Mercury Retrograde Report: Astrology influencing History-Changing Executive Decisions in the following: Mass Shootings; INF Treaty Dead; Indo-Pak Kashmir Crisis Returns; US Declaring China is a Currency Manipulator; and the Trade War Escalation. Plus: Nostradamus and the Moon Landing/Challenger Disaster Prophecies. Nostro-Hooey Review of Revelation13 Article—Putin the Antichrist. The Critical Mass of Enlightenment. US Election forecasts for 2020. And Finally: The Future of “No”-Space Travel to other Worlds Harnessing Quantum Entanglement

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DATELINE: 17 August 2019

Mercury Retrograde Report:

False color NASA photo of the Planet Mercury.

False color NASA photo of the Planet Mercury.

Mercury, the Mind Ruler. What did Its Malefic Retrograde Influence in the Astrology of Bad Executive Decisions Across the World?

I’ll start with the good news. The US and Iran did not go to war.

In my July 2019 wave of articles I introduced the notion that the Mercury retrograde in Leo (7 July), retreating into Cancer (20 July) could have a particularly powerful and unconscious influence on executive decisions made by the Trump Cabinet, State Department and Pentagon. Cancer being a cardinal sign illuminates leadership and executive decisions. It so happens that the US Natal Birth Chart (Scorpio Rising) had Mercury backtracking over its natal position at 24 degrees Cancer, opposed Pluto 27 degrees Capricorn. I foresaw in my 16 July article Iran Update! War with Iran is in the Stars: The highest chance Yet by End of July and especially beginning of August, decisions made that would alter the course of US history and the world in ways that were potentially detrimental to the future of both. These executive missteps would be military, and economically weaponized in nature

I had written my concern that such stars had never been more favorable for war with Iran erupting during the exact conjunction of current Mercury with its US Birth Chart position from 24 July until the retrograde ended on 2 August. I equally cautioned everyone to look out for greater potential dangers in the first five days after the retrograde.

Sometimes pent-up unconscious mental forces want to move violently forward after three weeks held back in retrograde, stumbling out the threshold of stupidity to rash action, especially when Mercury moving forward again passed over its natal position on 2-to-5 August, remaining in orb of influence until 9 August.

Mercury when pulled in negative aspect by powerful outer planets like Pluto can bring to the surface unconscious motivations of the mob mind. Those who shepherd the unconscious masses, can be merely the blind sheeple leading the blind, religiously or nationally identified, herd. America’s leaders and herd were under the strongest spell of this Mercury retrograde. As events we will discuss below have proven.

Decisions are made in Washington. The sheeple docilely follow, though some might bleat, bray and blather their complaints. At least US leadership didn’t shepherd a sheep-headed decision to march the US mob into a military and economic “shearing”—a war with Iran.


They did make extremely bad strategic decisions that could take the current cold war with Russia back to the future of the last cold war. The consequences of retrograde-minded decisions this high summer, made under (mind ruling) Mercury, has influenced the United States to set in motion a major sheeple stampede toward an unmonitored, full-scale arms race by the early 2020s. I predict by 2021, we will relive a repeat of the last cold war’s most dangerous years because there were no arms control and nuclear arms reducing treaties to cool nuclear tensions down.

The US will now crowd the Western Pacific region with intermediate range ballistic missiles pointed at China. China will counter with a major missile buildup of their own. The dark era of Pershing missiles overshadowing the European countryside will return in new models of intermediate range missiles banned since 1987 until the US officially abandoned the INF Treaty this 2 August 2019.

Europe once again will live with a nuclear bullseye target on its back because the Russians will defensively respond to a US buildup with their own. They have to catch up. The US was already in full manufacturing swing before Washington announced they were going to officially leave the INF Treaty over a year ago.

It is not an astrological coincidence that on 4 August 2019, America suffered two mass shootings within 13 hours of each other in the morning at an El Paso Texas Walmart and mall, and later that evening, before a nightclub in Dayton Ohio, together killing 32 and wounded 80. Mercury, leaving its long retrograde was passing forward exactly over its natal position that so happens is opposed by a natal Pluto in Capricorn.

Mercury negatively aspected foments mentally deranged actions in the American land ruled by Cancer. This transiting Mercury magnification of Mercury-madness against the established law and order (Pluto in Capricorn) begged for a mass shooting event.

Pluto has a generational influence. It’s long transit through signs can bring regeneration or in this case America’s degeneration back into gun violence, white supremacist terrorism and racism when Pluto passes through its final 10 and most intense degrees of Capricorn from now until 2024.

The collective (Mercury) mindset of the United States is going against the grain of history’s (Pluto) new direction away from American hegemony. All things have their end. In the case of empires they resist the end. Their leaders and servant commentators go into denial that empire is ending. They tend to play their last remaining tools of power: military force simultaneously acting with economic aggression.

A dying empire’s wrong-headed mindset tries to force the world to obey. It ultimately will end in the American Imperium staggering into a string of economic and military disasters starting now through to the collapse of US economic and military hegemony by the mid-2020s. The violence committed against the world by the US Imperium will come home to roost along with the servants and soldiers of a bankrupt military industrial complex.

Mass shootings? This plague of violence has only just begun.

I’ve warned years ago that domestic terrorism was America’s gravest threat to unravelling society, not overseas terrorism. Especially because the US government will overreact and put the whole nation on lockdown in a way not seen since Uranus was in Taurus in the early years of the Third Reich.

During the final degrees of this Mercury retrograde the mindset of our leaders in America did act rashly elsewhere if not against Iran. The good news is nothing blew up immediately. The bad news is further threats of tariffs on China and other nations at the end of July into early August only deepened US economic and political isolation and sped up the US dollar’s demise.

In the next set of article we will look in more detail at decisions made at the end—and especially five days after—this most recent Mercury retrograde lurched forward in an executive ordered face-plant.

However Washington was not alone.

The sheep-heads in Beijing, Islamabad and especially in New Delhi also did their worst fomenting potentially disastrous executive decisions as you will read in the last three parts of this report.

DATELINE: 17 August 2019

Mercury Retrograde Report:

Indo-Pak Tensions over Kashmir are Back to the Brink

On Thursday night, 1 August, as Mercury was in its final retrograding degree, someone on the Pakistani side of the Line of Contact, the militarized zone that divides the long-disputed Jammu-Kashmir province since 1948, ordered up an infiltration attempt by a Border Action Team (BAT) to attack an advance post of the Indian Army near the village of Keran.

India’s defense spokesman Colonel Rajesh Kalia claims that such teams consist of a mix of Pakistani militants and servicemen. Kalia claimed BAT skirmish ended with the Indian forces “neutralizing… five to seven Pakistani regulars/terrorists” and that the slain men were possibly members of Pakistan’s elite Army’s Special Service Group (SSG) forces or terrorists.

Two days later Pakistan accused India of firing cluster bombs over the Line of Contact killing two civilians and wounding 11 more.

Although the retrograde didn’t launch a US war with Iran, decisions made in those most dangerous few days of Mercury (ruler of minds) tripping over itself charging forward may have influenced the noggins of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his BJP Nabobs to decide something that could quickly become a full-scale war between two South Asian nuclear powers.

On Monday, 5 August 2019, the resolution to revoke Kashmir’s special status (Article 370 in the Indian Constitution) was introduced by Home Minister Amrit Shah. It was rendered effective on the same day in a decree signed by President Ram Nath Kovind, the ceremonial head of India. Kashmir is now officially part of the Indian Union. It will be divided into two union territories: Jammu and Kashmir amalgamated into one—Ladakh, the other.

The power behind President Kovind, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, rode triumphantly back into a second term in May with an even greater mandate than he enjoyed five years before. He thus felt politically empowered to made good his long-promised move to revoke Kashmir’s autonomy established in Article 370 that allowed the Kashmiri legislature the right to ratify or reject any laws passed by the Indian Parliament, other than those covering communications, defense and Indian foreign policy.

Modi tried revoking Article 370 early in his first term in 2014 but the Kashmiri legislature resisted. Times have changed. The bloody Kashmiri insurrection drags on since 1989 not just terrorizing Kashmir, but as I laid out in my earlier articles in March, the infiltrations from Pakistan have also inflicted bloody massacres in the federal Indian union of states.

Though Kashmiris and Pakistanis might dispute this, Modi believes his revocation enacted for the defense of India supersedes that autonomy granted Kashmir in the Article. Correct or not, Modi’s might makes right. With this move already in his mind, Modi in 2018, exerted further, direct pressure on Kashmiri authorities to bow to India’s Federal Government. By calling the situation in Kashmir a national emergency Modi took direct federal control.

The Indian-controlled half of Kashmir, three days into Mercury’s dangerous five days of precipitous acts following the retrograde, is now Indian sovereign territory. For Pakistan to allow Kashmiri guerrillas to use its territory to commit atrocities in Kashmir will now be seen as an attack on ALL of India.

The dismantling of Article 370 also ends the ban of non-Kashmiris Indian citizens from moving to and developing Kashmir. That will bring more Hindus flooding in to alter the Muslim majority demographic. A Hindu fundamentalist Prime Minister will do what he can to make Kashmir more orange-BJP Party-flagged Hindu.

Pakistani politicians and Muslim Kashmiri rebels claim India has been systematically killing Kashmiris by the hundreds of thousands since the insurrection began in 1989, burying them in mass graves. They fear this “union” with India will only escalate the acts of genocide. I would add that the entrepreneurial Modi aims to crowd Muslim Kashmiris out with a Hindu horde seeking to live and prosper in one of South Asia’s most picturesque regions, plus gentrify and exploit its untapped tourism industry potentials.

The Kashmiri legislature in Srinagar will no longer have the power to first approve New Delhi’s executive orders before enacted. The plebiscite promised by the UN who negotiated a ceasefire after the first Indo-Pak war in 1948 divided Kashmir was ever stalled by India’s demand that all rebel insurgents from Pakistan first leave before a vote could happen.

That never happened.

Three major wars with Pakistan and thousands of border incidents later, the plebiscite demanded by successive Pakistani regimes, dictatorships and the current democratically elected government of Prime Minister Imram Khan is now dead.

I imagine this will only galvanize more Kashmiri Muslims to support the Pakistani supported insurgency, and much worse. Al Jazeera reports that Pakistani officials have called India’s moves against Indian-held Kashmir’s autonomy a manifestation of the ideology of Hindu-supremacist racism and hate. And the army is warning it is prepared to go to any extent to fulfill its obligations to the Kashmiri people. The Pakistani general staff is the real power behind the Prime Minister’s government yet BBC reports that Pakistani Prime Minister Khan vows to fight India’s “illegal” move before the United Nations Security Council.

I predict that’s going nowhere.

The now fully “Indian” Kashmir is currently in security lock down, especially its capital Srinagar. In the last two weeks of escalating border incidents before Article 370 was revoked, over 35,000 Indian soldiers reinforced the sizable number already there.

Islamabad ordered Pakistanis living within five kilometers of the Line of Control to arm themselves and prepare for “self-protection.” Israel issued a travel advisory that all Israeli tourists should leave Kashmir. Since August 4, cellphones, landlines, Internet and even cable TV services across Kashmir have been cut off. Indian and BJP party officials say media services will be restored and even reporters will be allowed in toward the end of August.

Until then, Kashmir is in press blackout too. Who knows what’s happening there. More massacres, if what rebel Kashmiri and Pakistani claim is true? In the meantime, I am hearing uncorroborated claims of mass arrests, as well as arrests of Muslim Kashmiri politicians. If the Kashmiri Legislature convenes in Modi’s Kashmir, look inside Srinagar’s paramilitary guarded prisons.

Something big is about to happen.

In my last articles about Modi’s airstrike on Pakistan on 26 February I reminded readers what I accurately predicted back in December 2013. Modi would send air strikes into Pakistan before his first term was over. On 26 February 2019, Modi ordered the Indian Air Force to bomb several terrorist camps inside Pakistan-held Kashmir including one camp deep inside Pakistani airspace not far from Islamabad in the final month-and-a-half of his first term.

Now I wonder if the second part of that prediction from December 2013 comes next. Will Indian forces be air-dropped into Pakistan to destroy the JeM (Jaish-e-Mohammed) terrorist camps?

Is this going to be Modi’s version of Nixon’s not-so-secret invasion into Cambodia during the Vietnam War? Nixon aimed to destroy supply assets and bases the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong used to infiltrate South Vietnam with the unintended consequence of widening the Vietnam War into Cambodia and Laos. Will Modi play Nixon? Will Pakistani controlled Kashmir play “Cambodia” widening a war across South Asia?

Will this be Indo-Pak War number four, the last and utterly devastating of four conflicts India’s liberator from British rule, Mahatma Gandhi, had foreseen if India paid for its independence with that partition of its Hindu and Muslim majority parts. Partition saw over a million people massacred in sectarian violence as 10 million people displaced were on the move. The Muslims thronging in East and West Pakistan, the Hindus there escaping to a Hindu-majority India that stood between East and West Pakistan, divided by thousands of miles—a politically and strategically ridiculous set up, begging for sustained conflict ever since.

This time around either a widening of Pakistani support of the Kashmiri insurrection, or a punitive penetration into Pakistan by India to neutralize the insurrection’s bases, would pit both massive conventional forces  armed with and estimated 150 to 200 nukes each. Modi promised in his most recent national campaign that he would “strike Pakistan again and harder” to the exultations of Hindu right-wing fundamentalist crowds. This most recent July-into-early August Mercury retrograde may have influenced a very dangerous executive decision that calculates the risk is worth undertaking.

For it to happen, Modi’s got to believe the Pakistanis won’t dare light off a nuclear bomb. So you gamble that you can fight that fourth major war with Pakistan in a conventional-only conflict as devastating to Pakistani force of arms as the last major war in 1971 that saw Pakistan lose East Pakistan, becoming with India’s blessing, Bangladesh. The Indian Army, Navy and Air “juggernaut’s” fist is ready to do what Modi’s massive and fanatical Hindu political base, and the warmongering Indian press, want: “give Pakistan a bloody nose!”

Maybe Alexander the Great is right, “Fortune favors the bold.”

Alexander when he invaded India in 326 BC didn’t march into a region packed with today’s 350 Hiroshima-sized atomic warheads.

Decisions enacted in a Mercury retrograde as powerful as this one can make the unthinkable, thought.

And acted upon unthinkably.

DATELINE: 17 August 2019

Mercury Retrograde Report:

The Death of the INF Treaty and the Birth of a new Conventional and Nuclear Arms Race for Cold War 2.0

On Friday, 2 August 2019 the US made it official: it is formally backing out of the INF (Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces) Treaty, undermining one of the most important pillars or global arms control, a treaty, signed by President Reagan and Premier Gorbachev of the US and Soviet Union in 1987. It banned the manufacture or deployment by the US and then Soviet Russia of land-based missiles with ranges between 500 and 5,500km. Both sides monitored the destruction of these missile systems. Signing the INF marked the beginning of the end of the last Cold War, two years later when Bush Sr. and Gorbachev officially declared it over in December 1989.

What the US decision did on 2 August, the day the Mercury retrograde moved direct course, was quicken the likelihood of a new US-Russian arms race that will weaponize what is a far more unstable new Cold War in the next two years. In that time I predict the US will kick away the last pillar of negotiated global stability. The New START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) will not be renewed in 2021. Uncontrolled proliferation of IBMs (Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles) will join the spread of intermediate range missiles after the death of INF in August 2019.

It is an ugly fact that the US has always started nuclear arms races in Cold War’s One and the current Two. In the First Cold War in the final half of the 1940s they mass manufactured atomic bombs building nearly 500 by the time the Soviets lit off their first A-bomb in 1949.

The US unilaterally backed out of the ABM (Anti-Ballistic Missile) Treaty in 2002, afterwards launching a vigorous building program of ABM missile batteries targeting Russia and China. It’s a pattern. Treaties are torn up after the retooling of missile armaments are already in full swing. The US military-industrial complex has premeditated this arms race as their newest and profitable war market. Bush’s neocon cabinet started it. Obama became a convert and continued it even though he did earn the ire of the Military Industrial Complex for signing the JCPOA Treaty with Iran. No problem, Trump unilaterally backed out of that. He then suspended the INF Treaty last year with the Pentagon already well underway with plans to build intermediate missiles by the hundreds.

Friday 2 August 2019: On the same day the INF officially died, it was made publicly clear by the newly minted chief of the Pentagon visiting Australia that the US wanted to place intermediate range missiles in Australia pointing at China. On that day the US Defense Secretary and former member of the board of Raytheon (the US chief missile maker) was being questioned by the Australian press. They wanted to know if he agreed with the idea of deploying medium range missiles in the Indo-Pacific region now that President Trump scrapped the INF Treaty.

“Yeah, I would like to,” replied the former Daddy Warbucks of Raytheon, adding eagerly, “a capability sooner rather than later.”

When pressed for a time schedule he brushed specifics aside, saying, “I would prefer months…but these things tend to take longer than you expect.”

The Canberra government made it clear they were not on board to field such missiles pointed at China. That provocative move would only bring Chinese missiles aimed at Australia, a nation that is trying to balance its strategic and economic realities as allies of both the Chinese and United States as these two economic and military giants sink into trade wars today, perhaps shooting wars in the future. The Australians don’t want to become like Western Europe in Cold War One basing thousands of missiles within a 5,500km range to hit targets with nuclear warheads in Russia within minutes. The Aussie landlords of US Pershing-style missiles would get a full retaliatory nuclear counterstrike. That would render every surviving Wallaby and Kangaroo not initially, nuclear microwaved to a crisp, left hopping around in the blood rains of fallout flooding the billabongs, glowing in the dark

To this day, Trump and his Secretary of State, Mike (Christian Rapture cultist) Pompeo have not provided any evidence to support their claim that the Russians had broken the INF Treaty. Nor has the US since the tearing up of the ABM treaty since 2002 addressed Moscow’s concerns that the US Anti-Ballistic Missiles sprouting around Russia since 2002 are well-within the 500 to 5500km range of Russian cities and, since the US bugged out of the ABM treaty there is no legal restraint impeding Americans from screwing on nuclear offensive warheads atop these missiles.

Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin on 2 August 2019 officially declared, “The unilateral withdrawal from the INF treaty by the US, destruction of one of the basic documents on arms control, based on an imaginary pretext, has seriously complicated the situation int h world, [and] created fundamental risks for everyone.”

Without it, Putin darkly mused, the US has set the stage for an arms race across the planet he defined as “chaos without any rules, restrictions, and laws.”

Pompeo may just get his Rapture moment, flying to Jesus waiting in a cloud—a mushroom cloud.

He’ll find a base for those missiles if it’s not Australia. One far closer to mainland China. In my final and third installment of three books about the future according to President Trump, I’ve already laid down notes date-tagged back in 2017 that somehow Trump might make history repeat itself. Rather than a Cuban missile crisis with Soviet missiles pointed at the US 106 miles offshore if you count from Key West, Florida, to Havana. He might point Intermediate range missiles at mainland China on Taiwan 110 miles on average across the Strait of Taiwan to mainland China.

DATELINE: 17 August 2019

Mercury Retrograde Report:

US Officially Declares China A Trade Manipulator, and the Dow Drops -767 points. Trump’s Trade War with China Just went Full Scale. Will He Politically Survive this?

On Thursday 1 August, the final complete day of the Mercury retrograde President Trump announced he’d threaten new tariffs on Chinese goods by 1 September, effectively nullifying one of the best weeks of forward progress between Chinese and US officials to end the trade war. Beijing took Trump’s 180-degree move hard as an act of bad faith and retaliated with its own measured threats to cut importing US agricultural goods and diminish rare earth exports to the US.

Mercury began moving forward into that dangerous post-retrograde space where forward progress tends to make people trip over their own rash ideas. I wrote earlier that the danger window for this would be active until 9 August. On 6 August, four days into that danger window, the US Federal Reserve announced the first lowering of interest rates by a quarter point in many years. Mind you, Mercury was moving exactly over and magnifying that astrologically volatile natal opposition of in the US birth chart of Mercury in Cancer opposed Pluto in Capricorn. In layman’s terms, it was a day for powerful people in the United States to decide to do something rash and self-destructive—like dump the Dow Jones -767 points, thank you very much.

What caused it was Secretary of the US Treasury Steven Mnuchin setting off the largest drop of the DOW Jones in 2019 by declaring China a Currency Manipulator.

Three weeks of retrograde-suppressing forward progress had uncoiled in a move as brutish as a Wall Street bull in a bear market China shop…


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DATELINE: 17 August 2019

The Second Half
Of The Mercury Retrograde Report:

US Officially Declares China A Trade Manipulator, and the Dow Drops -767 points. Trump’s Trade War with China Just went Full Scale. Will He Politically Survive this?

DATELINE: 17 August 2019

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DATELINE: 17 August 2019


Nostradamus’ “In the Clear” Prophecies of Triumph and Tragedy: Man setting Foot on the Moon and the Cause of the Challenger Disaster Named Outright!

DATELINE: 17 August 2019


Is Putin Nostradamus’ Third Antichrist?

DATELINE: 17 August 2019

The Cover of my futuristically designed first “Deluxe” (1994) Fully Illustrated Edition

The Cover of my futuristically designed first “Deluxe” (1994) Fully Illustrated Edition

The Critical Mass of ENLIGHTENMENT

DATELINE: 17 August 2019

Hiroshima_burn_marksNostradamus, the Atomic Bomb, Hiroshima and Nagasaki

DATELINE: 17 August 2019

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If what I Forecast here is Ignored

DATELINE: 13 August 2019


Behold the Quantum “Smooch!” The Quantum Kiss! Source: University of Glasgow.

Behold the Quantum “Smooch!” The Quantum Kiss! Source: University of Glasgow.

The Future of “No” Space Travel to other Worlds:
Harnessing Quantum Entanglement



With a donation of only $5.00 or a Little More, to sustain Hogueprophecy. Put August One 2019 in the PayPal memo line. I will manually send a fully-illustrated PDF attached to the email address you used at PayPal.

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