The Global Warming Washington Blizzard

In my new eBook Predictions for 2010, signed off on 1 November 2009, I forecast Mother Nature declaring war on the human race. The war is initiated in reaction to our continued unconscious abuse of this planet and it will catastrophically escalate in the coming two years. A potentially good future may be born from this global tragedy. Humanity may begin to be a custodian species of Nature’s planetary balance if disasters coming illuminate why Nature is going to war against us. We must meet the enemy and see that they are us.

In the final chapter We have Appeasers for Our Times my oracle sent this message:

The enemy is our unconsciousness as a species, our willingness to believe rather than “know” our collective soul, our willful postponement and outright resistance to awakening our responsibility to be gardeners — not rapacious parasites — of this Earth. And, if Mother Earth must, she will scourge us, starting in 2010 through 2011 with a spike in climate change disasters never before seen.

Pg 116, Predictions for 2010

One of the paradoxes of fever is that it brings on chills. The cradles of the CO2 belching Industrial Revolution have been hammered by historic blizzards. First, it was Europe, now the Eastern United States, and the capital where many of the most earth unfriendly legislation supporting human abuse of the earth are sustained. The capitol wherein reform is a thing talked, debated but never acted upon to the degree that can lower the degree of climate change. The historic blizzards now bury Washington D.C. in feet of snow not seen in the human memory. The snowdrifts exceed those of the Knickerbocker Blizzard of 1928, over 82 years ago. We might have to go back to the 1790s when President Washington walked the earth to record similar snowfalls in Washington D.C.

I said in Predictions for 2010 that shortly after the toothless appeasement of climate change drafted in the Copenhagen Accords in December, the new year would slam Europe and other regions with record-breaking blizzards. People will think that global warming has ended, until a few months hence when equally extreme, record breaking high temperatures make the memory of the new year’s blizzards melt and vanish like a snowflake in an oven of summer heat waves and forest fires.

For two decades I have been making the following forecast and now along the buried boulevards of the US capital come the first bitter blizzard fruits of that vision. A new decade of record-breaking snowfalls has arrived not to hasten the end of global warming but to herald it.

Back in Predictions for 2009, I wrote the following passage when my corner of the world experienced record-breaking snow and blizzard conditions in December of 2008. The picture above was taken of me in that blizzard in the usually mild and rainy Pacific Northwest. It inspired the following explanation why white outs of frost bode the first chills of an oncoming and global climate fever:


Global warming is coming, they say. The snowy burial mound in my driveway where I think my car is buried begs to differ. People around my little village up on an island in the Puget Sound just 45 minutes north of Seattle, WA, soon became familiar with the fellow wrapped up head to foot trudging through snow drifts frosty with temperatures in the teens Fahrenheit. There’s that guy leg and Sorrel boot shoveling a path through the snowdrift who talks on radio and TV about global warming. The only thing warm about him this December 2008 is the scarlet color of the thermal winter work jump suit he hasn’t been seen wearing since he was a ditch man in a pipe crew at Rajneeshpuram, Oregon.

Sea level islands and farmlands of the usually rainy western half Washington State aren’t known for feet of snow lingering on the ground for a month and lows in the lean teens and single digits. The final month of 2008 visited upon the upper half of America’s lower 48 states a 49th-state Alaskan blast of arctic snows, blizzards and ice rain of historic proportions.

Global warming you say?

Believe it!

Global warming is here. Climate change is real.

That fellow in the scarlet suit, on breaks from writing this book to trudge down in blizzard conditions to his neighborhood store for victuals, brushing the ice off his beard and eyelids has been writing books and articles, or predicting on radio and TV for a decade, about just such unanticipated arctic blasts juiced by record snowfall and ice storms as evidence of climate change on a slow boil. You will recognize global warming is in full approach when record snow events fall as they did in December 08 across the Pacific Northwest and reached their Ice Age ivory fingers to snow white top mountains as far south as Southern California and Arizona. Even that exceedingly rare event of snow falling on New Orleans in late 2008 is just the kind of Arctic event my oracle screams is a symptom of climate change warm-up. In 2009 and onwards into the next dozen years or so, you will see more of these snow events stemming from a warmer climate pumping ever larger volumes of tropical and subtropical moisture farther north than ever before. These blasts of Polynesian pineapple pluie (that’s rain in French) collide with descending drafts of polar cold to produce snow events. Warmth wets these cold snaps of snow.

…The guy in the scarlet red thermal suit with rainbow colored wrap and woolen knit hat had been telling his neighbors during our last rare winter blast, “Enjoy the snows. They’re a passing symptom of global warming. At a certain point in the next decade tropical moisture will butt heads with arctic blasts, producing record snow events until the atmosphere’s aggregate increase in temperature muscles the Arctic air back north to its melting polar bear dens and all you’ll experience down around Seattle is a winter of cool monsoon rains.”

From Chapter 5,
“Earth Change We Can Believe In”,
Predictions for 2009

In the next blog we will continue to search Nostradamus’ prophecies for any mention of the great earthquake that devastated Haiti.

John Hogue

(07 February 2010)

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