Nostradamus, Obama, Change We Can Believe In

A phrase written four and a half centuries ago by Nostradamus may lie dormant of specific significance until something in our times makes it resonate. In no way does that make fulfillment assured. It may only be yet another in thousands of examples of how each generation gives impetus to Nostradamus’ fame by projecting their collective interests upon his mostly cryptic and nebulous prophetic verses. When, therefore, the prophetic alarm bells ring as one combination of Nostradamus’ 36,000 words of prophecy seem to match, it is good to find a second clue or more in the verse to support one’s interpretation beyond the trap of projections.

First the object for today’s consideration is a verse indexed as quatrain 46 of Century 3 in Les Propheties of Michel de Nostradamus:

Le ciel (de Plancus la cité) nous presage,
Par clers insignes & par estoilles fixes:
Que de son change subit s’aproche l’aage,
Ne pour son bien ne pour ses malefices.

The sky (concerning Lyons) we presage,
Through clear signs and by fixed stars:
Suddenly the age of change approaches,
Neither for its good, nor for its evils.

Nostradamus begins his prophecy using a classical metaphor that may be more than meets the linguistic eye. The city of Plancus is modern-day Lyons, founded in 43 B.C.E. by Lucius Mutatius Plancus, a lieutenant of Julius Caesar, the Roman conqueror of Gaul. Upon the city coat-of-arms is a white lion in a red field. Lyon is an Old French spelling for lion or lion. The word can be used figuratively in French to describe a great celebrity (he is a lion of the arts, or politics, etc.). The city of Lyons could be an astrological code for the sign of a political celebrity born under the sign of Leo. Line 2 alludes to “clear signs by fixed stars.” Leo is a fixed sign rather than cardinal or mutable.

Nostradamus wants us to go down the astrological path of meaning here when he adds that suddenly the “age of change” approaches. Some astrologers believed the transit of Jupiter in Aquarius back in January 1997 signaled the beginning of the fixed-signed Aquarian Age. By January 1998, a gathering of planets Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune also entered the sign of Aquarius to give cosmic emphasis. In one interpretation the last line hints that the Aquarian Age will be a time of true religious revolution. It will advance from a Piscean-Age morality to the trans-morality of the Aquarian Age (neither for its good or evil). One is prompted to assume Lyons and the world at large in the next few hundred years may experience a quantum leap in consciousness that could be called the revolution of the middle way — in which the only evil is unconscious behavior, the only good — awareness.

Still, there is a more immediate interpretation. Suddenly an age of change did come with the world noting and marveling at the meteoric rise of African American Barack Obama to the US Presidency in 2008 under the slogan “Change we can believe in” or “Change has arrived!” President Obama is born under the sign of Leo the Lion and gained a leonine global celebrity that at times took on airs of messianic rock star appeal.

The day of celebration of his inauguration watched by over 1 billion people around the world on 20 January 2009 auspiciously recorded stars (planets) in fixed signs (Aquarius). The Sun had just entered Aquarius on that day. The Sun had joined Mercury (ruler of mind), Jupiter (ruler of expansion and openness) and Neptune (ruler of the spirit) in the sign of the new and revolutionary Aquarian Age.

A week or so into Obama’s new era Mars conjoined with Jupiter in Aquarius — an event in a fix sign described in another verse, Century 6 Quatrain 24, may point to Obama as the “new king anointed” a short time after a “calamitous war under Cancer.” Cancer is the Sun sign of his predecessor, G. W. Bush) implying the quagmires that had become Bush’s war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In 6 Q24, Nostradamus gives us one destiny that 3 Q46 contradicts, implying that destiny is not assured but dependent on the right choices for change made by Obama and the American people. The former quatrain forecasts this new king will, “Bring peace to the earth for a long time.” The latter quatrain says change approaches that for Lyons’ (or Leo Obama’s) is neither good nor their evil.

Now, consider a couple of ways to take that. The age of change will impact elsewhere and not do much to alter the city of Plancus or by extension the nation of France. So, Obama may be big stuff for the rest of the world but for the people of Lyons and the Frankish lands he is, with a dismissive Gallic shrug, comme ci, comme ça.

The other interpretation of 3 Q46’s last line implicates a destiny Obama must avoid by moving beyond what is viewed now by growing numbers around the world 18 months into his first term as change that needs more than belief and talk but objective, decisive legislation. Otherwise, Mr. Obama could have heralded an age of change approaching that in the end is neither accomplishing much good or remembered for its evil. In other words, history will view Obama not as the man who brings peace on earth for a long time, but as a charming mediocrity that in history’s judgment did little more than talk a lot about an age of change that never got off the ground.

There is still time to witness which future Barack Obama seizes, the messianic or the mediocre.


Great Floods Predicted for 2010:

Three-Gorges Dam in recent Yangtze floods.

“The years 2010 through 2011 will see a spike in climate change never before experienced. There will be stronger earthquakes, typhoons, tornadoes and hurricanes, droughts and floods will make all that happened in the 2009 and its far more devastating predecessor, 2008, look tame in comparison.”

The Cumberland River visited downtown Nashville Tennessee with its own “Hurricane” Katrina” style inundation this May. Freak storms burst over Romania and the Ukraine flooding also the Danube River in what some in the Eastern European region called a hundred year flood. Oklahoma State has had TWO floods of the century this year. River systems across New England states and New York during the winter thaw had theirs. China has been slammed since mid July with violent rainstorms from two typhoons (Conson and Chanthu). The most recent bout of a flood of the century in late July caused operators of the Three-Gorges Dam to shut down some hydroelectric generators and open the sluice gates for fear of the largest dam in the world breaking under the torrent of the Yangtze. Just this week the worst monsoon deluge in living memory spread across Pakistan killing nearly 1,000 and displacing millions along the heavily populated Indus River Valley. Australia continues its decade-long 500-year drought. South France got a respite from theirs with an equally extreme and unexpected flash flood in June causing yet another flood of the century. The islands state of Hawaii is also under a 500-year drought. Just how many floods and droughts of the century or the half-millennium does the human race need to get it that Mother Nature is on the warpath because of our abuse? The Age of Change is also an age of climate change. Read more…

John Hogue

(01 August 2010)

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