Gourishankar—Osho’s Mt. Everest Meditation

This blog will be posted at midnight, Pacific Standard Time. Five hours later, I mount a shuttle trundling through liquid sunshine off my island in the Pacific Northwest to catch an airliner to sunny LA. I will be on two prophecy panels and giving a workshop called Nostradamus Uncensored at the Conscious Life Expo, held at the LAX Hilton from 12 to 14 February. (See the links to my venues below.) You can come see me in person there.

Oh yes, I’ll be there to light a fire under the prophetic bullshit fantastic. I’ll be there to play sympathetic skeptic against the 2012 hysteria. Who knows? I might start a playful riot like I did years ago when I called Dolores Cannon out before a few thousand people to prove if she actually helped her trance clients talk to the living Nostradamus in the 1550s. If you want to be entertained, you will be entertained. If you want more than idle paranormal drivel, then read on.

The most important gift I have to offer you at the Conscious Life Expo is not a talk on Nostradamus uncensored, or an exposition on my views on the prophecy panel or the 2012 panel planned. I have a treasure to give you after my workshop. A treasure I pass on from my meditation teacher, the mystic Osho, given many years ago. It is a revelation whose heartbeat pulses at seven beats a second in indigo light. It is a night meditation called Gourishankar.

Gourishankar is the Sanskrit name for what honkeys of the British Raj renamed the tallest mountain on Earth with one of their impotent, nasal misnomers, “Mt. Eeh-voor-eehst.”

I’m going to give the hour-long Gourishankar meditation done to music after my workshop on Sunday.

This meditation consists of four stages of 15 minutes each. The first two stages prepare the meditator for the spontaneous Latihan of the third stage. Latihan is a mysterious and wonderful moment when one becomes the bamboo flute that existence plays its songs upon. Latihan is the moment when existence dances you. Latihan is the state of being a medium for the beyond. To prepare for this state, one must fly without wings. Osho has said that if the breathing is done correctly in the first stage the carbon dioxide formed in the bloodstream will make you feel as high as Gourishankar (Mt. Everest.)

First Stage: 15 minutes

Sit with closed eyes. Inhale deeply through the nose, filling the lungs. Hold the breath for as long as possible, then exhale gently through the mouth and keep the lungs empty for as long as possible. Continue this breathing cycle throughout the first stage, carried by the transcendent music higher and higher…

Second Stage: 15 minutes

Return to normal breathing and with a gentle gaze look at a candle flame or a softly flashing blue light pulsing at seven beats a second. Keep your body still. (I will bring to this meditation a flashing strobe light thickly filtered to a gentle indigo glow. This is the third-eye color. This stage stimulates one’s inner eye to a soft, warm and welcoming bongo tattoo.

Third Stage: 15 minutes

The light goes off. With closed eyes in the darkness, stand up and let your body be loose and receptive. The subtle energies will be felt to move the body outside your normal control. Allow this Latihan (let go) to happen. Don’t you do the moving: let moving happen, gently and gracefully

Fourth Stage: 15 minutes

Lie down with closed eyes, silent and still.


My understanding of this meditation is that it helps one discover how to get out of the way and become a medium of the whole cosmos. What special ways that Cosmos wishes to use us is unique to all participants and is sacred whether the world judges what comes through as great or mundane. I use Gourishankar to aid in my work. You can use it as a technique to get out of your own way and be given by existence what is uniquely your destiny to share. Whatever that blessing may be.

Come meditate with us, Sunday. Go to this link and learn more:

Osho’s Gourishankar (Mt. Everest Meditation)

Room and time will be given at the end of the Work Shop. See more information about the meditation and the workshop here: Nostradamus Uncensored

Here also are my other appearances on Friday and Saturday:

PROPHECY PANEL Humanity’s Future in the Balance?

4 – 6:30 pm, Friday, February 12, La Jolla Ballroom. See Prophecy

2012 PANEL

Hosted by George Noory (COAST TO COAST AM host)

2 – 4:30 pm, Saturday, February 13, Plaza Ballroom. See 2012

John Hogue

(12 February 2010)

Predictions for 2010 here

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