Uranus Retrograde: Chaos we can believe in?

I am reminded of Arwen Undómiel, atop her horse, draped in radiant blue and silver riding robes, lost in bittersweet recollection. She moves in a train of other Elves of Rivendell on horseback or on foot, quietly passing down a wooded path on their way to the Gray Havens. She and her regal entourage will catch a ride on the last magical boats setting sail into the West, for the Elvish earthly paradise of Valinor.

A child runs by. Crossing their path. No other Elf notices him but Arwen. Her eyes follow the child’s passage through the forest and into the pale light illuminating white stone walls of an arched balcony of Minas Tirith. The child runs with arms outstretched into a future waiting 30 years hence. There is the mortal man, Aragorn, her beloved. He has become Elessar, King of Gondor. His hair turned silver in the first colors of his approaching mortality, yet his face as recognizable in recent memory as if it were youth’s yesterday.

Aragorn happily sweeps the child up into his arms. The father whispers unheard tenderness to the child, who looks across time back upon Arwen. He is wearing her necklace given to Aragon as gift and testimony of her glad decision to renounce Elvish immortality for a mortal life full of love albeit lived short. The child lowers his chin and his grey eyes penetrate into Arwen’s soul. Her inner voice whispers his name, “Eldarion…” In the child’s gaze of intense and urgent sheen is an unspoken message, “Make this future happen.”

Those of you who saw this scene of a future’s potential in the movie adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, might recall Arwen turning her horse around, galloping back into bare branches winter-wreathing Elvish grounds and archways of the chateau of Rivendell. She would have a deep throated and breathy showdown with her auguring father, Elrond, about potential futures kept secret.

“I have looked into your future and I only see death!” dismisses Elrond.

“But there is also life,” replies Arwen. “You saw there was a child. You saw my son.”

Elrond sits down heavily. With downcast eye, he admits, “That future is almost gone.”

Long fingers tenderly clasp his chin and turn a face saddened by the ages close to hers. She gazes a bright and urging look, whispering, “But not lost…”

I will not spoil the story’s outcome for a handful of people left on the planet who may not have seen the three-part adaptations of Peter Jackson’s production of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.

The myth of Arwen’s Vision has a Norn’s rope-thread of truth to it. There is not one future, preordained. Prophets gifted with foresight who are not in some way bound by social conditioning to promote a future preordained that is religio-politically correct down to the last event written in on unchangeable stone, will bear witness to an undiscovered proto-reality. They see a state of future remain stone-like constant only as long as people giving birth to it in the eternity of the present remain as stupid and unmoved to change as stones.

The future has in stock many tomorrows. One sees this in evidence in Nostradamus’ writings. He delivered two tomorrows for the King of France, Henry II, in the first volume of his magnum opus Les Propheties. One of them was so controversial that Henry II summoned Nostradamus to court near Paris to explain himself. Actually, it was Queen Catherine de’ Medici who nagged him to send for that Nostradamus fellow. She made acquaintances with magicians and prophets to see towards what destiny her athletic, handsome (but a bit intellectually slow) husband inclined.

We know nothing of what Nostradamus said in the private meeting in the summer of 1555; however, he left an honored man. It is therefore safe to say that he drew the King and Queen Catherine de’ Medici’s attention not only to the notorious death-by-jousting prophecy of Century 1 Quatrain 35, but also might have drawn the king’s attention to two quatrains (2 Q79 and 4 Q34) visualizing an alternative future hidden under a rather obvious anagram Chyren Selin.

Chyren is “Henryc” (Henry). Selin is (Selene–Moon). Henry II used the letter “H” with the horizontal bar displaying the crescent moon on his royal livery. You can read the Chyren Selin prophecies in chapter seven (under the sub-section entitled, Before the Court and Public Opinion) in the following book: click on Nostradamus biography.

Henry II of France.

In brief, Nostradamus in his Chyren Selin quatrains had the king try on a future where he did not die in a jousting tournament but became the second Charlemagne of France, because he lived on and forestalled religious civil wars between Catholic and Protestant French subjects. Henry at the head of a unified and powerfully renewed French realm would then go to war with the Habsburgs, conquer the northern half of Italy, incorporating the heart of the Renaissance world into France.

The alternative to death by jousting obviously appealed to the king’s vanity, yet he was a true jock at heart and later famously admitted that to die from the hand of a fellow noble in a ritual combat accident was not a bad way to depart this mortal coil. He chose that future, albeit unconsciously perhaps.

The vision of a second Charlemagne was not completely lost until Henry II died from mortal wounds received in a tournament at the end of June 1559. His untimely death to the Charlemagne time line set forward a whole number of futures Nostradamus wished to prevent. These included the religious civil wars of France that one by one brought tragedy and often violent ends to the life of Henry’s heirs and many of the French realm’s leading princes as pre-chronicled by Nostradamus to his everlasting legacy as one of history’s greatest prophets.

Today (5 July 2010), Uranus, the ruler of the potential futures of change or chaos in astrological auguring starts creeping backwards in the sky. Uranus backtracks on a 0 degree path in the sign of Aries (a future of either new creative enterprises, beginnings, or new headstrong upheavals).

Starting 7 July (the day of this blog’s posting) and intensifying by 21 July, Uranus retreats to its place in a very powerful grand T square with Pluto in Capricorn opposing Saturn in Libra (status quo and reality checks). Pluto in Capricorn defines a generational age, an era of systemic crisis leading either to global civil disorder and fascism or democracy’s renewal between now and the first month of 2024.

We will be feeling the influence of this powerful T square throughout the summer in extreme heat waves, floods, violent weather, hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons. I would be pleasantly surprised if the world does not endure a major seismic disaster or two between now and Halloween — metaphorical “earthquakes” that are political, economic and literally seismic.

A thread of destiny pulls backwards out of the T Square in the guise of Uranus in retrograde, starting mid August, retreating into the spacey sign of Pisces. Expect to see civilization’s rug pulled underfoot starting in mid-August, shaking things up when hidden enemies to change — our collective conditioned reflexes against it — pop out from the undercurrent of mass unconscious from August through to the Christmas Holiday Season. Then Uranus goes direct course on 6 December 2010.

Uranus riding backwards in the sky has given me a Liv Tyler moment that could make Viggo Mortensen’s hair go Aragorn-gray, not in 30 years but in a day. It is an alternative future to the one proposed in Predictions for 2010. I withheld speaking of it until it bore signs of possibly Ar-wending its way into the present by 2 November, the day of the US mid-term elections.

Here in part is the future with the most momentum for fulfillment logged in Predictions for 2010:

“When making my occult enquiries to the oracle I received this message. The road to a second term [for President Obama] is successfully ventured despite what the contentious Democrat legislators and president promise but do not deliver. It has far more to do with the Republican Party losing further seats to Democrats in 2010 because the GOP (the Grand Old Party) devolves farther to the right. The GOP wants to go rogue elephant led by its most ideologically dogmatic core followers…”

Personally, I think the oracle is going way out on a limb; however, it has often crawled out there on a thin branch of reason and plucked the apple of tomorrow’s events without breaking the branch and falling. There may be a game of musical chairs afoot with pitchfork primaries flinging out the old lobbyist-haymakers for new blood.

And therein lies my crystal ball rubbing into clarity an alternative future.

I have seen this future but felt not to discuss it because it was, as Elrond might say, “almost gone.” But this time around Arwen is running up the stairs, throwing off her riding cloak to reveal an all too mortal form of a middle age woman with honey roll buns covered by a red, white and blue spandex jump suit with an overly large “Rand Paul for Senate” button. I down cast my eyes to avoid seeing her once beautiful tresses cut short and curled by the local Hair Masters — the bleached blond Afro stuffed in a straw hat dangling tea bags.

I feel like Republican Party turncoat Senator Arlen Specter at a town meeting of catharting constituents.

“You have the gift of foresight,” shrieks Arwen. “Tell me what you have seen!”

“Ok, ok! Can I have the microphone back, lady? I’ll tell you all…”

The currents of destiny begin to change. I feel now compelled to set before the public this rather nasty alternative future.

This potential future is no Eldarion darling for Demopublicans right or left leaning on every prophetic word for the advancement of their ideologies. This future will bring chaos to left-right-and-center, unless a better Pluto-in-Capricorn collective understanding can be had about what unexpected and unwanted consequences can happen if mass popular forces, unconsciously guided, make mob psychology rule the votes cast in the mid-term elections.

Uranus in Pisces is change going backwards into illusion at a time when Saturn continues to progress forward through the sign of Libra the Balancer where it is harmoniously exalted. In other words, Saturn is there to illuminate what is unreal and dysfunctional in our political and economic systems so that we can repair them. For instance, the Obama “change we can believe in” movement under Saturn’s reality check must go back to the blackboard this summer and chalk up another formula for change presented to the American people in early autumn campaigns. One that Americans cannot only believe in but support with political will and momentum.

Barack Obama, if you go forward without seeing how backward your ideas of change are rapidly becoming to what really needs changing in America then your slogan, “Change we can believe in,” will soon become, “Chaos we can disbelieve in.”

Uranus rules chaos and disorder as well as change and revolution. Uranus in retrograde while Saturn is exalted in Libra (read: balanced and more conservative reality checks) means ill-conceived, advancing Fool over-the-brink liberal progress, leads to political chaos for those in power in Washington.

Or worse…

The American people will feel leaderless and unheard by those left or right leaning ideologues living inside the Washington, lobbyist-rich-elitist-loving, political bubble. A future that was almost lost is coming closer. It gathers in the momentum of national frustration and rising anger of the American people against their president, state governors and federal legislators. If the disconnection deepens it may lead to anger as a national referendum of disdain against the governing system.

In this alternative future, the Americans will shout something loud and destructive on 2 November with ballots flying. They may not intend it, but a vote to throw most incumbents out — the good, the bad and the ugly with the baby and the bathwater — could happen.

The angry American voter under incautious Uranus-in-retrograde chaos may fill the gubernatorial seats of state capitals and halls of Congress with a mob of demagogues pronouncing change as a force of political hysteria without leadership, focus or coherency. The new legislators will, to paraphrase Elrond, govern the country for the next two years in a Congress that is “scatterbrained, divided, leaderless.”

Americans might send the politically infantile and extremely eccentric to flush out the old wood. Yes, it would be a change. Chaos is change.

Americans could see an even more dysfunctional government as a result for the next 2 years — one that represents the state of the voting public: pissed off, grasping for straw votes, reaching out to swipe somebody without coherency or plan. Not conservatism or liberalism but a nasty Uranus-in-Piscean-retrograde surprise: tear-it-all-down-ism.


Fulfilled Predictions for 2010

We passed the half-year point on 1 July. The following passages were signed off seven months earlier on 1 November 2009. The sacking of General McChrystal for his public disparaging of the Obama administration’s handling of the war in Afghanistan led to every president’s military miracle worker, General Petraeus, advancing from state-side digs in Florida as chief of CENTCOM to formally take command in Kabul on the 4th of July. Petraeus made it clear that a time of serious kick-butting al-Qaeda and the Taliban was coming. It might be a good time to review what the oracle foresaw about Afghanistan in 2010.

The Afghanistan troop call up foreseen before it was even conceived:

“I also discern with oracular help that you [Obama] have bargained with the Pentagon to affect a compromise strategy. The generals prevailed upon you to receive their 40,000-troop increase, but you will counter putting the surge on a short time leash of 18 months.”


I originally mentioned this prophecy on Coast-to-Coast AM on 2 September 2009, publishing it 1 November 2009. The compromise to the surge did take place. Obama did announce at the end of 2009 a surge of 31,000 US troops to Afghanistan. NATO then pledged an additional 7-to-8,000 new troops to bring the surge up to 40,000. Obama added the 18-month deadline to assess and start pulling troops out, to exert deadline pressure on the Pentagon to make things happen.

Escalation in Afghanistan foreseen:

“Afghanistan under Obama is little different in popular opinion than Afghanistan under eight years of Bush indecision. The country wants the troops home, however Obama seems poised to listen to the brass and bemedaled Pentagon CEOs of the military industrial complex who want to keep the war business there going on. He’s sending a lot more troops soon, unless I’ve happily misread my oracle.” (Documented on October 26, 2009)


My oracle was not wrong. A Bush-style troop surge was proposed signed and sealed by Obama against the popular desires of the American people. Moreover, it ran contrary to his campaign pledge to get out of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It seems Obama “has” caved to the military industrial complex’s desire to keep the war business going.

US casualties in Afghanistan for 2010 will run up the same numbers as Iraq in its darkest years of 2007

“If Obama isn’t careful, all of his good will, political capital and dreams of changing America will be squandered in an obsession of deeper involvement in Afghanistan. Obama’s change revolution undermined just like Johnson’s Great Society [was by Vietnam].

“Beware of it in 2010 Mr. Obama because I know you will raise US troop involvement in Afghanistan to its highest level. You will endure tolls of American dead and wounded per month as high as the Iraq Occupation at its peak.”


There are around 100,000 US troops in Afghanistan. The highest deployment yet. British forces reached the milestone of 300 dead in June. The web site icasualties reports June as the deadliest month in the Afghan war for US combat deaths, at 60. Total killed-in-action for US-NATO forces in June was 102.

General Petraeus is in the driver’s seat now, and he made it clear that inhibiting rules of engagement will be lifted. July was only five days old when already 13 US-NATO troops have fallen. Prepare for a bloody fight to a reckoning on Obama’s Afghanistan strategy. Read more about what will happen. Go to Chapter 10 — Vietnamistan — in Predictions for 2010.

John Hogue

(Posted: 07 July 2010)

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