopotamia” (modern day Iraq). Nostradamus was fooled by the masquerade that launched ten thousand days of war to come–that came–and will continue.

February 2002–March 2003:
Coat that Dove of Peace with Oil!

All through 2002, my “oracle” anticipated bellicose intent hiding behind pretenses of the Bush administration to appear ready to negotiate with Saddam Hussein and appear open for the appropriate time of diplomatic politeness to ideas of French and German delegates in the UN Security Council. These had lobbied hard to forestall a rush to war with a proposed beefed up regimen of inspection in Iraq. They wanted to place thousands of inspectors across every nook and corner of territories still under Saddam’s administration for at least a half year. It was not going to happen.

Early in July of 2002, an important astrological configuration, foreseen by the 16th-century French seer, Nostradamus, might open a window for peace on earth and forestall an alternative destiny of a 27-year war of international terrorism. It could depend on America taking a bold new foreign policy change of course in its half-century dysfunctional relationship with the Middle East. The change may come as a result of a catastrophic war waged in the Middle East by the Bush administration sometime at, or shortly after, the end of this year.

(30 September 2002)

ASSESSMENT (March 2007):
The war “did” happen shortly after the end of 2002–two and-two-third months into 2003. The alternative future awaits a new leadership in America, who in 2008 may turn the world away from the 27-year war foreseen by Nostradamus. Six months before there was an Operation Iraqi Freedom that led to an Inoperable Iraqi Quagmire, I presaged the cause of our global discontent with the Middle East.

Up to now, America’s relationship with the Middle East, whether guided by Democrat or Republican presidential administrations, has been obsessed with one fundamental concern. Not a respect for Islam. Not a love for the cultures of the region. Let us Americans be honest with ourselves.

We are there for the oil.

The people with the oil in that region know this and see through our succession of Democrat and Republican administrations that preach democracy, freedom and fair play in that region, when there is none.

I do not deny the ample dysfunction coming from the Arab and Islamist side of this tragic equation. However, as far as [Nostradamus’] prophecy [of a Calamitous War under Cancer] reads to my mind, it focuses on “calamity” coming to those ruled under the Cancer moon sign. It stands for America, rushing headlong into a new crusade against those of the “moon” sign of the crescent — Islam.

… Perhaps this current president has already set in motion a momentum for war that his pride and prejudice cannot reverse. Christmas 2002 may not bring “Peace on Earth, good will to men.” In the worst case scenario, the new year will open with a war that could drag on for nearly three decades and derail the American civilization.

(30 September 2002)

Next, we begin Part Seven’s look at the Ides of March 2003. Et tu Brutae! Brutal shock and awe of Crusaders in Mesopotamia, portended by a cometlike American icon, falling out of Space in a Texan president’s sky.

John Hogue
(02 April 2007)

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