John Hogue “Atha-basking” in a Tar Quicksand of Responses and Reactions to his “O Canada” Parody about Climate Change. Hogue’s reply: “Oh Can the ‘Duh’…” Thank you

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Click on the cover receive the definitive, expanded new edition about the most popular topic in the history of Nostradamus' prophecies.

Click on the cover receive the definitive, expanded new edition about the most popular topic in the history of Nostradamus’ prophecies.

For those of you suffering from Trump-Clinton fatigue, I’m going to warm up some bitter bitumen about the climate change controversy with my Canadian readers. This stream of discussion from my public Facebook page, dissing and debating spans a week of strong reaction to my 15 May article: Global Warming’s Canadian Mega Fire burns down Fort McMurray and causes greatest North America evacuation in a Century. This is just the beginning of what is coming. (Access it by clicking on Fort McMurray Fire.) In brief, I reported on the irony of the biggest settlement of Canadians way up in northern boreal forest regions of Alberta who mostly work the huge strip mining industry, endured the largest North American evacuation of a city since the San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906.

You start with a hot and super El Niño, then exacerbate the sub-Arctic and Arctic regions of the world already suffering from the greatest changes in climate towards the hotter, and you get a super fire storm of mega blazes that turned 20 percent of Fort McMurray all ablaze. The sudden firestorm forced 90,000 people out of their habitats and hopping into their vehicles to sometimes drive through the fires that turned the tinder-dry trees into ash. Twenty percent of the town went up in smoke, about 3,000 homes and businesses, however, no one died, thankfully.

The Fort “McMurr-maids” and “Murray” men are mostly employed rolling back those boreal forests and polluting the rivers and lakes of the Athabasca Alberta Outback with toxic chemicals and heavy metals. They can use an extremely dirty CO2-spewing technique to extract an even dirtier CO2 gassing bitumen oil out of tar sands. There’s enough of this cruddiest and crudest of crude oils in those tar sands to match what’s lying under Saudi Arabia, the largest known oil reserve. Moreover, if Canada can get what doesn’t frequently spill out of their damaged pipelines to market—they’re damaged by the corrosive bitumen—then that once environmentally conscious and proud nation will contribute the fist full of bitumen tar sand that broke the climate’s back. It will be you Canadians that tip the climate into a temperature tsunami that never stops rising and rising until the civilization first and the human race later may become extinct.

Popping up in this discussion is a lot of funny, cathartic, sometimes insightful interchanges about programmed nationalistic identity, climate change denial cats grinning even with a mouth full of tar sand a’ greenhouse gassing. This is just one of many interesting streams of unconsciousness with sparks of consciousness you can enjoy by going to my Public Facebook page and pushing the Like button.

Canadians Yvonne and Marylille chimed in first. We had some great interchanges about how upsetting were their nationalistic sentiments because of my parody on the Canadian National anthem. They rolled out their defense of Canada’s environmentally conscious ways, while hopping over the tar sand issue that has erased all due respect to that once great national virtue. Here, by the way is what got the Canucks querulous with me:

O Canada! We tar our native land!
Your pay-in-rot love in all thy sums command.
With glowing towns, we see smoke rise,
The perm-a-frost vents free!
From far and wide, O Canada,
We scorch the skies for thee.
Got C-O-2, glorious and free!
O Canada, with sandy tar for thee;
O Canada, we cli-mat-change for thee.

I explained that I was hitting Canadians, and happy to stir them up, so that they might pull their ostrich heads out of the tar sands and look at what they are doing to the world. I explained that I’m not anti-fossil fuel but anti-“dirty” fuel in my attack. I posed that if Canadians truly are environmentally enlightened then I challenged my Canadian readers to press their oil industry and government to move ahead with discovering clean processing techniques that sequester most of the carbon emissions and you’d have my blessing and my support, O Canada.

Unfortunately, Yvonne could add “coward” to her climate change denials and misplaced nationalistic pretenses. She surreptitiously erased the conversation thread. If it wasn’t for a Mercury-in-Taurus retrograde goof on my cutting and pasting part, you would be reading the discussion and debate verbatim before Yvonne tried saving face by erasing the evidence of how her arguments were checked at every turn. Now you only have my side of the story, not Yvonne’s.

A word to any of you. Don’t be cowards. Stand by your words because nine out of ten times I do data capture everything you write on my public Facebook Page and if you erase it, I will return it to the page. I don’t believe in censorship, especially when its motivated by cowardice and a lack of intellectual fortitude. And when you erase yourself and me, you expose yourself to only one side of the story being told, mine. Maybe readers reading you would recognize where you’re right and I am wrong. Now, they’ve lost you because you’ve cut off your words to spite your own ideas.

HogueWBloodMoonbyCynthiaCampbellSo, that left us today with Paul from Canada beginning this stream. Paul’s a guy who’s really got a thing about people being respectful. That’s why I found it so funny and illuminating what he demands from others is not something he practices too well himself.

First off, you’re an asshole. Second, to disrespect the national anthem of any country is childish. What you write is garbage. It is poorly written and caters to people with sub average intelligence.

See what I mean? Spoken like a ranting, green cartoon elf. LOL… [His Facebook profile picture is an elf with day-glow green skin.] I understand that you are upset. I understand that you are programmed to think of yourself as part of some borrowed nationalistic identity. Moreover, when someone insults what is merely a rag of colored cloth on a stick, you get all hoppin’ mad. People go to war for the sticks with pretty cloth colors that they are programmed to die for. I may be an asshole in your eyes, but before my opening eyes, I recognize this blind identification with cloths on sticks for what it is, truly asinine. That’s how a more enlightened humanity will understand it to be. All of our labels, Canadian, American, Jew, Moslem, European, Asian, and so on, are our mind-chains. And when someone shakes them, we are the ones being childish, defending our nationalistic prison bars. Someday the human race will awaken from such mind-prisons.

Hahaha OMG this is priceless. I need to read these threads more often. What a riot.

I think I’ll try to shake up a new nationalistic programmed “brain-chain” once a week. Who’s rag on a stick shall it be next week? Who’s national anthem shall I make anathema?


[We leave the Green Elf and get back onto the main thread of discussion where Chad, an instant coffee Hogue expert, asks:]

I’m truly sorry, but how does being an expert on a man who is supposed to be a prophet make yourself a prophet?

Hi Chad, how many seconds have you been studying me before drawing your sweeping conclusions? Two, three, maybe even a minute? Fast food opinion is another kind of junk food. You want an answer? Just peruse my 700 articles of documented predictions over the last 15 years at and read a few of my 40 books published in 20 languages. I hope you truly study my work rather than stand on its edges. Not for my sake, but for yours and your future.

John, sir you are correct on me drawing my conclusions. I get it believe me when I say I want to believe. I remember when I was young watching The Man Who Saw Tomorrow [perhaps the best Nostradamus documentary yet made, hosted by Orson Welles]. I was 10 when that came out. I was saving water in milk jugs in my closet waiting for the famine to start in 1984. I was terrified. Crazy to think about it now. I can also recall reading revelations about the same time. I had one of those pocket Bible’s. I can remember vividly thinking what John was seeing the creature and deciphering them to be helicopters or other man made machines of war. Then I feel asleep till 9/11. That was an awakening for a lot of people on this earth. To me that day was an orchestrated event to push society in the direction the puppet master’s want. Then we go into hyper mode. There are so many different shows and websites all kinds of media talking were all going to hell in a hand basket.

The End is Nigh. Predict this predict that. Follow me I have the answer. John again I get it. The unknown is scary I can follow trends and guess what might happen, but predict man I just don’t know anymore. Maybe planet x is just around the corner, or the economy is going to implode. I’m just not sure. I can tell you I fear for the future of this country for my twin boy’s. There 4 and a half. Society is falling apart. We rely on gadgets to do our entertaining. The difference between political parties is a scam. It’s all a show. Nothing has any substance and it’s not real. The problem is, and I am part of this problem. We buy into it. Corporate greed, the military industrial complex, wars and rumors of wars. The veil has to come off sometime. I have been living a lie and listening to predictions waiting and hoping that the truth shines through. Yet another year goes by and the lie lives on. Get up another day and thankful that I get that day. However it’s to go to a job that stresses you out and shortens my life. Yes that job does provide for my family that is why I do it, but at what cost. John I can go on and on. It all just seems like a scam anymore, and were all living in an infomercial buying it all up. John again your conclusion on how I made my statement is truly based on assumptions. I do apologize for that. I seek the truth, even if it’s not what I want to hear or see. Thank you.

Thank you Chad. You wrote something that’s rare to see written: an overview of your journey to understand prophetic utterances of others that keeps the context of your issues with it, and your concerns about your own self-awareness of your part in making the future happen, constantly in the thread of your observations.

I concur with everything you say and feel compassion for every way it affects you internally and externally concerning the future for your children and us all. You’re at that crossroads of an existential crisis concerning the future because your search has been sincere and skeptical in the real definition of that often abused word by professional cynics like Pen and Teller and James Randy. To be a Skeptic is to be an investigator without a prejudice for or against the subject. Since Prophecy is also a subjective issue, you are adding a third element into the search: who am I and how do I—can I—understand what the future is telling me about this moment where I truly live, The Present. Moreover, can I recognize those who profess to know but who are actually insane? Can I discover those who predict the future as a device to bring me back to the present by using future’s echo to direct our attention to the source? The present is where all our futures are born. Seeing the consequence of my unconscious decisions and actions echoing back from tomorrow, can we change our act and act accordingly, both individually and collectively, to “sing a more harmonious song” of action in the present? We would then see and hear the future echo that positive consequence, would we not? Prophecy would indicate that we’ve changed course and are on the right track to our Destiny.

There is such a thing as Right Anguish. Some travail of emotional and psychic pain is the contractions of our new birth as souls. I speak from experience, I feel a new birth is coming on for you, in the womb of Spiritual Rebellion. You are becoming aware of the core corruption of life lived in a state of Antichrist Unconscious.

Learn how to free yourself from the Antichrist Unconscious. Click on this thumbnail cover.

Learn how to free yourself from the Antichrist Unconscious. Click on this thumbnail cover.

I just released a new and expanded edition of my epic tome on Nostradamus’s antichrist predictions. The book goes through every objective lead to isolate and stand for their prophetic “mug shot” six world figures who could be Mabus: Nostradamus’ third and final Antichrist (Napoleon and Hitler were the first two). Once I had exhausted all possible leads, the book makes a fundamental shift at the end and takes the reader deeper into the mystery of Antichrist. I then define the core of what it is: the force that is antichrist is in all of us. Our pedagogues, politicians and priests program it into us. It is Identity turned from being a utilitarian tool of living in the body into a reality that makes of believe we are the tool, with the soul using the tool of body, mind and emotions being forgotten and ego/personality taking its place.

This understanding is awakening in you and in many who are now reading this. You are all “Neo” and you’ve just had the disturbing and quiet revelation running through every moment of your waking and sleeping day, that you are a sleepwalker in a Matrix world. What is the Matrix, my friends? It is the state of being under the programmed influence of The Antichrist Unconscious.

The world that the Antichrist Unconscious has ruled supreme is about to go through an unraveling in the next ten years. It’s systemically unconscious flaws behind all motivations, good and evil, are going to crack. Order will recede into chaos and out of that chaos, stars of a new humanity can be born—inside of each of you. There is a new humanity coming, basing its life on meditation, love and celebration of all things above and below being sacred. The oncoming travail is the first big contraction in this humanity birthing process.

What is needed for those who choose to seek truth and grow—those who begin recognizing the undercurrent of lie and unconsciousness that are the undoing of life and happiness on Earth—is something my own spiritual teacher taught me. You all need a “birth” on Noah’s Ark of Consciousness. Please read Osho’s prophecy at that link, and then read my autobiographical account of being initiated into the science of Self-Observation. I claim that meditation not only give you wings of bliss, but that it makes your soul awaken and take its place as the “driver” of your body-mind through this turbulent time. Meditation will help you become the peaceful eye of the storm of oncoming  tempest history. You will live by its example without effort and in so doing be a light that will help others find their birth on Noah’s Ark of Consciousness. There is no physical ship to board during this session of “the end of the beginning of the world” happening again. There is a state of Knowing-knowingless-ness. It is the eternity of NOW, floating on the turbulent world of mind and time.

[Now…after dipping into this depth. After lifting the veil of mediocrity that is our pseudo lives, I let the veil drift back in place and we now return to the main discussion stream, blither blathering about my Canadian parody…]

Good to see another Bernie supporter with a tight grasp on reality

I support no current political candidates as qualified to be president. When I look at elections and make my presidential predictions since 1968, which so far are 12 and 0, I do it as if I’m 200 years ahead of these times, looking back at the politics of ego and polarization from a time when politics will be guided by love and meditation. As much as I love Bernie, even he is far from being qualified. Bernie is not destined to be a president. He’s something much more significant for America’s future. Bernie Sanders is a bridge to a new and peaceful American Revolution that could happen in the early 2020s. He’s a bridge to the future from which I watch the present from a point of understanding that is two centuries ahead of the current politics.

You know what would be REALLY CRAZY? If Bernie wins, but concedes anyhow, so he can get back to the revolution. (Also if Trump is poisoned, so Paul Ryan begrudgingly takes his place at the last minute, and I win the prophecy-off)

PAUL (THE GREEN ELF) hurling “asshole” in print in his first “Dear, John” letter:
Actually, I could not care less about a flag. What I do care about is respect, which you lack.

I respect your being, that’s why I cannot respect your false flags and nationalism. It is a dis-ease. Remember what “respect” means. It means to “take a second and deeper look” into things. I’m trying to shock you into taking a deeper look. Stop hiding behind pretenses of respect and look deeper at what is happening to this climate and what huge part Canadians are playing in the potential unraveling of the world. I don’t want Canadians to carry this burden. I think you are a great people, but even great people need a little compassionate smack to the back of the head to get your attention. By the way, Paul, on the one hand, you demand respect but on the other, you call me an asshole right at the start of your first comment. Respect? Asshole? Can you really demand respect “and” call people assholes before you even say, “hello, John”? LOL…

[In comes the next Facebook “Profile of a Personality” poised for my mussing with his ego-mask]

Oh my God! There’s a brook in my backyard that gets higher whenever it rains!

That’s funny Mario. Enjoy the joke while it lasts. We’ll come back to this in ten years’ time. I don’t think you’ll be laughing then. I hope you’ll be a part of the solution rather than a butt of the joke that is climate change denial.

Ten years time? I’m the one laughing. According to most of your climate scholars like Al Gore and Ted Danson, we should all be dead ten years ago. According to Leonardo DiCaprio, who rented a yacht that burned more fuel than 230 autos running 24 hours a day for two years, we need to change but him not so much.

The climate may be changing but I doubt that man is the problem, and therefore is powerless to do anything to stop it. After all, I laugh because 12,500 years ago, the surface of the planet was two miles above where I sit typing this on top of an ice sheet some 25 miles west of New York City.

Did caveman or ancient man SUV’s cause the planet to war then? Answer me this. How does ME paying a TAX for my supposed carbon foot print stop any of it from happening? Sounds more like a plan to make Al Gore rich, huh? Maybe if THAT little element was missing from the alarm, I would be a little more concerned. I predict that sometime in August, there will be a week when temperatures dip. You can quote me on that. It’s referred to as the “autumnal blast” and happens every year.

Wow. You must have a degree in cavemanology, Mario! Or is it temperatureology? Maybe you’ve just swallowed the lure, hook, line and sinker, of the conservative pundits, paid by big oil to make Americans really really stupid.

On top of that, he gets the ice sheet altitude data wrong. Next he conveniently leaves out the fact that natural climate changes are gradual. Mario takes the case of 12,500 years ago as his example but selectively leaves out what the relatively quick  meltdown 12,500 years ago, was the end result of hundreds of thousands of years of natural climate change. Moreover, “rapid” is a relative term in geologic history. It took another 5,000 years for the climate to stabilize into the new interim warm period we currently enjoyed before the Anthropocene Geologic Era began about 7,000 years ago (that’s the era when humanity began cultivating and exponentially altering the planet like no species that came before it).

The climate change that’s happening now since the Industrial Age began tipping the CO2 scales to a steadily warming world will effect the same changes artificially in less than 50 years. Even the PETM (Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum) warming unleashed an increase of carbon in the atmosphere over two 1,000-year spikes of heat at the beginning and end of 20,000 years of relative, though tropically steamy, global temperature stability. It took the climate 150,000 years to return to the cooler temperature levels that existed before PETM. The Permian Extinction event 250 million years ago had a beginning, middle and end that lasted 80,000 years. We might get to the same heat in 80 years or less if the warming oceans should trigger the methane hydrates to become cathrates. In short, this carbonized gas spewing out of the world’s continental shelves into the atmosphere could lift the global average temperature beyond 6 degrees Celsius to a human extinction event of 12 degrees Celsius. Long before that and at far lower temperatures, coming far sooner, kiss your human civilization goodbye. Read more about the Permian-like threat coming our way in Kali Yuga Koch’a’Kola: Predictions 2015-2016).

Click on the cover and see how you can receive the expanded edition of this forthcoming book.

Click on the cover and see how you can receive the expanded edition of this forthcoming book.

The geologic evidence we have so far is mounting and it supports with hard scientific fact that such sudden reversals in the climate have never happened before. I guess that’s because never before has there been an animal that created gasoline and then is stupid enough with his big brain to piss gasoline on the climate changing fire.

Brace yourself Nefri, Mario is  another semi-Science literate, a graduate from Internet U with a BS (Blog Sh*t) degree from the Alex Jones Community College of Common Sense.

Nefri Balthazar I have a degree in COMMON SENSE which leftists do not have. If this were a genuine problem, it would not be split along political lines. Unfortunately you have swallowed the lie of the dregs of society. Climate Change is no different a THEORY than evolution (both cannot be proven using the Scientific Method and are mere opinions and while you may have had apes as ancestors, I assure you that I have not.

The consensus of scientists they always bring up was a Twitter poll of 77 people who bothered to respond and 10% of them were crazy Californians.

Did I mention that the surface of the planet was 2 miles above me 12,500 years ago? The cavemen you speak of did that in their SUV’s, right? IT’S CALLED THE SUN and THERE’S NOTHING MAN CAN DO TO STOP THE SUN!

Click on the cover to the Amazon sales page.

Click on the cover to the Amazon sales page.

My dog ate my homework. The tree just jumped out and hit my car. The sun made me do climate change. In my last chapter to Ten Predictions 2016, the Fire and Ice Prophecies presents the facts and sources that explains how our industrial and auto exhaust thrown into the atmosphere can at best be slightly slowed down by a solar minimum’s effect on Earth’s atmosphere but that’s it. And it isn’t enough to stop this climate changing train from derailing into a cascading heat off of the climate come even a return of the next Ice Age cycle.

Mario, only those who haven’t a clue what scientific method does can say Climate Change “theory” isn’t supported by hard scientific FACT. So much so that 98 percent of the scientific community knows human manmade pollution is its cause. Only a handful of “scientists” think otherwise and most of these are paid to think otherwise by the handsome sums they’re paid by fossil fuel interests to be that propagating bullhorn. Even some of these scientists have very publicly come clean and admitted that human beings are the cause, not the sun, not the dog that ate their findings, or that tree that just happened to light itself off in a globally warmed mega fire before it leaped out into the road and hit my car, chuckle…

And finally, don’t be too enamored by “common sense” otherwise you sound just like Donald Trump. His common sense tells him that if it’s snowing outside his office window in Trump Tower. That can only mean there’s no global warming. Lord knows he doesn’t want to upset a very “common” i.e. “vulgar” sense by looking at NASA climate charts that record most of the world temperatures rising except perhaps the northeastern Atlantic states because of the Polar Vortex Effect. This too is caused by a steady warmup of the Northern Pacific waters influencing the Arctic Jetstream to flatten, sending polar weather deep down into the eastern half of the US while the North Pole sometimes suffers 30-degrees hotter-than-normal winter temperatures.

But hey, Mario, my “common” peasant-brained “sense” tells me that the earth’s a flattened disc and not round. That explains why sail boats look like their dipping over the horizon. And when I look up in the sky, I see the sun and the moon and planets all rotating around the Earth, so Earth must be standing still in the center of the Universe, right? I mean, that’s why we send non-commonsensical scientists like Galileo to the Roman Inquisition for his heresies against our faith in common sense. How can he say the Earth rotates around the Sun? Doesn’t he see what we see?

Mario, what do you make of the actual facts that last year was he hottest year on record. Im not saying it isnt cyclical or manmade (i tend to believe the increasing lava from undersea volcanoes is heating up the oceans and therefore the Air. Regardless when I went to India and Singapore last year, I noticed everyone’s eyes were very red all the time from the smog, I dont want the U.S. like that.

Cynthia P. I don’t know. I live in New Jersey and it was the fourth coldest winter since records have been kept averaging 22 degrees. There are many factors involved in any change. I more believe that there may be a polar shift at work. Recent thinking by some is that Atlantis is actually Antarctica and that the crust shifted and the continent wound up south. There was a map made in the 1500’s (300 years before Antarctica was discovered) that shows it ice-free and includes mountain ranges that can be verified by satellite radar imagery. Where did that mapmaker get the original to base his map on?

My issue with the climate change apologists is that somehow it will not happen if we pay someone more taxes. Sounds like a scam to me. When they start selling carbon offsets like Al Gore got into the business of, I will get into that business by offering them at half price, first year free if you purchase a 10-year package in advance. You’re thinking that I’m silly. What about Al Gore? Is that not silly as well?

Now to your New Jersey winters and Al Gore comments. Your Jersey winter theory is another example of a commonly retarded sense at work again, Mario. Looks like you’re with The Donald on this one too. He’s looking out his window at Central Park and you’re looking at Newark’s skyline as if it stands for what’s going on across the entire planet. The billionaire and you are both a couple of back-yarders.

Like I said earlier the Polar Vortex affect is making your little corner of the world colder blue colored than normal when most of the world on NASA maps are under redder and redder markings with a rising frequency of record-breaking temperatures.

Now to your map of Antarctica. This is objective proof that you have no clue about “Scientific Method” because you proffer this map of Antarctica supposedly published three centuries before anyone knew it was there except the penguins. You don’t question its authenticity because it satisfies your preconceptions—another thing you don’t doubt or question, like a true scientist using the Scientific Method would do. My god, even Atlantis is just accepted by you as fact. Is the Easter Bunny next? Do you believe Santa Claus actually makes your kids toys because you saw a map of Santa’s workshop on the North Pole?

As for Al Gore, I bet you haven’t even read a single one of his books or articles on Global Warming. That’s  just what people with similar biases like you do before they castigate his work. Have you seen “An Inconvenient Truth”? I very much doubt it. The Scientific Method demands of us that we READ the findings of an experiment before we TEST them. Then if we come up with the same results THEN we offer our findings supporting the theory. If we do not have the same results that is when we REFUTE them. The only factual thing you said to Cynthia in that interchange is that you “don’t know.” That’s a fact you can take to the court of Scientific Method, Mario.

I just want you to be aware that I am not taking pot shots at you or your work personally. I have seen your work and appreciate it. My issue as you see in my remarks is based on the MONEY FACTOR which should not be there.

I also see how the US and Europe is the problem according to the apologists but India and China and I’ll add most of Eastern Europe into that group—Why are they given a free pass on the pollution card? That’s like saying “I don’t use oil because I take the bus.”

When people snap photos of polar bears hanging on an ice floe, and others take that photo and create a false narrative which is then debunked as false, it creates more issues than not.

If you appreciate my work, notice when my work upsets your opinions. People love my work as long as it agrees with their leftist or rightist, ecological or industrial point of view. However, something magical happens when the very same John Hogue gets under the skin of a reader’s precious opinion that is contrary. Suddenly, presto-chango! There you are, Mario, unable to consider that someone who you so consistently appreciate is now going after one of “your” pet theories and shining the exact same light on it that you so appreciate when the light is turned on somebody else. It’s the same light, that now you can’t accept is illuminating you correctly. That’s how bias works in us. I’m handing you a great opportunity to grow more wise about the walls your mind puts around you.

[We leave Mario to think that over and return to the main conversation stream, about Canadian Apocalypse by Athabasca tar sand, to a guy with soap in his mind.]

Wow, all over the board, reminds me a bit of Castle Soap!

Hi George. A metaphor works best when it has some association your audience can grasp. So… What is this “meta-for”???

Good work, bro.

Thank you, Yogena. Good to hear from you. Just doing my Sadhana, Arjuna taking the Battlefield of Truth into Athabasca tar-baby land. Perhaps we should call this new epic The Maha-Athabasca-bharata. Or maybe “My Sore Ego’s Masala Dosa?” Hee hee…This conversation stream has inspired a new subsection for my current book under construction. I will call it “The Day Canada Killed the Climate.” I disturbed the false tranquility of so many Canadians with altering just one verse of O Canada, I will now alter all the other verses and present them as pauses in the narrative. Thank you Yvonne (who erased her comments and couldn’t take the Fort McMurray “heat”), Paul, Mario, Dr. John Dubious, and Maryllile (whose comments got aborted by Yvonne) for the energy you gave to this inspiration. If you’d like to get a copy of this new book in its expanded form for donors only, here’s the link for more information click on Predictions 2016-2017.

[Now comes JOHN D for “Dubious” for another round of diploma waving. I recall that he did this about a year or more ago by email and it looks like he’s ready for another excoriation by Facebook egg throwing that I predict will slip clean off his Teflon mental limitations. No  fried egging him on about I’m saying will stick inside his skillet skull.]

JOHN “DUBIOUS” (my appellation, my bad)

Fires happen. Deal wit it.

??? Was that supposed to mean something? Sounds like regurgitation

Global warming is happening, John “Dubious”, please now deal with THAT, rather than being an ostrich with your head in the Athabasca tar sands.

Actually I have a genuine PhD in actual Physics from a major university. Along with a whole bunch of other physicists, I looked over the AGW hypothesis and found it to be real dubious. In any case, those fires mean zero about human CO2 caused atmospheric warming.

Well now, here’s another guy waving his dubious degrees of PhD (Piled high and Deep) intellectual bling before our noses from a “major university” he doesn’t want to name. You are no Einstein, “Doctor” Dubious John. You’re not even a qualified climatologist by your own diploma-waving display. Ninety-eight percent of the “actual” scientific community understands that global warming is manmade with mountains of hard physics and factual evidence backing that up. That makes you a kind of “Flat-Earth” Physics grad from “What’s-a-mattah U.” Is the Theory of Evolution your next target for debunking? Do you believe the Moon Landing was a hoax?

John [Dubious]—haha my dad has his PhD in Physics and he thinks continental drift is bogus!

That’s it, John Hogue. We have known each other long enough, and our opinions line up perfectly. We don’t make many typos, and we spell things correctly most of the time. We are both blocked by … what’s his name… um… oh right, Peter Novak. Your predictions are more accurate than mine, in that I have never made but one, and we don’t know if its going to be accurate or not. But all that aside, its time. Will you marry me?

LOL! I’m flattered by your proposal. But what will your husband say? 🙂


My big brother Jim testing my hearing.

“So Grandpa” asked Dave at his engagement party “your marriage to Grandma is legendary everyone talks about how you two get along so well and never fight, what’s the secret to your marital success?”

“Well” said Grandpa Joe after taking a deep puff on his cigar “it all started on the way home from our wedding, we hadn’t gone but a mile when the horse started giving us trouble I gave the horse a little whip and that’s when I heard your Grandma say in a low voice “that’s strike one.”

A bit later the horse stopped again “that’s strike two” she said.

The third time it stopped she grabbed my shotgun out of my holster and shot it in the head.

I was in shock! “What in the world was that all about?” I had protested at the time. “That’s strike one!” she said back to me. “And that is what I owe our marital success to.”

[Back in the main conversation stream again, Deborah and Cynthia had some kind words for all this:]

Thank you so much.

Thank you Deborah.

heart emoticon

Thank you for writing this. Months ago you said something to the effect that nothing will change until we get rid of the 2 party system and I admit i thought, little of it, but now only months later myself and others are awake and anti-2 Party and anti-establishment is the new standard. I had no idea then how corrupt the DNC and the failure of the 2 party system was. I am going to Philadelphia, mostly to help handle the paid Instigator/infiltrators that will be sent by the Hillary Camp. The best we can do is stop them, film them, get their name and document everything. They sent infiltrators to a Trump rally that destroyed a police car (a huge felony) in Calif, no surprise nobody arrested for that, just for failure to disperse, because infiltrators will never have trials just fake arrested and released.…/police-car-smashed-protest…

Go get’em Cynthia, stay safe in Philadelphia and can you give all of us a report of your experiences. I’d love to share them with everyone. Keep the anti-two party revolution alive and growing with such documentation and the power of Internet posting.

Well John Hogue. I will give you credit for having a boatload of fun with global warming.

Thank you John Dubious. At least you can recognize that fact. That’s a good start. I am having a blast. You climate change deniers are so entertainingly loony sometimes. The flat earthers were too glum. The hollow earthers to hollow. James Randi was too “randy” with reason.

Then there’s Penn Jillette with a jiggling mind, like Jello blubbering. I am going after Penn Jillette in a forthcoming book with something that he can’t resist or comprehend, the Truth. Goodness knows he never actually studies anything before he opens his big bull-frog mouth to reebeet! Reebeet! Repeat his cynical view of skepticism.

One of his “croak first and think later” moments came in the History Channel documentary Nostradamus: 500 Years Later.  Teller looked on as silent partner in the Penn and Teller parlor magician team whist Penn basically stuck out his tongue to catch fly a subject of bombastic concern. Penn  laid down this challenge:

“Anyone who believes in Nostradamus and thinks 9/11 was in those books, needs to be brought up to trial. Where were they on 9/10? I don’t care about 9/11. Because remember it was airplanes, which means if you knew on 9/10, you could stop it. If I had a book in my possession that had anything at all about what was going to happen on 9/11 and I did not give that information over to people who could stop it, I don’t think you have a more direct textbook definition of evil.”

With my new book it is time for us evilly defined psychics and interpreters of Nostradamus to reply with the hard and documented predictions made in print and in my case, also on national television in early 1996 and years before 9-11 happened. The TV show was called Prophecies for the Millennium and was broadcast on FOX TV (1996) then on FX TV just two weeks before the 9-11 attacks.  In the documentary we presented both towers would go down in the next terrorist attack.

We were there, Mr. Jillette. We were warning you hard. But people like you have no ears to hear us.

The book called Nostradamus: Premonitions of 9-11, will be released on the fifteenth anniversary of the 9-11 attack this 11 September. It will prove that people like Penn Jillette do not listen or see even though their ears and eyes are wide open and functioning. They are blind and deaf in the mind and spirit to things they don’t want to hear.


Click on this cover and read more about this important book and how you can contribute “your” 9-11 premonition story.

John “Dubious” is one of these people, though, I’m trying to help him restore his forgotten and deeper “hearing.” He does have a good heart. Miracles are possible.

[Now let’s Ghostbuster this story and cross again the main “stream” of discussion.]

Anybody out there want to bet some cash on the outcome of the American election? smile emoticon

I’ll bet you cash that Bernie wins. Cold, hard cash. And better yet even if he doesn’t. I just love how the democratic party is making him a martyr this election, and he doesn’t even have to be shot…. though they did try in Nevada. And then the revolution begins. And I will be in the middle of it! Just call me senator.

I have never had a bumper sticker on my car in my life and this time I have 2 and bought 5,000 campaign stickers and am giving them out. I flew to NYC to Canvass for Bernie Sanders, came back home to L.A. and registering voters and tabling all over L.A. And going to Philadelphia. And guess what, Im not alone. My point is, something is changing. Finally.

THIS MAN MAY BE YOUR NEXT PRESIDENT! Whether you want to make that happen or prevent it from happening, all sides on this matter need to read this book that so far has been the most accurate of my 40 books and counting. Click on the cover and read a free book sample.

THIS MAN MAY BE YOUR NEXT PRESIDENT! Whether you want to make that happen or prevent it from happening, all sides on this matter need to read this book that so far has been the most accurate of my 40 books and counting. Click on the cover and read a free book sample.

Who knows? In such a year that favors outsiders over establishment power, Sanders could become Hillary’s VP running mate. In either case, the running mate scenario or Sanders actually winning over the superdelegates to win the nomination—he needs one thing to happen. Cynthia, it sounds like what you’re doing as a canvasser in California is working towards this alternative future: Sanders winning 60 percent in California, a multi-ethnic stronghold for Clinton voters and the most populous state in the US—the state that starts trends. It’s a tall order, I know, but it is not impossible. When we get closer to 7 June, I’ll study the astrology for the California Primary.

One last thing, I promised Ms. “G” I’d share my response to her “why write a book about Donald Trump” email with the entire community. Looks like we’ll see that happen next weekend.



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