The Path of Trust, Part 3: Deprogram and Experiment


Five hundred fires across drought-stricken Russia burn a failing wheat crop while a monsoon flood displaces 14 million Pakistanis. The monsoon has at least two more months of downpours to wring from tempestial skies. The drought in Russia will also continue into October if what the Boulder Colorado-based National Center for Atmospheric Research says is correct and Russia’s drought is linked to the powerful climate engine of monsoons in South Asia growing wetter and more extreme. The NCAR reports that a 2 degree Fahrenheit rise in the Northern Indian Ocean since the early 1970s has juiced up the monsoon low-pressure storms that by consequence strengthen drier and stationary high pressure centers over Russia and Siberia.

Back in Part Two of The Path of Trust, we looked at the poetic, ancient meaning for the Sanskrit word Guru. It depicted a spiritual teacher as someone full of love like thunderclouds in a monsoon swollen with rain that cannot contain it. The Guru in an over abundance of monsoon bliss must let “its” sky open wide to drench all, whether gales of compassion should nourish the starving soil seeking new inner growth or fall upon insentient rocks and the opened umbrellas of sterile hearts.

What is happening across Pakistan and South Asia is the antithesis of this metaphor. The dried mind of collective human egoism is unconsciousness incarnate, heating up the climate with its pollution, raising ocean temperatures that feed more ferocious weather phenomena of deluge and drought not seen in living memory.

The Guru of enlightenment’s silent thundering and choiceless release of love may be the remedy. Here then is a somewhat autobiographical overview of my own guru experiences taken from my book Messiahs. The guru that showered upon me helped me walk upon the path of trust down within my own inner truth in two steps. In step one, the Guru first becomes your deprogrammer then your inspiration to experiment on your own.


Real trust has no conditions attached. A real guru is an inspiration, not an enslaver. He nurtures a trust in experimentation, rather than nourishing your blind belief. An authentic master won’t give you a belief to follow. A messiah like Adolf Hitler demands blind belief. A real master strives to make you aware of many unconscious pathologies that keep you unblissfully unaware of your true nature. You know you are in the presence of a real guru when you find all your expectations exposed while living with him. If you don’t let them go they will be, figuratively speaking, rubbed in your face.

Usually incidents with other disciples reveal your ego trips in the day-to-day affairs of life in the master’s spiritual community. At the same time a real ashram also gives you a safe haven to go through often painful revelations, because you can see you are not alone. Everyone has their ego trips being exposed there. Also, you take encouragement to look deeper into yourself because you see how many around you are becoming happier and more integrated human beings.

The ashram is a hard place for ego trips to sustain themselves, but it is a garden nourishing one’s rise to clarity and happiness. Being a member of a real master’s community of disciples doesn’t make you dependent or turn you into a spiritual slave. If at first he requires you to surrender to him and to the regimens of his ashram it is no less an unreasonable request then that made by a surgeon who asks you to remain on the operating table until his surgery is finished.

It takes great intelligence to surrender yourself to a guru. He can say or do something outrageous, even unjustified, but if something he says or does as a device causes you to leave his presence in the middle of the surgery, you are the loser. You have chosen trifles over transcendence. The master doesn’t care about being politically or religiously correct, he cares about you. He wants to upset all your judgment ducks set in a neat row by your society. He has the compassion to poke a stick into the spokes of your finely tuned morality. He’s there to show that both good judgments and bad are worthless if they are borrowed.

A true master wants to destroy the chains connecting you to all arranged marriages with hand-me-down knowledge. He wants to pull the plug on your past and short out your fossilized traditions. He’s out to turn off your ego’s TV so the empty screen will reflect the couch potato pundit that idiotic life has made you. A master holds up a mirror to your face, risking his life for you, because most people don’t want to see their true reflection. They can break the mirror, persecute and even kill its holder. A true disciple, however, may cringe at the image of himself or herself, yet be grateful that the master cared enough to show the reflection of an adopted persona — a mask — no matter how ugly it may be. If the mask isn’t exposed by someone, how can you take it off and see your original face?

In the first step towards becoming unbearably light with ordinary being, the master is your surgeon. Sometimes the operation to relieve you from conditioned habits and borrowed identities is as painful as peeling off your own skin. The “honeymoon” with the guru may be over, yet one who is willing to learn must trust this mysterious doctor. You must follow the instructions of the master-midwife and bear down on the waves of contractions as you give birth to your own lost understanding of who you really are.

After the cathartic work is finished, the master’s next job is to pose experiments that the disciples must test for themselves. In my own case, my master admonished me gently but firmly to always remember that if during self-observation I dislike what I see coming up out of my unconscious, then face it. If I want to avoid something in life — never avoid. When fear stands up to paralyze me — go into that fear.

“That’s the only way to finish it,” my master said, “otherwise it will haunt you like a shadow.”

Anger, greediness for this and that, fears, pride, phoniness, etc.—name your worst nightmares from the ID (your IDiot nightmare), then see them come at you like a demon. Don’t shrink back. Do exactly the opposite of what your society’s conditioning says you should or should not do. In my case I faced — and still face — my demon programs. The ego, when faced straight-on rather than avoided or repressed, simply vanishes. I watch these programs as my master instructed, without judgment for or against, mindful of my breath, relaxing. What is watched isn’t “my” thoughts and feelings, they are “the” thoughts and feelings, passing in and out. They are mental traffic on the mind’s freeway and I’m sitting by the side of the road. Sometimes the freeway is empty; sometimes there’s a traffic jam of thoughts and emotions. The trick is not to get caught in the traffic, but just to watch the “cars” go by. Let the cars of thought honk and weave and fender-bend after their own destinations. Putting it another way, my being — my “watcher” — is like the sky. There is a “seeing” of clouds floating by — puffy-white and smiling or dark and thunderous — across empty sky.

A real master doesn’t want you to believe his or her statements. Belief to a true master is a cuddly euphemism that masks a state of blind ignorance. A master teaches you to either know something as your own experience, or to accept all that is unknown; and above all, he lays before a disciple the hypothesis that you can celebrate everything — happiness, sadness, life, death, all of it. He teaches acceptance of yourself, of others, even acceptance of nonacceptance.

A master will tell you often that he is just an ordinary human being, like you. He’s no messiah or God-man or avatar come to take up your sins or your responsibilities.

He’ll say you don’t need saving. You need “waking.”

That’s the only small difference between you and the master. You are extraordinarily sleepwalking through life and he is ordinarily awake.

Once a sleepwalker, now an awakened one, the master will declare, “If I can wake up so can you.”

“There will be stronger earthquakes, typhoons, tornadoes and hurricanes, droughts and floods will make all that happened in the 2009 and its far more devastating predecessor, 2008, look tame in comparison… Cold or suddenly hot, torrential or bone dry, it is the intensity of extreme weather that spikes in 2010. You’ll read here first about the source of a climate tipping point coming in 2010. Climate scientists will report it in 2011, after the weather of 2010 has savaged us.”

Read what they will report right now in Predictions for 2010. This book of prophecy, signed off on 1 November of last year accurately foresaw Mother Nature on the warpath in 2010 against human abuse of her ecological balance. It foresaw the problems. It defines the solutions.

John Hogue

(Friday the 13 of August 2010)

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