Iran, Eclipses and Predictions for 2010

The Truman Carrier Strike Group passes through the Suez Canal. It includes the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman with embarked Carrier Air Wing Three (CVW 3) and guided missile cruiser USS Normandy (CG 60) as well as Aegis-equipped destroyers USS Winston Churchill (DDG 81), USS Milius (DDG 69), USS Ross (DDG 71), USS Oscar Austin (DDG 79) and German frigate FGS Hessen (F221). The Strike Group passed through the Suez Canal entering the Fifth Fleet area of responsibility, which includes the Persian Gulf on 18 June. would like to enlarge this move to mean that war with Iran is imminent; however, the US Navy reports that the Truman Carrier Strike Group (CSG) is relieving the Dwight D. Eisenhower CSG as part of a routine rotation of forces. Sometimes when I explore, their articles read like this satirical photoshop-altered picture (above, right) of five practice-Iranian missile launches morphed into a chaotic swarm.

A lunar eclipse today in the sign of Capricorn cavorted with a squared gathering of planets Uranus conjoined with Jupiter in Aries. Saturn, not far off in final degrees of earthy, wakey-quakey Virgo might tremble the world a bit on its way to oppose Uranus and Jupiter under next month’s grand T square of Pluto in Capricorn. It is not surprising therefore that a major earthquake hit the world on this Full Moon time: a 7.1 magnitude to be exact, in the Solomon Island region.

The more likely portend of a massive quake somewhere along the vulnerable spots I mentioned in a recent blog (see earthquakes) will come a full moon month away from now. Prepare yourself in seismic regions with large human populations a week before and a few weeks after the Full Moon in Aquarius on 26 July 2010. Around that time, Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Aries is retreating in the first degrees of retrograde, thus sharpening the magnification of its exact opposition with Saturn in Libra over which Pluto in Capricorn — and also retrograde — grandly squares through early August. If seismic activity should rock and tsunami wave roll our world or burst a volcanic gush of lava, or of oil, or send sneak Semite sorties to blast Persian reactors, this would be the astrologically sensitive time.

I do not predict Israel will attack Iran this summer. I hold to that despite sensational reports emanating from URLs that over time have proven themselves mouthpieces for the psyops of US, al-Qaeda and Israeli intelligence. Chief among these web sites is

I rate web intelligence sources carefully over many years, checking their reports with objective outcomes. consistently takes real intel, that I can track mostly to Mossad, Israel’s CIA, and purposefully draws exaggerated conclusions. One of the best boondoggles of the last decade from Debka was a report that divisions of Chinese soldiers took part in helping the Afghani Northern Alliance fight the Taliban in late 2001. The Chinese may have shipped some weapons over their mountainous and narrow border with Afghanistan but not tens of thousands of troops.

Another more topical case in point of real facts being blown out of proportion is what Debka has fomented in the past week. It is true that US and Israeli Special Forces have personnel monitoring Iran in Azerbaijan along its southern border with Iran. It is also true that units of the Iranian armed forces and those belonging to the independent military wing of the (IRGC) Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps have moved up to the border with Azerbaijan. The Debka assessment is at the very least geared to scare the Iranians and many of my readers into believing “a state of war” exists on Iran’s northern border. If the phrase matched fact that would imply a large US and Israeli armed force with boots on the ground, tank turrets on the swivel and bomber jets on the drop are bombing Bam to Teheran from Baku air bases.

There is no state of war. A state of war means combat and a US-Israeli land invasion, air forces blasting and scattering IRGC units. If Israel and the US had suddenly infiltrated massive forces in Azerbaijan they did so out of a Debka computer keyboard. Now to the facts. A burgeoning alliance between the US and Israel with the former oil-rich Soviet Republic on the Caspian Sea has been developing for years. US and Israeli Special Forces use modest bases in Azerbaijan to arm and train Iranian Azerbaijani secessionists. US and Israeli commandos have even directly infiltrated the northern Iranian border since 2005.

The Bush administration began what the Obama administration continues: a low key, cold war style, US-Israeli shadow war with Iran. They do this in response to Iran’s war with surrogates waged against US forces occupying Iraq. Iranian IRGC advisers and special commandos armed and trained Hezbullah’s rocket units in Lebanon up to and during their rocket barrage war in 2006. Iran provided advice and weapons to Hamas in the Gaza Strip more recently in its rocket war against Israel in late 2008 through early 2009.

The US and Israel have used Azerbaijan to aid Azeri separatist. The US infiltrates Iran’s eastern borders with Afghanistan to incite the same aspirations for rebellion in Iranian Baluchi populations. For more information about this shadowy war, see Nostradamus war with Iran.

Debka in this week’s state-of-war articles will not remind you of this ongoing shadow war in their fit of hyperbole as facts. They do not moderate their language with the Azeri government’s official line that no invasions or air attacks will be allowed from their airspace. Debka will spin for all its worth two little Israeli vessels flying flag with the Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Force now approaching Iranian waters. They will not remind you that a big show of US carrier fleets parading up and down the Persian Gulf through the Strait of Hormuz happens regularly since 2006. It is done so to rattle the nerves of Iranian’s Revolutionary regime and show how powerless and isolated it is and will be if it keeps going down the path to build nuclear weapons.

Debka will not moderate their exited conclusions with a well-known fact that two US presidents have menaced Iran’s borders and waters for political reasons four years and counting with upwards of sometimes three carrier strike groups patrolling at one time off Iranian waters along the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman. The Iranians usually counter this show with their own naval, air and land forces maneuvers and threats.

Anyone who lived through the Cold War between the US and Soviet Union can recognize a smaller scale replay in the Middle East of what had been decades of surrogate conflicts military menace and shows of phallic missile prowess between Commie and Capitalist superpowers. It is a dangerous game being played to the hilt by Israel and the US against the Ayatollah Regime of Iran in a regional Cold War waged since 2005.

That does not mean there is no war coming. That does not mean that one side is egging the other to fall into the trap of starting a military incident that could make this smoldering Cold Iran-Israeli-US War flare suddenly hot. What Debka and the Mossad will not tell you is that all of this military show and signs of potential menace is meant to scare Iran to the talks table and accelerate efforts to raise international sanctions against it. The menace of potential war is meant to put the fear in Iran’s friends, Russia and China, to pressure Ahmadinejad’s government in Teheran to make concessions and dial back progress in suspected nuclear aspirations hiding behind a mask of a civilian nuclear program.

The hotter heads of Debka and Mossad would like to propagate sensational conclusions as bait to trip a trap — an Iranian misstep — an incident that could trigger a war and a rapid Israeli air strike. This is not the first time both sides sought and got a few shots fired across the bow of the other. In December 2007 US naval forces fired on Iranian patrol boats in the Strait of Hormuz. Israeli and American administrations past and present might seek to push Iranian forces into an incident this summer, but the Iranians are too clever to take the bait. There will not be an Israeli air strike on Iran. There will not be a US-Israeli invasion of Iran via Azerbaijan.

If my readers need a fix of Iran-war-porn this summer, is your URL. If I-ran from the facts on the ground as far as Debka can I would be Mo’ ssad than happy. See how you can be Gee!-had by loads of Hyper-bullah, Ire-raeli-full HAMASperation.


June marks the midpoint of 2010. What has already come true in Predictions for 2010? All of the following quotes were signed off and documented on 1 November 2009.

Health Care Passed

“The Health Care cure [i.e. legislation into law] will be passed in late 2009 or early 2010.”

Do you remember how impossible that sounded at the end of 2009? Health Care reform was stymied in Congress, and presumed dead on arrival to the Senate. Yet it did pass into law in the latter half of March 2010.

A Hyper trade glitch in Wall Street Computers

“Main Street’s woes aren’t Wall Street’s concern. The Dow will rise like a soap bubble in 2010 and the great blow job trading will increase its wind speed through the power of greed harnessing the information revolution until the volume of trading at a clip of 186,000 miles-per-second means liquidity can’t catch up leading to the next Wall Street meltdown by the end of the year.”

A trading computer glitch on 7 May 2010 caused a 980-point crash because someone or some electronic “thing” typed in billion rather than million into the super fast hyper stream of data. It was the single worst single-day market plunge in history. Could this be a prelude to yet another “tilt” in light-speed trading in October?

New Era of Lone Wolf Jihadist Terrorists hit the American Homeland

“At the time of this writing (27-28 October), 2009 has a few months left. It may yet witness terrorist attacks in America adopting the new strategy of lone wolf, indigenous jihadists using homemade IEDs and store bought guns to shoot up subways and malls.”

In the month that followed writing the above, US Army Major Nidal Hasan killed and wounded over 32 soldiers while on a shooting rampage in Fort Hood Texas after seeing the jihadist light. On Christmas Day 2009, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab better known as the underpants bomber, tried unsuccessfully to light off explosives in his undershorts to bring down Northwest Airlines Flight 253 on landing approach into Detroit. On a humid and hot May Day 2010, Pakistani-American Faisal Shahzad parked his car bomb in the heart of Times Square. Fortunately the bomb malfunctioned. Recently, while under interrogation the Pakistani expat threatened that many more domestic attacks were coming from lone loon US jihadists.

Challenges to our common future are happening faster in 2010 than mainstream politicians and the so-called experts predicted

“Everything will range sooner than we expect. If there’s anything constant about the new year 2010, it is this unexpected revelation. Time estimates postponing the critical mass advent of economically inflated, resource exhausted, energy or climate tripping unsustainability foundered, will disquietly shorten in 2010. Hopes for a decade to dither on are as inflated and valueless as the dollar may soon become.”

The US debt bomb, the PIIGGS Euro Problem, a housing bubble in China, an uptick in violent climate change induced weather bringing estimates of climate tipping points forward. This already is the theme of 2010 in its first half. And the Hurricane Season in a Gulf of Mexico awash in oil slicks is just around the corner. Prepare for the oily tropical storm surges blanketing the gulf coasts miles inshore.

A Quiet Atlantic Hurricane Season?

“The 2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season won’t throw wave after wave of tropical storms at the Gulf States and Florida like the year of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation in 2005. The quality if not the quantity of hurricanes will visit upon America the kind of devastation not seen since Hurricane Andrew just missed flattening Miami on its storm track over Homestead Florida in 1992.”

So far, in the first month the season is quiet in the Gulf of Mexico. We have a long way to go and the first tropical storm (Alex) has appeared east southeast of the Mexican Caribbean coast. It may pass into the Gulf over the Yucatan peninsula; however it appears that it will veer to the northwest, far away from the oil spill.

What will the average price of oil by the barrel be in 2010?

“Some business forecasters expect a rise above $100-a-barrel price in 2010. The safe bet is around $58 a barrel according to the Energy Information Administration. I foresee an aggregate average of around $74 a barrel inching to triple digits in the latter half of 2010.”

The average price in first half of 2020 was around $74, but will triple-digit oil be next?

More prophetic assessments are coming at the end of each blog planned for July. We will look at themes of my annual almanac that include forecasts about the next economic crisis, the Obama dream bubble bursting, jobless recoveries, bank un-reform, diplomatic breakthroughs with Russia and Iran, natural disasters — when and where — causing rises in oil prices that forebode economic crises.

However, you don’t need to wait for these prophecies to appear in the coming month. You can read all of my forecasts fulfilled, pending and possibly yet to happen, for the second half of the year right now by reading Predictions for 2010.

John Hogue

(26 June 2010)

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