New Book Release: The Prophecies of the Last Blood Moon and John Hogue “Didn’t” write a Book saying Putin is the Antichrist

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Click on the cover and read a free sample.

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Hogue book number 32 came out on Friday 31 July, Full Moon Day–two full moons away from the last blood moon of this current lunar tetrad scheduled to break a Sixth Seal of Revelation, so the Christian Fundamentalists say, on 28 September 2015. By the following morning Prophecies for the Last Blood Moon climbed to Number One bestseller at Amazon for the Prophecy  category. And there it has solidly remained for nearly a week, at the time of this writing, with Predictions 2015-2016 and The Essential Hopi Prophecies hot on its heals as Number Two,  Three,  or Number Four Bestsellers.


Here it comes. Late this September 2015. The fourth and final blood-colored eclipse of the moon. It’s the last portent of the current and rare lunar tetrad that’s supposed to launch what some Christian theologians, such as John Hagee, promote as the beginning of the End of Days, unto Judgment Day.

Is there more than mere religiously hyped “sky is falling” chicken-feathered hysteria fanning up a tall tale here? Could the last appearance of a reddened moon mark into motion something that even its chief proponents have overlooked?

“Rogue” prophecy scholar John Hogue thinks we all need to give the Four Blood Moon prophecies a lot more “respect.” He reminds us that “respect” means, “to look a second time, closer, openly aware, with a mind fresh and naked in its natural intelligence, divested of cloaks and disguises of theological or dogmatic projections.”

We’ve all been here before with authors creating book franchises anticipating, and pimping, the end the world. There was the Millennium (computer) Bug of 1999, and Doomsday scheduled for the Year 2000. Then came the Mayan Calendar craze of 2012.

Many believed the ancient Maya of Mesoamerica had marked a more accurate date for either the end of the world or the dawning of a golden age than was expected for the year 2000. Books by self-declared Mayan prophecy “experts” so stretched the actual prophetic evidence beyond credulity that it prompted John Hogue to clear the air and perhaps restore a more balanced understanding of Mayan and other end-of-age oracular traditions in his bestseller Nostradamus: The End of End Times.

In this new attempt to restore clarity to an over-popularized prophetic tradition, Hogue explains that Blood Moon Prophecy, just like the Mayan Calendar 2012 predictions, has significant elements of revelation worth exploring if only someone could clean off all the hype, and push the pause button on Christian fundamentalist expectations.

With this new little eBook, published two lunar months ahead of the final blood moon shining, Hogue distills prophecy theories down to their essentials in a quick, yet informative, read that aims to free interpretations about Blood Moon prophecy from religiously dogmatic myopia and “propheganda.”

Unique to this book is Hogue’s introduction of astrological and non-Christian parallel visions that often prefigure clearer and more accurately timed signs of history-altering changes forewarned.

Go moon gazing with a bestselling author who exposed the “new age sewage” beclouding 2012 prophecies in this breathtaking as well as concise and sometimes satirical investigation of those who play “Chicken” a “Little” to broadly with Christian Bible prophecy. The sky may not be falling where and when they think it is.

Purchase it for only $2.99 HERE.

DATELINE: 05 August 2015

John Hogue “Didn’t” write a Book saying Putin is the Antichrist


I got an email from Garry that reminds me how falsehoods rhyme with fame. “Notoriety” and “nut” share the same first letter. A thought parasite eats the stomach walls of this whale of a Worldwide Web. They feast on shredded facts then poop them out as published lies. Sometimes Nostradamus authors are caught by these silly lies when the most rudimentary fact checking online can source these stories to the parasitical perpetrators in five minutes.

Case in point, what Garry alerted me about in the following email:

Nostradamus and the Antichrist: Code Named MABUS

Click on this cover to read more about “Mabus”.

Hi John…I was looking at the website called Age of Desolation (G.A. Stewart) and he had a link to an article about you that made me wonder. In this article it is stated that you wrote a 489-page book called “The Russian Antichrist” (@2014?). This article further states that you claim the Antichrist is Putin. The date of this article is 3/14/14. Having bought many of your books, including the one entitled Nostradamus and The Antichrist: Code Name Mabus from 2008, I was puzzled. I have never heard of the book they mention, nor have I been able to find such on your site… nor do I remember that you definitively name Putin as the Antichrist. Have I missed something?

I told Garry that he hadn’t missed a thing. What he did is something even G.A. Stewart should have done. Especially, since Stewart declares that he is the “World’s Leading Nostradamus Expert.”

One of the empirical signs that you are a “leading” expert is double-checking any facts gleaned off the Internet. Apparently this hegemon of Nostradamia doesn’t even do Google checks, typing in “The Russian Antichrist.” Give it a try, everybody. All you’re going to see connecting me directly to this non-existent book are A.G. Stewart’s article, this Hogueprophecy article dated 5 August 2014, and some fake article extensively making up quotes under my name posted on a wacky cyber-gossip rag based in Tel Aviv noted for its Kosher blarney.

You all know how much I diligently promote my books so its easy to link any of my authentic books to me in five seconds of browsing. Any schmoe basking in the glory of worldwide renown would know this because big league experts carefully study the work of other Nostradamus scholars.

For the record, I have never written “The Russian Antichrist by John Hogue.” Moreover you’ll find it doesn’t exist. Try downloading it. You’ll only download air. I never claimed at any time, in any of my 32 books or 600 plus articles claimed that Vladimir Putin was Nostradamus’ Third Antichrist, because in my view, he just isn’t. He doesn’t fit the clues given by Nostradamus.

His chief rival does. President Barack Obama has fulfilled many of them. That’s why he is presented in the first, deluxe illustrated, edition of Nostradamus and the Antichrist as one of five key candidates. (Read more about the candidates by clicking on Mabus.)


The four main candidates for Nostradamus’ Third and Final Antichrist. Click on the picture and read more.

Garry gave me the link to the article G.A. Stewart uses as evidence that I wrote the Russian Antichrist book. Stewart didn’t show the professionalism to name the source before linking people to what is an Israeli gossip rag. You should see its disclaimer page. It reads like a scriptural rant of some Zionist supremacist cult. It doesn’t matter what the supremacist racist mind promotes as a master race—the White, Black, Jews, Aryans or Japanese—the “supreme” racism is at the heart of all these and other racially superior mindsets. It is a spiritual sickness.

I’m not going to post that eMagazine’s link. I don’t want my website being used as a bait platform to ping theirs, because it will only improve their ranking, which is really what this is about. So, if you want to check them out, make a search on your own for “Nostradamus Expert Claims Putin Could Be Third Antichrist.” In it you’ll read about its author as some “young reporter” named Barbara Johnson—an obviously a pen name. She writes about me “shocking the scientific community by affirming yesterday in a conference, that the President of the Russian federation, Vladimir Putin, is undoubtedly the third Antichrist predicted by the famous seer [Nostradamus].”

I read lengthy quotes attributed to myself that I never wrote. What a trip. Note that faux Barbara doesn’t name where the conference is and what were the names of the scientists. Remember, this basic bit of journalism 101, whether you boast about being a “leading expert” or you’re just a regular guy and gal browsing the Internet: specifics back credibility. Vagueness is the cloak under which fakers feast on your naivety, waste your time and screw with your brain. A lazy mind is an easy Tell for a con artist.

Look at what kind of articles are listed beside the one attributed to my non-existent book: “Man Painted Blue During Hazing Will Remain this Way Permanently” or “Florida Man Falls Victim to Leprosy After Sex with Armadillo.” That should give pause to question the authenticity of anything posted there. Somehow Stewart, took the bait—hook, line and “stinker.”

Okay, malarkey quoted under your name by frauds comes with the territory of being a world renowned Nostradamus expert, which I actually am. Nostradamus himself had to answer for entire books published under his name and sold across France that were frauds. Some of these, to this day, catch the world’s attention like that Lost Book of Nostradamus so loved and defended by “experts” like Vincent Bridges who don’t take too much time checking their facts before publishing and creating popular theories.

In the same vein as Bridges—but without any claim to an equal share of notoriety—is G.A. Stewart. In his article at his website Age of Desolation, he has a new page opening with an article called “Those Nostradamus Experts.” In it he bemoans how he’s been trying to sell his “version of Nostradamus since 2007” blaming its apparent lack of catching attention on me, saying, “The Nostradamus Market is certainly a niche market, and one that John Hogue has cornered these last twenty years with his appearances on radio and television.”

He’d like a little air time too, but all his knocking at the doors at Coast to Coast AM have conjured up no opportunity to go after the Hogue for his “atrocious” recent public comments that “go so against the grain of what Nostradamus wrote, that they need to be answered by presenting what Nostradamus actually wrote.”

I read between Stewart’s words the tone, almost petulant, of a poor-starving-genius lament at not getting the attention the “world’s leading Nostradamus expert” deserves. It seems that attention is more important than the study of Nostradamus, but then he flip-flops, admitting he’s afraid to present his “politically incorrect” interpretations of the 16th-century prophet “in such a very public forum as radio.” Sounds kind of self-sabotaging to me, doesn’t it?

He claims his book has “had very positive reviews from many readers, and the best [of those reviews] I have posted on my website.”

By the way, his website is ranked, at the time of this writing, at nearly nine millionth in the global market, according to and not even ranked in the biggest market, the USA. (Just so you know, ranking is like a golf score. You don’t want to be shooting 9 million over par.)

Click on the cover and read more about this bestselling, epic book about the next 18 months.

Click on the cover and read more about this bestselling, epic book about the next 18 months.

So, sadly for this self-proclaimed leading world expert on Nostradamus, very few people around the world even know he exists, even though he may think he’s a precious diamond in the rough and tumble ratings game. The fact is Age of Desolation has been in the desolate basement of web ratings for many years now. Everyone has to start at the bottom but the “World’s Leading Expert” on Nostradamus ought to have emerged from there by now, if the quality of his work is truly that insightfully stellar.

In the article he says he at last started selling his book “Nostradamus and the Age of Desolation” on Amazon. Well, good for him, even though it’s almost seven years after self-publishing to a limited fan base. I checked out his rankings at Amazon just now and Age of Desolation is sitting at an equally desolate level with only five reviews—not all of which have given him five stars. When I looked, his book was sitting at #766,553. That means he may be selling around one or two books a month. As far as categories, he’s not even registering the in the most important, Prophecy/Divination. But he is sitting in the basement of General Eschatology at #283 and #654 in Metaphysics with his book a virtual bottom feeder in the Christian Eschatology at #1,961. I wonder if he just doesn’t know how to use Kindle Direct Publishing categories and tags properly—but then, “the world” acknowledges his “expertise.”

Here are some hard facts about this “Niche” genre. If the clickable thumbnail covers of your books aren’t showing up in the top 40—especially the top 20 at Amazon—then very, very few people are reading you.

I would contend that perhaps one of the reasons why G.A. Stewart’s critiques of my work and his views on Nostradamus are so desolately ranked could be that he’s not yet come of age as a nonfiction writer and researcher. He doesn’t first check and double-check his sources before he publishes a scathing attack on my work based on what is a fake article, linked to it.

Nostradamus in his study plotting the future with the stars.

Nostradamus in his study plotting the future with the stars.

After the preamble of poor suffering Nostradamus scholar, Stewart moves to the main event—that clown Hogue—saying, “I was hoping for a phone call or reply, and I am hopeful that I will receive a reply, but I have knocked on Coast to Coast AM’s door before and no one has answered. So, I have decided to open this page to the public as an answer to John Hogue and his traveling Nostradamus Circus.”

Well, Mr. Stewart, you have now at last received some recognition.

Caution: Beware of getting what you desire.

To start with, your article is based on a fake source.

After posting its link, he tries to do his worst on my account. I will address his initial points. The rest aren’t worth bothering with because they are motivated by things I never said, in a book I never wrote:

This article citing John Hogue’s belief that Russian President Vladimir Putin is Nostradamus’ Third Antichrist goes against what John Hogue has previously published about Nostradamus’ Black King.

Here’s another lesson in Journalism for Dummies, folks. If you see an author going 180 degrees off his earlier and long held views that’s an obvious sign of falsehood or fraud on the Internet. (Duh?)

In fact, I am outraged by the suggestion. It means that John Hogue does not have a clue about the breadth and major themes within Nostradamus’ work.

See how he has taken a running flummox, outraged. Hearsay is his source for this and not a professional investigation. I mean, this is amateur hour, folks. This is not a coming of age of a seasoned expert in his field. This is beginner’s behavior—Romper Room Research.

As you will read below, we communicated over a year ago and Hogue’s arrogance left me stupefied. Intellectual conceit turned my way gets me a little contentious.

Click on the cover and see what's left to misstep through the last days of the Obama era.

Click on the cover and see what’s left to misstep through the last days of the Obama era.

I have a record of what both of us actually wrote. He was trying to pick a fight with me about who foresaw Obama as the Black King in Nostradamus first. Stewart came across as a man putting way too much energy into enlarging “his” credibility rather than doing the difficult job of trying to “understand” what Nostradamus may, or may not have said. A sincere scholar has no time for narcissistic competition. To be recognized as an expert in this work, one must spend decades carefully learning and evolving one’s understanding with a healthy share of self-analysis and criticism. The hubris of amateurs is that they believe “they” and only they know what Nostradamus truly meant.

A true expert will humbly admit that we can never, ultimately know what Nostradamus meant—he’s dead for centuries now. The best we can do is measure the evidence with a skill and understanding of the mindset of the sixteenth century man and the various languages he used. Next, one must have an extensive and detailed understanding of the history of the world for the last 500 years as well as a mastery of Political (Mundane) Astrology. I’ve been working to better understand and get out of my own way about Nostradamus for over 30 years. If I live another 30 years, I will not go to my grave pretending I know exactly what Nostradamus wanted to hide in his cryptic prophecies.

Don’t get me wrong, John Hogue is free to believe that he is Nostradamus reincarnated or the Ray Bradbury of All-Things Nostradamus. We all live in our own delusions.

I don’t think of myself as Nostradamus reincarnated, yet I do enjoy the mischief of putting my face with his on book covers from time to time. (Check out The Essential Nostradamus cover). Nevertheless, I do like the new title Stewart has given me as the “Ray Bradbury of All-Things Nostradamus.” There’s a ring of truth to it. Ray Bradbury was my first writing mentor. He read one of my early novellas and helped me immensely with his good wit, generosity and pointers. You can’t get a better teacher in this tough field of work.

Well, that ends another "dark matter", whether I am the reincarnation of Nostradamus. Clearly I am the reincarnation of Sebastian Cabot. He was in the 1960 movie adaptation of H.G. Wells' "Time Machine". Prophecy deals with time travel into the future. Done deal!

Well, that ends another “dark matter”, whether I am the reincarnation of Nostradamus. Clearly I am the reincarnation of Sebastian Cabot. He was in the 1960 movie adaptation of H.G. Wells’ “Time Machine”. Prophecy deals with time travel into the future. Done deal!

I am becoming “All things Nostradamus” in G.A. Stewart’s mind. He’s certainly not alone. All around the world many of you see me in this light, therefore you are making it so.

Stewart openly acknowledges it in one of his first sentences, “The Nostradamus Market is certainly a niche market, and one that John Hogue has cornered these last twenty years with his appearances on radio and television.”

Stewart has that half right but has overlooked the reasons why I appear so often on radio and television over the last 20 years. I’ve written 32 books on prophetic traditions, many of which are on Nostradamus’ prophecies. I’m read in 20 languages around the world. It is not a boast but a fact that since 1987 I have written more books on Nostradamus than any other scholar in the last 450 years. I have appeared on more television, radio, blog talk shows and Nostradamus documentaries than any other modern interpreter.

Facts are facts and even I have to face and accept what many of you see as the factual truth. I have become the Ray Bradbury of All-Things Nostradamus.

What to do?

I enjoy it. I love what I do and I love sharing it with all of you around the world. Who knows, now that I’ve noticed Mr. Stewart and quoted him and made you all aware of his website and book, maybe his ranking will at last come out of the “Age of Desolation” that it has been in since 2007.

I’ll leave it to Garry to end the article. In his 3 August email, he wrote this post statement:

PS… I also sent an email to Stewart, asking for confirmation and/or clarification, but (2 weeks later) have yet to receive a reply….Z

Click on the cover.

Click on the cover.




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  1. Pratima Petersen
    Posted 7 August 2015 at 3:18 pm | Permalink

    Kudos Arj! That was a thick Zen Stick! Thank you! We all learn from encounters and articles such as this! A Checking who’s IN? YES!

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