Predictions for 2009 Assessed–Part 5

Seven-story hotel falls into the unprecedented river floods caused by the deadly Typhoon Morakot devastating Taiwan.

Seven-story hotel falls into the unprecedented river floods caused by the deadly Typhoon Morakot devastating Taiwan.

I do not quite understand why, call my oracle weather sensitive, but the meteorological forecasts for Predictions for 2009 are coming in beyond the half-year assessment approaching 90 percent. Here are some examples

Mediterranean region keeps getting drier

“Fires in the Mediterranean, the further desiccation of Greece. Inclement weather and rains to match human conflict and tears in the Middle East.”

July into August saw hundreds of firefighters battling large and deadly fires across South France and across Greece’s Peloponnesian peninsula and the northwest region of Kavala. At one point the capital of Athens was threatened by brush fires, thousands of citizens fleeing the suburbs

After last year’s fires and desiccation, 2009 is on schedule to see a further drop in Greece’s average annual precipitation towards 10 percent and it continues to fall from a Mediterranean to a semi-arid climate with July temperatures sustaining days of triple-digit Fahrenheit temperatures. Forest fires plague the shores where Europe parties in the continuation of a 500-year drought entering its 16th summer season.

In July, the most massive sand storm in living memory shut down Baghdad and wide tracks of Iraq and Iran for days. The rains may come later this year to Israel: a strange consequence of an El Nino gathering strength, warming up waters in the Eastern Pacific

Above normal Typhoon Season in the Western Pacific

“The Typhoon Season will remain chronically above normal for the Asian countries across the Western Pacific.”

The first tropical depression appeared back in January. At the time of this writing a total of 21 tropical depressions 15 tropical storms (including 5 Typhoons) have slammed into China, Taiwan and the Philippine

Bad Cyclone season for the Indian Ocean

“India’s Monsoon rains in the hinterlands will be average this year but watch out Indian Ocean coastline dwellers for the approaching Cyclone Season this summer and later in November. Be on watch all of you in India, Bangladesh, in Burma, who live, fish and linger around the Indian Ocean for a more dramatic Cyclone tropical storm season than had in 2008.”

Cyclone Bijli inundated coastal Bangladesh and Chittagong next to Burma. Severe Cyclone Aila made landfall on the margin between Bangladesh and Indian West Bengal. A tropical depression flooded Karachi and the southern Pakistani coast in June. There have been two cyclonic and two tropical depression storms in the Northern Indian Ocean cyclone season so far. The Monsoon will peak in intensity in the next two months, then usually strengthening again around the coastlines in the Bay of Bengal in November-December, so, we are still on track for an above average Cyclone season west Bengal cyclone in May.

The Year that launched the Green Collar Green conscious United States

“A demand of voters sent to leaders to get green conscious or get out of politics will continue now for 2009 and the next three decades. Ecological and climate change issues and how to make solutions profitable for all will be a dominant talking point of discussion in 2009. In 2008, global politics shifted its slogans from ‘It’s the economy stupid’ to ‘It’s the ecology, stupid.’ In 2009, the cry to go economic/ecological will ripen into the seamless challenge to change. One way global warming will be reduced in 2009 is when voters by the power of their email petitions created out of photons and electrons rather than slaughtered trees, will demand less hot air promises from their politicians and real, employable, producible solutions.”

President Obama has fulfilled his promise to be a politically activist for new Green technologies. He has also pushed the government to stumble at first into some of the “carrot and stick” concepts for changing habits towards green, earth friendly consumerism I spoke at length about in the book. The Cash for Clunkers affair, though initially bungled, does trade gas-guzzling cars for cash to buy cars with lower gas emissions. Still, these lower gas emitting new cars are not fuel efficient enough to impact global warming.

Perhaps Obama will put a “Volt” into this system and later subsidize the cash for clunkers to encourage millions of auto owners to dump their 8 to 12 to 25 miles-to-the-gallon green house gasoline suckers for GM’s upcoming hybrid gas-electric that gets 280 miles to the gallon. Make them affordable GM by lobbying Obama to use our tax money loan to stimulate mass manufacture and sale of affordable climate change denting green friendly cars.

Read more about how society will embark on other “greed is good when green” enticements to profit from an ecologically balanced world:

Predictions for 2009

John Hogue

(02 September 2009)

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