An Armenian-Azerbaijani War. Advances in discovering Life on other Planets. The Second Serialization of my New Book: John Hogue’s Presidential Predictions: epic Chapters Four and Five. They include Astrological Predictions about Trump’s chances on Election Day and the Fateful Chaos of the Post-Election Ballot Count Crisis. Additionally read articles about COVID Caught a President Trump and Finally: The Climate Crisis and where no one has Gone Before—must go NOW!

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433px-Donald_Trump_walkinglookingdown_2018_SRC-cc-4.0A PRELUDE:
The Armenian-Azerbaijani War
And the Coronavirus Pandemic’s
Most Famous Infection

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GAIN FULL ACCESS NOW TO 12-MONTHS OF HOGUEPROPHECY ARTICLES. Donate $60 or a little more to and you will receive full access to 12 months of my reports and articles sent directly to you.
These usually come in waves of 5-to-11 articles once or twice a month, on average 105 to 112 articles a year! As soon as they’re published, I will manually send a fully-illustrated PDF attached to the email address you used at PayPal. But 12-months in the Paypal Memo line.

Before I present you the second part of my preview of my Presidential Predictions book a few words about other issues around the world of prophetic interest in this most unusual and weird first year of an even weirder new decade to come. I intend to address these themes in more detail in the next October article wave.

Scientific discovery is advancing rapidly of late in the search of extraterrestrial life. It might not be landing and wiggling out of a UFO but rather a discovery underneath the South Pole of Mars. Like our Antarctica, vast subglacial lakes have been discovered by Earth’s satellites orbiting Mars. This categorically proves there is vast quantities of water under the surface of Mars and where there’s water there’s a potential for microbial Martians at the very least. These lakes are a few miles under the surface though. Shall we see Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth become a more modest but no less major undertaking, given the harshness and distance, for a new novel idea, Journey to the Center of the Martian Lakes?

Let’s ask the microbial Venusians. Chemical signatures in Venus’ cloud cover might indicate life on our nearest sister planet, not in the living hell upon its surface where it’s a balmy 800 degrees Fahrenheit and lead melts, but rather microbes high in the Venusian cloud deck. Shall we have another Jules Verne novel variant coming to make Science Fiction Science fact? The great airship in his novel Master of the World venturing from neighboring Earth to become Master of Venus searching for microbes in its clouds? The journey’s much shorter to our bright Morning/Evening Star than the Red Planet.

Artist’s rendering of permanent Mission Balloon City to Venus. Source: NASA.

Artist’s rendering of permanent Mission Balloon City to Venus. Source: NASA.

From new life to new death by the dozens if not the hundreds and soon to be tens of thousands. We have a new war erupting between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the Armenian Christian enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh. The Armenians seized this island of Armenian Christians 26 years earlier in a sea of Muslim Azeris, displacing many of the latter when they also took the ground west of the enclave as well. The Azeri offensive is the first full-scale, set piece conventional war I’ve seen since the unraveling of the Soviet Union after the last cold war ended. Heavy artillery, APCs and tanks, human waves of Azeri and Armenian infantry with the addition of regional ballistic missiles, jet and drone strikes. Some of my readers are asking, “Could this violent little war be the spark that lights a new Cold War into World War III?”

Larger powers are actively choosing sides. Turkey and Israel are flying weaponry to Azerbaijan. Russia already has military bases in Armenia wherein airlifts are actively beefing up the Russian forces there and flying in military aid to the Armenians. Most of you may not know that Israel has secret bases in Azerbaijan. Mossad uses these as jump off bases training Azeri Iranians to infiltrate Iran to launch assassinations and terrorists acts, so, expect Iran to potentially be drawn into it.

My sense is this war will go on for months until the winter and the blood-soaked reality hits the Azeri government in Baku like what happened in the last conflict in 1988-1994 with the Armenians. The Armenian enclave will hold its easier to defend hilly and mountainous ground and after another 36,000 soldiers and civilians are killed on both sides, they’ll have to use negotiation over bloodshed to solve this border dispute.

This “have to” takes intelligence. Both sides historically cannot imagine the grievance of the other. The thing to watch, the act that could turn this conflict into a flash point for World War III, would be air strikes or incursions inside Armenia or Azerbaijan themselves. President Erdogan, a hot head leader of the Turks with dreams of being a sultan in suit and tie of a new Ottoman Empire, has called a hit on Baku equivalent to a strike on Turkey and they would go to war over it with Armenia as per Turko-Azeri defense treaties. Russia would be obligated by its Armenian defense treaty if Yerevan was hit. NATO has agreements with Turkey, being in NATO, to come to its defense and there you have it. A “Guns of August 1914” scenario with nuclear powers.

Courtesy of the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan.

Courtesy of the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan.

By now even the penguins of Antarctica all know that COVID-19 has caught its biggest catch. The Celebrity Apprentice President of the United States is in its viral grasp. Donald Trump has come down with it and at the time of this writing he’s in the presidential suite of Walter Reed military hospital in quarantine. The suite is set up to allow any president to keep functioning while under care.

A lot of readers are asking if this unexpected development will drastically change what I’m currently writing and about to present to you here, the second serialization of my book John Hogue’s Presidential Predictions: Who Will Win the Popular and the Unpopular Vote.

My answer: Actually it won’t. As my full subscribers have already read in the first installment, such surprises like Trump getting sick only play into the general confusion and doubt that the stars foretell for this voting cycle.

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What follows is a free sample of Chapter Four. Subscribe now and you’ll be able to read serializations one and two sent to you as an illustrated PDF file, plus an important final article about the Climate Crisis and where no one has gone before must go now.

DATELINE: 30 September 2020
Published on 03 October 2020

Hogue-Pres-Pred-300x450-131-kbCHAPTER FOUR
The Astrology on Election Day
For the Incumbent
President Donald Trump

Given the speed needed to complete this book before the oncoming elections this reworked reading of Trump’s birth chart will be an updated and streamlined version of what I more expansively wrote in the first three chapters of my 2015 book Trump for President: Astrological Predictions.

Donald John Trump was born in Jamaica (Queens), New York, New York, on a Friday, 14 June 1946, at 10:54 a.m. Eastern Time. His Sun, the ruler of his individuality, his ego that defines the expression of his will and ambitions are in the sign of Gemini.

Gemini is the air sign of the versatile mind. Trump’s personality will be mutable, multifaceted. He’s at heart a non-conformist. The motto of Gemini is “I think.” Mercury (ruler of mind, intellect, being a messenger) is Trump’s ruling planet. It makes him a restless man that sleeps only 3 to 4 hours a night. A Gemini ego aims to be unique from “hair” to toe. It rules the hands and arms plus the nervous system. It’s no wonder Trump makes speeches and press conferences waving his hands or grabbing his point between his right thumb and forefinger.

The Twins of Gemini. Is it me or do these guys look like…Trump?

The Twins of Gemini. Is it me or do these guys look like…Trump?

A Gemini motivated life exults in being on the move through ever changing locations. Inside your psyche under Gemini’s symbol, the Twins, you’re always nervously aware of a captivating crowd of your own pleasurous and numerous mindsets. You’ll love beauty. You’ll savor that which is luxurious. It’s no surprise that all three of Trump’s wives are stunning beauties.

Trump’s tastes take the Gemini love of aesthetics in material belongings a little over the top in part because Geminis buck the establishment. They eschew dogmas surrounding taste and propriety any way they can. Mars combined with Trump’s Ascendant (the ruler of outer expression) adds a stubborn and grandioso intensity to his unorthodox choices from fashion to politics. His Ascendant is in Leo and just look at Leo the lion roaring lordly and loudly. Sometimes too loud, already!

Considering his capitalistic success, it figures that his Gemini Sun is in the Tenth House of Capricorn—that is, it’s where big business, and entrepreneurship rule his natal chart. It also gives him a strong sense of status and an ambition to ascend ever higher in social position and power as well as aim to become a president of the United States. Trump’s American dream to be the best executive in the world was achieved by single pointed, hardworking ambition of this empowered ego positioning thanks to Saturn standing as the ruling planet of the Tenth House, and overseer of the executive branch of government.

His Ascendant, his rising sign rules the ego’s outer expression in life. It influences how others see you—how the world experiences you. Also, what mask do you wear to face the world.

Mr. Trump, your Ascendant is on the cusp of Leo and let me tell you, “YOU’RE FIRED!” up, especially with your Ascendant connecting with red-flaming Mars at birth. That can make you abrupt and overbearing at times. That’s what it sometimes looks like to others. They witness a Leo-Ascendant Gemini living large and loud about himself. This rising sign with a Martian chaser grants Trump high energy on overdrive—I’d call him all “Manic” without the Depressive—along with an “imperial Roman Emperor’s” way with people that can be at one moment dignified, regal and in the next unguarded, Gemini-Sun driven moment, bullying, rude—filling the room full of yourself uninvited or taking up all the air in a presidential debate. There are times when Trump has fulfilled what I said about him 13 months before he was elected:

Click on the cover and read a free book sample of the book that predicted Trump's upset win over a year ago and glimpsed his future as president.

Click on the link and read a free book sample of the book that predicted Trump’s upset win over a year before his upset victory and glimpsed his future as president.

Donald Trump would make a better emperor than a president. He has many of the traits of a good Emperor. Successful Empires are essentially built by accomplished real estate conquerors, such as Louis XIV, Sun King and developer of the largest palace complex of them all, at Versailles, and his rival in real estate excess, the realtor of all the Russias, Czarina Catherine the Great and her Winter Palace in St. Petersburg. Such swank sovereigns of landed property put the peasants to work constructing gleaming new capitals rising out of bargain sale dumps like Trump achieved at Penn Yard on Manhattan Island.

Trump for President: Astrological Predictions
Chapter Nine: The Emperor’s New “Pose”

Leo makes Trump a natural performer at ease with celebrity and loving it. All the same, snap judger beware the mask of the big and brash showman for underneath this man’s outer, ebullient expressiveness is Mars in the Twelfth House of the hidden. His true purpose is well guarded. His hits tweeted or TV flung at Joe Biden are effortlessly calculated for maximum effect. He neither shows his hand, nor may he consciously prepare his words. His Mars-Ascendant conjunction tunes in to hidden influences initiating his penchant for medium flashes of insight or rapid, intellectually peeved-and-snappy counter punches.

Astrologically speaking Trump can be driven by a mostly unconscious but prodigiously instinctive perception. He opens to it and answers happen. Instinctive hits or misses, no matter. He trusts that sense, implicitly. The augury venting from Trump’s subliminal id might serve him best as Executive in Chief in difficult decisions as president if it isn’t betrayed by equally negative aspects hiding underneath his persona. And they are definitely there, like a psychic version of Russian Roulette. Spin the pistol with the one bullet in the chamber. Put it to your Third Eye position between your outer eyes. Pull the trigger. CLICK! True mediumistic insight, this time. Spin it again, pull the trigger—BOOM! A bullet of BS insight.

One very positive aspect aiding this secret medium power is his Ascendant’s 120-degree trine with his Moon in Sagittarius in the Fourth House of home life’s influences and hearth. Trump’s domestic influences shaping his character are lucky ones, for the Moon rules this house. His parents and especially his mother will have had a strong influence on shaping this man.

This harmonious aspect just happens to be well known among astrologers as the sign of the real estate developer. It’s also the sign of the entrepreneur manufacturing and selling domestic products with his name stamped upon them—his many skyscrapers and hotels included. Now Trump aims to add another four years to stamping his “TRUMP” brand of presidency on the hallowed traditions of that office.

I don’t know, Leo the Lion, what do you think? Kind of looks like Trump.

I don’t know, Leo the Lion, what do you think? Kind of looks like Trump.

The Ascendant’s good mojo with the Moon favors Trump’s fortunes in the latter decades of life. From financial success his intuitive instincts about at all else winning have granted him the fortune of being an unlikely US president and it is possible that this uncanny luck with fortune might lead to a second term.

How emotionally thin or thick will be this man’s skin depends on the aspects of his Moon in Sagittarius with other planets. Trump’s unabashed, idealistic love of country, right or wrong—and in policy decisions right “and” wrong—resonates here in Sagittarius, ruler of those dreaming high and mighty, perhaps too audaciously. A love of travel is definitely a good fit setting aside the “TRUMP” executive jet for Air Force One.

The Moon in Sagittarius the Archer makes him a naturally optimistic man, happy with his life, shooting insights or barbs into the air, who they kiss or sting, he does not care.

His Midheaven (MC) is on the border (the Cusp) of the Tenth House. Being at the top of the chart, it denotes how high he’ll rise to the top in life, that is, in the eyes of others. This is the sign of social standing and how others gauge your reputation. Trump has his Midheaven in Taurus. It makes him diligent and persistent, pushing through difficulties to ultimate success. Love him or hate him, support or be shocked by his unorthodox modes operandi as a businessman-turned-president, he has come far in the rise to power.

Trump’s ruling planet Mercury is in Cancer, sign of the successful real-estate/media-entrepreneur-cum-salesman-in-chief in the White House. The position grants him as a medium that subliminally assimilates and absorbs information, tucking it deep inside his subconscious. He then makes his withdrawals of intuitive executive decisions that return uncanny success as reward in the realms of business. It gives him the Midas touch. He seems to subjectively comprehend where success is hiding or under what prideful oversight failure prowls.

And yet…

Every time I try to find a astrological portrait of planets and signs today they all look like Trump!

Every time I try to find a astrological portrait of planets and signs today they all look like Trump!

The unconscious is a deep and dangerous ocean underneath the surface personalities of we who float upon it. If the influence of Mercury is negatively aspected in Cancer, it can turn one into an impressionable, gullible character with a weak spot for emotional appeals. And there’s no “if” about it, Trump’s Mercury, his mind and perceptions, have real problems.

Cancer is the Sun sign of the United States. Trump’s Mercury in Cancer may compel him to be the kind of American patriot that lets a profound and abiding, yet blindly sentimental, love of country sometimes trump reason. He’ll adopt the suspect concepts of others when he’s gripped by a gush of patriotic emotion blinded by a relentless faith in his proud patriotic impulses. Crowded out and distant will be a still small voice that, in business, guides him away from peril. Clearly Mercury has some problems with two troublesome squares that do not make the business executive currently sitting in the president’s chair in the executive branch of government able to consistently translate his business success in the political arena.

Mercury, however, is in his Eleventh House where it is fortunately exalted. It gives Trump the potential to gain sudden and intuitive flashes of insight from the higher mind. He can cut through conformity to become an original thinker—sometimes even a vehicle of genius. We’ve already observed his unique unpredictability to the point of instability, his Uranus conjoining his Gemini Sun. Ever Mr. Surprise, surprise, SURPRISE! Trump finds a way to unconventionally think of an ingenious way out of a problem as easily as he can think himself into one the next moment.

With Mars in Leo in the Twelfth House an astrologer must ask, what hidden and unconscious motivations and habit patterns or unresolved past-life karma might prompt Trump’s unconscious to invect such hurtful barbs? To what extent do subconscious and repressed desires and traumas aim to sabotage conscious reality in Trump’s prodigiously Martian drive to master enterprise in business and sit in the driver’s seat as the most powerful political hire by Electoral College on Earth?

Success in life requires aid from a positively aspected ruler of social, romantic and artistic expression in community. Trump will call on Venus for help. She sits in Cancer in the Eleventh House. She can give us a sign of what kind of social contact Trump will attract. Trump is an astrological poster boy for drawing through a Venusian Cancer in the Eleventh House a social crowd swelling and heaving with bodacious attractive women. Trump and his invisible natal Venus muse have their own celebrity entourage. They happily hob nob with a long list of close friends and hangers on. These appropriately include artists, comedians, actors, musicians, rappers and superstar athletes.

Venus, can you feel the love tonight? It’s “huge!”

Yet behind Trump’s bigger than life, prideful and successful front, Venus in Cancer also hides a very sensitive and vulnerable man in his intimate relations. He harbors an unpredictable and moody side that, in Trump’s case, is kept in balance by achieving what natives with Venus in Cancer need, a financially stable home.

It’s no surprise to astrologers studying Trump’s Cancerian influences that he works at home—whether home sweet Cancerian home is the Trump Tower one day, and for the last four years the White House, or down at White House south, in Mar-a-largo, Florida.

A tycoon-president with Mars in Leo in the Twelfth House, feeding a high octane, driving ambition in the ascendant’s outer expression, needs to listen to the angels of the superconscious—not the unconscious demons of the Twelfth House. For that, one needs an ethical planet of higher mindedness and expansion positioned harmoniously in one’s birth chart.

Jupiter as “Trump-piter.”

Jupiter as “Trump-piter.”

Jupiter is that planet.

It’s in Libra the Balancer, the harmonizer, and the diplomatic consensus-building sign for settling even hard deals forged by fair play solidifying good will, and fortune, for all parties. Jupiter in Libra is generosity incarnate. Jupiter shares and receives help and good fortune in return. This planet’s positioning reveals the potentials for an individual pulling off big accomplishments when cooperating with others.

Again Trump scores as a businessman with Jupiter in Libra passing through the Second House of individual success in business and finance. Great Jove grants him a lifetime of good fortune in money and property thanks to its majority share of favorable aspects pitted against bad in his birth chart. Nevertheless, he needs to beware of overreaching.

Alexander the Great famously declared “Fortune favors the bold!” Yet beware of the foolhardy in uncharted territory. Pushing too hard his motto “America First” snubs historic friends, burns bridges to allies, help and is currently seeing Trump isolate America from the entire world by overusing economic sanctions to a point where half the world, enemies and friends alike, are either under sanction or being threatened with them if they do business with Iran, Russia, China or anybody who is today’s flavor to sanction.

It is one thing to wheel and deal with politicians all your entrepreneurial life playing the outsider, the businessman. Yet now Trump is confronted with what I warned in 2015 might happen.

To deal with the other side is not like being the other side. The capital you spend is human; the enemies you create are like debts. They grow larger with the interest of ire you leave behind by calling this or that politician “stupid” today, when you’ll need their vote tomorrow.

Trump for President: Astrological Predictions
Chapter One: The Birth Chart of Donald Trump

Presidents have to work with Stupid. And Stupid never likes being called out publicly on the truth hiding behind the politician’s mask as Trump famously sees fit to regularly expose when reflecting their negativity back with a one-liner that sticks.

Speaking of what goes around coming around, here comes Saturn in the Eleventh House arena joining Mercury and directly conjoining with Venus in Cancer. Saturn brings response “ability” to Trump’s interactions as an executive overseeing thousands of employees running his holdings, properties and industries in the US and around the world up to presently becoming the leader of 332 million Americans as the world’s sole hegemonic superpower. The question his aspects may better answer when we shake them down later is whether Trump will solicit the right advice and influence from the right powerful people he has befriended. He may have promised to drain the Washington Deep State “Swamp” but his Celebrity Apprentice revolving door of a cabinet is packed with salt water, man-eating DC crocodiles and Trump is not easily going to “Steve Irwin” wrestle them into a cage, mate!

Saturn the scythe-bearer is exalted in Libra, where Jupiter sits in inharmonious square aspect with Saturn. The exaltation is a good thing, and perhaps a little Jupiternian expansiveness can moderate his karmic saturnine ruler’s position in his birth chart in Cancer poking that sharp instrument into a friction point of personality that Trump must overcome on his soul path in this life. But as we’ll later see, it spells fully squared trouble for this incumbent President and is a source of many of the upheavals of his presidency in his first term that have even incurred a failed attempt of House Democrats to impeach the president in early 2020.

Saturn’s position at Trump’s birth is in its detriment in Cancer. That makes one prone to suffer hypersensitivity to criticism and attacks. It also can generate too great an attachment to material possessions. The grim reaper in the sign of home, hearth and family affairs can be a marker for future domestic and political instability.

If Trump’s astrological troubles in Cancer could be partially personified, he might look like this.

If Trump’s astrological troubles in Cancer could be partially personified, he might look like this.

Now to Uranus.

Cry “Freedom,” cry “excitement” and make it sudden, unique: Heeyuuoooge! In Trump’s case it’s rockin’ and rollin’ in the Tenth House, in Gemini, caught in a fast embrace with his Natal Sun Sign. Prepare ye for a showtime, celebrity apprentice presidency never experienced before or perhaps ever after. This man is a walking, talking unorthodoxy bending reality to fit the ever-Uranian change in perception of what is truth. It makes him a rare figure in history, more catalyst than man—a force of changing nature—the seed that planted a new garden America, or the spark that burned down the world.

When it’s working Trump is the Mensch possessing intuitive Uranian synchronicity with success. He’s plugged into life’s universal rules of how you win, how to transform your weaknesses into strengths and get things done you want done and you won’t be stuck on the doing. You can flip that around any unexpected moment and win. When you’re Trump you make magic in part because you are a flexible Gemini riding Green-Hornet colored Uranus, adapting your ideas, your truths, to unexpected changes.

You may blow hard one moment, then bend with the winds of change in the next. Moreover Uranus in Gemini likes to be stimulated, wowed, have “huuuooooge” success, attract “fantastically” beautiful and intelligent people around itself all the time while on stage speaking to the multitudes. The incredible generals, the incredible medical experts fighting COVID-19 surrounding me… Did I say how incredible they are?

Yes you did!

Big! Epic! Fabulously unconventional—You!

Less recognized by others blinded by the big persona is Trump’s love of fair play in business and political dealings, in love and in friendships. Even this monumentally demagogic Uranus-in-Gemini figure has a surprisingly deep sense of tolerance and equality hiding underneath the imperious mask of egoistic grandeur.

What lies deep and poised to influence us rising from underneath the façade of this epic showman?

Neptune’s position at birth in Libra the Balancer indicates how Trump plays and is played by generational long lasting and transpersonal forces affecting the great and the small alike. It hints at how Trump will use the creative potentials of his generation for better and worse

Born in 1946, Trump, like this author, belong to the post-war baby boomer generation. A whole lot of us have unhurried Neptune in Libra due to a glacial planetary transit taking on average 13 years for the plodding cobalt blue planet to pass through any sign of the Zodiac. If positively aspected Trump is destined to grow up with extrasensory understanding of how to positively play the game of social instincts. He’ll respect the letter of the law even as he’s carried by Neptunian spirit to stretch what is lawful. Trump can wheel and deal a quarterback sneak around bureaucracy to acquire approval for constructing his buildings, or confound those attempting his impeachment in Congress. He can sneak a surprise pass through their defenses and find a way to “Build that Wall!” on the Mexican Border, not make the Mexicans pay for it as promised, but adapt reality as he revises it to make his base happy all the same, with Martian aloofness to the opposition’s screaming.

Neptune in Libra in the Second House is also the sign of someone who redefines the game of being Commander in Chief of the United States. His edifices as well as his monumental media moments are a kind of Neptunian mass-communicated new celebrity art form. Yet the artist has some mercurial issues boom or busting his chances to be your American president for a second term… Complete reading Chapter Four and get full access to Chapter Five and the Closing Article Essay by choosing one of two options:


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DATELINE: 30 September 2020
Published on 03 October 2020

Death and rebirth of the American dream, the American democracy is at stake because of one little gram-sized planet tilting all those big outer planets with the powerful Peewee Herman-sized planet that is Pluto being their shepherd, “HAAAH! Huhh!” What is the verdict? Flickr Photo by Miguel Tejada-Flores, © Creative Commons.

Death and rebirth of the American dream, the American democracy is at stake because of one little gram-sized planet tilting all those big outer planets with the powerful Peewee Herman-sized planet that is Pluto being their shepherd, “HAAAH! Huhh!” What is the verdict? Flickr Photo by Miguel Tejada-Flores, © Creative Commons.

The Astrology on Election Day
For the Incumbent
President Donald Trump

Mercury 25 degrees Libra goes stationary direct into squares with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn: I stated in Biden’s collision with this wall how this square is the astrological sum of all fears all sides might feel just under the surface of our cognitive minds lurking in the collective subconscious of this nation’s citizenry. We sense a disturbance in “the Force,” something altogether awful, confused, and uncertain. Fate forebodes an ultimately unsatisfactory count of the vote coming out of these election-day stars and planets.

A tight election?


Even closer in popular vote than Kennedy versus Nixon in 1960?

Very likely and worse, no one, winner or loser, will feel the win or loss was fair.

Election day Mercury (the collective mindset of the nation) is confused, will vote confused and get a confused outcome. So then, does Trump fare a little better than Biden confronting all those big bully outer planets in Capricorn herded by petite Pluto?

Yes he does. Mr. Surprise to the rescue. His Sun-Uranus at 22 Libra is trined election day 25 Mercury in Libra with Trump’s Sun at a powerful 3 degree orb of influence. Uranus at 6 degrees and his True North at a respectable 5 degree orb are also in for perhaps either another upset minority electoral victory, or by some weird US Constitutional trick.

It simply means that people voting for Trump will be more clear and passionate about it if not less confused about what comes next. It is a sign that incumbent presidential advantage may be working here to grant Trump a legal brief paper-thin edge in court battles to come over voting, or if this comes to some unprecedented vote in the House of Representatives not encountered since 1877.

The House? A Democrat controlled bastion you say?

Wait and see how that could end in Trump’s slight favor in the following chapter about the astrology of the post-election recount.

This election’s fate all comes down to little Mercury with a big mess of a mind problem to sort out with these two historically sub-standard choices. I mean, we’re not talking about Lincoln and Douglas, or Kennedy and Goldwater here. Before Jupiter-Saturn and the Curse of Tecumseh took Kennedy out, he and the presumptive Republican nominee, the US Senator from Arizona, had planned to repeat the Lincoln-Douglas debate with an ingenious addition. They were going to campaign together taking the debate across the United States.

Forgive me for being rude about your voting for either Trump or Biden, but I think all my red, independent and blue readers can agree that Biden is no liberal scion John Kennedy, and Donald Trump is no conservative legend Barry Goldwater.

Little Mercury, astrologically the smallest planet in the mix puts his little mind to the grind stone or better. Wings-over-his-wits Mercury puts his gram of confused thinking on to balance or upend the grand scales of Fate ruled by Jupiter and Saturn in their conjunction in Capricorn conjoined with Pluto in Capricorn. All of these, by the way magnify a fateful conjunction with the US Natal Position. This vergence in the Force through astrology ends the first Plutonic epoch orbit of the United States because Pluto will finish its return Natal transit in the next four years. Death and rebirth of the American dream, the American democracy is at stake because of one little gram-sized planet tilting all those big outer planets with the powerful Peewee Herman-sized planet that is Pluto being their shepherd, “HAAAH! Huhh!”

What is the verdict…? Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 30 September 2020
Published on 03 October 2020

King Arthur (Graham Chapman): “What, [is the monster] behind the rabbit?”  The Horned Wizard (John Cleese). “Nooo! it IS the rabbit!”

King Arthur (Graham Chapman): “What, [is the monster] behind the rabbit?” The Horned Wizard (John Cleese). “Nooo! it IS the rabbit!”

Remember, Remember
The National Recount Chaos
Of November, December…

I am an “apocalyptic” optimist!

You might find that label surprising given that the word apocalypse is usually misrepresented by the mud of meaning slung on it over the last two millennia that programed most of us. It certainly programmed me growing up to think “apocalypse” meant doomsday, end times, divine retribution, the devil, his beast of 666 running amok and well “armed-a-get-it-on” ready for the final battle of good against evil weaponized.

Then it’s pool time for sinners at the New Jerusalem Travelodge!

Go take a jump in the lake of fire!


That isn’t what Apocalypse means?

Certainly not!

What St. Malachy Malarkey!

The meaning of the ancient Greek word Apocalypse was all Greek to me until I questioned how the Book of Revelation equated “revelation” to such a frightening, sado-Master-baiting word. It’s important to know the right meaning because then, at last, you might find out—you might have a bright and slap-happy revelation—that you can confront the systemic collapse of your democracy in a positive way. You can change the base-mettle way you avoid or fear such an encounter as per our parents, pedagogues, priests, pudnockers pundits and politicians had programmed us. Life is not lived well until it becomes an Art of saying Yes to facing the truth behind what is identified by society as the hard, the good, the bad, and the democracy-cum-surveillance state Google-eey.

Cancel Culture? Lift the veil!

That’s what Revelation/Apocalypse means. See things like a Seer, enlightened, as they are! Then accept your Freedom as an American and begin applying and celebrating the missing component—the key to you losing your freedom—is what the corporatized state doesn’t want you to know and be thus empowered.

ballot-harvesting-620My fellow flummoxing Americans staring agape as your electoral system unravels into a muddled mess in the months following the 3 November election in recounts. See your mistake, own it, and grow.

You took your forefathers’ hard fought freedoms for granted.

You just blinked and changed the channel to watch the Simpsons after a brief local news report matter-of-factly might have glossed over the US Supreme Court basically opening the flood gates for corporation to magically become “people” and use their money as “free speech” to buy your government in the last ten years. Start it off in January 2010 with the SCOTUS ruling in favor of Citizens United. And the snafu of ballot balkanization of 2020 about to break out of the ballot trash bucket just might put Marge Simpson in the president’s seat. (More on that later…)

First, let’s go back in time to your high school days or that of your parents or Boomer grandparents. Let’s drop the time machine for a landing sometime around the 1980s, when you might have been watching the beginning of the end of your freedoms happening before your face and just blinked, getting on with the agony and the acne of High School. You might not have noticed it missing when lists of classes were presented to you. One by one school systems started taking civics classes out of the curriculum as a key requirement to get a high school diploma.

So what?

Here’s what. That was the moment when the high school system began to systematically remove educating you to be a citizen, an American. Taken away from your eyes and youthful boredom at school was a basic knowledge of the responsibilities that you, an American citizen of a democracy-based republic, need to know when your government is US Constitutionally screwing your rights sideways… Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 30 September 2020

The Great Purification by Fire begins with the Roaring 2020s.

The Great Purification by Fire begins with the Roaring 2020s.

The Climate Crisis
And Where No One Has Gone Before

What is before the human race is a race of Intelligence versus Stupid and we’re running out of time. In the Roaring 2020s book I will be looking at the next ten years in a dozen short-book length essays exploring the bigger picture of important themes, such as politics, religion, the Middle East, and many others. The most important short-book length essay, however, is related to my response to your letter. It’s working title is “The Humanitarian Industrial Complex is an Arsenal of Ecology.”

It will be the last word on a theme I’ve been forecasting since the late 1980s. It is a detailed look at how we build a bridge from this illusion of a Green Revolution that is going nowhere while the earth is heating fast, to building a bridge beyond that Utopian illusion to scientific reality. We will do this by harnessing radical genius to invent all the things that actually CAN bring immediate ease to the CO2 and Methane onslaught upon our planet’s heating oceans, lands and sky… Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.


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