James J Lee and the First Hellrider of the Apocalypse

This is "Overpopulation" by John Pitre. I highly recommend you visit his web site and gallery of thought provoking, visionary art and social commentary (http://www.johnpitre.com/). I remember seeing this painting in a head shop back in the late 1960s or early 1970s. His satire illustrating a world gone naked, famine-ridden, impoverished, overcrowding the continents compelled me to think about the dangers of overpopulation when I was in my teens.

We can gauge to what extent we are fulfilling prophecies of humanity passing into a period of collective madness when a fundamentally right message is surrendered to and promoted by all the wrong, unbalanced people. As I write this James Lee, a frequent protester seen in front of the Maryland/Washington DC offices of Discovery Channel since 2008, today escalated his protest into a deadly hostage situation by storming the building with a gun and what appeared to be pipe bombs strapped to his torso.

Thanks to Internet access, the whole world watched and millions read Lee’s on-computer screen manifesto. In the last four hours he was alive, TV networks across the world filmed his web site and screen shot his message about saving the world and restoring its ecological balance. For a brief moment the whole world was watching and listening.

In Predictions for 2010, I warned the following would begin happening this year:

Be also advised of a new wild card in prophecy emerging around the world in earnest in 2010: an escalation of effective and often violent eco-terrorism.

James Lee is such an effective terrorist. A handgun, a satchel of suspicious containers and network cameras forced many of you to read the following extracts from his cry of help.

“The world needs TV shows that DEVELOP solutions to the problems that humans are causing, not stupefy the people into destroying the world. Not encouraging them to breed more environmentally harmful humans…

“You MUST KNOW the human population is behind all the pollution and problems in the world, and YET you encourage the exact opposite instead of discouraging human growth and procreation. Surely you MUST ALREADY KNOW this!”

This sick and desperate man violently brought the whole world’s attention to the essential cause of humanity’s future unsustainability: our inability to moderate our growing numbers which are soon to clear 7 billion resource-consuming and pollution creating souls overtaxing the planetary ecosystem. Lee gave violent voice to the source of Nostradamus’ grim warnings of an oncoming global famine in our future.

The threat of overpopulation is one of the hardest messages to get through to people who are for the most part under the biologically hypnotic drive to procreate. I had taken up this message 20 years ago and altered my life to back my words with action. What James Lee did was insane. He snapped and was perhaps appropriately gunned down. I have chosen to spread this message about birth control with hopefully a more meditative and sober approach.

Although this eco-terrorist criticizes Discovery Channel for not saying enough about the problem of Overpopulation, I would like to come to Discovery Channel’s defense and remind people that Discovery and its affiliates have been at the forefront of educating people with their “Planet Green” shows or brilliant documentaries about the coming ecological crises and needed solutions. I am grateful also that Discovery on occasion has allowed the broadcast of even a prophetic angle on this matter. I recall that in the recent Discovery documentary Nostradamus Decoded, I was allowed to discuss prophecies clearly forecasting an oncoming, unsustainable future if we do not control human population growth.

Discovery Channel IS putting this message out.

Mr. Lee’s rash act today has only snuffed out his life. As soon as his body hit the Discovery Channel office floor, the media cut the live feed and television illumination of his message was also cut, fading to black. Now there lies only the sad remains of a message: a deranged gunman is the only thing left to talk about.

The subject of human overpopulation can hopefully return now to more level headed men and women without the stigma of terrorism overshadowing it.

I began tackling the subject over 20 years ago when I updated the prophetic metaphor of St. John of Patmos Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. I created a new allegory suitable for modern times.

What follows is the short chapter about the trailblazing first of Four Hellriders. The essay was inspired by a choice made in 1990 and was published in 1994 in the Millennium Book of Prophecy.


The electric current in the surgical lamp at the Usha Nursing Home quivered ever so slightly, betraying the fact that this remarkable modern surgery room was situated somewhere in the energy-starved Third World. The twitching electrical glare displayed my fillet of testicle to the competent doctor. With the right apron string to biology and future children cut and the other about to go, the patient laying back on the operating table chose this moment to speak:

“Doctor?” I said with mock severity. “Doc!”

“Yes? Are you feeling any pain?”

“Doctor,” I pressed, not answering his question and putting on my best tone of concern, “You’ve got to tell me the truth — will I ever be able to play the violin again?”

The doctor and his nurse chuckled as they stitched and stanched and cut me loose from fatherhood. For a few weeks my testicles would have lingering pains of some form of primal biological mourning as they got acquainted with life without the ability to inject others with the needed spice for a womb’s brew of life.

I hobbled down the hospital hallway and stepped into the street.

A gritty, burned-out evening (typical of urban India) reeking of diesel exhaust, dung, and the spice of toasted banyan leaves, greeted me in the narrow, backed-up roads. My beloved Nadine [Satgyan] held my hand as we brushed aside a gaggle of street urchins whining for baksheesh (alms). We skirted through throngs of beggars at last reaching a cluster of rickshaws — those three-wheeled black and yellow beetles of the South Asian streets, nearly as numerous as that evening’s mosquitoes. Nadine tucked me inside the revving and coughing metal carapace, which drove this bruised-balled though biologically liberated author back to his hotel room.

Life is hard in the land of exploding birthrates. I had made friends with an earlier generation of street urchins on my first visit to India, ten years before I was sterilized. To my question, “What do you want out of life?” I was surprised to hear them say they wanted to get married and have children. Nine years and nearly two hundred million Indian babies later, I was seeing the effect of their pubescent desires as the rickshaw careened through an ocean of people trudging along under India’s dim and flickering street lights.

I cupped my bruised jewels to protect them; too many potholes break the suspension springs of rickshaws weaving through too many crowds, who do their best to uphold a democracy that suffers too many crushing debts to too many affluent (and sparsely populated) Western nations.

I rode home, glad that in a world becoming ever more crowded with suffering children destined to multiply the suffering, no child will enter this misery of scarce clean water, little food, little education and a lot of disease through my chance biological injections. Though I respect an individual’s choice to have children, I hold the conviction — and seal it with a surgeon’s scalpel — that at this time in history, there are already too many kids to love and too little love to give.

A famine of many dimensions exists. The majority of Earth’s children are starving from lack of love at a time when there is no lack of wombs being impregnated. And the logical conclusion was anticipated over four centuries ago. The prophet Nostradamus forewarns us of the result of overpropagation:

The great famine which I sense approaching will often turn [up] in various areas then become worldwide. It will be so vast and long lasting that they will grab roots from the trees and children from the breast.

This prophecy, made in the mid-sixteenth century, was number 67 in the first volume of his prophetic masterpiece, Les Propheties. In my first book, Nostradamus and the Millennium, I introduced a new theory that Nostradamus might have hidden some of his future dates within the numerical indexing of his over one thousand quatrains.

With this predilection to hide dates in the stanzas, the French seer might have intended quatrain 67 of Century 1 as the year 1967 inaugurating a future global famine. According to the Worldwatch Institute, the year 1967 did see grain production in Africa begin its current and disastrous decline, as well as one million Africans starve to death in the Biafran famine. Since then the world has seen an upsurge of hunger in various areas of Africa and Asia, where accelerating birthrates run mostly unchecked. Too many new consumers of food, fuel, and water devour steadily-decreasing harvests. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared in 1987 that with the birth of the five billionth child, we had already sewed our seed beyond the limit where Earth’s fragile ecosystem will not avoid reaping some degree of dire consequences in the early twenty-first century.

One can already hear the hoofbeats of Overpopulation, the First Hellrider of Doomsday. She personifies our uncontrollable urge to multiply human want and hunger to the point of disaster.

Three children are born every second, making a total of two hundred and fifty thousand new arrivals each day. The momentum of our rapid growth will add another billion mouths to feed and throats to quench between 1991 and 2001. That’s the equivalent of adding an extra China every twelve years. By the turn of the century global population will increase by a hundred million a year. The next billion will be added in eleven years (2011), the next in less than ten years (2020). By 2030, China by itself will require all the current grain exports of the world. By 2025, we will have to build a nuclear power plant every week to keep up with the energy demands of nearly a dozen billion people!

Our birthrate bullet train is heading for a wall called unsustainable food production. This is the point in our near future when an avalanche of new polluters exhaust our dwindling farmland until we cannot sustain even the illusion of nutritional subsistence for half the human race.

A few Third World governments who share the greatest burden of excessive propagation have begun national family planning campaigns, but even the hopeful signs of a slowing birthrate in countries like China and India may be little more than sparks flying off our brakes as our acceleration headlong into a collision with agricultural collapse seems unstoppable. The UN World Food Council in its 1988 report has all but admitted our defeat in the war against hunger and malnutrition. America, the breadbasket of the world, holds the key to sustainable food production and spreading the message of population awareness. The United States led the world in funding an international campaign for family planning until most financial support was withdrawn in 1987. If the program does not resume, many UN globe watchers think stabilization between the death rate and birth rate is not possible for the next hundred years.

By overpopulating their range, human beings create more demand on a dwindling supply; the equation for a future apocalypse by famine. America has seen its global exports of grain and other food staples drop steadily into the red since the late 1980s. If droughts continue to reduce the river of American grain to a trickle, the first decade of the next century could see the nightmare of Ethiopia played out across most of the nations of the developing world who depend on American exports. Food riots could be common in major cities like Cairo, Lagos, Caracas and even Tokyo and St. Petersburg, since they rely almost exclusively on the farmers of America for their daily bread.

The Hellrider of Overpopulation is the undisputed trailblazer for a tomorrow that will be terrifying because humankind is afraid to change its gestalt from being a pack of competing nationals to a confederation of sharing inter-nationals. Following right behind Overpopulation’s hoofs are the Hellriders of Earth Trauma, The Lemming Syndrome, and the Third World’s War.

Humankind has put off facing the many various symptoms of global hyperextension for so long that if any one catastrophic incident foretold by prophecy were fulfilled, it could trigger a domino effect of cascading crises that could overwhelm all the good efforts and newfound awareness of the need for global maintenance arising in the final decade of the twentieth century. What would happen if Los Angeles and Tokyo were devastated by earthquakes, as most seismologists expect to happen sometime in the next thirty years? The loss of Tokyo or LA alone is enough to bring on a severe financial depression. All progress in paying off the global deficit or financing a worldwide crusade against overpopulation could be lost in a few seconds of seismic catharsis. Skyrocketing food exports costs would climb out of reach of starving nations with little capital and a lot of debt. Famines would erupt throughout the Second and Third World, sending millions of refugees over sensitive borders. Regional and ethnic conflicts would increase, but with a new and frightening twist: many of these wars will be fought by developing nations with a new-found chemical and nuclear weapons capability.

American grain not only sustains the developing world but also the Second World, or former Communist bloc. What if American grain reserves ran out and all wheat and corn exports to Russia ceased? The second Russian revolution might fail if the new democrats or totalitarians to follow cannot forestall chronic crop failure and food shortages.

Rapid population growth is the chief source of food insecurity and social instability. The current lack of commitment by today’s political leaders of the early 1990s to pool together and fight an all-out war against overpopulation could still bring on the Third World War by the mid-to-late 1990s, or later in the first decades of the twenty-first century.

[A selection of collective visions about the potential for a global famine:]

In the years 1986-1998 Great famine will prevail not only in the United States, but in France, Japan, India, and China as well.

Irene Hughes (1981)

[At a time when there is a] great nation across the ocean that will be inhabited by peoples of different tribes and descent [America]…many nations will be scourged by want and famine.

St. Hildegard (c. 1141)

All public cult will be interrupted. A terrible and cruel famine will commence in the whole world and principally in the western regions, such as has never occurred since the world’s beginning.

João de Vatiguerro (thirteenth century)

By the end of this century…50 percent of the population has to die simply of hunger. And just think, if 50 percent of the people die, what will be the situation of the living ones? There will be nobody even to carry their corpses to the graveyard; they will be rotting in your streets, in your neighborhoods, even in your own house. The whole world will have become a vast graveyard stinking of death.

Osho (1987), The Razor’s Edge

[Author’s Update: Clearly Irene Hughes’s and Osho’s timing for their visions are unrealistic; if, however, current trends in population increase remain unchanged Osho’s vision could aptly describe the collapse of food and water sustainability in 2020-2050 when the planet will be burdened with an estimated eight to twelve billion people.]

How dreadful it will be in those days for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Y’shua (a.d. 30-33), Mt 24:19


MillBkofProphCovReading this chapter again after so many years gone by, I am struck by how its points have become more topical to our present times and near future. If you want to read more about the other Hellirders of the Apocalypse, each has their full chapter in The Millennium Book of Prophecy. This book looks at 777 prophecies from over 200 sources, ancient and modern. It is split into two halves. In the first half I use a preponderance of collectively shared visions to argue how doomsday is unavoidable. In the second half I used collective prophecy to contradict this premise. Indeed, we do have a choice and a better future forecasted — often by the same prophets. There is a choice. From doomsday we can change the future to a “blooms”-day, the flowering of a golden age. This message does not need a gun, it needs understanding, compassion and love to be heard and acted upon.

John Hogue

(01 September 2010)

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