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Busy times! I spent most of the OO (uh! Oh!) decade with body mostly sedentary and oracle light traveling the temporal-fantastic of the future. The new and terrible-teenage twenty-teens decade has begun. A decade of adolescent human evolution is before us and this time I’m on the road again. I have no sooner launched Predictions for 2010 when calls to travel came in. I do expect this new decade will see me making many journeys around the world to see, to seer and directly share my insights into prophecies about tomorrow flying into many regions of the world in this last chance decade before the prophetic “shift” its the fan in what I’ve called “The Roaring Twenty-Twenties.”

First stop: Mexico City. I’m going to be away starting early tomorrow and won’t be blogging back until around the 15th of January after doing several days of press interviews for the release of History Channel’s new series “The Nostradamus Effect” across the 100 million and muliplying Latin American Television market this month. The poster above is the invitation History Channel sent out to the press corps of Latin America. It is a nice shot of my old “furry-owl” look. As I grow older I look more like Johannes Brahms every decade. (And “not” that “other guy” from the 16th century who has tried so hard to look like “John Hogue.”) Chuckle…

All seriousness aside. Since many of you will be suffering Hogue blog deprivation for most of next week, I have this article, written back in November and sitting in my stock of blogs that is pertinent to rumors of a rising Tea Party tide of Third Party movements. What with Sarah Palin going rogue and joining the Tea Party soon — indeed I foresee this former member of Alaskan secession parties is planning to take the Tea Party Movement clear out of the Republican Party — I thought it would be nice to talk this week about the prophetic significance of the first Rogue pioneer, Texas Congressman Ron Paul. The third pary rebellion against the duopoly of Donkeycrats and DumboRepublicans is coming. If they were the flint, Ron Paul was the first spark.

Back to the Future with Ron Paul

Obi-Ron Paul-nobi.

Texas Congressman Ron Paul is both ahead of his time and behind his time. He is the kind of candidate who will run and most likely become the president of the United States 100 years from now, when the voting public will, in a way, more resemble the times of the founding fathers when they wrote the US Constitution Congressman Paul promotes and defends. It could be argued, and certainly would be argued by members of the Libertarian Party, that our founding fathers never intended the United States federal government to be so powerful and ponderously invasive in the lives of private citizens.

Ron Paul ran as a Republican for president in 2008. For a time his passionate supporters cyber networked and collected more money than any other Libertarian in Republican disguise but Paul could not galvanize the Republican base. He and his supporters were muzzled during one of the two traditionally weeklong political advertisements better known as a national political party convention for presidential candidates. Obama got his advertisement held by Democrats a few weeks earlier in Denver, Colorado. In Paul’s case, the Republican National Convention convened in Minneapolis, Minnesota, was meant to pitch the GOProduct — Arizona Senator John McCain. Paul was officially and legally by party rules, still running against McCain and had a right to demonstrate his opposition and state his case, but freedom of speech and a dissenting voice was apparently not part of the Republican Convention rules. Paste on that political happy face of party unity at all costs or truth. Paul’s followers were frisked for placards and buttons at the auditorium doors before allowed in.

After the snub, some followers wanted him to run as an independent, but as I predicted, all attempts to draft him to lead the rebellion of young, fanatical Ron Saint Paul true believers and disgruntled independent voters went bust.

Paul must have known what his zealots would not face. The lurid light shone upon him in a presidential election campaign would soon expose his true Libertarian virtues to national scrutiny and a heretic running alone from the GOP elephant herd would lose like any other marginalized third party candidate sent to the back of the political bus by a Dem.-GOP duopoly controlling the media and money.

Despite all its many merits, his Libertarian philosophy has too much of a little something everyone can chose if politically left, center or right, but not enough unifying ideas to find common ground and attract a majority of voters. For instance, those leaning towards the red meat-right spectrum support Paul’s small government and fiscal independent stance. Blue weed smoked lefties hate his anti-socialist-social program stances but love a fiscal conservative who supports the individual right to do just about anything, such as smoking pot a lot if he or she so chooses. Paul would make marijuana legal, bless his heart.

A Libertarian candidate for president has never swayed a majority of the American voting public and never will. Ron Paul’s 2008 campaign was significant though because it heralded what in a several presidential cycles will mark the decline and fall of the current two-party Republican-Democrat duopoly in America.

Neither party will exist 36 years from 2008. Something new will arise, but it will not be Libertarian. It will be a three party system with a new party of the right and the left moderated by a moderate party from the middle.

Ron Paul, the Libertarian, by his own action, shows that he does not think the country is ready for a Libertarian in the White House, otherwise why wear the mask of a Republican and rely on its financial resources and connections to be heard? His campaign was a small nudge towards a new political era a century hence.

He believes self-responsibility should govern the individual American more than have responsibility legislated by a generally bungling bureaucracy. This is a purist vision presented at the wrong time in history. We are at the beginning of a new political prophetic cycle. Americans have rejected Neo-Conservatism and elected a neo-Franklin D. Roosevelt — Barack Obama — into the White House. Smaller government, personal responsibility, companies and banks cleaning up their act by filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy? That is not in touch with the times, Congressman Paul. Social engineering and big government bailouts of industry and the banking system are making a comeback.

Ron Paul is right, from a prophetic perspective. In a century or so, the current Mobocracy will go through a dalliance with socialism, then painfully collapse into an era of emergency rule (i.e. the new name for fascism). Then, by the end of the 21st century perhaps at last humanity will be mature enough to sustain a real democracy of responsible and engaged citizens who uphold equally a citizen’s individual freedom in balance with the golden rule of doing unto others in community what you would have the community of individuals do unto you.

Eventually, Ron Paul’s core values of Libertarianism will hold and not the current Libertine-Aryanism we see today. The current model believes freedom is something synonymous with licentiousness; in other words freedom is expressed in vox populi popular political baby talk that goes something like this: “I’m free to do what I like, any time I like and I don’t care what you think about it or how it impacts you. I have a right to be free, period. Now come here and clean my diaper.”

When America was born, people living in a new frontier had a better sense of balance between personal responsibility and community with their neighbors. Individual freedom “and” communal responsibility were equal in value then. The process of growing from a small backwater country of thirteen loosely-united states of 3 million into the uber-federal, 50-state superpower of 300 million has strayed us away from those core values. Thus, our current state of democratic awareness generally makes Ron Paul’s noble Libertarian concept equally a past oriented anachronism and something anticipating the future. The vision of a “President Ron Paul” is something waiting for us in “past-future” tense.

John Hogue

(10 January 2010)

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