For Valentine’s Day: Distant Future Prophecies about Sex and Love. The Final Five Popes Foreseen by Nostradamus. More Lessons in How to Interpret Nostradamus. A Method to my Mystery in my Correspondences. A look at the Future beyond Hope and Hopelessness. The Future of Arizona’s Natural and Political Weather (including my US midterm election assessment). The Future of Education and Amazon Bots Banning Hogue

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DATELINE: “Valentine’s Day” – 14 February 2019

640px-Plythagoreans celebrate Sunrise, painting by Fyodor Bronnikov 1869

Plythagoreans celebrating the sunrise. Painting by Fyodor Bronnikov, 1869.

For Valentine’s Day, Distant Future Prophecies about the Ultimate Evolution of Human Sex, Love, Good and Evil, Worshipping and Star Trekking

On this day of celebration of love, I want to share prophecies from my past that peered way beyond our times, thousands—perhaps millions of years—into a distant future we can hardly imagine.

Twenty-one years ago, I logged these visions for a book published in 1998, entitled 1000 for 2000 Startling Predictions for the New Millennium. They come from a book that collected 1,000 prophecies from seers ancient, modern and also a number of my own forecasts. Just in case you pause uncertain to read such future below because “the End” is in each one’s title, push on. Trust that every end leads to a more beautiful beginning.

The End of Sex?
Human beings will eventually evolve beyond having male or female genitalia and sexuality. But fear not, the rule of conscious evolution dictates that what is abandoned with awareness is replaced by something far more fulfilling. People will abandon being “men” and “women” because they finally discover that they are already both forces inside. They will discard the joys of sex because they will uncover the secret of living twenty-four hours a day in a state of orgasm, uncaused and free of the necessity of the other to trigger it.

The End of Love?
Love will end when hate ends. One cannot exist without the other. The people of tomorrow will discover a higher state than love—one we cannot even imagine today.

The End of Good and Evil?
The people of the future will be more self-observant than we. They will see that many things we believe are opposites are in fact complementaries. They will understand what we today cannot fathom: that evil and good are like intimate partners in a dysfunctional marriage. One needs the other to be a couple. In the distant future people will seek the transmoral state. They will strive to understand the opposites called good and evil from a deeper consciousness that acts as a third and transcendent state of being beyond good and evil.

The End of Places of Worship?
In five hundred years the religions—as we adore and know them and depend on them—will fade away. People of that distant day will be simply religious. Their connection to the divine is so intimate that it makes the need of temples, mosques, churches and synagogues obsolete.

The End of Star Trekking?
A thousand to two thousand years from now the last stubborn hold-outs of the Galactic human civilization will end their travels through physical space. They will understand at last that the final frontier is not in the stars. The greatest and eternal destiny is consciousness. It is consciousness filling itself out of the void of itself. It may take an exhausting journey through a thousand worlds before space faring humanity understands that wherever one goes in the universe it is always here and now, and we are the universe seeking itself, enlightening itself.

Interpreting a wide variety
Of seers of the distant future

Good used copies of this 21-year old book are very rare, yet I have collected five that I’m willing to offer as gifts with a personal message and dated autograph included, for your generous donation to help continue in the new year. If you have a “yes” and are financially able, please donate $100.00 here ($120.00 if outside of the US). Put 1kfor2k in the PayPal memo line. Please also send which name or names you wished addressed in my personal message and your mailing address. If you miss the memo line, you can send that information to Put 1kfor2k in the email subject line. Thank you for your support!

DATELINE: 14 February 2019
(Documented 31 January 2019)

Who are Nostradamus’ Final Five Popes? An Update

The future of the Vatican and its popes is a major theme of Nostradamus’ “latter-day” prophecies. The succession of the final popes before some apocalyptic end of the Vatican is a reoccurring theme and the following verse gives us one of the clearest succession-unto-the-end, or at least the violent end of a new millennium and a new beginning. But a succession of exactly “what”? A succession of Pontiffs or as David Z posits, or an important astrological succession. First the prophecy:

5 Q92
Apres le ƒiege tenu dixƒept ans,
Cinq changeront en tel reuolu terme:
Puis ƒera l’vn eƒleu de meƒme temps,
Qui des Romains ne ƒera trop conforme.

After the See kept for seventeen years,
Five completed terms will exchange within (the Vatican):
Then one will be elected at the same time,
Who will not be too conforming to the Romans.

David Z says, “Pope Francis is the one elected at the same time who will not be too conforming to the Romans. Five will change refers to five revolutions of Jupiter beginning with the Sun-Jupiter conjunction which occurred when Pius XII was elected. The fifth one was on February 23, 1998 five days before the future Pope Francis became archbishop of Buenos Aires.”

I see it differently.

This most likely is about modern popes. Pius XI (1922-1939) ruled the Vatican for 17 years. The five successors would be Pius XII (1939-58), John XXIII (1958-63), Paul VI (1963-78), John Paul I (1978), and John Paul II (1978-2005).

In 1997, I also wrote:

When [John Paul II] dies a new pope will be elected that will not please the Vatican status quo. Perhaps he will be as revolutionary as Pope John Paul I. On his prophetic papal list Saint Malachy has this new pope as the second to the last to rule before doomsday. His name is Gloria Olivarius, “Glory of the Olive Branch,” the symbol of a peacemaker.

Pope Benedict XVI succeeded. He took the name after St. Benedict. The Benedictines have a sub-sect called the Olivetans. They are the keepers of the religious mysteries of Jesus Christ’s Mount of Olives apocalyptic sermon which was mainly about an Apostacy of faith towards the end times. By divine match or intent. Cardinal Ratzinger who became Benedict had fed anticipation that a crisis in faith and apocalyptic times would begin during his reign.

For those like David Z. who theorize that the “five completed terms” stands for the five revolutions of Jupiter beginning with the Sun-Jupiter conjunction on the coronation of Pius XII a word of caution. The fifth one took place on 23 February 1998, five days before the future Pope Francis was ordained Archbishop of Buenos Aires.

An Archbishop is one thing, a Pope, far more significant. This astrological association would have been stronger if it happened on or around the moment he was chosen to succeed Pope Benedict XVI on 13 March 2013.

The Old French terme used rather than “cycle” is also pulling this issue away from being merely astrological.

So for whom are these terms indicating, terms of planetary transits or people? Is it revolutions of Jupiter or is it simply the succession from the last great reformer to the current?

Nostradamus seems to comment on significant changes in the course of history. Since my last logged interpretation from 1997, I would introduce another. I believe the importance of who we should start this count of the final five should begin with one revolutionary reformer pontiff to another. John XXIII of Vatican II fame (or infamy, depending on one’s Right or Left-wing Catholicism) is he.

Pope John being succeeded by five popes gives you (1) Paul VI, (2) John Paul I, (3) John Paul II, (4) Benedict XVI to Francis as the fifth.

Apostacy, or a crisis in Benedict’s reign, his suppression of sexual abuse and protecting the guilty priests, is overshadowing the church with a crisis in faith in their leaders. Thus Benedict resigned and was replaced by a reformer Francis, who upsets both extremes of the Church. Where the progressives think he’s moving to slow on Church reforms and bringing sex offending priests to judgment, the conservatives think he moves too fast and in circles who hate him in the shadows of the Vatican they call him more than an anti-pope but Antichrist!

I recently appeared on History Channel’s 2018 special on papal prophecies entitled The Last Pope? that looked at Catholic seers such as Nostradamus and St. Malachy’s take on Pope Francis. In it, is footage of Pope Francis forced to comment publicly on conservative Catholics who believe he is an antichrist pope because of his reforms. He is indirectly alluding to those gathered around his retired predecessor, the Pope “Emeritus” Benedict XVI. Thus Francis is “not too comforting” to the Roman Catholic elite princes of the Church as a possible Antichrist, in their view is meant.

It’s been a long time since two popes were alive at the same time. Are we heading for a schism?

Stay tuned to my magic mirror gazing.

DATELINE: 14 February 2019
(Documented 31 January 2019)

How to Interpret Nostradamus: Lesson 5

The Two Key Virtues Required
For Every Successful Nostradamian Interpreter
To Prove His Breakthrough Discovery
Is not a Projection of the Interpreter’s Mind

I get emails frequently making me aware of new breakthrough theories or new books on the market that at last shine a light on what Nostradamus was hiding behind all his nebulous verses. These letters usually come promoting these breakthroughs from the authors themselves seeking my endorsement.

Although they are often imaginative theories, they rely, in my experience, less on what Nostradamus was thinking and more on what these authors of “breakthroughs” like to make Nostradamus “think.”

Early in the new year of 2019 I received such a letter from Taiwan from “Lee” who has published a book, at present only in Chinese, called Nostradamus Judgment Day 2242. The syntax of Mr. Lee’s English is infinitely better than my Chinese, so I share his words and his uncertain grammar as it is. He described the method of this new breakout book as using “the neural network to predict the China’s prophecy ‘push back map’ to be successful.”


Lee goes on to say that past events proof his method works:

“The prophecy exactly predict the ww1 and ww2 in china and the other nuclear war in china (maybe ww3).”

He invited me to use this method, I think, as some endorsement and proof of its veracity:

“I wish you may reference the method to predict the year, month, day and hour and place that the nostradamus’ prophecies will happen. The place prediction will use the GPS data.”

Here is what he calls a “simple description” of how his interpretation method works—be advised his English is a bit “Nostradamian” in its linguistic muddle:

“1. order the prophecies of nostradamus. 2. use happened events’ time and gps data to test the knowen and happened events and 3. use the model to predict the future’s events. I use AI algorithms like neural network methods.”

What follows is my response:…

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DATELINE: 14 February 2019
(Documented 31 January 2019)

How to Interpret Nostradamus: Lesson 6

Don’t Touch that Facebook Nostradamus Article!
You Don’t know Where—and how Unaware—it’s Been written

A caveat about Facebook and Internet Nostradamus pages. If you think Wikipedia has suspended basic non-fiction research disciplines, Nostradamus websites are even more of a “mind”-field of real factual “bombs.”

Terry passed along something on Facebook to me the other day. He wanted verification on whether the date 3979 was the final date in Nostradamus’ history of the future. Here’s the passage from the “Pagan Lore” Facebook page entry he shared, dated December 14:

On this date in the year 1503, the famous French prophet and astrologer Michel de Nostradamus was born in Saint Remy de Provence. He experienced many psychic visions during his childhood, and he later studied the Holy Qabalah, astrology, astronomy, medicine, and mathematics. The first collection of his uncannily accurate visions, written in the form of rhymed quatrains, was published in the year 1555. Three years later, a second and larger collection of his prophecies–reaching into the year 3979–was published. Nostradamus died on July 1, 1566.

Today’s Moon phase is Waxing Crescent in Pisces

Hi Terry. There are a number of issues about this comment from “Pagan Lore” that are jaw-dropping wrong.

December 14 is the “Julien Calendar” date. Given the time of birth, the date all of us should celebrate Nostradamus’ birth is on 23 December in the Gregorian Calendar. Apparently Data Lore—symbolic of Data the androids not-so-smarter brother—does not know about the calendar changes that took place in the sixteenth century, foreseen even by Nostradamus. He preferred the Julian Calendar that would have the stars on our current “Gregorian” calendar positioned on 23 December, placed back on 14 December of the Julian Calendar.

Here’s what I wrote about the details of his birthday in my biography of the Prophet:

St.-Rémy’s most famous son, Michel de Nostredame, was born a few minutes after noon, the day before the eve of Calendo—the name in the Provençal tongue for Christmas. The Julian calendar calculations used at that time would mark his appearance on Thursday, 14 December (23 December by modern Gregorian reckoning) in the year 1503.

Nostradamus: A Life and Myth
Chapter One: Born in the Land of Troubadour Kings
Subsection: The Devil is in the Astrological Details

(You can read the full sub-chapter dedicated to his birth chart by reading Nostradamus: A Life and Myth.

Secondly 3979 is wrong by two centuries. The last year Nostradamus recorded in his prophecies was 3797 AD.

Nostradamus died on 2 July 1566, not the 1st.

Nostradamus published the serialization of his first three Centuries (volumes) in 1555.

A further three came out around 1556-57. The Preface where-in the prophecy of 3797 is mentioned is not in verse, by the way.

It  was published in a prose letter to Nostradamus’ baby son, Cesar, as a long prose prophetic introduction to the first three Centuries published in 1555. The Preface is one of two prose prophecy letters sandwiched into the planned 1,000 verses. So to imply all his prophecies were rhymed verses exposes two things, not only is it wrong but Data Lore hasn’t even opened a copy of Nostradamus’ prophecies.

There was no second and larger collections published three years later. The publication of Centuries 1, 2, and 3 in 1555 followed by 4, 5 in 1556 plus Centuries 6 and 7 before 1558 makes the largest production of published verses already serialized in print by then.

Here’s what did happen in 1558. Nostradamus finished his planned 1,000 quatrains by June 1558. He wrote a second and larger prose prophecy dedicated to Henry II of France called the Epistle to be placed as a preface to the serialization of the last three Centuries 8, 9 and 10. The tragic death of the king in a jousting accident in the summer of 1559 warranted he delay publishing the version with the Epistle until 1561.

I’m sorry to say that this Pagan Lore, Nostradamus overview flunked out as far as factual research goes. A very common phenomenon of Facebook, and Wikipedia, sorry to say.

So now that we’ve corrected the final date is 3797, I want to answer your initial question: Does this [corrected] date the end of the prophecies?

ANSWER definitely not.

There are references to constellations in the Preface that I’m the first to theorize since 1986 are about off-world colonies of human beings in Aquarius and Cancer, the latter of which would live, or so he said, “perpetually.” In other words, “forever more.”

That means, time- and date-wise his “perpetual” prophecies may see far beyond the year 3797!

The year 3797 seems to date the destruction of the Earth by the sun suddenly expanding out to the diameter of Earth’s orbit, a catastrophe he calls “The Final Conflagration.”

This apparently causes the diaspora of humanity to the constellations of Aquarius, where they don’t do as well, but colonize successfully in worlds around Cancer.

It is the only time in his sixteenth-century French that Nostradamus uses constellations as places rather than signs in his prophecies. They are intended to be localities, or so I propose.

Thank you, Terry, for inspiring this lesson on spurious Internet information.

DATELINE: 14 February 2019
(Documented 31 January 2019)

Click on this link to read more about this amazing book by Richard Evans.

Click on this link to read more about this amazing book by Richard Evans.

Serfs Are not Culpable in Corporate Abuse: A Brief Manifesto on what is needed to Break the Monopolistic Tyranny of our Current Gilded Age of Money Grabbers

My friend, actor Richard Evans, wrote:

Not to be a para-annoying-dullard, but a sizable number of my friends, writers and normal folk alike, are quite upset with the latest power/control move(s) by Amazon. I, too, am wondering if, in my own very small way, I am not complicit in the one-note samba by herr musk melon. This blip on today’s NY Times:

The Amazon within: “We have internalized our use of Amazon to such a degree that we have trouble recognizing our complicity in the manufacture of the company’s own arrogance,” wrote Ginia Bellafante, New York Times.

Less like complicit, more like being under an economic occupation by a conqueror who overtook all means to do retail.

Take the French occupation by the Nazis, the Free French still had to buy, sell, eat, pay rent by day, and do their guerilla warring stuff on their free time by night.

The root target to change is not the corporations directly. It is those we vote into government, whatever the party, that aren’t standing for the rights of the flesh and blood American people. The people need to take their government back from the monopolist capitalists, the corporations that have taken over commerce and the US government in a creeping coup started since 2010 with SCOTUS voting in favor of Citizens United turning corporations into people, into “citizens.”

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t yet met a man named Exxon Mobile for a first and last name. I have a cousin “Ray” but no one knows a cousin named Raytheon.

The real American people by political action need to stop allowing this railroading by today’s version of the Gilded Age’s railroad barons. Monopolization of power, economic or political, is bad from free market capitalism and democracy.

President Teddy Roosevelt broke the back of the monopolization and abuse of the consumers and workers of his day. We need something like this to happen again, but it can’t happen if people keep getting conned by the two-faced chimera that is the Corporate Party wearing two masks: the Dementocrat and Dumbopublican masks.

A people’s movement that finds common ground is needed that negates these two BS store fronts of one problem. Then, once in power, all money must be taken out of the US political system. All funding must be public, not private, so that the American people can have their rights restored and people like Bezos and companies like Amazon can be regulated back to fair business practices and pay their percentage of fair taxes like everyone else. If the middle class should be taxed 20 percent, Bezos’ billions should be taxed 20 percent a year and so on.

In summation, drones and serfs aren’t culpable as much as they are conquered and enslaved. When the serfs win back their political representation in a democratic-orientated Republic, then the greed and abuses of Amazon and other corporations can be reformed. If people simply stop working or using Amazon, that’s like serfs deciding to stop eating rather than pay the Lord of the Castle.

The Result?

Serfs die of starvation.

Lords find more serfs to work the fields.

No, the rebellion must seek a new and unique way back to power.

Consumers of the world, UNITE! The only thing you need lose is your chains that keep you mindless and manipulated consumers of stuff. Use your power to consume “and” deny sales unless there is reform.

Pick no one from any party affiliation with the things I’ve listed above promised

Ride the big curling wave of change my fellow serfs.

Serf’s up!

Up Democracy!

DATELINE: 14 February 2019
(Documented 31 January 2019)

Behavioral Psychology, Astrology and the “Original Face”

I would like to ask you a very sincere question: Can you make better personality or behavioral assessments or predictions of people through astrological science than by behavioral science (clinical psychology, criminology, etc.)

I don’t create better personalities. For that would be creating better inauthentic people. I let the “Suici-ety” and the priests and politicians (the Mafia of the Soul) do that mischief.

I use astrology to illuminate the road map of the personality—the mask people wear over their original faces of conscious witnessing.

Or can one use both as complementary methods to assess or predict individual behavior of people, of whom we have a great deal of information plus who are easily observable? One reason I am asking you is because the FBI started their “Behavioral Science Unit” in 1972, and they were very successful even then, when psychology was still in its fledgling stages, in apprehending a number of serial killers that up to that time had eluded them. Moreover, today it is quite possible to make very accurate personality, character, and behavioral assessments and predictions of people. What do say to this?

A “personality” is an organic form of a machine. A machine is predictable and therefore one can catch it in its future acts.

A soul is not predictable.

FBI types and other behavior scientists can anticipate most people’s actions because people mostly live with their souls in seed form. The FBI reads the shell of personality and cannot understand or even know the potential within that cannot flower, because people are fixated on mechanical human behavior rather than drawing forth the human awareness of soul.

That’s why the FBI human machines can accurately anticipate and catch the serial killer human machines but not conceive or read the soul.

DATELINE: 14 February 2019
(Documented 31 January 2019)

Go Beyond Hope for the Future and you Go Beyond Hopelessness too

Of the hundreds of documentaries I appeared on the one that possibly saw the most Americans watching at one time was back in November 1994 on the first of what later became a four-part series called Ancient Prophecies on NBC. Our NBC national broadcast was sandwiched between the Grammys and Rosanne’s show where she would kiss a gay woman seen across the United States for the first time ever.

As it turned out, our show grabbed most of the ratings and the NBC phone switchboard got so overloaded with calls they had to shut it down. This show had definitely made my work nationally and internationally known and had a lot to do with me beginning my 19-year journey with Art Bell appearing regularly on Coast to Coast AM. My total time on Coast since George Noory took up the role of host of Coast is approaching a quarter century.

CoasttoCoastAMwGeorgeGreenBy the way, you can see George and me in person, live at Everett WA on 23 March 2019. I’d love to see you there and meet you personally at the meet and greet after the show. We don’t leave until everyone gets a chance to say hello.

I find it cool that I’ve appeared on prophecy shows hosted by some of my favorite actors. Case in point, David McCallum (of The Man from Uncle, and The Outer Limits’: the “Sixth Finger” fame.). He hosted Ancient Prophecies. I did a lot of episodes for Secrets and Mysteries hosted by “Spock” aka Leonard Nimoy. There was also Capt. Kirk (aka William Shatner) as the star commentator for the Canadian documentary series called Weird or What? for my Nostradamus episode.

Since all the filming of hosts and guests were done at different times I didn’t get to meet any of these actors. I did try to say hello to Edward James Olmos (of Blade Runner, Zoot Suit, and Battlestar Galactica [the reimagined 2004 series] fame).

It “Olmos” happened.

I’ve seen it before with celebrities. They put up walls built out of their own projections that anyone approaching them will repeat some upsettng moment from the past.

In my case, the past won.

Click on this link to purchase this printed edition. Or, go to and get the eBook version.

Click on this link to purchase this printed edition. Or, go to and get the eBook version.

Anyway, he read words from a script he didn’t write himself, stood on his taped spot on the studio floor before the camera and dutifully read his lines with all the authenticity of an actor for what happened to be one of the most significant prophecy shows anticipating the fall of the twin towers of the World Trade Center on 9/11, five years and six months before it happened. The show was FOX Network’s: “Prophecies of the Millennium.” It was broadcast across the US in March 1996. I had forecast the fall of the twin towers in New York in the future with special effects illustrating what would happen. Read more about the full story in Nostradamus: Premonitions of 9/11.

Before we get into my comments responding to Matthew, I remember  lobbying hard the producers of Ancient Prophecies after its remarkable success warranted the production of three more two-hour episodes with me getting a 15-minute segment in each. I advised the producer to balance the scary visions with positive visions, otherwise what attracted watchers would send them running.

To no avail. The producer and the suits at NBC just went more negative and, as I predicted, the negativity “did not” sell the audience. Ratings with each darker version of Ancient Prophecies II, III and IV tanked until the fourth and final part was so ridiculously negative that it was hilariously funny. The final segment had toasters and appliances coming alive because of the Mayan prophecy of 2012, somehow bringing them to life.

Toasters and the fridge chasing the children.

As idiotically funny as that was the advent of A.I. (artificially idiotic) “smart” machines has made me wonder if by fool’s luck there a future in man’s machines is going on the rampage after all.

Back to the organically artificially intelligent.

For over three decades I keep trying to convince the suits of television shows to listen to someone unique in the field who has worked with more of them and influenced more prophecy themed shows and documentaries, than any other prophecy expert guest.

The heads of networks are like priests of a religion. They have their dogmas. They rarely stray from them and that’s one of the key reasons why over decades they are actually self-fulfilling their false belief that people are stupid and you have to dumb every show down to reach them. They don’t see that they are creating the antichrist of “Stupid” by only broadcasting “stupid.”

Despite this tragedy, I am not disappointed because I am not “appointed.” I can do what I do because I hold no hope of success, therefore I have no hopelessness of failure. And here’s why…

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DATELINE: 12 February 2019

Click on the cover and enjoy a meeting of humor and prophetic hubris--Bible style.

Click on this link and enjoy a meeting of humor and prophetic hubris–Bible style.

The Mystery and Method behind my Correspondences

You amaze me: you have thousands of readers and probably hundreds who write you personal notes, yet you take the time to respond to me.

Yes, Vavi, I am “great full” that you are one reader who does not take for granted how precious this time is. Most people don’t have empathy.

Click on this link. Time for something funny. I mean, if you can't laugh at doomsday, what can you laugh at? Did you know that prophecy can be "funny"? Click on the cover and sample the stand up Prophecomedy.

Click on this link. Time for something funny. I mean, if you can’t laugh at doomsday, what can you laugh at? Did you know that prophecy can be “funny”? Click on the cover and sample the stand up Prophecomedy.

For instance, just now I had some guy who wants me to call him and talk about what he says is the real meaning to 666 in Revelation. I wrote him back and said, first, before I respond to that request, please read my 666 book. He wrote back that he is “already familiar with my work.” It was a phrase dripping with divergence from the point that he had not read it. If I say I’m familiar with another writer’s work I say so and give examples, such as on the topic of the moment, 666 and the Book of Revelation. I’ll tell the author what I read and then add what my response to his ideas was and what questions of clarification had.

I love to interact with my readers. I never know what I will say or where it will lead. Hits are as unpredictably given as caresses and sometimes a few understand when both a hit and a caress are a caress that hits…

Gain FULL ACCESS to all TEN Articles with a donation of only $5.00, or a little more. Put Three February 2019 in the PayPal memo line. I will send a PDF attachment attached to the email address you used at PayPal.

DATELINE: 14 February 2019
(Documented in August 2018)

Questions from Arizona on its Future, its Climate changing, the Teacher’s Demonstration Movement and the Future of Gun Control and the Second Amendment

This is an emailed answer I gave back in August 2018 to Arizonan, Sean.

Just finally got up the nerve to actually ask you a few questions, and your very good at predicting futures of many things and knowing that you have done weather forecasts I wonder what you see about the southwest. I have lived in Arizona my whole life and have been wondering about its future. Other than the water concerns and the heat most likely to increase that is.

Thanks for finding the nerve. Your questions are most welcome. First off, the weather of the Southwest will get hotter along with your monsoon season becoming more violent at its climax soon coming. If global warming is ignored, and it will be ignored, Mother Nature will “answer” and keep “answering” until she can even awaken the dead from their graves to her planetary health’s peril.

I wish it were otherwise, but humanity’s answer to planetary climate change is to become more auto-suicidal in its abuse of the Earth. As you live in a more climatically marginal area to sustain humanity, Arizona will be impacted quicker than, let’s say where I live, in the Pacific Northwest. At least Arizona’s people live with more affluence and have more means to resist the changes. In the Middle East, with its similar marginal climate sustainability, I foresee down the next 20 years this region will be unsustainable for 400 million people if we do not change course as a potentially sentient race.

[UPDATE 10 February 2019: Six months later, I can report that Arizona’s 2018 Monsoon Season was wetter-than-normal and had an above normal visitation of hurricane remnants in the latter days of summer 2018. Despite all the rain, Phoenix was one day away from tying summer 2003 as the second summer season with the most 100-degree temperature days ever recorded.]

Unfortunately we have a pretty uncaring governor, or at least he seems that way, although we have a lot of good potential for ballot Initiatives, including the popular vote compact maybe it will get on and pass, it’s pretty hard to tell. Also I wonder if you see Arizona as a potential swing state in the senate. The Republican candidates are pretty sad and so far the lone Democrat is better, but I think she is a corporate Dem. Just curious what you think.

She is. The Democrats will not have a good showing in the midterm elections [meaning the big blue wave in the house] because they have no leadership, no vision other than a very negative and unsubstantiated desire to destroy the sitting president and impeach him for winning a presidential election that a mediocre Democratic leadership abjectly lost—with no help from magical unicorn trolls from Moscow, so I prophetically contend.

Also, given the RedforEd movement, recently it made news in the state of Arizona and around the country, how do you see that playing out, will teachers get treated better, more pay and benefits, or will it be like it is now where they get treated like second class citizens.

In the second half of this article, read my assessment of this 2018 Midterm Election forecasts…

Gain FULL ACCESS to all TEN Articles with a donation of only $5.00, or a little more. Put Three February 2019 in the PayPal memo line. I will send a PDF attachment attached to the email address you used at PayPal.

DATELINE: 14 February 2019

Click on this link and find out why my access to this book template on Amazon was blocked and at the time of this writing, still blocked by bots.

Click on this link and find out why my access to this book template on Amazon was blocked and at the time of this writing, still blocked by bots.

Amazon Bots Block Hogue from Author’s Account for Three Days

For me, “Artificial” as a qualifier to “Intelligence” is an oxymoron’s marriage made in hell for meaning. I’ve been having my first-hand experience of this last week when after nine months of no problems, the content algorithm “political correcting” bots suddenly discovered and slanderously declared me as openly presenting false information in my set up of a metadata search for my book What ‘Really’ Happened Hillary Rodham Clinton: An Astrological and Prophetic Assessment. What they did then wasn’t human. It wasn’t even “in-human.” It was a stupid, non-human act of a machine, behaving as only a thing of fake, pseudo, “artificial” intelligence can manage. Because it was a living dead thing, made of a mind that sees the world in binary black or white, or ones and zeros, it chose a black and threatening act against a living human being and his works. It punished and threatened without even trying to reach me, as a human would do, to solve the problem first.

The bot blocked the Clinton book the first day and then by the following morning blocked me from access to my entire KDP Amazon book author’s account. It was definitely meant to cause pain and suffering and alarm if I so choose as a meditator to let the mind identify with the threats of an artificial mind.

By the second day I could not access the templates of any of my books. The stern and threatening messages from this unfeeling un-human heart, delivered in classic, robotic, passive-aggressive programming, made it sound like all my books were blocked completely from my access and from sale. What I later found out when access was restored was that ALL my books, including the offending Clinton book, were still selling and available to readers online all during the block-out time.

Access was slowly returned over last weekend, taking its electro-bureaucratic time after I complied with the order sent by email to declare that I had read and understood the links about proper metadata set ups with the quote including the links. I was eventually allowed back into my account in all areas except for the Hillary Clinton book template page, still labeled in bold and in red BLOCKED.

That means I can neither fix the problem for which I was punished nor prevent sales of the offending metadata title search set-up. It’s still functioning like before and sales from the three days I couldn’t access my sales charts on KDP prove it.

Days have passed and my offense is still on sale pages selling books. With “artificial” intelligences managing human lives such as these, who knows for how long?

When the bots restored me to my book templates they warned me that from now on I would be watched and publication of any future books would be scrutinized closely for what I can only conclude is political correctness.

What initially got into the souless “head” of the political correctness bot, I believe may be this. My book is a work about Hillary Clinton’s book, entitled “What Happened” that came out in September/October 2017. I don’t understand how “What REALLY Happened” is a piggy-backing search, unless the robot was too stupid, too non-human, to separate the title “What Happened” with the author’s name “Hillary Rodham Clinton” just below it. A human would have figured that out. But hey, stupid bots aside, I would have been more than happy to make a change by adding a “to” and taking out the “Rodham” so my book reads “What REALLY Happened to Hillary Clinton: An Astrological and Prophetic Assessment.” I could do that right now if they but only would unblock the book’s template page and let its author in.

All this gets a bit “phishy.” I have no proof yet, but I have suspicions that I’ve been another member of the alternate media that’s being persecuted by algorithmic search engine bias. I know for a fact that many alternate news web sites have seen their traffic dramatically go down because the search engines were altered to make them harder to find. I see this in my own book sales at Amazon after my Hillary book was published and more hysteria about Russian hacking made anyone using “Russian” or “hack” matched with “hoax” a target.

Here’s why it looks more like algorithmic bias. For example, if you can get blocked for a title that’s too close to another, then why haven’t I been robotically attacked by being one of THREE titles that have “Nostradamus and the Antichrist” in them? My subtitle is different and actually I am the first one to use that title, same with The Last Pope. I know of at least three Last Pope titles out there. Why is it only my book about Hillary Clinton getting slammed?

Could it be that the very pro-Clinton empire of Jeff Bezos, a major contributor to her 2016 presidential campaign, have anything to do with it? Could it be at least possible that those humans he hires to program algorithms might have their jobs because they have his political biases?

There is a growing cyberspace witch hunt and purge happening to alternative voices, left, right or center by corporately controlled social media outlets monopolizing the places where human beings share their ideas, argue, discuss, in short, do things that humans do. We are all being watched by bots. Our search engine patterns are being recorded. And if what you’re saying doesn’t fit with the Orwellian corporate vision of a “brave new world” then you are like me, slowly being suppressed and censored by inhuman minds using non-human agents.

So I say to you, while there is still time, while you see me and my books available, if you’ve been interested in reading them, but put it off, now is the time to purchase them as eBooks or Printed books while you still can.

Start with this book, What -Really- Happened Hillary Rodham Clinton. It’s fresh, satirical and funny too. It documents a side of the Russian hack story that your mainstream news doesn’t touch but you should at least be exposed to, as free-thinking human beings.

Here’s the eBook Edition sales page.

Here’s the Printed Edition sales page.

And while you’re at it—and before some bot decides to arbitrarily shut the page down—go to my Amazon Author Central Page. I designed it for your perusal of all my books in all formats. See what treasures await you before it is blocked and erased by a non-human entity.


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