End of the World May 21st? The Hangover

May 21, 2011 came and has become the great doomsday went.

That means the latest and greatest Chicken Christian Little, the president and host Harold Camping of American Christian Family Radio, scored another doomsday goofsday. If you are not naked at this moment, reading this HogueProphecy article on your transubstantiated laptop, nook, iPad or cell phone, sitting on a cloud. If you are not feeling crowded off your cloud by 3 percent of the global population (200 million naked ascended folks) called up into the heavens by Christ knows what in the twinkling of an Eye-Pad. If the civilization-ending earthquake wave rolling across every time zone as the clock struck 6 pm did not launch your corporeal form into Jesus space. If you have not been left behind as all of your holier-than-thou friends and neighbors suddenly blasted off, pant suit, suit and tieless, well I guess world prophecy’s longest lasting doomsday cry of “wolf!” has yet again whimpered to no avail and kept the a great and rapturous “unhappening” alive for another prophet anticipated doomsday.

Starting in 2010, the man who predicted this Rapture happening in 1994, math-master-bated mentally a new calculation that 21 May was Mayday of tribulation for the world. Opening God’s last show on a doomed Earth is the ascension, body, bobby socks and soul, of the chosen Christian true believers, teleported right out of their mundane lives into a great nudist camp in the icy clouds on high.

Harold Camping’s take on Rapture/Tribulation prophecies went for the temporal fast food track of tribulation. It will not last the more accepted projection of seven years. Harold is camping on five months for the unbelievers left behind on Earth to convert like the cladless Christian cloudies already saved on high, or see the end of the world take them to hell in a Harold Camping basket on 21 October 2011.

Harold Camper, Christian Prophet unextraordinare.

A year before that appointed time, you might have sat on the Rapture date in Colorado Springs posted on park benches. As the last Christmas holiday approached in 2010, you may have seen five recreational vehicles pass you by on the freeways from Seattle, Washington, to Oakland down to Los Angeles, California, with their light catching posting of the doomsday dates in reflector letters and numbers.

Hey! What just rolled by my car in traffic jams from Canada to South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Florida, Utah, Maryland, and past burrito stands in Mexico? The same fleet of caravans with adds for the end of Anno Domini digital clock time paid for by the biggest end time ad campaign since nothing eschatologically happened on the turn of the Christian millennium 11 years ago.

Raise your head heavenward this spring and you would have caught a glimpse of the frightened guy squatting before a sun’s fireball orb like he is about to let slip his bowels in trousers on large billboards paid by Christian Family Radio in cities around the US to the tune of a media add campaign costing $100 million dollars.

The only end time, this time is a judgment day of credibility for this wizened, silly little old man who famously predicted and flubbed the last Rapture date in 1994. Once again Camping suffered a stroke of bunkollah Rapture liftoff this time for 2011. Up to yesterday’s “great giddy up morning” Camping defended his new prediction declaring, “I know it’s absolutely true, because the Bible is always absolutely true.”

Such is the case of people who speak in absolutes. It means they are guided by their heart, beyond all reason, to a state of hysteria, resulting in yesterday’s Rapture ruptured faster than you can drop your ascension robe and say “Heaven’s Gate.”

Yes, it is true, the vast majority of Christians rejected Camping’s campy eschatology, including those of you who are Christians and readers of Hogueprophecy too — naughty, naughty J. However, let us be fair. Those of you readers who identify with the Christian flock must bear witness to a bad prophetic habit in your faith. I first criticized it back in the publication of Millennium Book of Prophecy in 1994 (Read an overview of the book by clicking on doomsday May 21st), as you may notice, the year of Mr. Camping’s last dooms-dumbsday Rapture liftoff date is in the following passage:


Like to know when the world will end? Here are some dates proffered by Christianity: 996, 1186, 1533, 1665, 1866, 1931, 1945, 1954, 1960, 1965, 1967 and September 1994. Christian prophets have gambled on more dates for doomsday than any other religion. Perhaps their next cry of “wolf!” won’t be a solo, but just another wail in a chorus singing a song of doom for 2000.

…Back in the 990s, the Christian world held its breath. It was believed that Judgment Day would come a thousand years after the birth of Christ. Medieval preachers interpreted the biblical hordes from the north — from Gog and Magog — to be the fearsome Vikings ransacking their towns and churches. Present-day Sunday school teachers are just as adamant that the Gog-Magogians are the Russians — perestroika and a thawing Cold War aside. On the other hand, today’s believers in virgin births and the rumors of virgin births have one up on their first-millennium counterparts. They haven’t missed the linchpin that unleashes the true Apocalypse: not only must the Jews first return to the Holy Land and re-establish Israel, but also the Temple of Solomon must be rebuilt. In 1989 the petitions for a new temple were so numerous that even the Israeli Ministry of Religious Affairs was pressured to consider the idea for the first time. In late 1990 rumors of Jewish militants coming to set the temple’s cornerstone next to the Dome of the Rock inspired some of the bloodiest rioting to date between Palestinians and Israelis at that sacred spot.

The tenth-century prediction was not fulfilled. Now the bets are on the twentieth. Most Christian seers of this closing millennium stake their wagers on the words of a document discovered in the sixteenth-century monastery of Maria Laach, which says: The twentieth century will bring death and destruction, apostasy from the Church, discord in families, cities and governments… Put in other words by the Abbot Genet, before 1798: The twentieth century will not pass before the beginning of the Judgment.

In the sleepy Indian state of Goa stands the five hundred-year-old Basilica of the Bom Jesus. One can escape the heat and glare of the tropical midday sun and find within the dark interior of a side chapel the cool-to-the-touch silver coffin of St. Francis Xavier. The citizens of this former Portuguese colony will tell you that the body has remained uncorrupted by the tropical climate for five centuries.

The mummified saint is a desiccated device of prophecy. It is foretold that when Xavier’s corpse begins to rot you can set your watch for the onslaught of the latter days. All local claims to the contrary, one need only regard the current state of the Jesuit cadaver-under-glass to confirm that the beginning of the end time has begun.

The Millennium Book of Prophecy (1994):
Crossroads at the End of Time, pp. 29, 36-37

When “Art” Rang the Doomsday Rapture “Bell”

Something just stinks about all this fore-scheduling of end times. Eleven years ago I had to clear the air a few days into the new millennium when I appeared on Coast to Coast AM on 4 January 2000. Art Bell, the host, set up an intriguing hypothetical situation. Here is the interchange. The transcripts I recovered did not adequately record the spirit of what I said, so I have taken the liberty to improve and expand upon my response 11 years later trusting that truth lives in the eternity of the present. Thus while I am honoring what I said back then, I have presently brought my statements from 2000 up to date hopefully with more eloquence than I could muster at that time, while at the same time endeavoring to preserve Art’s words just as they were transcribed:

I’ve got a question that I want to ask you now and I want you to think about it during the [commercial] break.

All right.

If you woke up one day along with the rest of the world. And found out that a great majority of the Christians over night, had disappeared [in the Rapture] and were no longer on earth. And NBC or CBS or whoever, came to you, John Hogue, and said, “They’re gone. The Christians appear to be gone John. What do you say?”

I’ve got a great answer. Stay tuned.

Right here on this radio station. That’s a dangerous question. I know a lot of people will agree with the answer. And a whole lot will be angry. Hogue is here causing trouble. If you want some input then get on the telephone and call. Because that’s what we’re here for.

[There must have been 20 million people across North America pondering what in the “other world” I would say while AM Radio commercial barkers peddled soap and human growth hormones. A few minutes later we were back on the air.]

Here we are in a brand new millennium and the Christians have all been sucked up. And the interview is with John Hogue. Probably with some pretty nervous, you know, like network reporter. They certainly wouldn’t be sucked up. So they’re coming to you and their saying, “John, the Christians are all gone. What do you make of this?”

All right, I want to speak first to the people who believe in doomsday for all of us who are left behind, because any person who I’ve ever talked to who believes they’re going to be taken in a twinkling of an eye, they harbor a certain under the surface good bye you suckers attitude.

Of course you’re going to be happy about being carried off in the Rapture. You’re not going to be here for the seven-year tribulation. So if Hal Lindsey and all those people have gone, I say, “Thank God.”

That’s all I can say. “Thank you God!”

Thank you for answering my prayers.

Now let’s make this world work. Let’s at last strive to make our world a great place to live. Lets get out from under the spell of all these silly, anti-life and apocalyptic fools who have thankfully flown into the clouds.

Oh man. You’re lucky this is not the old days. And I can almost hear lots of crackling hell-fires beneath your feet.

I know. I know. Well fortunately in the 20th and the 21st century there have been a few improvements.

Uh-huh. Well in some ways.

In some ways.

Well, you’re on the air with John Hogue.

(Caller named “DAVID”)
Mr. Hogue. The religious impulse has always been strong in the human psyche. Probably second only to the need for self-preservation. So after thousands of years of religious conditioning. Realistically speaking do you think that people will ever be able to break through that impulse and come around to a more sophisticated way of looking at the universe?

I claim it’s happened to me. If a schlep like me can do it, I think anybody can do it.

I grew up with a lot of my family becoming born again Christians and I struggled with the urge to do the same for a long time. Then I suddenly just realized that whatever Christ was — whatever myth of identity was put on the being that was originally named Y’shua — I know he loves me. And I love him. And I don’t need anybody to tell me how to love him.

Or what will happen to you if you don’t.

What will happen is not love. That’s fear. And there’s no love in fear. When people say I fear God, there can be no love there. You fear Adolf Hitler. You don’t fear God.

But even if the Bible said that God was a jealous God?

Human beings wrote those words. I don’t know if God meant that. All I can say is that people wrote it down in a book. People are filled with jealousy. Why would they not color transmissions from God with that green-eyed monster of jealousy in their hearts?

Now you wouldn’t say God would be jealous would you?

Well it sounds pretty immature. I would think somebody who created the universe wouldn’t behave like such a childish human being. It’s so primitive. I mean, the childishness arises again in fairy tales of belief like the virgin birth of Christ.

I’m sorry. (laughing) It’s just not… I cannot… I am free of those fairy tales. Thus, I feel liberated. I feel like a load of a thousand lives has been taken off me. And…

I’m not free John. I’m not, I, you know, I stood where Christ was born. And I felt it. And uh…

Well he was there. I love Y’shua [the original Jewish name of Christ suppressed by Christianity]. This Christ myth? No. I do not support it. But Y’shua I love. I feel communion with Y’shua…

I don’t know how you can separate the two names, how can you really separate? …Out there, there are old writings that are not necessarily subject to the whispering line that I know you would attribute to the Bible. The present day Bible.

All I can say, Art, is there was a time in my teens when I looked at my mother and I said, “I just don’t know how I’m going to sort this thing out about between whether we live just one life or we live many lives.”

Reincarnation was my hole in the wall to peer beyond the dogmatic mindset of “one-life-to-live” Christian thinking.

One short life? I just couldn’t believe that was true, but I wasn’t sure. I was in such existential agony about it. Just one life to live out of 70 short years to find the truth and salvation? What if I’m born in a non-Christian religion? Am I then doomed before I have a chance to know Jesus as a personal savior, because he hasn’t even come to save anybody yet?

Was everyone who lived before Christ gone to hell whether they were virtuous or not? How cruel!

God the faceless psycho of cartoon religions at religious childhood's end.

If all the above is true, then God is psychotic. His creation is sick and I’m living in his divine version of a Twilight Zone episode.

All my mother could do was look at me and very softly say, “You know, someday at the right time you will see the point and understand. You’ll see that what people believe is their projections and not really real and God is a lot bigger and more wonderful than what the limited minds of believers in God are told to think by their churches.

When pressure to find an answer to my fundamental spiritual questions grew too a fever pitch of anguish, I’d sometimes exit the house and go out under the stars. I just had to look up at the vast canopy of the universe and think, “God’s too big to be contained in any religion’s man-made books of scripture.

The heavens are huge. Wonderful!

I don’t know what makes it wonderful, but I embrace this vast and yawning-wide unknown. It has a cosmic intimacy.

Eventually my spiritual crisis just came to a point where I realized that if you’re not engaged in being born again every moment, then one has missed and goes on missing the deeper and ongoing message behind the words of what Y’shua meant when he said we have to become like little children, innocent, and be born again.

Ha. Well I actually agree with you. It’s just that you have freed yourself from a lot more dogma then I have. In other words, I do think there is something to what is said in the Bible. I do think that a great percentage of it is the truth. And I do think there was a man named Jesus who did perform miracles. That were miracles then and would be considered such today. So I’m not that free.

Yes, there are many beautiful things in the Bible. I love the Bible. But I’ve also read the Dhammapada of Buddha. I’ve also read the Qu’ran. I’ve also read the Hindu Vedas. There are fragments of truth buried underneath all the dos and don’ts and thees and thous in religious scriptures of the world. There are fragments of things that harmonize with my being in all of the accepted religions. A tenuous, enduring thread of innate religiousness makes us different from the animals. It is human “beingness” that keeps coming back in our teachers of truth, no matter how many times these teachers are persecuted and crucified. True religious teachers ever unsettle our civilized lies. And we in turn entomb their truth in the coffin of dead organization — political organization.

I was amazed though the way you answered my question. I mean basically if all the Christians, you know, the majority were gone you’d say, “good riddance. Now lets get on with the world.”

Lets make it a paradise.

How could you ignore such a massive sign of all that was said to be true?

I’ll take it one step further. Let’s say we’re all standing naked in front of God in the final judgment. I would say to God, “Send me to Hell, because you are a stupid deity. I want to live where all the really intelligent people have been cast away. I will not stay in your kind of spirit-paralyzed paradise. I will not commune with these saintly, wizened, mummy-Mother-Teresan fossils, all these judgmental people that suppressed their lives to be holy and all these retarded mediocrities who bow and kiss your divine backside, singing hallelujah, hallelujah…forever. Hell can’t be as bad as that.”

This God we create and worship matches the mediocrity of our childish minds. A fully mature humanity would not turn to such religions. They would simply be religious and loving and they would need no dogma or doctrine. Love needs no doctrine if it is alive and breathing spirit in us. There is no need for a temple if we have become each that unique temple of blood and bone housing the inner celebration and worship of spirit.

God as an imaginary friend of childish minds creates religious dogmas turning us into mediocrities and frightened people. This God we’ve created is the beatification of our divine illness! He is the only one who needs to jump into his own lake of fire and leave his creations alone.

I dedicate my life to convincing this God to go take a jump in his own lake of fire. I dedicate my life to helping His creations snap out of his illusions of Rapture and Doomsday and all the rest of his holy rot.

A still from the TV cartoon show, Bevis and Butthead.

You are not created by God, you created this imaginary friend. And in so doing, the godliness that is your very existence is forgotten. Remember your innate godliness. Be guided in every moment by this, this, one thousand times, “this” godliness…

Where are you [located] John?

I’m up at… Maybe we shouldn’t say after what I’ve just said. (laughing).

Where do you live, roughly speaking?

Well I’m in the Pacific Northwest.

A lot of storms up there right now. Is there any lightning?

No. (laughing) I’m still here. No lightning has struck me.

John Hogue

(22 May 2011)


Al-Qaeda released a post-mortem “martyr tape” recorded by

Osama bin Laden in the case of his death. I will be studying translations of it carefully, and hope to make it the subject of my next blog entry, because within its lines could be cryptic messages for sleeper terror cells in Europe and America to move forward with reprisal attacks between now and especially in September as the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks approaches.

Al-Qaeda likes to play the numbers when dating attacks. They like sevens. They have blown up subways and buses in London on 7 July 2005 (7/7 and 2 + 5 = 7). July is the current seventh month in the Gregorian calendar. They like the old calendar “seventh month” too, otherwise known as “September.” It has become our new ninth month in the modern calendar.

Al-Qaeda likes to take down buildings with jets on dates playing with nines (September-as the current ninth month) and elevens (November, the eleventh month). Since September 11, 2001, November has become the more favored month for al-Qaeda inspired acts of lone wolf terrorism, such as Major Hassan’s massacre of unarmed US soldiers at Fort Hood in 2009 and before that, Lashkar e Taiba commandos shot up the financial district, Oberoi and Taj Mahal hotels in Mumbai in November 2008.

What the next blog will also look into are new revelations in Nostradamus casting an entirely new light on the fate of Gaddafi. He is to die soon from a “dart” or “missile”. Bin Laden may be part of the famous anagram prophecy Adaluncatif that decodes into Gaddafi Luna (the Moon).

The moon is the celestial symbol of Islam. Moreover, the long puzzling riddle about the importance of the ocean in the death of Gaddafi and Usama bin Laden may at last be solved.

If you are a member of my free bulletin, you will be the first to know when these themes come up on pages in Hogueprophecy.com. If you want to get that announcement, please join my free bulletin list. Often these quickening times can upset and delay my planned postings with equally interesting new developments in prophecy’s take on our times. The bulletins will help me help you pick up the threads of this and any other series I mention that may not hit the blog page as originally planned, but later on.

Also, if what I wrote about the Rapture and my process towards resolving my existential crisis with dogma resonates with you, would you like me to share information and links to the meditation techniques I use? These have helped break me free of these dogmas and see God as a much more loving, cosmic and blissful experience than any of these limited religions can or want to perceive. Click on meditation and ask me to send you them.

Check out Predictions for 2011, especially now that President Barack Obama is showing signs of fulfilling many of the prophecies I wrote in Chapter Four: The Second Coming of Change We can Believe in.

Read my Predictions for 2012:

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