Nostradamus, Your King of Terror is a Clown!

Yesterday was the ninth anniversary of the start of the US war in Afghanistan. It was a SAD day. That is, it was a day when CIA “teams” otherwise called members of the Special Activities Division (SAD) were airlifted and air dropped with units of the US Army 5th Special Forces Group to begin combat operations. With the ensuing years in my mind of ever more farcical strategic entanglements in a land noted for destroying empires (the Soviets being the last victim), my thoughts on this anniversary stray towards Nostradamus’ third and final antichrist, code named Mabus, and a war that has in my opinion become a strategic comic tragedy.

One of the candidates for Mabus was the man specifically sought by CIA and US Army Special Forces on 7 October 2001 that triggered the war, which has so far killed around 30,000 Taliban insurgents as well as erased from life 2,053 Coalition soldiers (1,245-and-counting being Americans) and wounded 12,523. The man, Usama bin Laden, and his al-Qaeda organization were the targets yet they are still at large. Moreover, nearly 119,819 coalition troops occupy and fight 93,000 Afghan Taliban while Usama bin Laden and his terrorists remain absent from Afghanist. The war goes on in a land he evacuated nine years ago that today has at best a handful of al-Qaeda fighters in-country.

A letter I received from “Dan” reminds me that we ought to apply a rare Medieval colloquial meaning to the 16th-century word Nostradamus uses to clue us into many of his quatrains about his third and final Antichrist, temporally slated to be among us today. The word is “terror” (effrayeur in Renaissance French). I’m assuming Dan thinks it is deffrayeur, which means to amuse, to divert.

“Un grand Roye d’effrayeur” means: “a great king of comedy”
“descendra des nuages” means: “will descend from the clouds”

Dan, you cite Century 10 Quatrain 72 as one example but your memory of the original French is wrong.

The line should read:

Du ciel viendra vn grand Roy d’effrayeur.

(From the sky will come a great King of terror.)

The inference popularly regarded these days is that Nostradamus visualized a great terror attack coming out of the skies, such as what happened on 11 September 2001 when Usama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda terrorist organization successfully hijacked airliners and piloted them into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The fourth airliner set to collapse the US Capitol dome crashed in a field outside of Pittsburgh, PA.

The prophecy’s first line says:

L’an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois

(In the year 1999 Sept[ember] month.)

It is believed now that Sept stands for September and that the ones and nines should be read switched around in Nostradamus’ dating of the event:

In the year 9.11.1 September month.

Now that we have corrected Dan’s mistake let’s return to his belief that effrayeur had an old French meaning for a crazy fou, a cantankerous railleur, or a bouffon (all the usual labels for a court jester). Perhaps he is mistaking d’effrayeur as a word play for deffrayeur. Today I’d be willing to fly with the remote possibility of a double entendre — that a terror can also clown around with the Antichrist clues — in d’effrayeur. Interpretations ought to remain fluid enough to shine further light on this prophetic mystery story. I have not found a correlation in old French using effrayeur as a label for a frightening court jester. Clowns can be terrifying. Can Dan or any other Moyen français francofiles verify his theory below? What novels or other examples in 16th-century French literature cite effrayeur as a title for a clown?


The word effrayeur is an old now obscure word. He was a member of the traveling clown troubadour groups that eventually became circuses. The “effrayeur” literally was a character derived from the court jester and dressed rather oddly went around frightening people. The “effrayeur” could be bought or paid to frighten even intimidate specific individuals on an on going basis. There are novels written from that period that use that as the theme.

Not the King of terrors. The third anti-Christ might even be considered crazy by some because of some of the claims that he makes about religion. There are several quatrains that deal with a religious reformer by Nostradamus who will challenge the authority of the Vatican. When can this character be expected to arrive? Or has he and no one noticed?

The crazy factor of the antichrists is implied between the lines of Nostradamus’ prophetic account of the First Antichrist (Napaluon-Napoleon). Ambition drove him too far East. His armies “die in the white country” of Russia in 1812.

The next buffoon of doom called Hister is second Antichrist Adolf Hitler. Where to begin about listing the crazy crack-brained stratagems of this Hitlerian harlequin?Who is the greater foolish Antichrist? The fool Napoleon who invaded Russia or the fool who followed him invading the same place 129 years later on nearly the same anniversary in 1941? The Germans freeze their wiener schnitzels worse than the Frenchmen froze their baguettes in the snows of Russia before Moscow.

After Hister there is one more effrayer-rant Scarmouch to Bozo the future. His code name is Mabus.

I wrote at length in my book about the Mabus code Nostradamus used to link prophecies by key words. For instance, effrayeur connects several quatrains purposefully scattered out of order throughout the quatrains of Nostradamus to protect them from easy understanding by candidates for antichrists who might want to change their forecasted ill fortunes. They were snooping around, you know.

It is believed that Emperor Napoleon received prophecy consultations from Egyptian books of fate and Empress Josephine’s reading of Nostradamus. Hitler’s propaganda minister Goebbels openly used Nostradamus’ prophecies in acts of psychological warfare against the French and English.

Best to scatter a larger prophecy in four-line quatrains to make the fishing job of Antichrists and their publicists harder. Good seekers are given clues. Nostradamus repeats certain words as possible links to other quatrains enlarging the prophecy. Gather those quatrains together with effrayeur written in them and you might fit quatrain pieces of a puzzle depicting a full prophecy about the third and final antichrist. (See Nostradamus antichrist and view those quatrains and my complete interpretation.)

Nostradamus loved puns and double entendre. I think it is possible he would us to apply the obscure and arcane Moyen Français meaning of d’effrayeur, if indeed there is one. Certainly using an apostrophe to hide deffrayeur is even more likely. It might allude to this King of terror being the third and ultimate psychotic prankster of the three.

An old French meaning for terrorist-clown-jester may allude indirectly to a 9/11 conspiracy overlooked. The Bush administration in August 2001 had actionable intelligence on an imminent attack by al-Qaeda on the American homeland. Some would say the attack the following month was a conspiracy of omission rather than the more popular scenario implicating the Bush administration fabricating a false flag-waving fraud attack on the USA to silence opposition in Congress and gain complete influence over the country under attack.

Beyond all the whys, hows, howls and wherefores promoted by the conspiracy-by-commission buffs, there is one simple reality that makes the fantastic tale of twin towers being wired with explosives, hit by remote control jets, etc., little more than the muttering brass cackles of clown horns honking in the dark. Consider a simple fact lying underneath all the phantasms of innuendo thrown into this conspiracy theory and see it for what it is: built on a foundation made of banana peels that even a zany droll trucking in on bizarrely huge shoes would slip upon, landing his big polka-dotted butt in a pratfall.

What lies underneath and supports this conspiracy is an assumed faith in the Bush Administration having the competence to pull it off. (honk-honk! Woo wooooo!)

Let’s calm down folks and remember: G.W. Bush of all people, President “bedtime for Bonzo” Bush, had to pull off this complicated conspiracy theory.

Now anyone who had read a series of evolving Neo-Conservative manifestos written in the 1990s by future key members of the Bush cabinet, such as Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz and Vice President Dick Cheney, has seen these papers explain the need for a “Pearl Harbor” event to gain the political control needed to rapidly advance their agenda. You can read more about the evolution of the Neo-Con manifesto from 1992 through 2000 in my book on Nostradamus’ prophecies about a future US war with Iran. (Click on Nostradamus Iran Prediction.)

Upon reading the transcripts I could detect a movement thinking out loud and in public as Mein Kampf spelling out Hitler’s aspirations and schemes for political domination. The Neo-Cons needed a surprise terror attack on America that they could connect to two rogue nations that they believed replaced the fallen Soviet Union as the new threats to world stability and US hegemony. Rogue regimes in Iran and Iraq had to go, with consent of allies or by unilateral action if need be, because they threatened the disruption of precious oil imports the West and primarily the United States needed to sustain its role as a world dominant economy and unilateral global neo-Con cop.

Speaking once again of clowns and Antichrists, only a clown would resort to fabricating an elaborate false flag conspiracy rather than look the other way enabling another willing, fool effrayeur like Usama bin Laden to attack the United States. In August 2001, the Bush cabinet met at the president’s Crawford Texas dude ranch for the first of eight, lost and lazy month-long summer vacations in Bush’s two terms in office. The cabinet members had the reports spread on the Crawford Ranch coffee table about Usama bin Laden’s intent to attack and soon. They seemed to shrug it off. Is this testimony to their ineptitude or evidence of intent?

I do not rule out the former, but if the latter was the case, they knew Usama the Mournful Muslim Clown’s al-Qaeda organization’s power to hurt the country was limited. Al-Qaeda is no nuclear Soviet superpower. Damage sustained from a privateer Saudi terror cell would be sustainable — necessary even — to gain the political capital. Even President Obama, nearly a decade later, confessed to reporter Bob Woodward that the United States could “absorb” another al-Qaeda attack.

Thus, essays published by Neo-conservatives a month before G.W. Bush had his first debate with Al Gore in the 2000 presidential campaign openly addressed the advantages of a Pearl Harbor moment. It could be strategically achieved at relatively low cost giving Neo-Conservatism carte blanche to effect strategic domestic and international policy change as the emergency silenced all dissent while the nation rallied around their president. The people at home and in Congress in a state of national trauma would accept any Axis of Bush’s evil effrayeur suppositions mostly unproven as a righteous excuse to take down Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi dictatorship and perhaps even settle the score and overthrow the longtime US enemy Ayatollah regime in Iran.

In short, you do not have to fabricate a conspiracy to attack, you piggy-back and exploit someone else’s conspiracy. Remote control jets? Wire twin towers with explosives whilst keeping all those months of wall gutting construction secret from the 50,000 people coming in and out of each tower every day? I mean, come on? You’re the “Bush” administration. There’s limits to what you Keystone Cops can pull off. Why sweat it? Let the Hajj harlequin, the Lawrence-bin-Laden of Arabia do it. He’s willing to attack America on his own accord, on his own coin. He needed no prompting. He was the real deal. Bin Laden handed Bush and the Neo-Conservatives this dark comedy cloddishly called “The War on Terror”. Moreover, when Laden of Arabia and his best terror troops were surrounded up in the Tora Bora Mountains in Afghanistan, isn’t it interesting how easy it was for them to pass over into Pakistan.

Was the US 10th Mountain Division blocking the passes? Noooo! Some Pashtun clowns paid off by CIA operatives the week before to abandon supporting al-Qaeda, waited for bin Laden’s boys to saunter through throwing a higher bribe on the Afghan carpeted tent floor. Let those clowns go, thanks very much, into Pakistan where they are based and blowing things up in Afghanistan “and” Pakistan to this very day over nine years later.

It seems like the Neo-Clown-servatives in the White House circus needed bin Laden’s jihadist pantaloons in Pakistan and open for funny business so the White House Harlequins could start painting the war on terror in yahoo colors for a generation. The war was only a few days old after 9/11 and Bush already declared it would last for 30 years of more. How did he know that?

The Neo-Cons got their Effrayeur the Clown with bin Laden set loose into Pakistan.

I mean, history will show that there were a number of real dolts running the country during the Bush era performing the French medieval pantomime even Nostradamus might have suggested by using effrayeur playing the clown that goes “boo!” Usama the Clown wasn’t a big enough boogie Effrayeur. Let’s shock and awe Saddam Hussein who had nothing to do with 9/11 terror attacks but was sitting on the second largest oil reserve in the Middle East.

Oops! “Honk, honk.” They strung that clown up and someone else got the lucrative oil drilling deals, how silly. That’s a Bozo no-no.

Back to bogey man #1: bin Laden. And I just don’t know “Jack” about when that al-Qaeda clown boxed in Pakistan will pop out again. “Hoot! Hoot!” So color my alerts!

It seems the Effrayeur clown the Neo-Cons sustained in performance the longest was Bonzo-Bush the Clown. Scare the kiddies for fun you rascally effrayeur, you! A collage of fear mongering clown colors punctuated the presidential election year of 2004. Day glow “yellow” and orange “orange” alerts flashed like a jester’s nose whenever the president’s poll numbers dipped and presidential candidate Kerry the Clown’s numbers rose faster than a swift boat winched out of a South Vietnamese bog. The buffoon in the White House overdid his overblown and “ill” Pagliacci posturing with red bulbous nose-Fox-flashing network fear alarms. Even the lefty Cable Clown News Network (CNN) with Blitzer the Clown enabled a White House scare prank.

It was this successful three-ring circus of two three-lettered cable news networks flashing alerts on the public that in part kept the Dumbopublican Neo-Con regime in office. It would take another lost August vacate-tion at Crawford Texas convened the following year to break the spell over the land cast by Bush-the-wagin’-War-on-Terror Clown when yellow and orange alerts all came up Brown. Michael D. Brown to be exact. He was that horse-race organizer-turned-FEMA director who butterfingered the errant of mercy to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina in the autumn of 2005.

Honk! Honk! “Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job!” Honk!

(Oh! Go sit on that whoopee cushion, Mr. President.)

There are a number of modern-day “terrorizer clowns” who it just so happens find their names easily decoded in Nostradamus’ anagram for the name of his third and final Antichrist: Mabus. All the candidates are entwined in a showdown in the Middle East as opposing combatants.

A number of Usama bin Laden’s terrorist nicknames and handles letter crunch into Mabus. The most obvious of which is the correct phonetic spelling of his first name:

Usama = maaus

Drop the redundant “a” with the one letter allowed as replacement in Nostradamus’ rules of anagramming with the missing letter “b” and you get:

Usama = ma(a)us = Mabus

Now to the next clown in this war of terrible Bozos:

Take the “m” and “a” of Mabus. Turn them upside down to get “w” “g”. Switch these letters around to get “g” “w”. That leaves you “bus” for “Mabus”. Add the missing “h” and pop goes the weasel.

That leads us finally to the clown that sent more US troops into Afghanistan to fight the Taliban, who never attacked his country or held aspirations to do so. This clown-in-chief is an ally of the Pakistani regime that protects and harbors the al-Qaeda Punch and Judys who did attack America. This new American clown-in-chief will not directly attack al-Qaeda in Pakistan while Pakistan makes a useless show of engaging them with one hand and with the other hand gives money and support to the Taliban to fight Americans in Afghanistan who never attacked America.

Does this sound like a new low in US Bozo-diplomacy to you?

How does one spell that clown’s name out of Mabus?

Mabus = ubams = oubams = obams

Replace one letter with the missing letter and you get “Obama” the Clown in the circus called “Vietnamistan.”

Learn more about the future of this clown story in fulfilled predictions for 2010.

Any of these three clowns may be terrible Mabus, or perhaps all three Bozos are some kind of composite clown fashioned out of Nostradamus’ confusion when reading our present days.

The Afghanis-stand-up comedy of errors to come will whistle up and whoopee cushion announce history’s verdict judging who is the real Mabus-Jester.

John Hogue

(08 October 2010)

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  1. Manouelian
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    Roy d’effrayeur = Which will be the future King to face antichrist?
    He will come to our rescue as Mérovée who had driven the Huns coming from Far East!

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