Conversations with the “Jewish Messiah.” Introduction to a New Hogue Book. California Burnin’ up Climate Change. RT first, Net Neutrality Next. Beyond Dreams about Martin Luther King. What Happened Hillary? Answer: Trump made Me Lose! UFO Signals from Ross Star Update. Russian Hacking’s new “No Burger” moment—Mike Flynn—exposes Israel-Gate. US Embassy to Jerusalem—What comes Next?

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MessiahsCovDATELINE: 12 December 2017

Notes from the Koo-Koo HogueProphecy file: My Conversation with “The Jewish Messiah.”

Back in 1999 I wrote the following segment “Idiot Messiahs” for the beautifully illustrated book Messiahs that looked at 33 major and minor claimants from world religions and cults for the claim of being the world redeemer. What I wrote then is just as true today. The brackets are added from today because the media of sending letters and storing files was still in the paper age:


You should read some of my fan letters. It seems that I am a very popular guy with a number of heavy duty holy ones.

“Dear Mr. Hogue,” begins this particular brand of letter, “I have read your books and find them to be the most informed I’ve encountered. I especially like your discourses and examinations of who you think the next great spiritual catalyst or savior may be. However there is this one small problem. For some reason you have overlooked me…”

And so it goes. The miffed messiah in question usually chases his divine drunkenness with a boilermaker of elaborate notes, diagrams, press clippings and whatnot to break the back of my mail carrier and prove his point.

Conversely there are folks who wish to have my seal of approval to be proclaimed the Antichrist. A week rarely goes by without [first my mailbox in the twentieth century and later my Inbox in the new century stuffed full of fan mail] burying a needling from some bloody Alice who wants me to acknowledge her as Nostradamus’ Bloody Alus.

I receive faxes from Archangels too.

I get registered letters from reincarnated Apostles, and postdated proposals from final prophets.

You should see my [physical letter and email] filing system. We have every primary savior and supernormal being neatly indexed under the heading “Koo Koo Messiahs.” Next come the Archangels and lesser angels that are divided into sub-files. For instance, I file the letter away in “Cetacean” if the writer claims to channel angelic dolphins, or “Elvis Archangels” if he is a humanoid angel sending me snap shots of his costume armor and his chicken feathered wings.

I sort all the usual St. Johns, St. Pauls, and St. Ringos in the “Reincarnated Apostles” file. I shouldn’t tell anyone about the little black book listing all the names and addresses of the girls who believe they have had a past life piece of Aleister Crowley’s oversexed oversoul. [I met the first of these nymphomaniac confessors presenting herself at my feet in 1980 after I flipped the sign to “open” and unlocked the door for the occult supply and bookshop called “The Prophet” in Ports of Call, San Pedro, California, were I worked before going off to India for the first time. She reeked of a mass sexual all-night romp with a platoon of army officers from nearby Fort MacArthur, also our regular “customers,” who ran a secret Satanist cult of warlocks under the camouflaged nose of the US Army.]

So far my file on Princess Di and Mother Teresa sightings remains almost empty.

If I didn’t know there were so many Messiahs, angels, aliens, channeled dolphins, and Antichrists out there rooting for me I might not have written this book.


Little has changed in the last 18 years. My files keep swelling with poor souls who try to enhance their tinfoiled brains, ever foiled again and again by a need to project spiritual significance to their lack luster mental health. They ever declare themselves an Antichrist or Messiah set to destroy or save the world and though they deny it, every one of them can’t see that their devilish or god-given holy dispensation requires my passive or aggressive endorsement.

Just today I received an old-fashioned snail-mailed petition from an old-school Antichrist loony asking me to co-write a book that will—Obama style—launch is run to become the first Antichrist president of the United States. (LOL! You can’t make this stuff up.)

Last week I was entertained, at least, by a new “Messiah” who popped into my Inbox. I’ll change her name and her father’s name to protect the guilty for being bat-guano insane. We’ll call her “Ms. Messiah.” She’s a kook who has something none of the other loons in my files possess, a sense of humor, god bless her!

Here’s the interchange:

I’d be interested in hearing your take on this. As I am the messiah I don’t know if you remember me I did contact you last year around this time. Look forward to hearing from you.

If you are the Messiah. You don’t need my take.

Your email is going into my file that’s full of other Messiahs who need my endorsement. At least you aren’t going into my filing system crowded with Antichrist hopefuls. J

Lolz [meaning “LOL”] your hysterical [as in Jewish LOLz and bagels].

Didn’t need your endorsement just wondering if you had a vision about the Jewish Messiah and rebuilding the temple.

Yes. Heaps [check out the last article in this thread]. But there’s no sign of you involved. Sorry my Hosanna honey bunny, escaped from Bellevue psychiatric ward.

I don’t need anyone’s endorsement what I have done and will continue to do is the proverbial “ proof in da pudding”

Love your humor, John. And just so you know your knowledge and guidance from the many history channel shows that I watched allowed me to piece together a lot around this time last year. So thanks

Oh dear. You mean to say I’m in part responsible for “you” imagining you are the Jewish Messiah? People ever have their own misunderstandings. I’ve tried to provide books and statements on television that might help people drop all “idiot-DENT-tities, masking eternal “entities.” Yet it seems I’ve helped hundreds of people also find their ultimate illusion and thank me from the bottom of their “hearts.” Or, should I say their brain “farts”?

For a Messiah, you don’t seem aware of the cleverness of mind behind your state of messianism: messy-and-isms.

It is good you have a sense of humor though. Wisdom might be possible through laughter. A true chuckle at oneself is enough to hang any ego-shroud of being a messiah on the cross as if a cross was a hat-and-cloak rack. Then, free of it, you go play in the garden with naked innocence delighting in the joyful warmth of the Sun.

Cleverness of mind? Sheesh just getting my mind back. And that my dear is a long story…. However my cleverness is slowly returning

What to do? Such is the case of kookiness. Cleverness of mind is the problem. It made you “think” you are “the” Jewish Messiah. Don’t get your mind back Ms. Messiah. See that your mind has messianized your insanity. Let this clever mind go.

I wrote a bcc letter to all the other Messiahs in my Koo-Koo file, and none of them support your declaration. To a man and woman, they each declared themselves to be the one and true messiah. With hundreds of you Messiahs all staking claim, the chances of one of you being that “guy”—or, even rarer in this male chauvinist prophetic tradition, that “gal.” The odds are quite high that none of you are the Messiah. Indeed, in your case, no Judeo-Christian prophecy supports a woman being the Messiah of the Jews.

Now that you know my views, what does your psychiatrist say about your Messianic complex?

Lolz John. Messianic complex. Huh.

It’s going to be rather awesome when everything comes to light and you can no longer doubt what I say.

Is it because you didn’t see it, that it isn’t so. And actually there is that [which] supports my theory. (I don’t usually edit Messiahs but she left out the word in brackets.)

In the Torah it states that Messiah will come from the line of Abraham and be preceded by a prophet.

My Grandfather was Abraham [name removed to protect the identity of her grandfather, let’s call him] Davey. And my mother made many statements that turned out to be true.

The Israeli government knows who I am. And so does our [US] government. I have been helping them since last year to prevent World War Three.

The end times as predicted in the bible started around the time of hurricane Sandy. And now is the final battle between the messiah and the anti-christ. And while there is evil all over the world. My husband is the devil incarnate.

Ha! Ha, ha ha! Ms. Messiah. To be fair, perhaps being bound to you in matrimony, your poor husband feels like Jesus nailed on the cross in this marriage?

In all fairness to you, not every wife thinks she is the Jewish Messiah, but I imagine just about every wife on this planet from time to time or all the time thinks her husband is Lucifer incarnate.

So your grandfather is named after the ancient biblical patriarch of all Jewish and Arab Semites. OK, but countless millions of Christians and Jewish parents over thousands of years have named their boys Abraham. That the last name relates to being “of David” the bloodline of the last great King of the Jews, should make millions of people named Davis, or David, or Davey equal claimants to the Jewish Messiah title.

I mean, it’s like me being a “Hogue”—part of the clan of French-Norman Viking and Gallic stock of whom a few make that wonderful Hogue wines. I could march into their offices and say, “Hey, fellow Hogues, give me a percentage of the action, or at least a lifetime stash of your Hogue cabernet aged in pine barrels because we share a name 450 years removed from physical, familial

By the way for all you reading this, being a Jewish Messiah is different from being the guy calling himself the Son of God that Romans tacked to the wood using Eisenstein’s bargain nails from the first century A.D. The Messiah of the Jews is closely comparable to what is today’s Tibetan “messiah” the Fourteenth Dalai Lama. He is temporal “and” spiritual leader of his people.

Ms. Messiah, that you recognize that your mother can make many statements that are true only means that you are no longer like any one of countless adolescent girls throughout time who almost never thought her mom can say anything true until she got a little one herself and got a little older and a little wiser.

All seriousness aside, I really can’t help but think your letters so far are just a joke pulling my leg. I have some Facebook friends who have met you and they think you are Jar-Jar blinkin’ crazy. LOL.

If this belief that you are the Kosher Messiah isn’t a joke for you, it is certainly a joke to me.

I mean this lovingly. You are really funny even though you need psychiatric help.

Follow the funny, Ms. Messiah.

No psychiatric help needed here for that I can be sure. I look forward to meeting with you once this is all out in the open and laughing with you over a drink or two.

Thank you. Keep laughing because you’re buying the drinks. (Hee, hee)

I mean this lovingly. You are an original Koo-Kooburra bird. After all these years of dead serious nuts crowding my “self-proclaimed Messiahs” file, you are a sweet and lovely one, the only one out of hundreds that can laugh. You will be the first entry into a new file called “Self-proclaimed Laughing Messiahs.” Hopefully more will want to come and join you in that file and you can all enjoy each other, tell jokes and have a wonderful party.

Blessings to you, wife of Satan, and your poor husband. Forgive that devil.


DATELINE: 12 December 2017


Introduction to a New Book Release: A Spiritual Rebel’s Manifesto: Climb Aboard the Noah’s Ark of Consciousness

I was telling you in earlier articles that I would expand my themes in books. I will go on sharing my take on prophetic trends and the quickening of current events. Yet since we are now in the middle of what was for decades an oncoming mess, the time has come to leap future-foreword and write about my personal involvement in collective experiments to awaken the seed of a humanity that will be born out of the self-destruction of the current specimen.

A Spiritual Rebel’s Manifesto is the first introduction to a whole new line of planned books that weave prophetic, historical and autobiographical narratives to share and help each of you awaken a dormant seed of your enlightened humanity. The human being of the future lives in the Eternity of the Present; therefore, if such a future has a chance, it can only be born in you, right here, and right now in the always-present moment. Here then is the Foreword to this newest book:

When Does the Crazy Stop?

This book is the answer to a fundamental question posed by author Diana Paxon and shared in the following letter from my dear friend Melodi Lammond-Grundy.


My friend and mentor Diana Paxon was with me on the trip. She writes both fiction and various metaphysical “how too” books (mostly Asatru, runes, trance etc.).

She said she had noticed there seemed to be “something in the air or the planets or something that is making people act crazy on all levels, especially internationally but also personally.”

I did my best without any documentation handy to explain your Oracle’s views and Nostradamus (via your information) but I don’t think I did a great job.

But she did have a great question she asked me to pass on and you have permission to use it…if you like.

Her question was; “Ask your friend John, When does the Crazy Stop?”

Now she’s older than us so she doesn’t mean in general, there is always “something” going on but she means this general mood of insanity in the personal, political and even planetary worlds (we spent a lot of time in Alpine villages trying to get phone signals to get updates on the fires in Northern California near where she lives).

I said I knew this was one “Window” for a great war with the US and Russia and another was in the 2020’s and if we got past both then Edgar Cayce’s future of no Third World War might kick in but I didn’t have all the details.

Anyway, is there a way to answer her question in brief? If so she would much appreciate it and given the questions from the Germans, Brits, Swiss and Swedes at the conference I was just at on “Inclusive Asatru (Norse Religion), I think a number of people would be interested as well.


“When does the crazy stop?”

When each one of us, this moment, stops doing the crazy, doing the misery, doing the fear and division, doing the mask of personality and doing all doing that was adopted, not by our intention, but imposed outside by others who put all of these habits like a straightjacket over our innocent intelligence starting from birth onwards.

There are no masses of people to make sane. The energy of identification people put in belonging to them spreads what little self-awareness they have into a mob mentality that suppresses the only “unit” that has the power and potential understanding to stop the “crazy.”

It is you, the individual.

Without you understanding, there can be no drop of doing the crazy on its own accord.

Only you can become aware of the “stop.” There is no one else on Earth to be concerned about whether they can stop or not.

You are the world itself.

And there is great potential if you understand this, with your whole mass coming alive, then the craziness in your life begins to drop away. You become a light unto your Self and live, think, love and celebrate your life as an example.

Don’t make it a missionary thing. Just live your life among the others and let them in their freedom recognize it or not. Be drawn to you or not.

My briefest answer to your friend to her question is just one word:


Mediation is the “Noah’s Ark of Consciousness.” The only Ark available to us in the Great Flood of madness overtaking a world that has too many billions of people polluting the psycho-sphere as well as the ecosphere. We are polluting the atmosphere and it is upsetting the ecological balance of the planet. The psychic dimension of our spirit atmosphere is also being polluted by an overload of thoughts, the mind and emotional noise, so to speak.

The native peoples of the world made me aware of this problem in the late 1980s. That the world is under the influence of a Mind Plague and as the population will soon complete adding another billion—making it eight billion people on this planet—the mob minded, herd madness of the human lemming effect will intensify all around the world.

That’s my short answer. What follows is the long and comprehensive answer: this book, this Rebel’s Manifesto.

I invite you all to share my personal as well as prophetic journey, and understand how I came to tell you the above short answer.

DATELINE: 12 December 2017

Satellite image of the Thomas Fire, California. Source: NASA

California Burnin’, Prophecy, Science and the Future of the Climate

Here we are, in bone-dry December in Southern California. Humidity levels have dropped into the single digits. A huge stationary high pressure directly over the Pacific Northwest giving us up there rare sunny days at this time of year works like a wind engine down south. A week of stationary high pressure can vent dry and warm Santa Ana winds in So. Cal. with sustained 40 mph and gusts upwards of 60 to 70 mph out of the interior deserts, over the mountains and feed firestorms down in the populated foothill neighborhoods surrounding Los Angeles and San Diego.

Growing up in Southern California I’ve seen the winds act like a bellows to a campfire, blowing it into a wall of sparking flames. From the “singed” memories of being a former volunteer bush fireman in Oregon, these conditions create is a perfect firestorm that sometimes is faster than you can run or drive away from. Last week into this, six major fires In Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Ventura and San Diego counties has blowtorched nearly 200,000 acres and forced nearly a quarter million residents to quickly evacuate from their homes. Containment of these fires is vexed by afternoon upticks of wind gusts as nearly 9,000 firefighters do their best to keep ahead of the devil winds and swift flame. They are slowly getting control of them. At the moment all fires have together claimed 700 structures destroyed and thousands more under threat with only one confirmed fatality at this time.

I can actually “see” the fire all the way 800-plus miles north from my island in Puget Sound, Washington State. I look up into my sunny skies and there is the smoke from the Lilac, the Thompson and four other Californian fires. That’s a first among many in this globally warmed climate. Megafires from Los Angeles and San Diego can send their smoke all the way up the US coast to me. Scary.

These fires punctuate the final month of a historic year for record-breaking, unheard of weather disasters that include the most powerful hurricane ever clocked in the North Atlantic (Irma). Then came the unprecedented landfall of three Category 4 hurricanes (Irma, Maria and Harvey), and one Category 5 (Maria), ravaging Southeast Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands in the span of a few late-summer weeks. Moody’s Analytics estimates total cost of damage for Florida and Texas will be from $150 to $200 billion. Puerto Rico and US Virgin Island’s devastation added to that is an additional estimated $95 billion. I do believe these estimations are conservative. We will find out next year that all 2017 hurricane damage in America will clear $300 billion and this doesn’t even count loss of revenue from upended jobs and industries.

In 2017 Western Canada and the United States burned with megafires choking the US and Canadian West Coasts for most of August and September (I know, I was breathing the fire fogs). Then the Northern California wine counties erupted in October with the most disastrous fires in Californian history, and now the extremes of climate light up parts of Southern California where they can sing new lyrics for the song, “I’m dreamin’ of a White Christmas…”


As with other article threads a donation of $5.00 will get you the conclusion of this article plus six extra articles are waiting for you. Put December 2017  in the PayPal memo line.

When I see your donation confirmed I will manually send you a fully-illustrated PDF file attached to the email address you have used.  Here is a preview of each:

480px-Iceage_north-glacial_by_Hannes Grobe

Black represents Earth at the last glacial maximum of the last ice age. Artist rendering by Hannes Grobe/AWI.

California Burnin’, Prophecy, Science and the Future of the Climate

Read and sing Hogue’s very politically incorrect, though thought-provoking lyrics to this famous Bing Crosby Christmas song, plus contemplate on the more moderate observations of a Hogue reader’s viewpoint about the science of climate change beyond the extremes of advocates and climate change deniers. Don’t miss Hogue’s original response…Access all articles.

640px-Network_neutrality_logo_glow_by_Camilo Sanchez-Cfree

Net Neutrality Symbol, designed by Camilo Sanchez.

Deep State Shutting Down the Free Press on Two Fronts: RT-Russia Today, Net Neutrality Tomorrow—What you can do to stop Them destroying the Internet.

The vote by the Trump FCC head to end Net Neutrality, which gives everyone high or low, rich or poor in America equal access to the interconnection of the world is coming in a few days. You are all being tested. Your response to this major step forward by corporate totalitarianism can do much to prevent further moves. Read what’s behind this move and be informed as to how you can be a part of the rebellion against losing your public window to the world…Access all articles.

MLK_Memorial_NPS_photo-Fair Use if critical

Statue of Martin Luther King Jr. at the MLK Jr. Memorial in Washington D.C. Controversy surrounds this stern almost imperially haughty sculpture of the humble black civil rights leader questionably chisled out of white stone by Chinese sculptor Li Yixin. Photo: National Park Service.

Beyond Having a Dream: the Martin Luther King you Should Know About

Hogue loves this brave man deeply and wants to share with you the Reality that was suppressed by the monumentalized “dream” turning King into a comforting but dead statue of stone. In this article, Hogue will try to bring King’s rebellious spirit back to life for that spirit is now needed for the fight for civil rights more than ever before…Access all articles.


Read the third Serialization of this new Hogue Book

The 2016 Presidential Elections:
That Devil Donald made me Trump It

Read step-by-step and presciently documented passages where John Hogue anticipated every blunder Hillary Clinton could make to sabotage her own campaign and then blame it on Trump…Access all articles.

600px-Artist's_impres_planet_Ross_128_by ESO:M. Kornmesser

This artist’s impression shows the temperate planet Ross 128 b, with its red dwarf parent star in the background. Author ESO/M. Kornmesser. Source:

ET Phone Earth! Update on the Ross 128 Signal Mystery—Another “Earth” Discovered in the Ross Star System?

What we’re learning about the planets recently discovered around the nearby red dwarf star Ross 128 might indicate that signals coming from 11 light years away last July could be from a alien civilization on a just discovered alien twin of Earth. Find out the current status of investigation and the condition of the great radio telescope array in Puerto Rico that was hit by Hurricane Maria…Access all articles.


In 2015, Flynn attended a gala dinner in Moscow in honor of RT, where he stis next to Russian president Vladimir Putin. Jill Stein was at the same table. Candidates and sent envoys do meet foreign leaders before being elected. Reagan did it, candidate Obama was famous for this. Is the media concerned about their collusion?. Source

From Smoking Gun to Smoking “Dumb”: Another Russian Hacking “No-Burger” moment Exposed and Now Russia-Gate will become Israel-Gate.

In the mainstream news’ mania to find anything to cram supposition up their preconceived conclusions about Trump Russian collusion and hacking conspiracies, this article gives you the evidence that stands in the way of such fake news hum buggering…Access all articles.


Source: echiner1

US Embassy will move to Jerusalem. Muslim World Erupts in Anger. What is Next?

Trump did something you never do in politics or international diplomacy. He told the truth and chased it with an action that has set the US against the other 14 members of the United Nations Security Council and enraged the Muslim world. Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel for 70 years and if Eastern Jerusalem should become the capital of Palestine, the so-called “City of Peace” ought to be capitals of both nations. Yet with this said, truth incites the dangerous animal of mass-minded anger. You can move your embassy, Mr. President, but apparently stand still on brokering peace in Palestine. At this moment Palestine under the occupation of Israel soldiers and cops is inflamed by Trump’s precipitous action. What will happen next may influence the future of everyone on Earth…

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