Nostradamus, Hindsight and Foresight–1

Nostradamus: 1503-1566.

Nostradamus: 1503-1566.

I would like to share with you a legitimate complaint that has no doubt been passed down generation after generation through 450 years of readers and scholars of Nostradamus. One might call it the fundamental complaint about the conscious and calculated obscurity Nostradamus chose to cloak his history of the future. I had a valuable discussion with a reader named Chris in two emails that I would like to share with my Internet community in this and a second blog.

What initiated this discussion was Chris’ comment about my recent blog about the death of Pakistani Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud making him a candidate for Nostradamus’ Third and Final antichrist, codenamed “Mabus.” (See The Death of Baitullah Mehsud: Is he Mabus? posted 10 August 2009). Unlike the other two antichrists (believed to be Napoleon and Hitler), the third dies at the beginning of his career and his death somehow triggers the unraveling of the world of people and animals for either 27 or 25 years. (You can read my full accounting of the Mabus prophecies here: Mabus Nostradamus.) My inserts are put in Chris’ comments from today to help clarify.

What about the rest of the quatrain? [Chris means the famous “Mabus” quatrain: Century 2 Quatrain 62.] What makes Mabus the Third Anti-Christ anyway? There really isn’t that much evidence linking Mabus with the Third Anti-Christ. I read John’s Mabus book and I just don’t see it…maybe I’m stubborn, or maybe I just want real evidence, and now what if and could be.

Hi Chris,

Two answers:

1.) Yes, you stubbornly want to have the future fit your view. I understand it. I wrestle with this every day as a prophecy scholar. I am very sympathetic to your stubborn stance about facts.

2.) You want the facts to draw conclusions when all the facts haven’t happened yet to make that conclusion. This is the dilemma of being a futurist. How can there be facts before an event completely happened?

In Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named: MABUS, I laid out the ways in which candidates did and didn’t fit the clues in the prophecy. I showed the linguistic links that are the main ways Nostradamus cued us into quatrains linking by word usage, biblical metaphor and classical metaphors to other quatrains.

I also gave you objective facts matching prophecy, such as Saddam Hussein’s reign of terror lasting 27 years and that he died when a comet did pass [as the Mabus prophecy in Century 2 Quatrain 62 specifies]. Again, as long as there are other possibilities waiting in the future we cannot be “objective” about facts being fulfilled now. For instance, Saddam died on the day a major comet did appear to the naked eye, 27 years after he took power, but what if Usama bin Laden dies when a new comet passes? What if the comet is a missile and not a comet, as such, but a metaphor for something Nostradamus can’t quite grasp, like a missile fired from a drone with a long comet like trail of fire coming out of the sky?

One may be 100 percent able to judge the antichrist prophecies when and only when the times they frame have clearly come and gone into the past, like other prophecies Nostradamus wrote about the French Revolution, or Hitler, or Napoleon, etc.

In part two, I will share and Chris’ my second email interchanges.

John Hogue

(16 August 2009)

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