Hogue on Coast to Coast AM, Tale of Two Futures—Clinton or Trump as President: Who will be more Dangerous? New Book Release: Nostradamus: Premonitions of 9/11

Click on the cover to go to Amazon and purchase this eBook with easy one-click shopping.

Click on the cover to go to Amazon and purchase this eBook with easy one-click shopping.

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DATELINE: 12 September 2016

NEW BOOK RELEASE: Nostradamus: Premonitions of 9/11

Welcome everyone visiting after listening to my interview with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM Monday night. This is my 40th book, just released overnight to mark the Fifteenth Anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center towers. Please sample this overview from the Amazon sales page:


Many people around the world foresaw “9/11”—the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001—not a day, week, or even months, but many years before it happened. In one man’s case, the sixteenth-century seer Michel de Nostradamus, he may have seen the great collapse of the twin towers he called “the hollow mountains” 446 years before it happened!

911STwrjet-300x225There are cynics playing skeptical inquirers who boldly proclaim without reading the prophecies of Nostradamus that he didn’t see 9/11 coming, and, if his interpreters ever had discovered in his books signs of the attack and didn’t warn the world the day before it happened, then their inaction is the “textbook definition of evil.” Moreover, they “should be brought up for trial.”

This book answers that challenge and brings interpreters up for trial by facts. The same evidence-based investigation will also put on trial Penn Jillette (of Penn & Teller fame), who made this challenge.

Nostradamus (1503-1566).

Nostradamus (1503-1566).

Did Nostradamus have a premonition of 9/11?

Did any interpreters of his prophetic works uncover and warn the world of the terrorist attack on the United States homeland?

Upon what skeptical inquiry has Penn Jillette based his harsh denouncements?

John Hogue, author, prophecy scholar and respected Nostradamus expert, provides us with his most intimate and autobiographical book yet written. He takes us on a very personal journey into the mystery of recorded mass premonitions foreseeing great, history-changing events.

He will also document how he and a number of other prophecy watchers had not only experienced powerful premonitions of 9/11 years before it happened, but published their findings and appeared on nationally televised documentaries and radio shows trying to warn the world of the danger with the intention of preventing it from happening.


Use this link to the Amazon page to purchase this eBook for the price of a cup of coffee with one-click easy shopping.

Just so you know, this Amazon eBook edition is not the EXPANDED edition for Hogueprophecy donors only with your premonition stories included. That will be issued later in October. Click on this to read more about it, how you can donate to receive the personal PDF download and perhaps contribute “your” 9/11 premonition story to this book. I’ll be talking more about the book tonight on Coast to coast AM

DATELINE: 12 September 2016


Clinton or Trump: Who is the more dangerous President waiting in our future?

See the conversation (below) that took place on my Facebook Page a few weeks back. It touches on what I will describe on Coast to Coast AM Monday night: the two possible futures ahead of the US and the World if Hillary Clinton becomes the next president (which I predict she will); or, if I’m wrong, what a Trump Presidency might look like.

But first…

Click on it, all-reddy.

Click on it, all-reddy.

Just in case Trump is about to break my 12 and 0, 48-year winning streak predicting every person becoming president since 1968, I’ve already published a book about his long-shot campaign to the White House, how he can pull off an upset, and what his presidency would look like. Please read Trump for President: Astrological Predictions. If you support this future or if you don’t support this future, it is important how you can make or un-make this future from happening.

Yes, she’s having issues with health this week, but this is not going to prevent her from being the next president of the US. It “could” be the cause of her not finishing her first term in office though, that and “something else.”

Click on the cover to receive a personal notice when this book is out!

Click on the cover to receive a personal notice when this book is out!

Now that my 9/11 book is finally published today, I will get to work on the President Hillary Clinton Prophecies. This book will introduce you to Hillary Clinton’s birth chart, her positive and negative potential aspects, and we will match her up with the birth chart of the United States to see if this “political marriage” has a future or will end in divorce. This book will delve deep into what a Hillary Clinton presidency might be like for the next “two” years, and explore how she may not finish her first term in office. Click on this link to read more about and get on a list to receive a personal notice when the book is released just before the US Presidential Elections.

Now to the Facebook conversation and my inserted forecasts and comments…

Did he predict the downfall of our nation if Hillary’s elected? Oh wait… Don’t need a crystal ball for that.

Thanks for the clarification Elaine. 🙂 I’ve always tried to have an ass that’s “smart.” For the record I am not voting for either Hillary or Donald in this election. My political views are more 22nd Century in nature. From that standpoint, looking “as it were” back at our times no one is either qualified to run for president or to vote for a president. Yet here we are, no less, with a couple of very strange leading choices.

What’s even stranger is the sense I’m getting that Trump, though not up for the job, is less dangerous potentially than Clinton who is too much an “insider” in the job with set myopic perspectives. The future is not logical, so when I say what I’m about to say, I’m not personally agreeing with it or endorsing it. Nevertheless, I trust this intuition because it is often accurate: if you measure who is the greater danger to the future, it is Hillary Clinton because she’s the poster-girl, the front-“woman” for multi-national forces that would send the world into a kind of global corporate fascist era.

A new cold war was foreseen getting suddenly and unexpectedly "hot." Nostradamus gives two countdowns. The war erupts in late 2017 or 2027. Click on the cover and read how this future can be changed.

A new cold war was foreseen getting suddenly and unexpectedly “hot.” Nostradamus gives two countdowns. The war erupts in late 2017 or 2027. Click on the cover and read how this future can be changed.

Trump for all his faults and unpredictability is not part of that cabal, even though he’s a member of the one-percent class. By the way, I predicted Trump would change his tune about immigration deporting as far back as October last year, before this campaign really got started. I can even imagine someone convincing him that climate change is not a hoax. One thing I’m absolutely certain about, if Trump is president. There will be no nuclear confrontation with Russia. This stupid, West-baiting-Russia new cold war would end. That’s why corporate forces gather against Trump and for Hillary Clinton. Trump would fowl up the plan of the US military industrial complex to perpetuate a cold war with Russia for decades and make trillions building the containment weapons. This search by the war industry for a new cold war containment that goes terrible wrong–fast–is the subplot to this very important book I wrote soon after Nostradamus’ short and long potential countdowns for a thermonuclear exchange started clicking. This is the most important book my readers need to read. It may save your future: A New Cold War: The Prophecies of Nostradamus, Stormberger and Edgar Cayce.

I cannot disagree with you here. I have never been one to live in fear but because I’ve always had a keen interest in politics, I’ve seen this coming for a long time. The night Obama was elected many of my friends and family scattered around in other states had the same dream. Some were more terrifying than others but all were similar. I took it as a warning. For the record, I’m not really flippant but I am a smart ass. I believe strongly in prophesy and signs.

I have to tell you John Hogue your writing has a new energy to it, the wit is smarter and your point is sharp. Clear is the word I would use. Thank you so much for information, being non American I really don’t understand your system of election or governance (even an expat American could not make it clear for me) but I do understand the global importance of your country and her leaders. My intuition tells me your Hillary is unwell/unstable and like you said not built or the rigors of leadership.

I’m glad you feel that way about my writing, Tanya. I’m going through so many deep and death-shocked changes inside, some overwhelmingly blissful, some overwhelmingly sad. After Vipassana’s death, I’ve become a stranger to myself learning to explore this “undiscovered inner territory.” I’m a strange dreamer in a stranger land. The mind is like the world, a thin veil where the deepest truth in all things is hiding. So close, so impossibly far away. It has been five weeks since she died and I feel like I’ve had the life experiences of five years crowded into those five weeks. Writing work on “Nostradamus: Premonitions of 9/11” is so slow that it is all I can do to bring in around 1,200 words a day and get it ready for its 11 September release. It is going to be an amazing book. A personal story tied into the collective one about mass premonitions. It’s turned out to be a hard book for me to write because it has been triggering the mind to grieve. I trust that this literary child, like all my more difficult literary children, will therefore be on a higher level than the easy books to write.


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