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Giving birth to this book is the main reason why you have not seen a blog in seven days. I was glad to receive many letters this week coming from those of you who have browsed through my many posted articles, especially a wave of readers chiming in from India. I am happy to hear from my South Asian readers and hope to get more letters from you and comments. My Indian browsers make up one third of my readership. Because of this, Predictions for 2011, will comment extensively on India’s future, as 2011 is the great “coming out” year for India as a world power.

I raise my eyes up from my labors and look over my shoulder at two developing current events with some concern. It would seem that the new START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) is stuck in the muddy minds of bureaucratic resistance. I cannot tell you (though if you read me over the years you know) how important it is for our continued existence that we see nourished a US-Russian friendship and nuclear disarmament.

Ever since I gathered the collective prophecies of many traditions in The Millennium Book of Prophecy and 1000 for 2000: Startling Predictions, a recurrent theme has a Third World War coming “after” the Cold War is over, not before. It comes all of a sudden at a time when no one expected it; either three years and seven months or 13 years after Russia and America break off being friends over a Middle Eastern crisis (such as Iran). Signing the START treaty is an important step towards taking the whole world off that future apocalyptic track.

There are forces in Washington DC working to delay its ratification for the sake of sustaining the Military Industrial Complex. I have written at length about this issue in Predictions for 2011 coming out next week.

The other developing story causing me some prescient concern is an oncoming military crisis between North and South Korea. I have written a lot about it in Predictions for 2011 and on a level of one to ten, I feel a level “four” concern that between now and Tuesday there might be a further escalation leading to military conflict. I suppose we can take some solace in my “oracle” not putting the prescient alarm level at five or higher, yet I am a little concerned. I will keep you all posted on both of these issues when I can send my next blog.

Speaking of blogs…

As the Monty Pythons would say, “And now for something completely different: a Nostradamus from ancient Indonesia.”

The 12th-century Indonesian king Djojobojo (also known as Jayabhaya of Java) had a vision of the coming of a great “Spiritual King” or Ratu Adil (Just Ruler) from the West in the prophecy called Jangka Jayabhaya. This would take place after three milestones are fulfilled in the history of the Indonesian people.

First, “white-skinned, blue-eyed, and fair-haired men from the northwest” would invade Indonesia.

It must be remembered that Caucasian explorers had perhaps never explored Indonesia when this prophecy was made. Marco Polo, the trader and explorer venturing east upon the continental trade routes of the Silk Road to China from the Republic of Venice came through a century after Djojobojo’s vision. Yet, the East Javan Hindu ruler augured a multitude of white skinned blue-eyed men coming to rule with an “iron hand for 350 years.”

It happened five centuries later when the fair haired, blue-eyed Dutch did conquer Indonesia invading from the Northwest. They ruled for 322 years, from 1610 to 1942.

Next Djojobojo presaged these white men overcome by new invaders he called little “slant-eyed, yellow dwarflike men.” These would sail down to occupy Indonesia from the Northeast.

In early 1942, naval and army forces of the Empire of Japan invaded the Indonesian archipelago exactly from the direction foreseen 800 years before, in an armada coming out of the northeast depositing an occupying army that overwhelmed the sparse Dutch forces guarding the Dutch East Indies.

Djojobojo then said these little yellow men would only rule for a short time: “one planting of corn.” This seems to refer to the relatively brief three-year occupation of the Japanese, though time is cut short in prophetic hyperbole.

Finally, Djojobojo promised the people of Indonesia would unite under the wise governance of a messianic king or just ruler, but freedom and spiritual renewal would not appear in Indonesia until the tyranny of two Indonesian tyrants foreseen had ended. These appear to be Sukarno and Suharto; the former was overthrown in 1967, the succeeding dictator, Suharto, stepped down in 1998 after popular pressure aimed to expand democratic powers to the people over his dictatorship after an economic crisis.

The downfall of the last dictator would usher in a time of “bloodshed and troubles.” This could describe the Indonesian economic crash, the ecological disasters and social unrest plaguing Indonesia in the late 1990s. It could also presage the rise of Islamic fundamentalist terror in the 2000s including secessionist warfare and the catastrophic loss of life along the coast of Sumatra from the great Indian Ocean quake and tsunami on the day after Christmas in 2004 that claimed upwards of 150 to 200,000 Indonesian lives.

Djojobojo promised these crises would be short-lived. Before long, news will be received of a “Spiritual King” from the West who will come to “unite all the world’s religions” as well as its races and cultures in a “thousand-year era of peace.”

John Hogue

(17 December 2010)

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