Uranus Square Pluto, Part 1

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Some of you have been asking why my last blog on Uranus entering Aries did not include comment about its malefic squared aspect with Pluto in Capricorn.

I like to parse out my astrologically bad news one blow at a time. The bad news for those who wish to hold onto the moribund past at all costs is good fortune for others of you who take these times as a challenge from existence to redefine and recreate yourself and then join others of like courage and celebration to recreate a better human civilization in harmony with nature. That is Uranus’ positive creed and gauntlet.

Uranus (either ruler of revolutionary change, or chaos and upheaval) is dipping into the sign of Aries (new beginnings and actions either innovative or hasty, launching either new enterprise or war). The transit will move in retrograde-reverse and leave Aries in mid-August this year, returning in 2011. I suspect we will be grateful for a breather to pause, prepare ourselves and reflect on what must be transformed inside and outside of us. Uranus’ passage through Aries will resume in March 2011 and keep goading and pushing us headlong through revolutionary times until May 2018. Then it gives us a five-month break before delivering one more kick in the pants forward beginning in the month marking the centennial anniversary of the end of the First World War — November 2018. Uranus finally exits Aries for good in March of 2019.

Starting 7 June 2010, Jupiter joins Uranus in exact conjunction, 0 degrees Aries. Conjunctions magnify the two planets’ potentials, especially when initially entering a new sign. You thus have the Change/Chaos giver joining forces with Jupiter, the expander of higher mindedness. Vast yet subtle forces are at play. By coincidence, this conjunction happens after the planet Jupiter has undergone a great change. These days we might rename the gas giant, “spot”. The southern brownish cloud band has faded to white, making the red spot of Jupiter, a storm the diameter of Earth, a lonely hurricane floating in a sea of white cloud roiling across Jupiter’s southern hemisphere. The last time this happened was in the early 1990s and when Pioneer 10 made a flyby of Jupiter in 1973.

Many of you can feel the Jupiter-Uranus effect coming on. Do you feel the past has somehow betrayed the future? Something’s got to give — got to breakthrough the dogmatic platitudes of priests, politicians, pundits, parents and smiley presidents? Do you feel like a butterfly desperate to expand, grow, fly free beyond the carapace conditioning within which the past-oriented society has imprisoned you? Do you want to become a force of change rather than talk about it? Do you see a world going unhinged if people don’t stop talking and start doing change, now?

If you do feel this pull to reform the self and the world, you may also feel frustration and get downright angry at another force that seems to inhibit breakthroughs and reform. Pluto is in Capricorn and it defines an era not seen in roughly 289 years when last the planet ruling collective transformation or degeneration of the human race transited the sign of business, executive power, utility and the creation of new kinds of political and religious order. An age of secular enlightenment leading to the American Revolution was born in the last Pluto-Capricorn transit.

New world religions are also born during such times. Two thousand years ago, Yeshua preached his sermons at the end of Pluto’s transit of Sagittarius. It was left to the apostles and St. Paul to get on with Capricorn business, fashioning an organized world religion out of what Yeshua had to share. They even changed his Hebrew name to better market the product in the Gentile world as that Greco-Roman brand, Jesus Christos.

As the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus remains exact through June and into July the 90-degree friction they have with Pluto in Capricorn will bring on an irresistible force of change clashing with an immovable force of establishment power. It must be remembered that these rare Pluto-in-Capricorn transits see the status quo test their strength to suppress a rising collective desire for reform. They do this either openly, as King George III of the British Empire ventured against his American subjects in the Thirteen Colonies; or, establishment powers do so as passive aggressives by simply disconnecting with their people, whilst going on habitually promising change but abusing power in the same old way, feeling your pain one moment and forgetting you the next.

You see this happening now in Iraq. The people voted for a new parliament three months ago. Parliament appointees argue and debate what kind of government to form in the comfort and security of Baghdad’s Green Zone. They have running water. Their electricity is on 24/7. They do not go hungry, but on the streets of Baghdad and the rest of Iraq, all government systems are in limbo until the elected government governs. People feel that they are not heard and wonder why they voted after all. The car bombs and despair is coming back. Uranus squared Pluto is ripe for domestic and international acts of terrorism not seen since 9/11. The kind of frustration that happens in Iraq can happen in America this summer.

If you read the comments of my European readers at the PIIGGS blog page, you will hear a common grievance that the EU government is acting like a new aristocracy passing rules and regulations beyond what people say they want or need. There is a feeling of powerlessness in the face of this growing state of disconnect. If European aristocracies of the past are a cautionary tale, stray a little further and popular revolution follows. I do not see revolution yet, but Europe will have a hotter than normal summer of strikes and riots this summer.

Just when this Jupiter-Uranus square with Pluto began, President Obama walked an empty beach in Louisiana, devoid of holiday sunbathers, the ocean horizon empty of crab and shrimp boats. He wore immaculately clean dress slacks, polished shoes and a white shirt. Tie-less, surrounded by bureaucrats and brass (no unemployed fishermen or folk employed by tourism industry in sight) he beach combed for signs of the oil disaster. There was an iconic moment that I predict will haunt the president in the future. He turned his back to the sea where a slick larger than the state of Pennsylvania keeps spreading unabated to stoop down taking a gander at a recently swept beach to press a finger against a small dime-sized bit of tar that his bureaucrat and military brass handlers brought to his attention.

Hmmm. There it is! The oil slick, Mr. President.

The forces of Uranus declare: You were not out in the wetlands where you might really smell it, get your nice white shirt dirty with rotting blood-colored goo, or see your nattily attired shoulder stained with a tear or two from people that you might hold and comfort. They may lose their livelihoods and culture. You won’t. Uranus conjoined with Jupiter demands this June and July that cerebral “President Spock” be a little less Vulcan and more like the decisive Captain James T. Kirk. Change your Star Trek personal metaphor this summer, Mr. President. Stop being the “President Spoke” and become the President “do”.

During the summer of this square, governments become even more disconnected with their people and more full of talk about being otherwise disengaged. The people will become outright angry about it. When Uranus squares Pluto a climate of upheaval spreads across all walks of life. Outbursts will be seismic and sudden. Governments and leaders in an instant can fall from political earthquakes. Popes can fall to religious temblors of protest. A financial European Union may shrink or collapse from national mutinies.

In Predictions for 2010, I foresaw in detail how oil prices would be the source of the next economic global crisis approaching in October. I add here that an oil industry can plunge into economic crisis either from the growing natural disaster of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill or from a more active hurricane season than expected sending oil-festered tidal surges over the coasts of Louisiana and Eastern Texas. Most US oil refineries are in its path.

What existence is first trying to teach us this summer with a Jupiter/Uranus square of Pluto is to confront reality. Our spiritual, social, economic and ecological systems are heading for systemic failure. Time to sound the alarm, to bring together genius, to “under-stand” and see what is the source to all of our problems so they can be transcended.

The word systemic is defined in the American Heritage Dictionary as: 1. Of or pertaining to a system or systems. 2. Of, pertaining to, or affecting the entire body. The word system comes from the Greek susteema, a composite whole, from sunistanai, to bring together, combine: sun-, together + histanai, to cause to stand.

The Uranus square Pluto will shake us hard and long. Wake up and smell the real Aquarian Age, not this airy-fairy, twenty-twelvie kindergarten claptrap fomented for a quarter century by Pollyanna pundits of the New Age. There are problems that crystals and positive thinking alone cannot alter. They need a new consciousness and intelligence coming from a space of enlightenment even the New Age messengers have never plumbed.

The fabric of our consciousness to bring change is sabotaged by a hidden darkness. A blind spot is placed on our IN-sight. Dysfunctional education dulls us from birth onwards making us unaware of this invisible trap of mind.

Most prophecy watchers seek to find Nostradamus’ third and final Antichrist in his version of the apocalypse. What if he is not really a personification of any world leader or anyone else other than an imposed state of mind imprinted in each of us caught unawares every moment by this hidden blindness to the dark? We are jacked into this Matrix of ego-mind that is Antichrist. Uranus in Aries for the better part of this decade plays Morpheus inviting Neo behind the mask of “Mr. Anderson” to be free of this Matrix. Uranus can show us just how far down the rabbit whole of human id goes the invisible shadow of the Antichrist Unconscious. We can then “unjack” ourselves once we know its nature.

The choice is yours. You can take the blue pill and keep living in a dream world of the Antichrist Unconscious, pretending it is anything but a dream, or…

Take the red pill of meditation. I found my Morpheus. I have taken it. It is in my hand and only an email away from being in yours.

Revolution rather than react-illusion is the way of Uranus. The god of change can be a holy chaos if we do not listen, or he can be a radical catalyst in ways we can scarcely imagine.

There is nothing more radical than remaking a world where Christ conscious Buddhas see they are Buddhas, pretending not to be and stop the pretense with blissful understanding.

A new humanity will create a new civilization that will mark the summer of 2010 as one of the earliest violent contractions towards its birth. They will live something radical that we have never dreamed but only lip sync with empty words and idle minds: Living in balance and in harmony fulfilled is the only true revolution.

Meditation opens the doorway to that future for nobody else but you.

John Hogue

(31 May 2010)

PS–In part two we will look at the next great Uranus square of 2010. It happens at the end of July. Saturn (status quo and reality checks) renews its opposition with Uranus (change and chaos) in a grand cross square with Pluto (collective transformation) in Capricorn (the establishment). It will rock your world.

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