Mabus: a Prophecy Scholar’s Dilemma

Nostradamus is famous for writing about three Antichrists. No other seer of note in prophetic history has yet foreseen that many. “Chris” wrote the following comment on the blog page entitled, The Death of Baitullah Meshsud, Is he Mabus? A little back story for those who are not yet aware of the most popular topic among Nostradamus readers around the world: Is the man, code named “Mabus” in his prophecies the Third and Final Antichrist? There have been many candidates and I have spent over a quarter century on the trail of who might be this Mabus fellow, see Nostradamus Antichrist.

What about the rest of the quatrain? What makes Mabus the Third Anti-Christ anyway? There really isn’t that much evidence linking Mabus with the Third Anti-Christ. I read John’s Mabus book and I just don’t see it…maybe I’m stubborn, or maybe I just want real evidence, and now what if and could be.

Before I, give you and Chris my answer here is the famous Mabus prophecy in Century 2 Quatrain 62 followed by what many believe is part two of the same vision in Century 8 Quatrain 77 of his book Les Propheties:

Mabus puis tost alors mourra, viendra,
De gens & bestes vne horrible defaite:
Puis tout à coup la vengeance on verra,
Cent, main, soif, faim, quand courra la comete.

2 Q62
Mabus very soon then will die, [then] will come,
A horrible undoing of people and animals,
At once one will see vengeance,
One hundred powers, thirst, famine, when the comet will pass.

L’antechrist trois bien tost annichiliez,
Vingt & sept ans sang durera sa guerre:
Les heretiques morts, captifs, exilez,
Sang corps humain eau rogie gresler terre.

8 Q77
The Third Antichrist very soon annihilated,
Twenty-seven years his bloody war will last.
The heretics [are] dead, captives exiled,
Blood-soaked human bodies, and a reddened, icy hail covering the earth.

Nostradamus can’t cover complicated visions in one small verse of four lines, so he leaves word and phrase links to other verses scattered around the ten volumes of Les Propheties. A pattern of word usage can be a bridge to part two or part three of longer presages. For instance, the first lines of these two quatrains above talk about Mabus and the Third Antichrist. He “soon then will die.” He is “very soon annihilated.” These are linguistic hints that may indicate the subjects of these two quatrains are linked by immediate death and annihilation causing bloody war and the unraveling or undoing of people and animals alike. Such phrasings do not appear elsewhere in the quatrains except in these two verses. That is significant.

Now to Chris I gave two answers:

1.) Yes, you stubbornly want to have the future fit your view. I understand it. I wrestle with this every day as a prophecy scholar. I am very sympathetic to your stubborn stance about facts.

2.) You want the facts to draw conclusions when all the facts haven’t happened yet to make that conclusion. This is the dilemma of being a futurist. How can there be facts before an event completely happened?

In my Mabus book I laid out the ways in which candidates did and didn’t fit the clues in the prophecy. I showed the linguistic links that are the main ways Nostradamus clued us into quatrains combining word usage, biblical metaphor and classical metaphors to other quatrains.

I also gave my readers objective facts matching prophecy, such as Saddam Hussein’s reign of terror lasting 27 years and that he died when a comet did pass. But again, as long as there are other possibilities waiting in the future we cannot be “objective” about facts being fulfilled now. For instance, Saddam died on a comet pass 27 years after he took power, but what if Usama bin Laden dies when a new comet passes? What if the comet is a missile and not a comet, as such. The statement, “When the comet will pass,” could stand as a metaphor for something Nostradamus can’t quite grasp, like a missile fired from a drone with a long comet-like trail of fire falling out of the sky.

One may be 100-percent able to judge the antichrist prophecies when and only when the times they frame have clearly come and gone into the past, like other miraculous prophecies Nostradamus set down for the French Revolution, or Hitler, or Napoleon, etc.

John Hogue

(28 April 2010)

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